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idoltina, penguinutopia - Take It Like a Man - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
A Legally Blonde AU. Blaine Anderson has it all. He's a member of both the polo and fencing clubs, founder of the charity Songbirds in Schools, and the lead soloist of the university’s famous all-male a capella choir, the Warblers. In his senior year at UCLA, Blaine -- a show choir major -- wants nothing more than to be the future Mr. Blaine Anderson-Smythe. When Sebastian breaks up with Blaine instead of proposing and heads off to a more ‘serious’ life at Harvard Law, Blaine sets his sights on following the love of his life to Boston to win him back. But Harvard holds a lot more obstacles than Blaine anticipated: challenging coursework, Santana Lopez, and an admittedly cute graduate by the name of Kurt Hummel.


Warnings (if any): Language, sex, dub-con, references to homophobia and violence, mention of character death, canonical character death
!fic  site:archiveofourown  fandom:glee  pairing:blaine.anderson/kurt.hummel  pairing:blaine.anderson/sebastian.smythe  pairing:santana.lopez/sebastian.smythe  pairing:rory.flanagan/sugar.motta  ~author:idoltina  ~author:penguinutopia  awesome  genre:crossover  crossover:fusion  note:series  series/universe:glee:findmyway  fandom:legallyblonde  warning:consent-issues  warning:other/unspecified  rating:R-NC17  pairing:burt.hummel/carole.hudson-hummel  pairing:quinn.fabray/rachel.berry  pairing:noah.puckerman/quinn.fabray 
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