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Brian Eno on Twitter
Brian Eno: Rose, 2016 #Light #Music #audio #visual #art
Unread  visual  audio  art  Light  Music  from pocket
november 2016 by shehab
Burning Man Art Fiscal Sponsorships
Want to support #BurningMan #art projects? It's not too late to donate! Deadline extended till tonight.
Unread  BurningMan  art  from pocket
september 2014 by shehab
Sonos Studio
Love #music #art #technology? See the @Sonos Studios event. Awesome collab by my friends @betaworks + @blendhq
Unread  art  technology  music  from pocket
september 2014 by shehab
Ubu Roulette
One of the wonders of the Internet: Ubu Roulette @ubuweb
art  film  inspiration 
february 2014 by shehab
3.05: Gossip is Philosophy
@Besvinick see this quote by Eno -- right on. cc/ @joshm @patrickmoberg @hunterwalk via @findings -
art  music  africa  culture  wired  kevinkelly 
january 2013 by shehab
How we work - rodcorp
Just discovered the "How we work" archive, via @brainpicker, which is stunning.
art  creativity  work  productivity 
october 2012 by shehab
SFMOMA | OPEN SPACE » Blog Archive » From UAE to USA
audio, graffiti Mustapha Benfodil, Maportaliche/It Has No Importance, 2011; Installation with 23 mannequins, printed T-Shirts, audio, graffit
persekian  sharjah  s3af  art  from delicious
april 2011 by shehab
Support for Persekian after sacking | The Art Newspaper
Since his firing, many in the art world have spoken in support of the director, who has worked with the biennial since 2005 and has been a pivotal force in the Middle Eastern art scene.<br />
<br />
Posting on Twitter, Art Dubai fair director Antonia Carner said she is “saluting Jack Persekian & the @sharjahart team for their phenomenal, game-changing contribution to the UAE arts scene & beyond since 2003-4”. The biennial’s curators, Rasha Salti and Haig Avasian, gave a statement to The New York Times’ Arts Beat blog defending Persekian, saying the work at the centre of the controversy, which Persekian had no role in choosing, was “in no way was it meant as an attack on religion or Islam at large. We tried to make all of our selections with utmost responsibility and prudence. We see now that we misjudged the limits of the tone with which to address sensitive topics and the importance of carefully contextualizing art work.”
persekian  sharjah  s3af  antoniacarver  art  from delicious
april 2011 by shehab
Sharjah Biennial Director Fired Over Offensive Artwork -
The work, by an Algerian artist, Mustapha Benfodil, featured a large group of headless mannequins in what looked like soccer uniforms, some with wording printed on their shirts. As part of the work, graffiti in Arabic was also painted on the walls near the mannequins, which were arrayed in a courtyard near an important mosque in an area known as the Sharjah Heritage District.<br />
<br />
In a statement, the Sharjah Art Foundation said that Mr. Persekian’s job was “no longer tenable” as a result of “the public outcry over the work.”
s3af  sharjah  art  biennial  from delicious
april 2011 by shehab
Art | The Browser
Become an instant #art expert with our collection of articles, interviews and books.
art  books  from delicious
february 2011 by shehab
Best site on the web right now: #music
radio  art  nyc  music  contemporary  from delicious
february 2011 by shehab
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