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RT : design as reform : the traffic design competition vol. 2 launches tomorrow!
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november 2009 by shehab
Gulf Life| Design of the times
Ex editor of Alef Olivia Snaije selects her favorite Middle East design items.
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march 2009 by shehab
hip dubai urban art collective.
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january 2009 by shehab
The light fantastic - The National Newspaper
Sarah Wolff reviews Laleh Khorramian's Zenith and Nadir at The Third Line for The National.
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november 2008 by shehab
artforum news - Abrrak Prize Winners Announced
The selection committee of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize today announced the three recipient curator-artist teams of its first competition: Cristiana Perrella and Kutlug Ataman, Carol Solomon and Zoulikha Boubadellah, and Leyla Fakhr and Nazgol Ansarinia. Their projects, currently being created, will be unveiled during Art Dubai in March. The works will become part of the Abraaj Capital corporate collection.
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october 2008 by shehab
Gimme culture! Arts blossom in Gulf Arab desert
By Lin Noueihed DUBAI (Reuters) - Long derided as a cultural desert, the Gulf art scene is beginning to blossom. Wealthy nationals and homesick expatriates are looking to add ''soul'' to their shopping lists and the world's major auction houses are...
S3  art  arts  artfund  middleeast  reuters  arab  iran  dubai  abudhabi  market  artists  culture 
september 2008 by shehab
Christie's continues its dominance in the Middle East art market- third series of auctions
These two auctions follow on from Christie's record-breaking sales earlier this year. The inaugural Contemporary Jewels and Watches auction on 31 January brought to Dubai for the first time, an outstanding selection from many of the most important jewellery and watch manufacturers of the 20th and 21st centuries, and exceeded all expectations with sales totaling $11,814,880 / AED 43,360,609. 1 February's art sale amassed 51 new artist records and set a sales figure of $9,417,560/AED 34,562,445.
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september 2008 by shehab

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