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Design with Swift - Design+Code
That was fast. "Design with Swift" teaches you how to design with Apple's new programming language.
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august 2014 by shehab
Recruiting Advice No One Tells You — Better Humans — Medium
How To Do It?
Sometimes it’s hard to think how to show it. Some ideas from the ones that have worked (next section has some that didn’t):

Emphasize the areas you’ll be perceived as weak. Before I applied to IDEO (the revolutionary product design consultancy), I asked a former IDEO employee (the wonderful Emily Ma) what IDEO would perceive as my biggest weakness. Her answer: are you actually creative? I didn't have a portfolio and I came from supply chain. Instead of filling out their application, I decided to make a book. I spent 10 hours in 4 different airport baggage claims, interviewed 23 people and put together a book on Snapfish about how I would improve baggage claims (the book). I got the internship.

Cover and first page from book I made for IDEO
Do work that you’d actually do if you were working for them. After graduate school, I wanted to work in Product Management. I was super impressed by Evernote. I decided to show them what I could do. I focused on the new user on boarding experience. I interviewed 23 users about it, came up with a few ideas and wrote 10 slides about it. I emailed those to the CEO. He emailed me back in 30mins and asked me to come in.

Slides from the deck I made for Evernote
Do work they need help on. A friend of mine wanted to work at a popular online dating company. The friend knew from talking to employees that their biggest problem was getting women to join the site (combined with a really low LTV) so he created and optimized Facebook ads that targeted women aiming for a $2 conversion. He created over 50 ads and sent the CEO the top performing ones. Did the CEO respond? Of course!
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june 2014 by shehab
The only metric that matters — What I Learned Building… — Medium
At Twitter, we found that if you visited Twitter at least 7 times in a month, then it was likely you were going to be visiting Twitter in the next month, and the next month, and the next month.
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january 2013 by shehab
High Scalability - High Scalability - Amazon Architecture
You must change your mentality to build really scalable systems. Approach chaos in a probabilistic sense that things will work well. In traditional systems we present a perfect world where nothing goes down and then we build complex algorithms (agreement technologies) on this perfect world. Instead, take it for granted stuff fails, that'sreality, embrace it. For example, go more with a fast reboot and fast recover approach. With a decent spread of data and services you might get close to 100%. Create self-healing, self-organizing lights out operations.
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september 2011 by shehab
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