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I've Learned Something Today by keelhaulrose @FF.Net
What would happen if Snape had to teach in South Park, CO? Rated for language.
1ch. -- 1,971wds. Updated: 04/25/2009

[Note: I'd say how the heck did I miss this gem, but... so much fic, so little time.]  fandom:SouthPark  crossover  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Cussing/Swearing  Training/Classes  Bets/Wagers  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
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If Looks Could Kill by questionablequotation @FF.Net
ONE-SHOT: After Arthur Weasley nearly dies at the Ministry, Harry wonders why Voldemort's snake isn't something more exotic...really, no self-respecting Parseltongue should limit himself to something as mundane as a regular snake. In which Harry makes use of what he learned in Care of Magical Creatures, Kreacher is forced to cooperate, and the Chamber hides a new Secret..
1ch. -- 17,243wds. Updated: 10/21/2015  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  BreedingProgram  creature  basilisk  Training/Classes  politics  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:15.000+ 
march 2019 by shibela
Wind Shear by Chilord @FF.Net
A sharp and sudden change that can have devastating effects. When a Harry Potter that didn't follow the path of the Epilogue finds himself suddenly thrown into 1970, he settles into a muggle pub to enjoy a nice drink and figure out what he should do with the situation. Naturally, things don't work out the way he intended. 19ch. -- 126,280wds. Updated: 07/06/2017

**Also located at:

[While tagged for humor, it's not straight up total humor - there's a LOT of violence & gore, as was expected after reading the first chapter. Awesome read - this is definitely on my re-read list.]  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  Andromeda/Ted  HP/BL  OtherPairings  fanfic  AU  EWE?  Magic:Curses  TimeTravel  Stranded/Lost  BAMF!HP  family  First_Meetings  Other_Occupations  Training/Classes  Pining!Bellatrix  Banter  Personal_Epiphanies  humor  kidnap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  torture  completed!  HaveRead  wds:125.000+ 
march 2019 by shibela
Cirrus Cloud by silenceia
In which you are Acacia Potter who becomes Skull de Mort and makes tons of awesome friends along the way. Almost completely angst-free, isn't that great? 2nd person POV, fem!Harry-is-Skull Chapters: 12 - Words: 35,930 - Updated: Jul 11, 2017

Also located:

[Note to readers: A bit OOC on Potter-front, but still a mostly hilarious read. Also, it is a WIP & might stay that way - still worth reading for the humor.]  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:KHR  NoShip  fanfic  AU  EWE?  GenderBender  Fem!Harry  Skull!Harry  Other_Occupations  First_Meetings  Secret_Identity  pranks  Secret_Revealed  humor  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:35.000+ 
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Grim Hunt by ashmanonar
Sirius Black is on the loose! Who better to hunt him down than the only practicing Wizard Private Investigator in Chicago. But nothing is ever simple for Harry Dresden...
Chapters: 5 - Words: 24,809 - Updated: Oct 17, 2012  fandom:Dresden  crossover  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  case!fic  pre-PoA  First_Meetings  completed!  HaveRead  wds:20.000+ 
november 2018 by shibela
A Dance All My Own Chapter by Silverfawkes
AU 4th year, Harry decides it's time to man up and dance to his own tune instead of the Headmaster's. Story contains some language, Dumbledore bashing, and a tiny bit of Ron bashing,
Chapters: 5 - Words: 106,324 Updated: Oct 1, 2017  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  HP/KB  fanfic  AU  Tournament  Extra!Training  TimeTravel  Training/Classes  Traditions/Rituals  politics  Recovery/Healing  completed!  HaveRead  wds:105.000+ 
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Dauntless by Tsume Yuki
Seq. to 'Valiant.'

Hariel Potter and Bucky Barnes have been travelling together for nearly a year now, and between dodging the remains of HYDRA, attempting to find lost memories and trying to figure out just what they are to each other, there's never a dull moment. Especially when they end up playing hero along the way. FemHarryxBucky, Sequel to Valiant (Some smut)

