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Brian Eno on Twitter
Brian Eno, William Basinski and how ambient music provides calm in a storm #album #review #Reflection #TheShip…
Unread  Reflection  album  TheShip  review  from pocket
january 2017 by shehab
Brian Eno on Twitter
Talking Heads - When Paranoia Strikes Deep: Fear Of Music in CREEM November 1979 #review #DavidByrne #BrianEno…
Unread  review  BrianEno  DavidByrne  from pocket
october 2016 by shehab
Lou Reed > Kanye West - The Talkhouse
Watching gorgeous Runaways video for first time on Lou Reed's rec via
music  review  album  yeezus  loureed 
july 2013 by shehab
Book Review - 'Strokes of Genius - Federer, Nadal, and the Greatest Match Ever Played,' by L. Jon Wertheim - Review -
No doubt the best tennis match I have ever watched gets a dedicated tome by Wertheim. NYTimes reviews it. Still words on Federer will always belong to David Foster Wallace.
nytimes  books  tennis  wertheim  review  federer  nadal  wimbledon  sport 
august 2009 by shehab
Achenblog - 'The Evolution of God'
looking fwd to bob wright's book, i enjoy his attempt at a 'bridging' god.
bob  wright  evolution  god  religion  book  review  achen  blog  wapo  washingtonpost 
july 2009 by shehab
The pleasures and sorrows of work | The Economist
The “start of work means an end to freedom, but also to doubt, intensity and wayward desires... How satisfying it is to be held in check by the assumptions of colleagues, instead of being forced to contemplate, in the loneliness of the early hours, all that one might have been, and now never will be.”
philosophy  work  books  economist  review  alaindebotton  book  pleasuresandsorrowsofwork 
april 2009 by shehab
Hoover Institution - Policy Review - The Optimistic Thought Experiment
The Optimistic Thought Experiment by Peter A. Thiel.
In the long run, there are no good bets against globalization.
hoover  institution  thiel  peter  policy  review  economics  globalization  optimistic  thought  experiment  tech  technology  bubble  libertarian  history  oil  philosophy  politics 
september 2008 by shehab

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