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expect-lite Making automation scripting Simple
What is expect-lite? expect-lite is a quick and easy command line automation tool.

Written in expect, it is designed to directly map an interactive terminal session into an automation script. expect-lite scripts use special character(s) at the beginning of each line to indicate the action. Basic expect-lite scripts can be created by simply cutting and pasting text from a terminal window into a script, and adding '>' '<' characters. No knowledge of expect is required!

Expect-lite is targeted at the verification testing environment, and will produce a Pass/Fail result at the end of the script. However, its use is not limited to this environment.
expect  linux  scripting  tcl  tools  unix  wrapper  sysadmin  shell  admin  automate  login  bash 
august 2009 by sharjeelsayed
Windows Script 5.6 Documentation
This download provides extensive reference and conceptual documentation for all of Microsoft® Windows® Script Technologies, including:

* Microsoft Visual Basic® Scripting Edition
* Microsoft JScript®
* Windows Script Host
* Windows Sc
windows  script  scripts  scripting  jscript  wsh  host  vbscript 
may 2008 by sharjeelsayed
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
This tutorial assumes no previous knowledge of scripting or programming, but progresses rapidly toward an intermediate/advanced level of instruction . . . all the while sneaking in little snippets of UNIX® wisdom and lore. It serves as a textbook, a manu
bash  scripting  shell  linux  programming  reference  script  scripts  tutorial  tutorials 
january 2008 by sharjeelsayed
Python for system administrators
As a system administrator, you run across numerous challenges and problems. Managing users, disk space, processes, devices, and backups can cause many system administrators to lose their hair, good humor, or sanity. Shell scripts can help, but they often
python  sysadmin  programming  administrator  administration  admin  Linux  scripting 
september 2007 by sharjeelsayed
Sending files as mail attachments
This article shows how to send e-mails from a shell script, including file attachments. It lists different ways (uuencode, MIME), and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each.
The appendix contains a shell script "sendfile" that simplifies sendi
linux  shell  mail  email  unix  attachment  howto  uuencode  mime  mutt  mpack  metamail  attachments  script  sysadmin  command  scripting  scripts  send  bash 
september 2006 by sharjeelsayed

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