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Wait It Out, Pass It Up - nat_cat - The Umbrella Academy (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"'So our doppelgangers did some really horrible things. Get over it.'
'You’re the one who was upset in the first place,' Diego says sullenly."

Porn with plot as a pretence for feelings: Life sucks when you know exactly what your evil alternate universe selves get up to.
(The working title for this was "fuck me up" and the less said about that the better.)
fic  umbrellaacademy  pairing:diego/klaus  [5-10k 
yesterday by shadowkeeper
if all you wanted was me, i'd give you nothing less - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Billy groans and pushes himself upright, dragging his hands over his face, blinking tired eyes until the empty apartment around him comes into focus.

It’s not a disaster like it could be. It’s clean, because Billy hasn’t much wanted to do anything else other than stay in. Keep busy. Clean like he’s doing something. Organize and purge and declutter. So, yeah, the apartment’s fine. It’s probably cleaner than it has been in months.

The problem is, it’s Billy who’s the disaster.

Part 10 of the i'll be coming for your love (okay?) series
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
yesterday by shadowkeeper
and it's true, you'll never beat, but you'll never break - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve knows he’s dumb, okay? Like, he didn’t get into college. Nearly flunked out of high school. He’s not smart.

But Steve knows two things.

One: Billy Hargrove is brilliant on stage; smile slow, fingers easy, voice like a promise.

Two: Billy Hargrove is gay as fuck.

Part 9 of the i'll be coming for your love (okay?) series
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
yesterday by shadowkeeper
What Dreams May Come - Lenore - Crimson Peak (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Ghosts are real, and there are things that tie them to this world. Sometimes it's because they want to linger, and sometimes it's because they are trapped. Sometimes ghosts need the help of the living before they can be truly free.

This is the story of Edith's quest to help the restless ghosts of Allerdale Hall find their peace at last.
fic  crimsonpeak  pairing:edith/thomas  pairing:edith/alan  [5-10k 
2 days ago by shadowkeeper
nothing's gonna hurt you, baby - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Billy blinks, and then Steve is just there, in the corners of his vision. Half naked, swaying to the music.

The room isn’t big and it’s kinda shitty, but when they got there, Steve painted one of the walls black. The streetlights coming in from outside illuminate Steve against the darkness of the wall as he moves, lazily moving to the beat, and Billy’s looking at art. A fucking masterpiece.

Part 8 of the i'll be coming for your love (okay?) series
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
2 days ago by shadowkeeper
head in the clouds (but my gravity's centered) - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
But Steve's a big boy, a grown fucking, like, man and shit. It doesn't make sense for him to lose it over nothing.

So, he curls in on himself, under the blankets, squeezing his eyes shut. He's been alone before, he can be alone for five seconds.

He makes it all of three.

Part 7 of the i'll be coming for your love (okay?) series
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
2 days ago by shadowkeeper
must've been high when i met you (out of my mind when i decided to love you) - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Billy knows he's in trouble-- he knows, even though, like, he's probably been ignoring it for a while-- the day he walks in after a long fucking shift at the autobody shop to find Steve Harrington fucking high as shit and jerking off in Billy's bed when he's got his own room to get off in. He's gorgeous and glorious, sprawled out over Billy's sheets, hand around his cock, shiny with slick, and working himself slow like he was just waiting.

And, like, Billy's not even mad. Not even a little.

Part 6 of the i'll be coming for your love (okay?) series
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
3 days ago by shadowkeeper
don't want you to get it on (with nobody else but me) - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
It all starts with a game. Two truths and a lie.

Billy's not sure how it got them here, his hands around Steve's wrists, pinning him to their door, his thigh wedged between Steve's as they pant into each other's mouths.

Earlier, they had been at a party.

Part 4 of the i'll be coming for your love (okay?) series
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
4 days ago by shadowkeeper
turn me on (with your electric feel) - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve's got lipstick smeared on his mouth, on his cheek, on his stomach. He's laughing even though he's pretty sure there's glitter in his hair, head hanging out the window, shouting at the cluster of people cooking in the sunlight on the corner, waiting to cross.

“Happy twenty-gay-teen, motherfuckers!”

Part 3 of the i'll be coming for your love (okay?) series
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
4 days ago by shadowkeeper
(you hate me) cause i got what you need - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
“You smell like coconuts,” Billy murmurs. “Like the ocean, too.”

He smells like fucking summer and a dream and Billy can't get enough. Not ever.

Steve shudders, eyes fluttering, focus falling from the TV to everywhere that Billy is pressed. Tilts his head a little, twists to take his weight a little, forgets about everything else.

Like he was just waiting for Billy to want his attention.

“That’s probably the sunscreen,” Steve says, bring a hand up to curve at Billy’s nape, thumb dragging back and forth behind his ear, fingers in the short crop of hair at the back of his head; his other squeezing at Billy’s wrist. “And, you know, the ocean.”

