Clarion West Writers Workshp
Seattle spec-fic literary organization. Has a writers' workshop.
literature  writing 
9 days ago
The Open Source Secure Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) at The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies
infosec  IT  sysadmin 
15 days ago
Dungeon's Master
A D&D Resource blog.
7 weeks ago
Sputnik Music
Sputnikmusic is a music community website offering music criticism and music news alongside features commonly associated with wiki-style websites.
Music  News 
11 weeks ago
The Playlist Miner
The Playlist Miner aggregrates the top tracks from the most popular public playlists on Spotify that match your search criteria.
spotify  music  tools 
september 2018
Cosmic Cartographer
Interesting grid-lined maps.
D&D  maps 
august 2018
Kobold Fight Club: The first rule of KFC is 'Yip yip!'
Generate random encounters that are appropriate for your player's number and levels
D&D  RPG  via:masukomi 
july 2018
Experimental vector drawing tool.
july 2018
Red Road to Adventure
Vin Diesel's foreword to 30 Years of Adventure.
june 2018
High School Physics Notes
Notes and simulations for a high school physics class
may 2018
Make Your Encounters Intense
How to make D&D encounters intense
may 2018
Spelljammer 5e conversion
A conversion of the old Spelljammer Ruleset for 5th Edition D&D.
april 2018
DnDSpeak -- Extra contrent for your tabletop games
A collection of supplementary material for tabletop gaming.
april 2018
SauceNAO Tools
Widgets for finding image (and more?) sources on the webs.
Internet  Web  Tools 
march 2018
Calculus Made Easy
A calculus textbook from the 40s that's better than most modern calculus textbooks.
Math  Calculus  Education 
march 2018
A customizable display.
march 2018
Commodore C64 Books
Books about the Commodore C64 computer and related models.
Programming  C64 
march 2018
Indie Hackers
Work together to build profitable online businesses.
march 2018
Game Icons dot Net
Free icons for your games
D&D  RPG  design 
february 2018
5e Dungeon Master Screen
An online DM's quick reference.
february 2018
CBC Massey Lectures - The Real World of Technology
Technology has always been a part of human existence. Today though, says the experimental physicist, Ursula M. Franklin, technology has large-scale effects on culture itself.
Technology  learning 
january 2018
World/Starmap/Wilderness Map Creation Software
RPG  D&D  Tools 
january 2018
Strength Challenge Middle Aged Adults
Because somewhere along the line, I became a middle-aged adult.
Fitness  Exercise  Health 
november 2017
Convert tweets into real GIF or MP4 files.
twitter  video  gif  tools 
october 2017
Pi Dramble
A 5-node cluster of raspberry pi devices.
raspberrypi  computing 
october 2017
Library Comic
A comic about libraries and the people that frequent them, by Chris Hallbeck and Gene Ambaum.
comics  daily 
october 2017
Broken Telephone
A 240 page tale of crime told from six perspectives!
Comics  catchup 
september 2017
Adventure Builder: Writing Your First Adventure
A good series on writing an interesting adventure campaign.
september 2017
Identity Theft, Credit Reports, and You
A sort of 'how-to' to disputing incorrect information on a credit report, and correcting identity theft.
Finance  Law  howto 
september 2017
Dungeon Map Generator
Old perl script that generates a graphical map from an ascii representation, using POV-Ray. Not entirely sure that it works anymore!
D&D  map  perl  pov-ray 
august 2017
Start an HTML5 Boilerplate project in 15 seconds!
HTML5  web  development 
june 2017
In Cörpathium
A manual RPG city generator of great detail.
RPG  tools 
may 2017
Extract Images from Pdf
Save all images from a pdf.
PDF  software  tools 
march 2017
Kodama: The Tree Spirits
A fun tabletop game where you grow a beautiful tree to help keep the forest spirits happy.
march 2017
Paint of Persia by dunin
Paint of Persia is an rotoscoping pixel-art tool where you can draw on top of any window or wallpaper or anything you want!
Art  Pixel  Tool 
february 2017
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