2ch. -- 18,357wds. Updated: 12/17/2015  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  fandom:Capt.America  Bucky/HarryP.  fanfic  AU  Het  Fem!Harry  GenderBender  OtherDimension  sleep/nap-time  Cuddling/Snuggling  First_Meetings  Protective!Bucky  road-trip  Camping  Other_Occupations  Healing  Holiday:Christmas  Birthday_Celebration  Pictures/Camera  smut  s:Valiant  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:15.000+ 
february 2017 by shibela
Valiant by Tsume Yuki
When Loki's Staff spat out a girl with a lightning bolt scar, HYDRA were not expecting things to go downhill so fast. They certainly weren't expecting their new unknown to run off with the Winter Soldier. FemHarry ***Feels a little unfinished, but is at a somewhat good stopping point.*** 1ch. -- 21,103wds. Updated: 06/14/2016  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  fandom:Capt.America  Bucky/HarryP.  fanfic  AU  Fem!Harry  GenderBender  kidnap  Magical/Cursed_Artifact  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  MemoryLoss  PTSD  Legilimency  Recovery/Healing  Touch!issues  s:Valiant  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:20.000+ 
january 2017 by shibela
kumu by PaBurke
Wing!fic AU. This also is about six months after the events of '5 Times Steve saw Danny's Wings and 1 Time He Didn't' Really should read that first. Danny has hidden his wings and his daughter's their entire lives, but the secret is about to be exposed. Steve has to protect his 'ohana and prove to Danno that he can teach more than Grace. 1ch. -- 30,137wds. Updated: 09/02/12  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Wing!Fic  oneshot  completed!  TBR  wds:30.000+  Transformation!Fic:Extra_Parts 
january 2014 by shibela
Shapes (that go together) by Lozzimal
Danny has a secret... This is going to be slash in later chapters... 17ch. -- 58,878wds. Updated: 01/24/14

**Danny is a bear/jaguar/orca/seal/dolphin/dog/pterodactyl/smilodon shifter**

Also located at: under title "Shapes (that come together)" by Lozza  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  slash  Transformation!Fic:Animal_Shifter  bear  Secret_Revealed  completed!  HaveRead  wds:55.000+ 
may 2013 by shibela
How to Build a Heart out of Ashes by Teumessian
In an AU where a small number of the population become Changelings at a young age, at 17 John Watson believes he's destined for Normal life but then the Change takes him and he is sent to the Baker Institute. There he meets Sherlock Holmes. [Author's Note: Warnings for the whole story: general adult themes, swearing, mentions of child abuse, drug use/abuse, violence and graphic sex.] 19ch. -- 91,480wds. Updated: 06/09/12

***Also located at:

****Master Post of all things connected to this story (background info / fan questions answered, fanart, playlist):
.  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Sherlock/Watson  Molly/Lestrade  OtherPairings  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  slash  School!AU  First_Meetings  psychic_powers  creature  Transformation!Fic:Animal_Shifter  wolf  panther  bonds/soul_mates  case!fic  Panic_Attacks  Abuse  Sex_Abuse  Insomnia  Cuddling/Snuggling  sleep/nap-time  Personal_Epiphanies  hot_kisses  smut  nc17  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:90.000+ 
july 2012 by shibela
Harry Potter and the Elder Sect by Clell65619
When Hagrid arrives at the Potter cottage in Godric's Hollow, he finds no sign of Harry Potter. It takes five long years for Harry to be found, in the care of a distant cousin, having been dropped off by his Great Grand Mother. 3ch. -- 33,529wds. Updated: 06/21/12

[[Another interesting crossover by a favorite author -- definitely super-powered Harry, OOC to canon to a certain extent, but considering the changes wrought to canon, it's well within spec, IMO.]]  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:Bewitched(TV)  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Founders  family  adopt  Training/Classes  First_Meetings  prophecy  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:30.000+ 
july 2012 by shibela
Sole Survivor by Voice of the Nephilim
A plague has swept across Britain, wiping out the Muggle population. Ignorant of his heritage and the magical world, a ten year-old Harry Potter is left to fend for himself against two factions, each plotting and conspiring to find him before the other. 1ch. -- 16,141wds. Updated: 04/08/11

[[Warning: This is a bit violent & gory -- martial law gone over the edge.

As much as I wouldn't mind reading more in this 'verse, I did enjoy this by itself.]]  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Apocalypse  Virus  plague  MainCharacterDeath  family  First_Meetings  pre-Hogwarts  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:15.000+ 
june 2012 by shibela
Living For Love by jaelke421
Seq. to "Hoping For Happiness." Original characters and OOC behavior will not make sense unless you've read HFH. This story follows Tony and Ziva as they navigate marriage and family life. 1ch. -- 1,753wds. Updated: 06/07/12  fandom:NCIS  Ziva/DiNozzo  fanfic  s:HopingForHappiness  AU  Future!Fic  family  Parenthood  child/children  Domesticity/Life-at-Home  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
june 2012 by shibela
The Well Groomed Mind by Lady Khali (aka Lady_Khali)
On Halloween 1994, Harry learns his mind isn't his own. On Samhain morn, he vows to question everything. Armed with logic and an unlikely ally, Harry makes a last ditch bid to reclaim his life. The goal: survive at all costs. 18ch. -- 120,329wds. Updated: 06/13/12 ***Also located as a series at: wherein this story is a completed Part 1.