Part 2 of the i'll be coming for your love (okay?) series
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
5 days ago by shadowkeeper
Things Aren’t Quite The Same - oscarwildechilde - The Umbrella Academy (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Ben reads to Klaus when the dead get too loud for him to beat. He’s always there for him, and always will be.

Ben and Klaus’ friendship and the start of Klaus’ problems.
fic  umbrellaacademy  pairing:gen  [5-10k 
11 days ago by shadowkeeper
now I got you drunk, hot, and vulnerable (how do you like me now? do i turn you on?) - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
The first thing Billy notices is the scent.

Heady, sweet, electric. It makes his mouth water, the second he walks n. Makes every bone in his body sing.

Part 2 of the Wicked Game(s) series
fic  strangerthings  au  -omegaverse  pairing:bilbo/thorin  [5-10k 
15 days ago by shadowkeeper
Can't Let Go - ohmarqueliot - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Everything’s different now. We have real life to contend with.”

“So that means we’re not allowed to love each other? Because it might be hard?” He paused, tilting his head slightly, as though he were seeing right through into Eliot’s soul, and when he continued his voice was so quiet that Eliot could almost convince himself that he hadn’t heard him. “Or because you’re afraid to let yourself be happy, and you know you could be happy with me.”


Set after the post-mosaic scene in 4x05. Eliot isn't used to sleeping alone anymore, so he goes in search of Quentin.
fic  themagicians  pairing:quentin/eliot  [5-10k 
16 days ago by shadowkeeper
The Bank Heist Job - idkimoutofideas - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Parker, Eliot, and Hardison are in the middle of a con when they run into an old friend. Unfortunately, Quinn isn't the only unexpected player around.
fic  leverage  pairing:gen  [5-10k 
17 days ago by shadowkeeper
to love, to die - sadlittlepeachesandplums - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Eliot Waugh sees Quentin Coldwater, it feels like a bucket of ice waters been dropped over his head. It's almost as if his life resets itself, readying itself and settling in on this moment as his rebirth.
fic  themagicians  pairing:quentin/eliot  [5-10k 
17 days ago by shadowkeeper
some guys just can't hold their arsenic - pdameron - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Motherfucking - goddamn - fucking shit!”

“Good lord, Q,” Bond says from behind him with no small amount of amusement. “One would think you’d never been in a quarantine before.”
fic  jamesbond  pairing:bond/q  [5-10k 
18 days ago by shadowkeeper
Wax Wings and Cloudy Days - DreamingPagan - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
Hennessey does not rescue Thomas from Bedlam from sympathy. He does it out of pure, unadulterated fury.

For James, Thomas is willing to play a revived Icarus.
fic  blacksails  pairing:flint/hamilton  pairing:flint/hamilton/miranda  pairing:miiranda/thomas  [5-10k 
18 days ago by shadowkeeper
A Float to Shore - DreamingPagan - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
Hal Gates is having a rough month. Fortunately for him, his latest prize has the solution to all the troubles he doesn't know he's about to let himself in for.

Canon Divergent AU where Thomas is taken directly to the plantation and is intercepted by the Walrus before James and Miranda ever reach Nassau.
fic  blacksails  pairing:flint/hamilton  pairing:flint/hamilton/miranda  [5-10k 
18 days ago by shadowkeeper
symposium - ceraunos - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
“And Jonathan caused David to swear again, because he loved him: for he loved him as he loved his own soul."


In which a misunderstanding about sex leads to Thomas giving a lecture on Greek Principles, amongst other things.

Set directly after their kiss in 2.05.

Part 1 of the sanctum series
fic  blacksails  pairing:flint/hamilton  [5-10k 
23 days ago by shadowkeeper
Partners, Parents, or None of the Above - DarkFairytale - The Umbrella Academy (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Kenny's mom assuming that Diego and Klaus were A) a couple and B) Number 5's parents was both bemusing and amusing at the time. But that was because it was the only time it had ever happened. Now though? Now they just can't understand why these misunderstandings keep happening.
fic  umbrellaacademy  pairing:gen  [5-10k  :D 
23 days ago by shadowkeeper
Ebb and Flow - Ladybug_21 - Aquaman (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Atlanna leaves and returns, and leaves and returns; and through it all, Nuidis Vulko quietly remains, watching over Atlantis for his Queen.
fic  aquaman  dc  pairing:gen  [5-10k 
24 days ago by shadowkeeper
Kissing You - Saadie - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Are you nervous?”

“Not when I’m kissing you.”

