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Beijing Architecture, a Look at the New China -
nicolai ouroussoff for the nytimes: 'one wonders if the west will ever catch up'.
nyt  beijing  china  architecture  rem  koolhaas  norman  foster  herzog  demeuron 
july 2008 by shehab
Tom Wolfe - Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died
excellent 1996 tom wolfe essay referenced by the recent and also excellent david brooks new york times op-ed.
tom  wolfe  nyt  newyorktimes  david  brooks  spirituality  buddhism  religion  science  philosophy  culture  biology 
may 2008 by shehab
A New Mideast Paper Vows to Be Different - New York Times
columbia's friedman on the national (and a recurrent abu dhabi theme): “If it doesn’t work, so what, and if it does work, it would be great”.
abudhabi  national  media  newspapers  nyt  columbia  mubadala  uae  press  censorship  freedom  journalism 
april 2008 by shehab

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