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Intelligent Cities: Makeshift Metropolis - YouTube
Witold Rybczynski explains why SF is so expensive and what's going on with the cities: #architecture #smartcities
architecture  smartcities 
june 2014 by shehab
STITCH: an AIA Portland ideas Competition
STITCH: An AIA Portland ideas competition for young designers #architecture #pdx
architecture  pdx 
march 2014 by shehab
‘Cronocaos,’ by Rem Koolhaas, at the New Museum -
disturbing trend: the selective demolition of the most socially ambitious architecture of the 1960s and ’70s — the last period when architects were able to do large-scale public work. That style has been condemned as a monstrous expression of Modernism.
architecture  rem  koolhaas  newmuseum  preservation  from delicious
may 2011 by shehab
Architects Journal | Abu Dhabi
aj on abu dhabi's ambitious instant middle east.
middleeast  urban  uae  abudhabi  architecture  planning  2030 
january 2009 by shehab Market panic? Bring it on
Even in places of stupendous oil wealth and formidable desert conditions, there's a sense that global warming might matter. Last week, during his lecture at the World Architecture Congress in Dubai, the Los-Angeles self-styled prophet of architecture Thom Mayne rightly declared that the unfettered, unplanned city of Dubai is headed toward an "ecological nightmare" unless serious consideration is given to a sustainable urban infrastructure. The lack of connective tissue between its megalomaniacal towers is setting up a car-dependent city much like Los Angeles.
uae  design  architect  architecture  mayne  dubai  abudhabi  sustainability  almasdar  green  urban 
october 2008 by shehab
UN Studio architect Ben van Berkel on Dubai's Museum of Middle Eastern Modern Art (Momema) - artforum news
UN Studio architect Ben van Berkel flew to Dubai last week to discuss his $437 million Museum of Middle Eastern Modern Art (Momema) - the region’s first museum of Middle East modern art. The design brings together elements of the sea and Dubai's tradition of seafaring, and is based on the silhouette of an Arabian dhow sailing boat... should be complete by 2011.
momema  UN  museums  s3  artfund  dubai  uae  modern  benvanberkel  culturevillage  dubaiproperties  creek  architecture  dhow  artforum  arts  middleeast 
october 2008 by shehab
Beijing Architecture, a Look at the New China -
nicolai ouroussoff for the nytimes: 'one wonders if the west will ever catch up'.
nyt  beijing  china  architecture  rem  koolhaas  norman  foster  herzog  demeuron 
july 2008 by shehab

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