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You and I Collide - Chapter 1 - magog_83 - The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
After an accident ends his hopes of a college football career, Marcus Aquila moves to the UK to attend university, where he makes enemies and friends – and whatever Esca is
the_eagle  the_eagle_fic  the_eagle_slash  au  modern_au  marcus/esca  college_fic  friends  cottia/omc  asshole!placidus 
december 2013 by shiny_starlight
Blue War Shields Inc. - twowritehands - Inception (2010), The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
The extraction point man, Arthur, and the sub security specialist, Esca, are the MacCunoval brothers who have deliberately been estranged for fifteen years. But on the death of Mal Cobb, their separate worlds of false confidence come crashing down, sending them on a collision course towards one another. Also, true love tests each of their hearts.

Their reputations might not survive this upheaval, but maybe they, as a family, can.
the_eagle  the_eagle_fic  the_eagle_slash  alternate_universe  modern_au  Marcus/Esca  Inception!Fusion  arthur/eames  dreams  sabotage  bad_at_relationships 
december 2013 by shiny_starlight
Everything is a Stall - demon_rum - The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011), Eagle of the Ninth Series - Rosemary Sutcliff [Archive of Our Own]
Dr. Marcus Aquila is one of the new cardiology residents at the hospital. Esca Mac Cunoval, RN, is one of the experienced floor nurses. They do not develop a good working relationship.
the_eagle  the_eagle_fic  the_eagle_slash  au  modern_au  marcus/esca  doctor!Marcus  nurse!Esca  working_relationship  esca/other 
november 2013 by shiny_starlight
The Ninth - twilightHDfan - The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern AU. Esca’s a PI, a decent one, who just happens to have picked up two old time gangsters who’ve decided that their lot in ghostly life is to help Esca solve cases. They have their uses, sure, but it's really hard to explain the knowledge of all the gruesome details to Detective Aquila when he once again finds him at a crime scene.
the_eagle  the_eagle_fic  the_eagle_slash  au  modern_au  marcus/esca  Cop!Marcus  PI!Esca  ghosts  fighting  mob_activity 
november 2013 by shiny_starlight
Fighter - Chapter 1 - PlaneJane - The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Marcus Aquila is an undercover Metropolitan police officer. His assignment is to infiltrate a slave-trafficking organisation which trades in men, bought and sold to fight in cages, sometimes to the death. When he makes the impulsive decision to intervene during a 'kill fight' involving a fierce young fighter called Esca, Marcus inadvertently finds himself the owner of his very own slave. Now Marcus has to find a way to complete his assignment, as well as gaining Esca's trust, without blowing his cover. The question is, can he do it before the secrets and lies catch up with him, and Marcus loses everything?
the_eagle  the_eagle_fic  the_eagle_slash  au  modern_au  marcus/esca  cop!Marcus  slave!Esca  undercover  undercover_op  fight_club 
november 2013 by shiny_starlight
Against The Grain - lemondilemma - The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
In a city rife with gangs, Marcus is beginning to question the validity of his life with the Romans. He dreams of starting again somewhere else, away from the sprawling concrete jungle and the fighting. He also realises that acting on his growing fascination with a member of rival gang the Brigantes will be dangerous, but the attraction he feels for Esca MacCunoval is too strong to resist.
Then the Seals and their ruthless leader Liathan attempt to muscle in on the Romans’ territory, the violence escalates and Marcus’ hopes for the future, and his burgeoning relationship with Esca, come under increasing threat.
the_eagle  the_eagle_fic  the_eagle_slash  au  modern_au  marcus/esca  gang  injured!Marcus  injured!Esca  fighting  boxing  gang_warfare 
november 2013 by shiny_starlight
We Are All Diamonds - Footloose - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
As the precocious heir of a diamond magnate and a famous designer, Arthur lived his entire life sheltered, protected, nurtured and spoiled. He always knew that he would have to step out from behind the scenes and into the limelight to run the family business some day, but he never expected that it would happen so soon or that he would encounter resistance from a board of directors who believe that his disability makes him unfit to lead.

