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Do with it whatever you like: is it pre-Reichenbach or post-Reichenbach? Why is Jim saying thank you, and to whom is he saying it? And why does he seem to be obsessed with smileys?

(Picture originally found here, I take no credit for it)
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february 2012 by sherlockbbcfic
Show Time
*quiet voice* Could I just have Jim giving Sebastian a blowjob with a gun pressed to the side of his head, please? Consensual please, with both of them getting off on it.

*slinks away*
gunplay  giving_head  pairing:jim_moriarty/moran  from delicious
january 2012 by sherlockbbcfic
Understanding (1/2) (WARNINGS: nonconsensual, gunplay, violence)
Jim has sex with someone who doesn't consent to it. Except Jim doesn't think it's rape, he thinks it's love. Jim/Sherlock or Jim/John preferred.
gunplay  Non-con  violence  sherlock_holmes  jim_moriarty  pairing:sherlock_holmes/jim_moriarty  from delicious
april 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Staring Down the Barrel
Gunplay, non-con Sherlock/anyone<br />
Sherlock never thinks he needs the police's help, and goes off in pursuit of some criminals.<br />
Needless to say, they overpower him.<br />
Ok, kink meme, give me something involving the barrel of a gun and Sherlock's mouth.
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february 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Sherlock's pet
So, Mark Gatiss wrote a book called "The Vesuvius Club" about a dapper, immoral bisexual spy called Lucifer Box (it's worth reading btw). Here is an extract:
I pressed the cold barrel to the youth's temple and glared at him.
...But still he seemed unmoved. I watched as his Adam's apple bobbed slowly up and down.
Charlie Jackpot just smiled.
Irritated by my failure to intimidate him, I moved the revolver slowly down his smooth face and pushed the barrel between his lips. Charlie's very blue eyes regarded me levelly over the glinting gunmetal.
I withdrew the pistol from his mouth with ill-grace.
...A moment later he put his hand on my thigh.
Well, what was I to do? For the well-bred gentleman there was surely only one recourse. I fucked him.
I can see this being any number of pairings: Sherlock/John, Moriarty/pretty much anyone, go to town anons!
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august 2010 by sherlockbbcfic

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