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The New York Times raised the cover price of its Monday to Saturday editions by 25 cents to $1.50 last year, and its strategy reflects similar moves by other newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, owned by News Corp, and the Financial Times, owned by Pearson. The Wall Street Journal raised the cover price by 50 cents in each of the last two years and now costs $2 per copy. The Financial Times implemented 50 cent increases in US cover prices in 2005, 2007 and 2008, and now costs $2.50.
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july 2010 by shehab
Hulu Could Begin Testing Subscription Service This Month -
Hulu said in late March that it generated more than $100 million in revenue in 2009, and became profitable in the fourth quarter of that year and has been in each quarter since. The company said that its measure of profitability included all of its costs, including revenue-sharing with content providers, and amortized noncash costs associated with the deal to bring Disney on as an owner, which was announced in April of 2009.
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june 2010 by shehab
Metering: The First 2010 Test of Paid News Content | Newsonomics
The FT model is based on “propensity modeling.” That’s a deeply analytics-based system of carefully monitoring the kinds of news usage its readers demonstrate.  The FT’s view is that it must understand who among their readership  — amid all the miscellaneous referrals sent to it by search engines – really values FT content and the brand behind it, and then charge those readers a subscription fee.
The FT now has 1.8 million registered visitors to its site, up 80% over last January, and 121,200 paying subscribers in the most recent count, up 22% from a year earlier.
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june 2010 by shehab
Zvika Krieger Says Dubai's Demise Would Be a Setback for Middle East Reform and Stability -
'In a region mired in poverty and extremism, the Gulf emirates are shattering taboos and challenging traditional power structures. Their financial demise would be a great loss to the Middle East.'
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february 2009 by shehab
The Economics of Giving It Away -
chris anderson restates his case for free in a post lehman deleveraging cash is king world.
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february 2009 by shehab
Must I Bank? -
columbia's jonathan knee on occupational introspection.
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april 2008 by shehab

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