Merlin has stood on every stage in every city in the world, performing to critical acclaim, but after years of globetrotting, he's well and truly burnt out. He didn't quit -- he ran away from stardom, dropping to obscurity in the blink of an eye, forgotten, just another face in the crowd. He's aimless and without purpose until a friend asks him to fill in on a job.

Neither Arthur nor Merlin are looking for salvation. They don't think there's any for them, that things are just too rotten, too far gone. But in the end, Arthur's quiet strength will be a balm to Merlin's broken soul, and it will be in Merlin's steadfast faith that Arthur finds courage.
merlin  merlin_fic  merlin_slash  au  modern_au  Businessman!Arthur  Musician!Merlin  deafness  sign_language 
august 2012 by shiny_starlight
Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street - Clocks - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Charles is a social worker who fosters troubled kids, and one day he meets Erik, an ex-convict, who reluctantly agrees to stay for only a while, but ends up staying for good and helping Charles to raise the kids. Awkward parenting ensues.
XMFC  XMFC_fic  XMFC_slash  au  modern_au  erik/charles  SocialWorker!Charles  Convict!Erik  foster_parent 
october 2011 by shiny_starlight
Remembering Again (For the First Time) - pallorsomnium - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
(Merlin) For once in their lifetimes, Merlin and Arthur believed they would live a life unburdened with hardship or responsibility. And then the North Korean Missile Crisis happened, and suddenly, the world—or at least its governments—are awakened to the presence of mutants. With the threat of another Holocaust in the distance, Merlin and Arthur will have to team up with the world’s leading mutants to once again protect the world they live in.
(XMFC) A year after the Accident, Charles was just beginning to construct a new life for himself and the boys when word comes that the United Nations are seriously considering what to be done about the mutant “threat.” Caught between preventing mutant registration and stopping Erik’s intentions of human genocide and plagued with unsettling dream-memories, he finds help in two people he would never have expected.
XMFC  XMFC_fic  XMFC_slash  merlin  au  total_au  modern_au  arthur/merlin  erik/charles  missile_crisis  paralysed!Charles  marriage  crossover_fic  reincarnation 
october 2011 by shiny_starlight
Never Be a Better Chance - Regann - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
"Wow." Alex sat back in his seat, a little dazed. "So do you think your dad"

"...your dad's ex boyfriend?" Lorna finished with a wince.

Lorna's got a little mystery on her hands, one she's determined to solve. Non-powered, modern AU.
XMFC  XMFC_fic  XMFC_slash  au  total_au  modern_au  no_powers_au  erik/charles  past_erik/charles  dad!Erik  dad!Charles  Alex/Lorna 
october 2011 by shiny_starlight
Soldier!AU - pprfaith - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik is a soldier, broken by two tours of Iraq. Charles is a psychiatrist, determined to open a home for un-wanted children. Somehow, they fit
XMFC  XMFC_fic  XMFC_slash  au  no_powers_au  total_au  modern_au  soldier!Erik  military!Erik  psychiatrist!Charles  foster_father  erik/charles  pre_slash 
october 2011 by shiny_starlight
The Proper Care of Actors - afrocurl, Clear_Liqueur, Clocks - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik is an A-list action star who is notoriously difficult to work with, until the day he gets cast alongside Charles Xavier, rom-com darling who can charm the pants off movie audiences the world over and apparently even one Erik Lehnsherr. The paparazzi catch them out and about soon enough, and their real-life Hollywood movie romance becomes instant tabloid fodder.
XMFC  XMFC_fic  XMFC_slash  au  total_au  modern_au  Actor!Erik  Actor!Charles  off_screen_romance  Actor!Verse  paparazzi  media 
october 2011 by shiny_starlight
Hells yeah - More X-men: First Class AU 'Take Me to Somewhere' Part 1/?