[[One of my favorites - I'm excited to see where the author continues to take this. A very believable intelligent Harry -- intelligent, packing some power (not super-powered, though), but still growing up & losing that innocence of seeing everything in black & white to see the shades of grey between. Also, an excellent set-up of a mentorship between not!Moody & Harry.]]  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Tournament  char(HP):Harry_Potter  char(HP):Moody  char(HP):Dumbledore  char(HP):Voldemort  char(HP):Skeeter  char(HP):Hermione  char(HP):Neville  Personal_Epiphanies  Secret_Revealed  Occlumency  MPD  Training/Classes  politics  Manipulative!Dumbledore  Last_Will/Testament  family  Guardianship  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:120.000+ 
june 2012 by shibela
Not Just Fairy Tales by LadyNyxRavus
The man's eyes widen and he brings a hand to his face and Harry gets the feeling that perhaps he isn't supposed to be seeing that fur. Although that makes no sense because it's RIGHT THERE. 8ch. -- 13,347wds. Updated: 05/09/12

[[I love the premise behind this & so far I'm thoroughly enjoying the various viewpoints of the characters -- each new chapter is from a different character's POV.]]  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:Grimm  NoShip  fanfic  AU  creature  Magical_Inheritance  Grimm!Harry  kid!fic  pre-Hogwarts  adopt  Moving/New_Home  First_Meetings  Babysitting  Language_Issues  family  char(Grimm):F.Rabe  char(HP):Petunia_Dursley  char(HP):Harry_Potter  char(Grimm):Barry  char(Grimm):Renard  char(Grimm):Roddy  char(Grimm):Nick  char(Grimm):Monroe  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
may 2012 by shibela
How I Met Your Father by farawisa
Sean Renard has never seen one of his family members facing an irate Grimm when they came to visit, but there is always a first time. And why is his favourite detective suddenly calling him Uncle Renard? 1ch. -- 3,128wds. Updated: 04/20/12

