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Stories from Cairo: Teaching in Egypt (14): Let's talk about atheism
very telling read: egyptian students respond to @FouadMD's article on atheism, by @estermeerman — #egypt #humanrights
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july 2012 by shehab
RT : Just gorgeous. MT -- 3 guys who voted (ink side up), surrounded by beers -- ...
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may 2012 by shehab
Sonia Farid: Letter from Cairo / The one-article constitution
Fascinating. Sonia Farid on religion and consitutional issues in . Echoes of Madison vs. Patrick Henry debates.
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june 2011 by shehab
Egypt: The fourth pyramid - Next Music Station - Al Jazeera English
A year in production, with nine countries visited and more than 80 musicians interviewed, this series by musician and documentary filmmaker Fermin Muguruza paints a 'soundscape' of the Arab music scene.
music  aljazeera  middleeast  egypt  from delicious
june 2011 by shehab
Anisoon Gourmet Cakes, Cookies and Biscuits
my mum's home-based gourmet baking business! delicious.
anisoon  bakery  cairo  egypt  food  gourmet  delicious 
may 2009 by shehab
Egypt-Israel: An unfinished peace | Jerusalem Post
zvi mazel on the thirty year cold peace between isreal and egypt.
zvimazel  israel  egypt  campdavid  jerusalempost 
may 2009 by shehab
Townhouse Contemporary Art Sale 2009
Mona Hatoum, Lara Baladi, Yto Barrada and more have pieces coming up for auction at Townhouse on May 6. International bidding accepted.
middleeast  art  egypt  s3  arts  artists  cairo  auction  contemporary  gallery  townhouse  charity 
april 2009 by shehab
what middle eastern boys and girls seek on my dating site @okcupid
middleeast  cairo  uae  blogs  egypt  dubai  religion  atheism  politics  music  film  arts  books  blog 
march 2009 by shehab
public art installation proposed by patrick rowe - cairo.
patrick  rowe  cairo  artist  art  middleeast  egypt  public  zamalek 
march 2009 by shehab
Zvika Krieger Says Dubai's Demise Would Be a Setback for Middle East Reform and Stability -
'In a region mired in poverty and extremism, the Gulf emirates are shattering taboos and challenging traditional power structures. Their financial demise would be a great loss to the Middle East.'
wsj  media  dubai  abudhabi  uae  economics  middleeast  egypt  doha  qatar  politics  cairo  israel  aljazeera  zvika  krieger  reform  schadenfreude 
february 2009 by shehab
inanities on the complex egyptian-palestine relationship.
middleeast  egypt  palestine  inanities  gaza  israel  blogs 
january 2009 by shehab
Fires on the Nile, Dark Clouds Over Egypt -"
a great article by John R. Bradley and a taster for his book “Inside Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution”
egypt  cairo  bradley  books  politics  revolution  mubarak 
november 2008 by shehab
Egypt: the surreal painting | open Democracy [Tarek Osman]
Egypt's current state resembles a surrealist painting. It is difficult to decipher its components, challenging to comprehend its meaning. At the centre of the painting there are dark, abrasive lines; most onlookers would see them depicting anger, frustration and occasionally menace. At the peripherals, there are softer lines, perhaps symbols of potential and promise.
egypt  democracy  politics  economics  tarekosman 
november 2008 by shehab
Al Jazeera - Cairo's 'suburbia' stays afloat
out of the void from "decades of neglect and mismanagement" in cairo sprouts suburban gated sprawl.
cairo  egypt  urban  development  suburban  sprawl  aljazeera  middleeast  gatedcommunities  palmhills  emaar  damac  bubble 
october 2008 by shehab
Egyptian Lantern Slides - a set on Flickr
The Brooklyn Museum's lantern slide collection was started by the Museum's curator of fine arts, William Henry Goodyear, in the late nineteenth century.
photography  egypt  flickr  lantern  brooklyn  museum  art 
september 2008 by shehab
Shehab Hamad's blog on the MBA, Media & the Middle East, mostly.
middleeast  mba  media  arab  shehab  hamad  shehabhamad  blog  columbia  GMAT  dubai  egypt  maktoum  fellowship  uae  abudhabi 
september 2008 by shehab
mona eltahawy: generation facebook
mona eltahawy or why food inflation, blogging and street activism = revolution.
mona  eltahawy  politics  egypt  mubarak  facebook  internet  media  middleeast 
may 2008 by shehab

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