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Mark Watson's opinions on Java, Ruby, Lisp, AI, and the Semantic Web
Both AllegroGraph and Sesame are great development tools, but fill different needs. On projects that can support a several thousand dollar a year per server license fee, I would choose Common Lisp + AllegroGraph for development. AllegroGraph is very scalable and the Lisp APIs are really nice to work with. For Java (or other JVM languages) applications, I would still choose AllegroGraph for the scalability and support if a project can support the license costs. The good thing is that for most small to medium size projects, the free version of AllegroGraph or the open source Sesame project both are good choices, so as a developer you have some real flexibility. There are also other good RDF data store platforms like Jena, Joseki, Kowari, Redland, 4store, Swi-Prolog Semantic Web library, Talis, Virtuoso, etc. but I have relatively little (or in some cases no) experience with these. I use AllegroGraph and Sesame so that is what I write about.
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