A take on what happens with Malec after the fade to black in 2x07, canon compliant with the flashbacks from 2x18.
fic  shadowhunters  pairing:magnus/alec  [5-10k 
26 days ago by shadowkeeper
i get this picture of us kissin' in my head - ToAStranger, brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
After the party, Steve is hungover and really not expecting anyone to show up on his doorstep. He's certainly not expecting Billy Hargrove.
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
4 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Yours Is A Face I Miss - popkin16 - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
It starts as a joke, but soon everyone has their very own cardboard cut-out Harry.
fic  flash  dc  pairing:cisco/harrison  [5-10k 
4 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Incognito - mardia - Killing Eve (TV 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
“What the shit is this, Konstantin?” Villanelle hisses into the phone during one of their twice-monthly check-ins over a secure line. “I’m the best you have and you have me stuck in some MI-5 basement doing paperwork?”

“Listen to me, Villanelle,” Konstantin says soothingly, “You are the best we have, that’s why we entrusted you--”

“To shuffle papers?” Villanelle demands.

“For this deep-cover mission in the heart of MI-5,” Konstantin says.
fic  killingeve  au  -alternatetimeline  pairing:eve/villanelle  [5-10k 
4 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
The Whiskey Job - Paula Cas (YanzaDracan) - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: For my Giftee, who wanted Nate and Eliot in trouble, and Parker fearing she’ll lose them. After Sophie took off to find herself, Nate and Eliot get in trouble with Mark Doyle’s father when the Irishman comes to America in an attempt to save the family’s reputation. Set after The Bottle Job
fic  leverage  pairing:gen  pairing:hardison/parker  [5-10k 
4 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
To Tell The Truth - NeverComingHome - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Altered Universe of season two where Zoom is defeated, but the Wells stick around and Barry doesn't create Flashpoint.

The name of their fated is inscribed on their backs. Cisco discovered it too early and Harry discovered it too late.
fic  flash  dc  pairing:cisco/harrison  [5-10k 
5 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Completely Magical - unending_happiness - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Alec is sparring in the institute with a magicless, yet still magical Magnus, and he cannot seem to find his chill. Who can blame him?
fic  shadowhunters  pairing:magnus/alec  [5-10k 
5 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Red As The First - R_Gunns - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
He watched, fascinated, as the thick press of the symbiote’s tongue forced Eddie’s mouth open wide, stretching and pushing the inside of his cheeks, and when Eddie tilted his head toward the light just right – Dan could see the flicker of it inside his throat too, an alien simulation of deepthroating, something that Eddie seemed to be both experienced and good at.

Dan doesn't get it. And then he does.
fic  venom  marvel  pairing:eddie/venom  pairing:eddie/venom/annie/dan  [5-10k 
5 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
A Degree of Compatibility - astolat - Transformers Animated (2007) [Archive of Our Own]
“And what’s the price for a Decepticon leader’s help these days?" Optimus said. "Head of his captor on a pike?”

The Councillors started falling over each other hurriedly protesting, no, no, of course not, how could Optimus think, never—and Megatron laughed over them all and said, “It’s not your head I want to mount. I have demanded you as my consort.”

“Okay, well, that’s—unexpected,” Optimus said, blankly.
fic  transformers  -married  pairing:megatron/optimusprime  [5-10k 
5 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Intelligent Design - manic_intent - Assassin's Creed - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“What are you doing here, sister?” Alexios scowled as he stalked through the sun-dappled olive grove. “Sparta is mine.”

“Don’t be so childish.” Kassandra was leaning in the shade of a tree, watching something in a glade beyond. She wore a golden cuirass hung with intricately patterned leather straps, gems, and purple strips. Her helmet was nowhere to be seen, her thick braid curled over one blue-cloaked shoulder. The Aegis was strapped to her back with her spear, though Medusa’s head was sealed out of the battlefield, visible only as a fine etching on shining brass.
fic  assassinscreed  au  -gods  pairing:alexios/brasidas  [5-10k 
5 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
The Pack Leader (Is a Fox) - Watermelons000 - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
When Steve comes back from Wakanda after the Civil War, he’s expecting groveling and begging for forgiveness from his omega. Too bad that’s not how Tony works.
fic  marvel  pairing:tony/stephen  [5-10k 
5 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Billy Hargrove Sucks - flippyspoon - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Hopper puts Steve in charge of sobering up a wasted Billy Hargrove one afternoon and suddenly things start to make sense. Until they really don't.
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
6 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
pussy so good (i had to save that shit for later) - ToAStranger, thecopperkid - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve’s gripping so tight to the champagne flute he’s sure he’s gonna shatter it, but he’s watching Billy’s face. Watching Billy scrunch up his nose as he digs around, then slip his hand into the other pocket.

Steve’s heart sinks a little.

“Yeah, very funny,” he says, chewing his lip as the vibrations hit him just right. “Stop fucking around.”

Billy’s eyes go all wide, eyebrows knit together and he’s like, “I don’t have it. The remote, it’s not on me.”

