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Ξrik Brynjolfsson on Twitter
Disruption in one chart:
(HT: @ValaAfshar)
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november 2016 by shehab
Nieman Reports | Breaking News
Mastering the art of disruptive innovation in journalism
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october 2012 by shehab
News Consumption Tilts Toward Niche Sites -
Many of the news sites that are now having success on the Web — Business Insider, Gawker and Mashable, to name a few — are built on sensibility, which is generally a product of a small group of like minds.
nytimes  davidcarr  media  from delicious
september 2011 by shehab
Can Publishers Create a Business Class For News?: Tech News and Analysis «
business class was just a better experience — less crowded, more pleasant treatment from the flight attendants, better food and drinks, shorter lines for security checks, and so on. And it’s true, says Reichenstein, that the experience that many newspaper readers get is a little like an economy-class airplane flight: news pages are cluttered with banner ads, widgets designed to promote other content in the paper, useless features and a “claustrophobic information design [that makes] the reading experience a torture.” What if some of that could be removed to create a better experience?
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may 2011 by shehab
The Future of Television & The Digital Living Room | Both Sides of the Table
5. Torso TV - Television was designed for a mass audience in a single country.  One of the things that has fascinated me over the past couple of years is the rise of global content and its ability to develop a “niche” global audience that is relevant.  Think of about the rise of Japanese Anime, Spanish Novelas, Korean Drama or the rise of Bollywood entertainment from India.  It’s not a mass, mainstream audience but I would argue that it’s “global torso” content that will be meaningful at scale.  Websites like ViiKii, which have been launched to create realtime translations of shows by fan-subbers, have huge followings already.  And I’m sure that this is what popularized the SlingBox in the first place.  British, India & Pakistani ex-pats on a global scale want to watch cricket.
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october 2010 by shehab
'Mother Jones' boosts web traffic, revenue
Gettelman said the increasing traffic was mostly “content driven” but also aided by technical improvements, such as the site's upgrade to a new Drupal content management system, making the site faster and more search-friendly.
motherjones  traffic  social  media 
july 2010 by shehab
New Rules for the New Economy
Paul Saffo: "We tend to mistake a clear view of the future for a short distance."
saffo  kevinkelly  quote  future  media  tv 
july 2010 by shehab
Jonathan Mendez's Blog: Another Brick in the Paywall
Blog post from last year on the subject: Another Brick in the Paywall
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july 2010 by shehab / Media - New York Times set to increase price
The New York Times raised the cover price of its Monday to Saturday editions by 25 cents to $1.50 last year, and its strategy reflects similar moves by other newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, owned by News Corp, and the Financial Times, owned by Pearson. The Wall Street Journal raised the cover price by 50 cents in each of the last two years and now costs $2 per copy. The Financial Times implemented 50 cent increases in US cover prices in 2005, 2007 and 2008, and now costs $2.50.
lex  theeconomistproject  nytimes  media  newspapers  ft  wsj  pearson  wapo  pricing  2009  2008 
july 2010 by shehab
The tyranny of the CPM | Analysis & Opinion |
Some buyers will point to activation levels (clicks, signups or outright sales) as indicators of the relative worth of specific inventory. This is completely understandable as a guideline. But giving it too much weight is problematic. For example, we now know that 16% of web users generate 80% of clicks and that this 16% represents the lower income and education segments of the total user base. Do we really want to be held accountable as an industry by metrics generated by the lowest common denominator and a minority of users to boot? I can’t think of too many successful models using these types of metrics.
theeconomistproject  felixsalmon  cpm  tyrannyofcpm  forbes  media  online 
june 2010 by shehab
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