Human AU with motorcycle gangs. It’s been almost ten years since he left the Club and Charles has his life together. He’s a foster parent to troubled teens, an expert in child psychology. But then Erik roars back into his life and he finds out quickly that his past wasn’t as far behind him as he thought.
XMFC  XMFC_fic  XMFC_slash  au  total_au  modern_au  erik/charles  past!Erik/Charles  no_powers_au  motorcycle_au  Psychologist!Charles  prison  kid!fic  Dad!Charles  take_me_to_somewhere 
october 2011 by shiny_starlight
shantirosa: Fic: Once and Future, Chapter One (R)
After a one night stand, Tom is attacked by a woman made of ice and suddenly remembers who he was in a past life... Merlin - Chapter One
merlin  merlin_fic  merlin_slash  arthur/merlin  reincarnation  once_and_future  modern_au 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
Fictional Tales - Welcome to Camelot - Please Leave Your Sanity At the Door
Merlin, on his way to his Uncle Gaius in the castle, witnesses an assassination attempt on Prince Arthur and Lady Morgana at a cinema premier - Chapter one of four
merlin  merlin_fic  merlin_slash  au  total_au  modern_au  magic  welcome_to_camelot_fic  assassination_attempt 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
Welcome To Camelot: Please Leave Your Sanity At The Door
Arthur, Gwen and Morgana find out more about the assassination attempt, and Merlin meets The Great Dragon - Chapter two of four
merlin  merlin_fic  merlin_slash  arthur/merlin  au  total_au  modern_au  assassination_attempt  magic  welcome_to_camelot_fic 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
The Realm of Make-Believe - Fic: Merlin; NC-17; AU; The Pendragon Guide to How Not to Date - Parts 1&2
Arthur's step-sister Morgana sets him up on a blind date to get him out more. On the first disasterous date, he meets the bartender, Merlin - Part one and two
merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  college_fic  blind_date  the_pendragon_guide_to_how_not_to_date  Bartender!Merlin 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
velocitykills: WIP: London Calling
After a century of travel, Merlin finally returns to England, and sees the Prince on television - Prince Arthur Pendridge - Chapter One
merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  Immortal!Merlin  London_Calling  reincarnation  arthurs_return 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
the stories of a meadow - Save Me
Merlin begins his new job as a therapist. His first patient? Arthur Pendragon, the troubled son of Camelot's mayor - Chapter one
merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  pre_slash  psyciatric_hospital  save_me  au  total_au  hospital  therapist!Merlin  patient!Arthur  therapist_au 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
illegiblyclear: merlin fic: lessons on life (and how not to fuck it up)
Merlin and Arthur are best friends at school. Merlin kisses a girl at a party but Arthur drags him away, to Merlin's surprise - Chapter one
au  total_au  merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  high_school_fic  lessons_on_life  pre_slash 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
velocitykills: WIP: London Calling
Merlin attends Arthur's awards ceremony but shots are fired and people are killed - Chapter three
merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  Immortal!Merlin  London_Calling  reincarnation  arthurs_return 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
East Coast Gazette - WIP: Drastically Redefining Protocol (pt 1/?)
Crown Prince Arthur escapes from his minders while at a trip to a children's hospital and meets Merlin, who is chain smoking in a closet - Chapter one
au  total_au  merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  rageprufrock_fic  Prince!Arthur  Medic!Merlin  drastically_redefining_protocol 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
illegiblyclear: merlin fic: lessons on life (and how not to fuck it up) [2]
Things are akward between Merlin and Arthur after the part, especially when Arthur gets a new girlfriend, Sophia - Chapter two
au  total_au  merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  high_school_fic  pre_slash  lessons_on_life  arthur/sophia 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
MerlinxArthur - [fic] roommates -- part 9/?
Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana all attend the Freshers Ball, where Arthur gets drunk and blows things with Merlin - Chapter nine
au  total_au  merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  college_fic  roommates  drunk!Arthur 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
MerlinxArthur - [Fic] Roommates -- Parts 1-5/?