[[A bit OOC -- interesting idea, though.]]  fandom:Grimm  Nick/Monroe  fanfic  AU  slash  Meet_the_Parents/Family  Secret_Revealed  family  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:3.000+ 
may 2012 by shibela
The Sheet by junejuly15
The infamous scene with The Sheet in Buckingham Palace, from the sheet's POV. Humour/ Romance, because some of the garments are madly in love with Sherlock. The Scarf, John's Jumper and Jacket, the Purple Shirt and others add their POV as well. 13ch. -- 25,417wds. Updated: 03/31/12  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  TBR 
april 2012 by shibela
Harry Potter at Camp Chippewa by RecipeforMyLove
After his third year Harry is sent to Camp Chippewa with Dudley. There he meets the Addams Family, and more importantly their daughter, Wednesday. After fighting Voldemort, a basilisk, and a hundred dementors, has he finally met his match at camp? 1ch. -- 2,579wds. Updated: 04/21/12  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:AddamsFamily  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Summer  vacation  First_Meetings  Secret_Revealed  humor  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
The Contest by AshtakRa
Thanks to Chuck the team are acting oddly, Sheppard has delusions of grandeur, Teyla is inciting orgies, Ronon is singing ballads and McKay is doing something decidedly unMcKaylike oh yeah and Weir is just confused and feeling left out. 1ch. -- 2,718wds. Updated: 05/01/07  fandom:SGA  Sheppard/Chuck  McKay/Weir  fanfic  pre-slash  slash  Pining!Chuck(SGA)  Traditions/Rituals  Courtship  music  dance  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
Serious Ink Job by AshtakRa
A career breaker? Major Lorne ponders what to write in his latest report. 1ch. -- 743wds. Updated: 08/07/07  fandom:SGA  Lorne/Sheppard  fanfic  pre-slash  slash  Traditions/Rituals  intoxicated  tattoo  char(SGA):Major_Lorne  Gossip  Secret_Revealed  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000- 
april 2012 by shibela
What by kyaru-chan
Companion Piece to "Harveste Addams and the HalfBlood Prince" -- fits at the end of Chapter 2 (or somewhere within the last couple of scene changes). Also known as The Mysterious Coupling of Cousin What and Viktor Krum. Definite Squick, with more than a hint of slash and maybe het. Not for those with sensitive constitutions or heart problems. Be warned. 1ch. -- 4,227wds. Updated: 11/02/11  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:AddamsFamily  Viktor/Cousin.What  fanfic  AU  s:Harveste  slash  slash-but_not  smut  kink  sex!talk  nc17  PWP  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:4.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
Harveste Addams and the HalfBlood Prince by kyaru-chan
Seq. to "Harvest Addams and the ORder of the Phoenix." Deception, disorder, distraction and devotion. Don't forget the jam, darlings. 2ch. -- 20,621wds. Updated: 11/08/11  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:AddamsFamily  NoShip  Viktor/Cousin.What  fanfic  AU  s:Harveste  slash  slash-but_not  Slytherin!Harry  crossdressing  BodySwap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  Summer  vacation  Birthday_Celebration  Fighting(One-on-One)  Blood-thirsty/Bad-ass  humor  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:20.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
Harveste Addams and the Order of the Phoenix by kyaru-chan
Seq. to "Harveste Addams and the Goblet of Fire." There are three roads a growing witch or wizard can take. The first two are well-trodden. But this year, the world better get ready, because when the dark moon rises, the third path comes alive. 10ch. -- 95,050wds. Updated: 09/04/11  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:AddamsFamily  NoShip  fanfic  AU  s:Harveste  Slytherin!Harry  crossdressing  Summer  vacation  family  Magical_Inheritance  Traditions/Rituals  torture  Blood-thirsty/Bad-ass  Fighting(One-on-One)  Training/Classes  Courtship  Pining!Cedric  Pining!Fred/George  Guidelines/Rules/Guidebooks  Clothing  pranks  MainCharacterDeath  Recovery/Healing  BodySwap  completed!  HaveRead  wds:95.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
Harveste Addams and the Prisoner of Azkaban by kyaru-chan
Seq. to "Harveste Addams and the Chamber of Secrets." A madman has escaped from prison? Are you sure you aren't talking about Uncle Fester? 2ch. -- 19,664wds. Updated: 09/26/10  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:AddamsFamily  NoShip  fanfic  AU  s:Harveste  Slytherin!Harry  crossdressing  family  Summer  vacation  Blood-thirsty/Bad-ass  Fighting(One-on-One)  pranks  Horcrux  humor  completed!  HaveRead  wds:15.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
Harveste by kyaru-chan
He's done it. He's just five years old, but he's finally done it. The Dursleys are gone. And now he's with a new family who seems just as twisted as he is. How strange. 1ch. -- 5,689wds. Updated: 09/21/10  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:AddamsFamily  NoShip  fanfic  AU  s:Harveste  pre-Hogwarts  kid!fic  family  MainCharacterDeath  Dark!Harry  Blood-thirsty/Bad-ass  adopt  crossdressing  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
The Room by ChickenSoupForDinner
Moriarty has captured John and has come up with the most horrible torture he can think of. Cracky fluffy crack. 1ch. -- 1,816wds. Updated: 08/15/11

[[Oh, the crack --- it's so fluffy & cute &.... LOL!]]  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  fanfic  char(Sherlock):Moriarty  char(Sherlock):Watson  kidnap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  kitten  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
The Adventures of Chunky Bear and Bumpkin Blossom by Hannelore-Grace
Sherlock and John go out to dinner for a case. Shenanigans ensue, squid is almost eaten, pianos are played, and maybe some crime will be solved if they have the time. 2ch. -- 6,115wds. Updated: 10/13/11  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  Sherlock/Watson  fanfic  slash  undercover  fake_(girl/boy)friend/spouse  It's_A_Date  food/baked_goods  Pet-Names/Nicknames  music  Oblivious!Watson  Secret_Revealed  pranks  humor  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
A Series of Stupid Mistakes by shooting-stetsons Community 'sherlockbbc_fic'
Also Titled: "Regrets and Mistakes, They are Memories Made." In which Joanna Watson and Sherlock Holmes meet a bit sooner than in the canon, and make simultaneously the best and worst mistake of their lives. 6ch. (posted in 32parts, last labeled 6e/6) -- 21,843wds. Updated: 02/26/12

Written for prompt:
The first time Joanna Watson meets Sherlock Holmes, he's really, really high and she's really, really drunk. Awhile before she went to Afghanistan, and before he got clean and created himself a job.

The next time Joanna meets Sherlock, they're both looking for flatmates. Also, she's had his son, who happens to be almost the very image of Sherlock as a kid. Whoops.

Alternatively, they don't hook up until she's back in London after getting shot, she gets drunk and Sherlock has a relapse, and the reason (well, one of tne reasons) she ultimately moves into Baker Street is because she's very pregnant.

