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Objectification of Women in Advertising
NSFW! :P RT [Graphics] Lebanese Ads from 1978 & 2011 - what do they have in common?
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july 2011 by shehab
Saatchi’s upcoming Middle Eastern exhibition
As financial markets roil , art collectors seeking a safe haven eye up opportunities in the Middle East. If anything, some players expect an even stronger market in the Middle East than in China, because so many of the art initiatives-to showcase the region’s artists as well as import Western art-have the direct backing of the government or royal families. Abu Dhabi is planning to spend $50 million to fill its Louvre.
saatchi  middleeast  iran  rahbar  diana  alhadid  syria  iraq  lebanon  laleh  khorramian  jeffar  khaldi  s3  artfund  arts  art  artists 
october 2008 by shehab
Lamia Joreige | beirut, lebanon
The official site of Lamia Joreige: installation, videos, paintings.
lamia  joreige  video  art  beirut  lebanon  middleeast  S3  arts  arab  installations  artists 
september 2008 by shehab
Al Maslakh Records : Improv and Experimental Music - Beirut, Lebanon
Al Maslakh Records is an independant music label dedicated to improvised and experimental music in Beirut, Lebanon.
music  misuc  label  lebanon  rabeat  maslakh  record  beirut 
september 2008 by shehab
Rami Khouri for TIME: Is Dubai a REAL City?
rami khouri has some interesting ideas on what makes a great city.
time  magazine  media  dubai  middleeast  abudhabi  doha  rami  khouri  lebanon  beirut  city  urban  planning  multinational  cosmopolitan  real 
june 2008 by shehab

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