Merlin and Arthur are assigned as roommates at the University of Camelot, despite being from different backgrounds. Arthur is the son of the Universities Chancellor and Merlin is a poor scholarship student, trying to hide his magic from the University so he won't get expelled - Parts one - five
au  total_au  merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  college_fic  secret_society  roommates 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
East Coast Gazette - WIP: Drastically Redefining Protocol, pt 4/?
Arthur and Merlin email each other while Arthur is away, and one of Merlin'[s favourite patients codes - Chapter four
au  total_au  merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  rageprufrock_fic  Prince!Arthur  Medic!Merlin  drastically_redefining_protocol 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
East Coast Gazette - WIP: Drastically Redefining Protocol (pt 2/?)
Arthur returns the lighter Merlin gave him and is forced to spend the night in Merlin's when the press follow him - Chapter Two
au  total_au  merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  rageprufrock_fic  Prince!Arthur  Medic!Merlin  drastically_redefining_protocol 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
hackthis: Merlin - The Kingdom of the Blaggers (AU, Merlin/Arthur, NC-17, 2/3)
Arthur begins to make a name for himself in Hollywood, and lands the part of Captain America - Chapter two of three
au  total_au  merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  Actor!Arthur  the_kingdom_of_blaggers  hackthis_fic 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
Lady Paperclip's Barely-Organised Reference Library - "We're A Storm In Somebody Else's Teacup" {2/7}, Merlin, Merlin/Arthur
Morgana, Merlin and Gwen manage to save Arthur from Sophia, but Arthur and Merlin do not get on when Arthur wakes up. Atrhur tells Lance about Morgana's powers, but he doesn't take it well - Chapter Two of seven
merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  lancelot/gwen  au  total_au  modern_au  pre_slash  arthur/sophia  merlin/morgana_friendship  we're_a_storm_in_somebody_else's_teacup 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
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superheroes_fic  superhero_au  supernatural  symphony_for_stars_and_planets_verse  tabloid  tainted_fic  take_me_to_somewhere  tarot_cards  Tattoo!Artist!Merlin  tattoo_fic  TA_Merlin  teacher!Arthur  teacher!Charles  teacher!Merlin  Tech!Merlin  Teenager!Arthur  Teenager!Merlin  termintor!AU  therapist!Merlin  therapist_au  these_are_the_badlands  the_apprentice  the_british_billionaire's_secret_son  the_camelot_hotel_series  the_court_of_queen_arthur  the_dark_knight  the_eagle  the_eagle_fic  the_eagle_slash  the_job_interview_from_hell  the_kingdom_of_blaggers  the_pendragon_guide_to_how_not_to_date  the_rebirth_of_camelot  the_sonnet_series  thief!Arthur  thief!Gaius  thief!Gwen  thief!Lancelot  thief!Merlin  thief!Morgana  thief_au  those_nights_belong_to_us  three_years_and_six_months  till_death_do_us_part  timing_verse  toestastegood_fic  tony_stark  torchwood  torture  tortured!Merlin  tot  total_au  toy_au  transformation  transformers  truth_or_dare  tv_show  undercover  undercover_op  unfinished  unrequited_feelings  users_are_losers  ust  uther/hunith  uther/katrina  uther/nimueh  uther/ygraine  uther_disapproves  valentines_fic  valiant  Vampire!Merlin  vampire_au  voice_actor  waiter!Merlin  wanted!Arthur  Wanted!Merlin  watching_life  we're_a_storm_in_somebody_else's_teacup  weapons_building  welcome_to_camelot_fic  what_we_make_for_ourselves  when_all_is_said_and_done  where_echoes_meet  will_centric  will_doesn't_die  working_relationship  world_war_two_au  Writer!Arthur  Writer!Merlin  X3  XMFC  XMFC_fic  XMFC_slash  yoga  zachary_quinto  zarah5_fic  zombies  zombie_au  zoo_au 

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