***Also located at:
archive:LJ  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Sherlock/Watson  fanfic  AU  slash-but_not  GenderBender  Fem!Watson  First_Meetings  After-hours_Entertainment:Bar/Club  intoxicated  pregnant  episode_tag:SherlockBBC_ASiP  family  Meet_the_Parents/Family  hot_kisses  smut  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  completed!  HaveRead  wds:20.000+  via:kalika89 
april 2012 by shibela
Pack Bonding by sephirothflame
Derek says it's an exercise in pack bonding, the three of them sharing their scent. Stiles thinks he just wants to cuddle - not that he's brave enough to tell the werewolf that. 1ch. -- 698wds. Updated: 08/02/11  fandom:TeenWolf  NoShip  fanfic  char(TeenWolf):Stiles  char(TeenWolf):Scott  char(TeenWolf):Derek  Pack  Cuddling/Snuggling  sleep/nap-time  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000- 
april 2012 by shibela
ADD and Attract by TheNowandFutureQueen
Stiles is a brick wall. Even held as a hostage and being interrogated by a crazy werewolf hunter will get nothing out of him. He will not say that Scott is a werewolf. Nor will he say anything about the Alpha. But he has many things to say about Derek... 1ch. -- 2,087wds. Updated: 07/23/11  fandom:TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  fanfic  char(TeenWolf):Stiles  char(TeenWolf):K.Argent  kidnap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
Complicated by VCCV (aka Constant Vigilance)
Derek wasn't aware that Stiles was so complicated, until he was threatened with his loss. 1ch. -- 2,569wds. Updated: 08/16/11  fandom:TeenWolf  NoShip  Derek/Stiles  fanfic  pre-slash  char(TeenWolf):Derek  char(TeenWolf):Sheriff  Personal_Epiphanies  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
Harry Potter and the Debts to Destiny by Mountain907
Seq. to "Harry Potter and the Cursed Summer." Starts off after Harry returned home from his summer adventure to find he was a ward to Mr. Weasley. He tries to forge his own path but with an over protective Headmaster, and headstrong betrothed, can he do it? 3ch. -- 13,098wds. Updated: 01/22/12  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  HP/DG  fanfic  s:HP_CursedSummer  ArrangedMarriage  politics  First_Meetings  Meet_the_Parents/Family  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
april 2012 by shibela
That's My Boy! by Kanna37
A seven year old Sesshoumaru meets a seven year old Kagome, and decides its time to learn the Inuyoukai courting rites - to his father's rather strained pride. 1ch. -- 1,003wds. Updated: 08/11/11  fandom:Inuyasha  Sesshoumaru/Kagome  fanfic  AU  First_Meetings  Modern_Era  kid!fic  Traditions/Rituals  Courtship  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Living the Bad Ass Way by kyaru-chan
There is more than one way to learn magic, and more than one place to learn it in. When an unexpected death occurs, Death himself encounters Harry Potter and takes pity on him. From a life of neglect, Harry forms bonds he never thought possible... 1ch. -- 3,463wds. Updated: 09/20/10  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:Discworld  NoShip  fanfic  AU  MainCharacterDeath  char(HP):Harry_Potter  Death  pre-Hogwarts  kid!fic  Moving/New_Home  WIP!  abandoned?  HaveRead  wds:3.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Harry Potter and the Ankles He Bit by Piper Julian
As it so happens, Harry Potter has a wee spot of Gnome in his ancestry. The Death Eaters best invest in thick stockings, as this is a tale of Gnomish Warfare. Creature fic parody. Gnome!Harry 1ch. -- 2,115wds. Updated: 03/27/12

[[Crack-tastic!]]  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  creature  gnome  Transformation!Fic:Other  Magical_Inheritance  humor  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Hokeo by Calacious (aka Evil Cosmic Triplets)
Jason's a shark in love, but that's not the problem. The problem is that he's in love with a seagull. Banished from Port Charles' Shark's Cove, Jason makes his way from the cold waters of the East Coast, to the warmer waters of the Hawaiian Islands and learns that love can be very complicated and yet very worthwhile. 1ch. -- 7,378wds. Updated: 03/27/12 ***Also located at:

