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Beat happening - The National
A new compilation showcases ‘Islamic hip-hop’ from West Africa. Jace Clayton digs the music but is dubious of the marketing.
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november 2008 by shehab
Rick Rubin on Lefsetz Letter
rr: I’m unsure how to penetrate today’s musical landscape. I know there’s good stuff out there. But who do you trust? Maybe you’re listening to the wrong stuff. While you’re playing some alternative album over and over again, it turns out some country record is the shit. You can only play one record at a time, but there’s seemingly infinite choice. And no map. Just charlatans imploring you to spend your time, and that’s the most precious currency you’ve got. I’d like to know what it’s like to be young, under twenty, to have grown up in this context. Is it any more comprehensible to kids? Are we crippled by our history? Or is it truly just a world of singles. If so, why is everybody making albums? Who is listening to them? And why do they think anybody who’s not a hard core fan will? And even hard core fans… If you don’t get it immediately, you drift off, to something else. Maybe a video game.

s: we need better music maps.
rick  rubin  lefsetz  industry  musicindustry  music2.0  internet  kids  future  production  metallica  maps  misuc  label  record 
september 2008 by shehab
FT's John Gapper: The record labels can take a punch
john gapper joins the commentators pointing out that it isn't the music industry that is in trouble so much as the bloated record labels with their 20th century business models and cost structures.
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july 2008 by shehab
FT: Jeff Zucker on the writers' strike, the digital challenge, and the upfronts
nbc's jeff zucker on the big digital space monetization question, the importance of telling stories and the uncertainties surrounding this transitional phase of the media world.
FT  jeff  zucker  ge  nbc  universal  media  industry  future  digital  online  web  mobile  tv  broadcast  video 
may 2008 by shehab
EDGAR BRONFMAN JR. on the internet, Apple, and mobile phones
edgar bronfman jr defending warner and opining on the digital, mobile, networked, focused future of the music industry.
edgar  bronfman  FT  digital  music  industry  future  warner  apple  mobile  business  models  record  private  equity 
may 2008 by shehab
CNET: music blogs: The new wall of sound
where and how music blogs may fit into the future of the music industry.
music  blog  cnet  culture  pitchfork  stereogum  startup  musicindustry  digital  internet  online  media  rollingstone  web2.0  industry  rcrdlbl 
may 2008 by shehab

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