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7 of the Best Free Linux Configuration Management Tools - LinuxLinks News
Cfengine Tool for configuring and maintaining network machines
Bcfg2 Generates configuration sets for clients bound by client profiles
Chef Configuration management system written in Ruby
Puppet Centralised configuration management for networks
OCS Inventory NG Hardware and software inventory tool
PIKT Problem Informant / Killer Tool
smartfrog  pikt  ocs  inventory  puppet  chef  bcfg2  bcfg  Cfengine  cm  solution  administration  configuration  management  server  system  list  tool  sysadmin  tools  software  linux  Delicious 
february 2010 by sharad
Working XML: Importing text as XML with XI
automation config configuration developement editor FreeSoftware library linux opensource programming redhat software SysAdmin unix groundbreaking nice historical excellent once_for_all GNU rh invention text xml xslt ibm Articles/IBM xml recommendation recommend rfc markup sgml libxml libxml2 gnome dom sax xsd xpath xml recommendation recommend rfc markup sgml xi import xml-import xml/import import/xml text xim
Articles/IBM  automation  config  configuration  developement  dom  editor  excellent  FreeSoftware  gnome  GNU  groundbreaking  historical  ibm  import  import/xml  invention  library  libxml  libxml2  linux  markup  nice  once_for_all  opensource  programming  recommend  recommendation  redhat  rfc  rh  sax  sgml  software  SysAdmin  text  unix  xi  xim  xml  xml-import  xml/import  xpath  xsd  xslt  Delicious 
september 2009 by sharad
XTERM - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) * search scrollback It would be nice to...
Ongoing/future work * soft (downloadable) fonts
* search scrollback It would be nice to be able to search the scrollback buffer.
* printer interface Done, except for the corresponding support in the VT52 emulation. It would be nice to have a dialog to control this.
* allow alternate libraries for popup-menus and dialogs
x11  x  window  xterm  gentoo  xorg  vt100  term  ncurses  solaris  putty  help  ssh  terminal  guide  sysadmin  ubuntu  unix  nice  programming  linux  configuration  faq  software  cut  select  Delicious 
july 2009 by sharad
Handling MIME Attachments, Hiding Long To: and Cc: Lists, Managing Message Exp...
# excel2text - convert MS Excel spreadsheet files to ASCII text
# mailcap - specifies the external commands to use for handling specific MIME types
# mail-to-filter - compress long distribution lists
# mutt_bgrun - run an attachment viewer from mutt i
cheatsheet  Computer  configuration  email  FAQ  freeware  guide  howto  linux  mutt  mail  muttrc  office  reference  pdf  shell  software  toread  tips  tutorial  unix  e-mail  emacs  recard  Delicious 
june 2008 by sharad
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