[[Features: Shark!Sonny, Shark!Jason, Seagull!Spinelli, Seagull!Maxie, Seagull!Mattie, Seal!Steve, Otter!Danny, Otter!Grace, Dolphin!Kono, Dolphin!Chin, Walrus!Kamekona]]  fandom:GeneralHospital  crossover  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Jason/Spinelli  Steve/Danny  fanfic  AU  slash  water/undersea  creature  shark  birds  otters  dolphins  walrus  seal  Transformation!Fic:Animal_Always  char(GH):Jason  char(GH):Spinelli  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  Moving/New_Home  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Ring O' Roses by missyvortexdv (aka Purpleyin) |
They all fall. A slightly dark Post-TRF fic, with a chapter each for Mrs Hudson, Lestrade, John & Molly. Everyone is affected differently and normality isn't necessarily suddenly restored when it would appear to be. 4ch. -- 4,708wds. Updated: 03/25/12 ***Also located at: ---OR--- ---OR---  archive:LJ  archive:Dreamwidth_LJ  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  fanfic  post-ReichenbachFalls  char(Sherlock):Mrs.Hudson  char(Sherlock):Lestrade  char(Sherlock):Watson  char(Sherlock):Molly  Traditions/Rituals  Addiction  completed!  HaveRead  wds:4.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
The Therapist by katkin
After an incident in the supermarket, Sherlock and John are advised to attend a joint therapy session, but the therapist may be the one needing therapy after meeting Sherlock Holmes! 1ch. -- 3,617wds. Updated: 03/21/11  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  fanfic  char(Sherlock):Watson  char(Sherlock):Sherlock  char(Sherlock):Original_Character  Therapy:Psychiatric  Banter  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  Hugs  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:3.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
New Rule Awakened by Deiph
An ancient creature has risen from its sleep and begun a series of murders that threaten to expose not only Nick Burkhardt but the entire Wesen community. 1ch. -- 25,847wds. Updated: 03/23/12  fandom:Grimm  NoShip  fanfic  case!fic  oneshot  completed!  TBR  wds:25.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
A Week is Just Seven Days Isn't It? by scifigrl47
When John heads overseas for a week, Sherlock's forced to fend for himself. It goes about as well as anyone could have anticipated. Which is to say, very, very poorly. Don't worry, things'll be fine in just seven days. 4ch. -- 41,063wds. Updated: 03/17/12  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Sherlock/Watson  fanfic  slash  completed!  TBR  wds:40.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Small Spaces by Nkala99 (aka N'kala)
Monroe learns something about Nick, and in the process helps Nick to understand a little more about Monroe. 1ch. -- 1,898wds. Updated: 03/13/12 ***Also located at:  fandom:Grimm  NoShip  fanfic  char(Grimm):Nick  char(Grimm):Monroe  Trapped  phobias  storytelling  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
How I Spent My Alleged Summer Vacation by selkie
When Dawn takes a summer job in Colorado as a camp counselor, things go as well as you might expect. 1ch. -- 12,249wds. Updated: 05/26/07  fandom:BtVS  crossover  fandom:SG1  NoShip  fanfic  AU  vacation  char(BtVS):Dawn  char(SG-1):Jon_O'Neill(clone!Jack)  vampire  First_Meetings  char(BtVS):Willow  char(BtVS):Riley  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Safer by elaine451
An alternate episode 'Safe', with Jayne getting snatched along with as River and Simon. 10ch. -- 20,460wds. Updated: 07/22/07

