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Amazon Web Services Blog: Amazon S3 - More Than 449 Billion Objects
for the year over year growth see RT @jeffbarr: Amazon #S3: Now More Than 449 Billion Objects - #aws
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july 2011 by shehab
Townhouse Contemporary Art Sale 2009
Mona Hatoum, Lara Baladi, Yto Barrada and more have pieces coming up for auction at Townhouse on May 6. International bidding accepted.
middleeast  art  egypt  s3  arts  artists  cairo  auction  contemporary  gallery  townhouse  charity 
april 2009 by shehab / World - Gulf plans £100m fund to invest in football
i can see something like this done for artists and musicians too.
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november 2008 by shehab
The Fall Auction Season Opens With Little Enthusiasm -
Amid fears of an art-market meltdown, an international crowd of dealers, collectors and onlookers packed Sotheby’s for the start of the important fall auction season. While many were expecting a funeral, the results were spotty: a relief to those who thought the appetite for art was all but dead, but hardly the success story of seasons past.
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november 2008 by shehab
The light fantastic - The National Newspaper
Sarah Wolff reviews Laleh Khorramian's Zenith and Nadir at The Third Line for The National.
laleh  lalehkhorramian  national  art  dubai  artists  nyc  thenational  uae  thethirdline  s3  artfund  middleeast  iran 
november 2008 by shehab
Christie’s Earns Half Its Estimate in Dubai Sale
Christie’s two-day sale of paintings and jewelry in Dubai earned $16.9 million, well below its pre-sale estimate of $32–43 million, Bloomberg reports.
s3  artfund  middleeast  arab  iran  art  arts  artists  auction  christies  artinfo  tanavoli  parviz  ehsai  koraichi  rachid  algeria 
november 2008 by shehab
FT on Dubai vs Abu Dhabi - opposing Art strategies.
Bidoun's Antonia Carver reports on Dubai's art riposte. Abu Dhabi and Doha still out front.
S3  artfund  arts  middleast  ft  bidoun  dubai  abudhabi  uae  museums  contemporary  zahahadid  zaha  saadiyat 
october 2008 by shehab
Laleh Khorramian [Race in Popular Culture and Media: Contemporary artists of the Beyond]
"my work is about broader events and the universal forces of love, death and creation."
laleh  khorramian  art  artists  middleeast  s3  artfund  iran  nyc 
october 2008 by shehab
adel abdessemed -
Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed's “Situation and Practice,” opens at the MIT List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
abdessemed  s3  artfund  middleeast  algeria  mit  artist  art  arab 
october 2008 by shehab
UN Studio architect Ben van Berkel on Dubai's Museum of Middle Eastern Modern Art (Momema) - artforum news
UN Studio architect Ben van Berkel flew to Dubai last week to discuss his $437 million Museum of Middle Eastern Modern Art (Momema) - the region’s first museum of Middle East modern art. The design brings together elements of the sea and Dubai's tradition of seafaring, and is based on the silhouette of an Arabian dhow sailing boat... should be complete by 2011.
momema  UN  museums  s3  artfund  dubai  uae  modern  benvanberkel  culturevillage  dubaiproperties  creek  architecture  dhow  artforum  arts  middleeast 
october 2008 by shehab
artforum news - Abrrak Prize Winners Announced
The selection committee of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize today announced the three recipient curator-artist teams of its first competition: Cristiana Perrella and Kutlug Ataman, Carol Solomon and Zoulikha Boubadellah, and Leyla Fakhr and Nazgol Ansarinia. Their projects, currently being created, will be unveiled during Art Dubai in March. The works will become part of the Abraaj Capital corporate collection.
abraaj  corporate  middleeast  s3  artfund  arts  collecting  collections  arab  prize  artists  Zoulikha  Boubadellah  Leyla  Fakhr  Nazgol  Ansarinia  Cristiana  Perrella  Kutlug  Ataman  dubai  artdubai  fair  art  investment 
october 2008 by shehab
Buying frenzy lights up Iranian art market « Art Radar Asia
The prices have soared by a factor of 20 within two years, the galleries are packed with prospective buyers and the works are both modern and daring, but this is not a description of the art scene in New York, Paris or London, but Tehran.
