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Cunningly Carved Upon Me - randomeliza - Vikings (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Skilled men cunningly carved upon me
Letters fair, in a farwaway land.
Since have I crossed the salt-streams often,
Carried in ships to countries strange.

(A Vikings AU, where Ragnar arrives at Lindisfarne in a rather different manner.)
fic  vikings  au  -alternatetimeline  pairing:ragnar/athelstan  pairing:ragnar/lagertha  pairing:ragnar/lagertha/athelstan  [10-20k  -relationshipdevelopment 
april 2013 by shadowkeeper
When she first stood before you, decked out in her leather and beads, you almost laughed
"She tagged you here and tagged you there, put her body between you and a village full of rocks. Turned up in the moonlight later, with the sweet smile of a child. You let her stay because you didn't want to be the Xena who would turn a child out into the darkness, not anymore." Takes place in the interstices of Season 1.
fic  xena  pairing:xena/gabrielle  [10-20k  -relationshipdevelopment  -traveling 
october 2012 by shadowkeeper
Schnoogle - Love Under Will
In their 5th year, Harry and Draco choose to be with one another; but the story--and the battle-- is just beginning...
fic  harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  [100k+  -relationshipdevelopment 
january 2011 by shadowkeeper

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