[[AU events from 'Safe' onwards through BDM.]]  fandom:Firefly  Rayne  Zoe/Wash  fanfic  AU  episode_tag:Firefly  char(Firefly):Jayne  char(Firefly):River  char(Firefly):Simon  kidnap  Stranded/Lost  fake_(girl/boy)friend/spouse  sleep/nap-time  Birthday_Celebration  Coming-Out/Revealing_Relationship  nc17  completed!  HaveRead  wds:20.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
A Man of Principle by Thescarredman
Seq. to "A Man of Action." You know how sometimes you look at something familiar, and you realize you don't know it at all? Badger is like that. 8ch. -- 49,658wds. Updated: 01/28/12  fandom:Firefly  NoShip  fanfic  AU  s:AManOf...  char(Firefly):Badger  char(Firefly):Original_Character  Mom_Influence/Central_Figure  Meet_the_Parents/Family  food/baked_goods  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:45.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
A Man of Action by Thescarredman
A continuation of 'Man of Honor'. Even the solidest assumptions can slide out from under your boots when you travel with the crew of Serenity. River's not the only Tam who's full of surprises... 7ch. -- 45,668wds. Updated: 10/25/09  fandom:Firefly  NoShip  Simon/Kaylee  Rayne  fanfic  AU  s:AManOf...  char(Firefly):Simon  char(Firefly):Original_Character  char(Firefly):G.Tam  family  Meet_the_Parents/Family  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  Traditions/Rituals  Courtship  completed!  HaveRead  wds:45.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Things We Trade For Freedom by Jedi Buttercup
When Ronon agreed to go with the Earthers after the Ancients claimed Altantis, he'd expected to end up fighting Ori soldiers, not taking a tour of Sheppard's country- or stumbling into a first contact situation as strange as anything in Pegasus. 1ch. -- 27,784wds. Updated: 12/30/11 ***Also located at:  fandom:SGA  crossover  fandom:BtVS  Ronon/Faith  fanfic  AU  Earth-side  episode_tag:Return1  completed!  TBR  wds:25.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Dawning Familiarity by NotJana
The Slayer was the monk's best bet to protect the Key. So they made Buffy a mother. Wishing for a demon-free life for her daughter and with many Slayers about now to do her job, Buffy decides to check out an offer from the Air Force. And their program. 42ch. -- 120,832wds. Updated: 12/03/09  fandom:BtVS  crossover  fandom:SG1  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Parenthood  Other_Occupations  completed!  TBR  wds:120.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Fidelity by Tora II
Kink Meme prompt fill: "Sherlock hates Anderson because he can't stand adulterers. After all, Sherlock's own husband goes away on tour of duty for years at a time, and neither of them would think of straying." 1ch. -- 1,237wds. Updated: 02/29/12 ***Originally posted at:  archive:LJ  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Sherlock/Watson  fanfic  slash  char(Sherlock):Sherlock  char(Sherlock):Anderson  char(Sherlock):Lestrade  Marriage  Coming-Out/Revealing_Relationship  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Talk by Qweb
Danny is captured and given truth serum to make him talk. His captors don't know what they're in for. 3ch. -- 4,059wds. Updated: 10/11/11  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  NoShip  fanfic  char(H5-0):Danny  OT4  kidnap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  intoxicated  Truth_Serums  completed!  HaveRead  wds:4.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Howl by Nanners (aka Desperate For Attention)
It wasn't until he had come back into the living room, two beers in hand and found that Nick had flopped down on the couch and curled up with a heavy sigh that Monroe took notice of the change in the Grimm's scent, Nick no longer smelt of lingering traces of danger and the wolf inside of him no longer bitched about Nick being the enemy, instead when he was this close to Nick he smelt of security, trust and family and his inner wolf bitched continuously that he wasn't nearly as close as he should have been.

It scared him. 3ch. -- 9,128wds. Updated: 03/14/12 ***Also located at:

[[A take on the Snow White fairy tale....]]  fandom:Grimm  Nick/Monroe  fanfic  pre-slash  case!fic  fairy_tales  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Lullaby by csi_sanders1129 (aka Animegirl1129)
The first time Steve ever hums what is now affectionately known as Grace's Lullaby is on one of Danny's weekends when Gracie is just shy of her ninth birthday. 1ch. -- 1,787wds. Updated: 03/01/12 ***Also located at: ---OR---

[[Sweet fluff]]  archive:LJ  fandom:Hawaii_5-0  Steve/Danny  fanfic  slash  char(H5-0):Steve  char(H5-0):Grace  char(H5-0):Danny  Babysitting  Guardianship  music  Cuddling/Snuggling  sleep/nap-time  baby  Future!Fic  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
march 2012 by shibela
Rächen by Animegirl1129 (aka cis_sanders1129)
Eddie is diligently focusing on completing an order for a clock when he feels some sort of intrinsic fear wash over him. He knows that something is really wrong. But, what? 2ch. -- 9,655wds. Updated: 11/15/11 ***Also located: (Ch.1) & (Ch.2)  archive:LJ  fandom:Grimm  Nick/Monroe  Nick/Juliette  fanfic  pre-slash  mate  Pack  family  kidnap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  Coming-Out/Revealing_Relationship  hospital  Recovery/Healing  Moving/New_Home  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Watch Your Back by csi_sanders1129 (aka Animegirl1129)
In the aftermath of the Lowen Games, Nick makes sure Monroe's okay. 1ch. -- 2,459wds. Updated: 02/27/12 ***Also located at:

[[NOTE: Has a coda / seq. --> "Morning Afters Taste of Honey" by sallycandance at ]]
archive:LJ  fandom:Grimm  NoShip  Nick/Monroe  Nick/Juliette  fanfic  pre-slash  episode_tag:Grimm  char(Grimm):Nick  char(Grimm):Monroe  Personal_Epiphanies  Pack  Recovery/Healing  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Common Scents by LaylaBinx
Monroe can smell different emotions on Nick. Its rather interesting. 1ch. -- 5,481wds. Updated: 12/27/11  fandom:Grimm  Nick/Monroe  fanfic  pre-slash  slash  enhanced_senses  Pining!Monroe  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Sleep Over by LaylaBinx
AKA: Five Times Nick Fell Asleep On Top of Monroe. Eventual slash but mostly cute fluffy stuff :D 1ch. -- 6,158wds. Updated: 01/02/12  fandom:Grimm  Nick/Monroe  fanfic  pre-slash  slash  sleep/nap-time  Cuddling/Snuggling  fave_Fives(5's)  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Once You Go Bach, You Never Go Back by LaylaBinx
It doesn't take Monroe long to figure out that his cello playing is better than a shot of Nyquil for Nick. 1ch. -- 4,749wds. Updated: 01/27/12  fandom:Grimm  Nick/Monroe  fanfic  slash  Domesticity/Life-at-Home  music  sleep/nap-time  fave_List!Fics  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:4.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Peacock by Handful of Silence
Sherlock clearly has unconventional ideas when it comes to courtship. Lestrade makes a mental note to schedule another drugs bust. Crack. 1ch. -- 1,369wds. Updated: 02/02/12