iran  artmarket  arts  artfund  s3  middleeast  hedge  fund  moshiri  tanavoli  artradar 
october 2008 by shehab
Saatchi’s upcoming Middle Eastern exhibition
As financial markets roil , art collectors seeking a safe haven eye up opportunities in the Middle East. If anything, some players expect an even stronger market in the Middle East than in China, because so many of the art initiatives-to showcase the region’s artists as well as import Western art-have the direct backing of the government or royal families. Abu Dhabi is planning to spend $50 million to fill its Louvre.
saatchi  middleeast  iran  rahbar  diana  alhadid  syria  iraq  lebanon  laleh  khorramian  jeffar  khaldi  s3  artfund  arts  art  artists 
october 2008 by shehab
Damien Hirst’s Mammoth Art Auction Attracts Plenty of Bidders, Despite Financial Turmoil -
Tobias Meyer, worldwide head of contemporary art at Sotheby’s, explained the total this way: “Damien Hirst is a global artist that can defy local economies.” Jose Mugrabi, a New York dealer, had another take: “Today people believe more in art than the stock market. At least it’s something you can enjoy.”
S3  artfund  arts  art  artists  sothebys  nytimes  auction  record  global  Tobias  Meyer  contemporary  Damien  Hirst 
september 2008 by shehab
Damien Hirst | Dead cow bounce | Economist
Mr Hirst spent the evening playing snooker, but on being told the sale figures, he pronounced: “I think the market is bigger than anyone knows. I love art and this proves I’m not alone. And the future looks great for everyone.”
damien  hirst  art  arts  S3  artfund  market  auction  sothebys  economist  qatar  russia  london  gagosian  jopling  galleries 
september 2008 by shehab
Lamia Joreige | beirut, lebanon
The official site of Lamia Joreige: installation, videos, paintings.
lamia  joreige  video  art  beirut  lebanon  middleeast  S3  arts  arab  installations  artists 
september 2008 by shehab
ArtTactic provides unbiased art market research, analysis and advice for art collectors, art professionals, art institutions and art funds.
art  market  artfund  S3  tactic  reports  intelligence  arts  artists  china  india  global  auction  research  artmarket 
september 2008 by shehab
Gimme culture! Arts blossom in Gulf Arab desert
By Lin Noueihed DUBAI (Reuters) - Long derided as a cultural desert, the Gulf art scene is beginning to blossom. Wealthy nationals and homesick expatriates are looking to add ''soul'' to their shopping lists and the world's major auction houses are...
S3  art  arts  artfund  middleeast  reuters  arab  iran  dubai  abudhabi  market  artists  culture 
september 2008 by shehab
The Peninsula On-line: Qatar's leading English Daily
Vinoly Architects commissioned to design the Museum of Modern Arab Art, Doha.
museum  modern  arab  art  middleeast  rafael  vinoly  qatar  doha  arts  artfund  S3  architect  newyork  peninsula 
september 2008 by shehab
Art Scene in Dubai -
It is a truth of the art market that the richest nations always call the tune, setting global tastes, anointing the next stars, and establishing trends that the market may follow for years to come. By that logic—and the Middle East's seemingly unstoppable economic rise—the Damien Hirst of 2020 could be a native Farsi speaker.
middleeast  artfund  arts  arab  S3  market  portfolio  museums  art  abudhabi  qatar 
september 2008 by shehab
Christie's continues its dominance in the Middle East art market- third series of auctions
These two auctions follow on from Christie's record-breaking sales earlier this year. The inaugural Contemporary Jewels and Watches auction on 31 January brought to Dubai for the first time, an outstanding selection from many of the most important jewellery and watch manufacturers of the 20th and 21st centuries, and exceeded all expectations with sales totaling $11,814,880 / AED 43,360,609. 1 February's art sale amassed 51 new artist records and set a sales figure of $9,417,560/AED 34,562,445.
AMEinfo  christies  middleeast  art  S3  artfund  auction  market  arab  dubai  arts  artists  moshiri 
september 2008 by shehab
NYU Stern
Art as an asset class
art  artfund  fund  nyu  stern  S3 
august 2008 by shehab
Buttonwood Painting by numbers
The Art World's new investor class.
artfund  art  arts  economist  S3 
august 2008 by shehab

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