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New Frontier Data's mission is to elevate the discussion around the legal cannabis industry globally by providing unbiased vetted information and educating stakeholders to make informed decisions.
cannabis  data  commodities  ml  USA 
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Eyenalyze Helps Restaurant Owners Maintain Profitability By Delivering Daily Financial Reports On Any Device.
Transform Your Work Day. Increase Your Profitability. Take Control Of Your Bottom Line.
restaurant  software  data  ml  USA 
3 days ago by shalmaneser
MediaPRO: Cybersecurity and Privacy Education
Get a look at the future of awareness programs with our on-demand webinar introducing LearningLAB
security  training  education  ml  USA 
3 days ago by shalmaneser
SOX Compliance & Audit Management Software | AuditBoard
Purpose-built to streamline your audit universe. AuditBoard offers a fully integrated platform for SOX, operational audits, compliance and ERM.

Watch Video
grc  software  ml  USA 
3 days ago by shalmaneser
Bark - Parental Control Phone Tracker App for iPhone & Android
Bark's affordable, award-winning service proactively monitors text messages, YouTube, emails, and 24 different social networks for potential safety concerns, so busy parents can save time and gain peace of mind.
education  monitoring  socialmedia  security  ml  USA 
3 days ago by shalmaneser
Securities and Insurance Licensing Exam Preps - Securities Training Corporation
Whether you are looking to start a career in financial services or insurance, we have a wide range of study products designed to prepare you to pass your qualifying exam.
education  exams  insurance  mL  USA 
4 days ago by shalmaneser
ILUMNO - Transforming how the world learns
education  ml  USA 
4 days ago by shalmaneser
BuildingConnected | The leader in preconstruction
The best builders choose us to make preconstruction easy
construction  software  ml  USA 
4 days ago by shalmaneser
AgriDigital - Trust & Transparency for Agri Supply Chains
AgriDigital's cloud-based commodity management platform makes your supply chain simple, easy and secure from farmer to consumer. Manage your contracts, deliveries, inventory, orders, invoices and payments all in one place and in real time.
agriculture  software  ml  AUSTRALIA 
5 days ago by shalmaneser
PSST provides database integration solutions that help school systems, municipalities and businesses increase the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources, finance and payroll management. Our solutions are customizable cloud-based and desktop applications that are seamless, intelligent and bi-directional.
education  software  ml  USA 
5 days ago by shalmaneser
WELIS - Web Enabled Life Insurance Systems
WELIS develops illustration and administration software for the life insurance and annuity industry. Our modern code base and decades of experience in the industry allow us to support our clients' most diverse and sophisticated products and marketing concepts without difficulty.
insurance  software  ml  USA 
5 days ago by shalmaneser
Earnest Research
Imagine you could ask millions of anonymous consumers any question about their spending habits and receive answers with perfect recall. How much more powerful would your business be?
alternative  data  investment  research  ml  USA 
6 days ago by shalmaneser
GSMA Intelligence
Definitive data and analysis for the mobile industry
mobile  telecoms  data  ml  UK 
6 days ago by shalmaneser
MINES - Digital Credit For Emerging Markets
Digital credit for everyone
The world's most powerful platform for consumer credit in emerging markets.
credit  data  finance  ml  USA 
6 days ago by shalmaneser
The Best Digital Workplace for G-Suite - Happeo
An intranet, enterprise social network, and collaboration platform to engage, inform and connect your global workforce.
hr  software  ml  FINLAND 
6 days ago by shalmaneser
Sonicu | Wireless Monitoring
Sonicu automated wireless monitoring provides continuous safety for Pharmaceuticals, Research and Food industries. Sonicu solutions are reliable, cost effective and easy to deploy. Let Sonicu help you:
monitoring  software  industrial  ml  USA 
6 days ago by shalmaneser
Evvnt - The Best Place To Promote Your Event Online
Post your events and find the right people at the right time. You can reach a greater target audience than ever before with filters optimized to hit specific categories and cities all around the world.
event  marketing  software  ml  UK 
9 days ago by shalmaneser
eLynx Technologies
We combine hardware, software, and services so you can more easily and effectively use data to improve oil field operations.
oil&gas  software  hardware  scada  ml  USA 
10 days ago by shalmaneser
SPARK Neuro uses advanced neuroscience tools to measure audience engagement.
audience  measurement  data  ml  USA 
10 days ago by shalmaneser
Inspire employees everywhere to love where they work by delivering meaningful savings and recognition in their workplace.
hr  benefits  employee  ml  USA 
10 days ago by shalmaneser
In a world where medical imaging consists of examinations that are interpreted mainly by subjective visual analysis or time consuming manual analysis. DiA’s groundbreaking technology enables quick, objective and accurate medical image interpretations, by providing fully automated, easily implementable software tools.
healthcare  imaging  software  ml  ISRAEL 
10 days ago by shalmaneser
MineSense – Smart Mining Solutions
MineSense, a British Columbia-based company recently named to the Global Cleantech 100, is a pioneer in digital mining solutions, providing real-time, sensor-based ore sorting for large-scale mines. 
mining  data  analytics  ml  CANADA 
10 days ago by shalmaneser
EHS Compliance & Risk Management Consulting | KPA
KPA delivers solutions that help our clients achieve regulatory compliance, control risk, protect their assets, and effectively manage people through a combination of intuitive software, interactive training, and onsite compliance audit services. Over 6,500 clients including dealerships, insurance brokers, warehouse and distribution, food and beverage, and manufacturing count on KPA for their risk management solutions.
ehs  software  ml  USA 
10 days ago by shalmaneser
OTC Collateral and Cost Analytics - Cassini Systems
Cassini’s software services enhance front office trade decisions with visibility and analytics of post trade costs, and also provide post trade optimization and estimation tools for treasury and operations. The services range from pre-trade margin and cost optimization, to portfolio rebalancing, trade eligibility, and post trade collateral optimisation. The services can be used standalone or combined together for a seamless front to back solution, and are designed to integrate into your existing workflows and tools.
financial  trading  software  ml  UK 
11 days ago by shalmaneser
Mi4 Corporation - A Data Solutions Company for Oil & Gas Industry
An oil and gas production management software that alllows operators to conquer the complex data acquisition and analysis challenges they face in today's market.
oil&gas  data  software  ml  USA 
11 days ago by shalmaneser
GreaseBook: Get Sheet Done.
Introducing the easiest, slickest, most 

cost-effective oil and gas production solution the industry has ever seen. All with zero ramp-up time, zero upfront costs, no contracts, and a 110% money back guarantee.

Ready? Set? Good.
oil&gas  software  ml  USA 
11 days ago by shalmaneser
Oil and Gas Accounting Software | OGsys Accelerates Answers
We provide you vision, guidance and support by relentlessly delivering new product innovation, education and ongoing communication.
oil&gas  software  accounting  ml  USA 
11 days ago by shalmaneser
LandPro Corp - Land Management Software
We are the leader in Tract-Based, Land Management Software Solutions for Oil, Gas, and Mining Companies (since 1987!). LandPro Express, Visual LandPro, and MapSuite GIS Mapping are designed to simplify your lease management needs. Our software products are powerful, user-friendly, and designed to save you time and money.
oil&gas  software  ml  USA 
11 days ago by shalmaneser
GDS Ware - Oil and Gas Software
A software built to help Oil & Gas companies increase operational efficiency & productivity.
oil&gas  software  ml  USA 
11 days ago by shalmaneser
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