[[Note: I'm not quite sure if this is supposed to be creature!fic or if the Holmes family just has an odd courtship tradition... either way, it's pretty funny.]]  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Sherlock/Watson  fanfic  pre-slash  peacock  feathers  Clothing  char(Sherlock):Lestrade  char(Sherlock):Mycroft  char(Sherlock):Sherlock  char(Sherlock):Watson  Courtship  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Structural Color by Solstice Zero
Sherlock is left in the same room as Lestrade's five-year-old daughter for about fifteen minutes. 1ch. -- 3,949wds. Updated: 09/19/10  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  fanfic  char(Sherlock):Sherlock  char(Sherlock):Original_Character  child/children  Babysitting  Arts-N-Crafts  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:3.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Getting Into A Scrap by Phoenix on cloud nine
"I'm just glad to see he definitely got the upper-hand, judging by your associate's appearance," Harvey remarked, looking back and grinning at Mike. "Good job." 1ch. -- 4,465wds. Updated: 02/22/12  fandom:Suits  NoShip  fanfic  char(Suits):Mike  char(Suits):Kyle  Workplace_Harassment  Fighting(One-on-One)  Blood-thirsty/Bad-ass  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:4.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Ratiocination The Logic Behind a Perfect Coffee by donutsweeper
Sherlock is a barista and known for speaking to his customers bluntly and judging them by their orders, something John finds fascinating. 3ch. -- 3,172wds. Updated: 08/20/11  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  fanfic  AU  coffee_shop  Other_Occupations  First_Meetings  Coffee  Banter  char(Sherlock):Watson  char(Sherlock):Sherlock  char(Sherlock):Stamford  char(Sherlock):Lestrade  humor  completed!  HaveRead  wds:3.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Cat & Mouse by Thisby Solo
Sherlock Holmes and Jane Watson go undercover one night, but Jane finds herself kidnapped. Her only hope is that Sherlock can reach her before something awful happens, perhaps even giving her a chance to show her feelings for him... 3ch. -- 10,348wds. Updated: 02/18/12  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  Sherlock/Watson  fanfic  AU  slash-but_not  GenderBender  Fem!Watson  Party  undercover  fake_(girl/boy)friend/spouse  kidnap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  hospital  Recovery/Healing  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Look at What the Met Dragged In by Atlin Merrick
"No offense Sherlock, but John and I are a lot more rough round the edges than you are. You'd have made a much prettier girl." Sherlock's long, painted fingers ran slowly up one long leg, tugging the wrinkles from his black hose. "True…" 1ch. -- 1,772wds. Updated: 08/03/11  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Sherlock/Watson  Mycroft/Lestrade  fanfic  slash  pre-slash  auction  crossdressing  kink  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
Passing by Soujinesque
A what-if in which Sherlock is female-to-male transgendered, pre- and post-op, and John is awesome. 1ch. -- 4,332wds. Updated: 01/30/11  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  fanfic  AU  GenderBender  Fem!Sherlock  Transgender!Sherlock  char(Sherlock):Sherlock  char(Sherlock):Watson  char(Sherlock):Mycroft  family  Secret_Revealed  hospital  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:4.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
A study in alternatives by Paralelsky
Series of short stories, mostly with AU elements. Story 02: Snapshots - Sherlock's and Joan's life caught in 9 song titles. female and psychic!John. 5ch. -- 9,682wds. Updated: 01/16/12

[[Lovely, lovely, lovely -- will be keeping an eyeball out in case an actual separate case!fic in this 'verse gets posted.]]  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  NoShip  Sherlock/Watson  fanfic  AU  GenderBender  Fem!Watson  psychic_powers  Secret_Revealed  kidnap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  case!fic  episode_tag:SherlockBBC_TRF  Grieving  collection_oneshots  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
february 2012 by shibela
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