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The Technium: The Choice of Cities
Kevin Kelly describes the allure and historical context of cities and slums.
urban  urbanplanning  slums  city  kevinkelley  urbanization  squatter  technium  kevinkelly  history  cities  economics  design  culture  anthropology  technology 
may 2010 by shehab
Architects Journal | Abu Dhabi
aj on abu dhabi's ambitious instant middle east.
middleeast  urban  uae  abudhabi  architecture  planning  2030 
january 2009 by shehab
hip dubai urban art collective.
dubai  urban  art  graphic  design  cliche 
january 2009 by shehab Market panic? Bring it on
Even in places of stupendous oil wealth and formidable desert conditions, there's a sense that global warming might matter. Last week, during his lecture at the World Architecture Congress in Dubai, the Los-Angeles self-styled prophet of architecture Thom Mayne rightly declared that the unfettered, unplanned city of Dubai is headed toward an "ecological nightmare" unless serious consideration is given to a sustainable urban infrastructure. The lack of connective tissue between its megalomaniacal towers is setting up a car-dependent city much like Los Angeles.
uae  design  architect  architecture  mayne  dubai  abudhabi  sustainability  almasdar  green  urban 
october 2008 by shehab
Al Jazeera - Cairo's 'suburbia' stays afloat
out of the void from "decades of neglect and mismanagement" in cairo sprouts suburban gated sprawl.
cairo  egypt  urban  development  suburban  sprawl  aljazeera  middleeast  gatedcommunities  palmhills  emaar  damac  bubble 
october 2008 by shehab
[FT] My own private metropolis- Jonathan Raban
Jonathan Raban on the Soft City, reminiscing on "The Earls Court square on which I lived when I was writing the book was as diverse and cosmopolitan as any place I’ve known: it was home to Arabs in dishdashas; gays in leather gear, waiting for the Coleherne pub to open; out-of-work actors; titled diplomats; jobbing plumbers; microskirted prostitutes in fishnet stockings; Australian students; Italian waiters; and the most famous American poet of his age." and searching for the 21st century equivalents.
london  city  urban  FT  books  softcity  jonathanraban  raban  metropolis 
august 2008 by shehab
Rami Khouri for TIME: Is Dubai a REAL City?
rami khouri has some interesting ideas on what makes a great city.
time  magazine  media  dubai  middleeast  abudhabi  doha  rami  khouri  lebanon  beirut  city  urban  planning  multinational  cosmopolitan  real 
june 2008 by shehab

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