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GroWiki - Installing a server Weave
Installing a Weave Mozilla Weave est un outil permettant de synchroniser ses favoris, son historique, ses préférences, ses mots de passe, ses formulaires, ainsi que les onglets. Mozilla Weave is a tool to synchronize your bookmarks, history, preferences, passwords, its forms, and tabs.
Bien entendu, il est possible d'utiliser Weave sur plusieurs ordinateurs en même temps, c'est justement ce côté qui est pratique. Of course, it is possible to use Weave on multiple computers at the same time, it is undoubtedly this is practical. Ainsi, les navigateurs des différents ordinateurs que l'on utilise disposent de la même configuration quelque soit l'instant. For example, browsers of different computers that are used have the same configuration regardless of the time.
Pour le moment, seul le navigateur Mozilla Firefox est supporté. For the moment, only the Mozilla Firefox is supported.
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september 2010 by sharad
CLiki : language extension
* AmOS - AmOS (Ambient Object System) is an object-based computation model aimed at supporting highly dynamic behaviour adaptation to changing contexts
* cl-cont - cl-cont is a delimited continuations library for Common Lisp
* DBC - DBC is a library for doing Design By Contract ala the Eiffel programming language in Common Lisp
* memoize - Memoize is a small library for performing memoization
* memoize-form - A simpler need than memoizing the results of a function with arguments is that of memoizing the results of a form
* pygen - pygen - Python-style generators library
* Screamer - Screamer is a language extension that adds support for nondeterministic programming, including backtracking and undoable side-effects, and includes a constraint programming language
* Series - Series is a library for operating on series, a data structure similar to a sequence
* Sheeple - Sheeple is a delegative prototype-based object system inspired by CLOS
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august 2010 by sharad
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