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Boeing 737 Max: 'Standard' alert system was not operable on all airplanes - CNN
starting to wonder if the MAX will ever see passenger service again.
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may 2019 by shadowspar
Bjorn’s Corner: The Ethiopian Airline's Flight 302 crash - Leeham News and Analysis
D: D: D:

The Seattle Times today wrote the horizontal stabilizer trim system, a jackscrew which pushes the horizontal stabilizer up or down, has been found at the crash site. Apparently, it was in the full nose down position. This should point to this being another MCAS accident, with the aircraft’s powerful pitch trim going to full nose down position.

The aircraft can then not be held level with the pilot’s elevator control; he needs to trim against the MCAS trimming to keep pitch authority. Why the pilots didn’t use the trim cutout switches to shut down MCAS trimming, we will learn from the voice recorder read-outs.
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march 2019 by shadowspar
Flightradar24: Boeing 737 MAX, flights tracked per day
...around 1250 a day until a sharp taper-off starting on 11 Mar
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march 2019 by shadowspar
(statistics chart from here, btw)
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march 2019 by shadowspar
Couple 'frightened' after Samsung phones fail to connect to 911 on Freedom Mobile | CBC News
oh ghod. now catching fire isn't the only safety problem related to Samsung phones 😱
samsung  safety 
december 2018 by shadowspar
Road Wash Out - short.wmv - YouTube
Here's a good illustration of why you don't drive over a flooded bridge or culvert, lol
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october 2017 by shadowspar
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