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Corinna - Between Men - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
“Well, actually,” Burt says, “it’s something I want to ask Blaine. But it’s a big enough favor that I’m asking you first. If you and his mom say no, I won’t mention it.”

John leans back again. “I appreciate it,” he says. Blaine has been locked in his room playing awful sad pop songs for what seems like forever now. John thinks the Hummels have taken enough from his son already.

Set some time between 4.08 ("Thanksgiving") and 4.10 ("Glee, Actually").
!fic  site:archiveofourown  fandom:glee  pairing:blaine.anderson/kurt.hummel  ~author:corinna  genre:gen  genre:episode-tag/missing-scene  season/series-four  character:burt.hummel  character:blaine's_father  rating:G-PG13 
september 2014 by shamelessly_mkp
milominderbinder - The Struggle Against Silence - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
A look at the life of Blaine Anderson, from five years old to when he becomes a man, and the many ways in which his parents wish they had known how to talk to him. | jossed by the revelation of Cooper, but beautiful nonetheless. Blaine's parents aren't perfect, but they're trying, and for now at least that's enough.
site:archiveofourown  !fic  fandom:glee  ~author:milominderbinder  genre:gen  genre:character-study  season/series-two  character:blaine.anderson  warning:homophobia  warning:bullying  rating:G-PG13  pairing:blaine.anderson/kurt.hummel  pre-canon  queer-theme:coming-out  queer-theme:dealing-with-homophobia  character:blaine's_mother  character:blaine's_father 
april 2013 by shamelessly_mkp
adiwriting in kurt_blaine: Fic: Trying
Summary : Blaine had always planned on moving out on his eighteenth birthday and never looking back. But his father wasn’t ready to let him go that easily.
A/N: Because I'm a sucker for fix-it fic and can't stand the thought of anyone not loving Blainers...
This story is part of my Escape verse that includes Escape and Somewhere To Run, but can be read on it’s own.
fandom:glee  !fic  site:livejournal  ::needs_tags  ~author:adiwriting  character:blaine.anderson  character:blaine's_father 
january 2012 by shamelessly_mkp
lookninjas - Fic: The Life and Death of Jacob Anderson
Summary: When Blaine's grandfather finally decides that it's time to move on, he leaves everyone else behind to deal with what happens next.

Author's Notes: Part of the ben!verse. This follows All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, The Man Behind the Curtain, and Something Nice Back Home.
note:series  fandom:glee  series/universe:glee:ben!verse  awesome  warning:suicide/suicidal-ideation  rating:G-PG13  so-real-it-hurts  genre:gen  character:blaine.anderson  ~author:lookninjas  site:livejournal  !fic  mental-illness:depression  character:blaine's_mother  character:blaine's_father  pairing:blaine.anderson/kurt.hummel 
september 2011 by shamelessly_mkp
lookninjas - Fic: Safe
Summary: Blaine's father always wanted him to go to Dalton, but Blaine was convinced he would be safer at a regular school. He was wrong.

Author's Notes: Part of the ben!verse. This deals primarily with the Sadie Hawkins incident and its aftermath, although there is some Kurt/Blaine at the end. This fic could be upsetting, so please read with caution.
fandom:glee  genre:gen  character:blaine.anderson  rating:G-PG13  warning:bullying  warning:homophobia  warning:violence  note:series  series/universe:glee:ben!verse  ~author:lookninjas  site:livejournal  !fic  character:blaine's_mother  character:blaine's_father  pairing:blaine.anderson/kurt.hummel 
july 2011 by shamelessly_mkp
ghostformachine in kurt_blaine: Almost Confidential
Summary: Burt and Carole meet Blaine's parents. It goes... way, waaaay better than Burt anticipates. Which was a verbally and physically abusive pair of ultra-conservative-idle-rich nutjobs, but still.
fandom:glee  genre:gen  character:burt.hummel  rating:G-PG13  site:livejournal  !fic  character:blaine's_father  ~author:ghostformachine 
may 2011 by shamelessly_mkp
lookninjas - Fic: Sadie Hawkins Day
Summary: It's normal for Blaine to want to go to prom, and most families would just give him a budget and a curfew and send him on his way. But their family is not most families, and Blaine is not most boys.
fandom:glee  genre:gen  character:blaine.anderson  rating:G-PG13  site:livejournal  !fic  ~author:lookninjas  note:series  series/universe:glee:ben!verse  character:blaine's_father 
may 2011 by shamelessly_mkp

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