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VAT: supplying digital services and the VAT Mini One Stop Shop - GOV.UK
You’ll be required to submit your VAT MOSS return electronically to the member state in which you’re registered within 20 days of the end of the calendar quarter return period.

The return submission dates for each of these periods, are 20 April, 20 July, 20 October and 20 January respectively.

If you don’t make any digital supplies to any EU consumers in a quarter, you must submit a ‘nil return’.

If you need to check the current and historical VAT rates for each member state, you can use the EU commission’s online checking module.

If you have multiple entries you can upload your VAT MOSS return data through the VAT MOSS online service using a spreadsheet, which HMRC will publish online.

When completing HMRC’s spreadsheet you can’t use country codes (for example GB, UK, NL or DE) or country descriptions (for example Great Britain, the UK or The Netherlands).You must only use the following EU country names…

If you charge or invoice customers in a currency other than the one used by the MSI and you record that price in your accounts in the foreign currency, you must:

• convert it into the MSI currency at the end of each quarter

• use the conversion rate published by the European Central Bank (ECB) on the last working day of the quarter

However, if to meet VAT invoicing or other accounting requirements you convert the foreign currency into the MSI currency using an agreed published daily or monthly conversion rate, you can use this converted figure when completing your quarterly VAT MOSS return.
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november 2014 by shedside
Our Recent Activity Issues
I adore this para: “Regardless of the technical issues we’ve had with our front-end activity recently, we consider our recent delays and data inaccuracy to be completely unacceptable and wildly outside of the performance standard we strive for each day. The problems have gone on much longer than we anticipated and frankly, we find it a bit embarrassing. ”
march 2013 by shedside
How government procedures turn small graphics into big costs | Technology |
"Reading Room ... whose time is charged at £600 per eight-hour day, significantly lower than many in the business"
february 2011 by shedside
Why Wesabe Lost to Mint - Marc Hedlund's blog
A truly fascinating comparison of the relative successes and failures of two competing products I've never personally used.
october 2010 by shedside
How we made an extra £14 million a year for a travel company | Conversion Rate Experts
"Emails should be personal. The more personal the email, the more likely people are to respond. That’s why we included the customer’s name in the email, as well as signing it from a person, rather than from a nameless marketing department. We emphasized this further by including a photo of’s managing director Chris Brown (and Pluto!)."
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september 2010 by shedside
Quality over Quantity: How We Built iTeleport into a Profitable Business on the App Store - The iTeleport Blog
"…a combination of creating a high quality product with great support in a well-defined market with significant demand."
may 2010 by shedside
Email deliverability for newcomers
"Repeatedly sending email to an address that doesn't exist is something spammers do. So such behavior can result in one more tick on the "is this spam?" checklist used by email systems when deciding whether to deliver your email or not. Increasingly, these systems are restricting the delivery of emails from senders who produce too many bounces."
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october 2009 by shedside
Another example of "the way you respond to fucking up serves you better than not fucking up in the first place"...
december 2008 by shedside
Bruce & me...
Fascinating, and just a little bit depressing.
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august 2008 by shedside
Five whys - Joel on Software
"Somewhere between the "extremely unreliable" level of service, where it feels like stupid outages occur again and again and again, and the "extremely reliable" level of service, where you spend millions and millions of dollars getting an extra minute of
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january 2008 by shedside
Reminder to my fellow communications professionals - you leave traceable digital footprints
"However, this type of comment seems to be anathema to a number of communications professionals. Why?! I don't get it. I would be DELIGHTED to receive such a comment and the reputation of the company would soar in my estimation."
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january 2008 by shedside
MailBuild in 3 minutes
Seriously consider this for FISITA
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december 2007 by shedside
Viator Affiliate Program - Welcome
This seems different from the Commission Junction affiliate programme we're signed up to.
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june 2007 by shedside
Third Light :: Printing
Image Management Service - worth investigating, if only for the fact that if Photobox can fulfil orders for them, maybe they can fulfil orders for us.
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june 2007 by shedside
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