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july 2017 by shehab
The Ashtray: The Ultimatum (Part 1) -
I don’t want to die in a language I can’t understand.<br />
— Jorge Luis Borges (as quoted in Alberto Manguel, “With Borges”)
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march 2011 by shehab
The Economist Announces Redesign With Multi-million Dollar Campaign; TV Commercial Reveals That Nelson Mandela and His Fellow Inmates Read the Economist in Prison. - Free Online Library
After over a century and half of publishing, The Economist, the

 world's most respected political, business and current affairs

 newspaper, is undergoing a major redesign - only its fifth since 1843. A $2.5 million global multi-media campaign will launch on May 9th, beginning with a dramatic commercial revealing that Nelson Mandela

 read The Economist during his long years of imprisonment

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june 2010 by shehab
The Technium: The Choice of Cities
Kevin Kelly describes the allure and historical context of cities and slums.
urban  urbanplanning  slums  city  kevinkelley  urbanization  squatter  technium  kevinkelly  history  cities  economics  design  culture  anthropology  technology 
may 2010 by shehab
Atlas Obscura
Wondrous, curious, and bizarre locations around the world
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july 2009 by shehab
Jim's Burnt Offerings
Social and visual history of the cigarette.
advertising  design  history  cigarettes  smoke 
may 2009 by shehab
Hoover Institution - Policy Review - The Optimistic Thought Experiment
The Optimistic Thought Experiment by Peter A. Thiel.
In the long run, there are no good bets against globalization.
hoover  institution  thiel  peter  policy  review  economics  globalization  optimistic  thought  experiment  tech  technology  bubble  libertarian  history  oil  philosophy  politics 
september 2008 by shehab

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