And that makes Steve panic.


Steve's going to kill Billy.
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
6 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
if you're feeling thirsty (swallow) - ToAStranger, thecopperkid - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
All he fucking wants to do is run his hands up Billy’s back, to dig his nails in and leave scratches, ones that’ll stay pink and white even a few hours out from them hooking up. Marks that he knows Billy would wear all too proud. So gross.

But Steve can’t do that, is the thing; he’s still all bound, and that frustrates him so impossibly, he thinks he really might lose it. He tugs helplessly against the ropes and something about the tightness has his cock jumping, untouched, between them as Billy drives in.

He’s at Billy’s mercy -- but he’s found, time and again, that’s never really a bad position to be in.


It's Billy's birthday and Steve promised him anything he wants.
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
6 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
home is where the heart is - masi - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
Varric struggles with writer’s block, his new duties as Viscount, and his troublesome feelings for Cassandra.
fic  dragonage  ;inqusition  pairing:cassandra/varric  [5-10k 
7 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
If Wishes Were Fishes - phoenix_feathers_and_cacti - Aquaman (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Vulko takes a risk and introduces Arthur and Orm at a much younger age. Everything changes but the events seem to find themselves back in order, playing out.

(Really just fluff between brothers because there isn't enough of it out there.)
fic  aquaman  dc  au  -alternatetimeline  pairing:gen  [5-10k 
7 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Dig Deep - BurningTea - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot finds himself in a clearing with a shovel and instructions to dig his own grave. He is out of contact with his team and disobeying is out of the question. But at least there's plenty of time for thinking.
fic  leverage  pairing:hardison/parker/eliot  [5-10k 
7 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
the party never ends - brawlite - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Billy wants a fight from Steve Harrington. He'll do just about anything to get it, too.
fic  strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  [5-10k 
7 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Aphorism 146 - rodabonor - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“For the sake of honesty, you should know that you are correct in your assumption. I don’t find you innocent,” The impact of Dr. Lecter’s words hits Will harder than he’d expected, punching the air out of his lungs for a split second. “That does not mean I consider you corrupted, nor damaged. You are not spoiled goods, Will.”

“Is that your professional opinion?” A smile pulls at the corners of Will's mouth. “I find that kind of hard to believe, coming from someone as harmless as yourself. Would innocence truly know what corruption looks like?”

Will's inner darkness distracts him from seeing the darkness in the man sitting right across from him. Or: Will seduces Hannibal in his office and finds that may be in over his head.
fic  hannibal  au  -alternatetimeline  pairing:hannibal/will  [5-10k 
8 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
The Heart-Tree - sunspeared - Dragon Age - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
The Chargers rebuild the alienage of the worst city in Thedas. Skinner hates everything about it, except Merrill–maybe.
fic  dragonage  ;daII  ;inqusition  pairing:dalish/skinner  pairing:merrill/krem  pairing:merrill/skinner  [5-10k 
8 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Hey Hey You You I Don't Like Your Girlfriend - impertinence - Spy (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Rayna has information that's of value to the CIA. Susan's the person who put her behind bars forever.

Or at least, that's what Susan thinks, right up until she walks into her living room to find Rayna judging her interior decorating.
fic  spy  pairing:susan/rayna  [5-10k 
8 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
The Great Winter - halfhardtorock - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It's the Little Ice Age. OR. The Great Winter, when the Pendragons are forced to bed down for a month under furs until the weather is warm again. Arthur's only seen the Great Winter in babyhood. Now, he must find a proper Royal Bedwarmer to share his Winter's rest with.
fic  merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  [5-10k 
8 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Philautia - manic_intent - Assassin's Creed - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“Go and talk to her,” Brasidas said quietly.

“Is that an order?” Deimos had been pointedly ignoring Myrrine’s and Kassandra’s invitations to visit them in Sparta. Not that the house they were occupying technically still belonged to them any longer. Brasidas had mentioned something about citizenship in passing but Deimos hadn’t paid much attention to it.

“If you want me to make it an order, yes. Go.”

Part 3 of the Polemos series
fic  assassinscreed  ;odyssey  au  -alternatetimeline  pairing:alexios/brasidas  [5-10k 
8 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Ataraxia - manic_intent - Assassin's Creed - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“There you are,” Brasidas said, as he walked along the beach. He looked at the boat that Deimos was struggling against with amusement. “You wouldn’t have gotten far with that. Do you even know how to sail?”

Part 2 of the Polemos series
“I can learn,” Deimos said. Amusement only made him belligerent, even if Brasidas’ wasn’t coloured with malice. Not like the Priestess’ had been.

“All right.” Brasidas sat down on a rock. At Deimos’ startled look, he gestured at the boat. “Go on, then.”
fic  assassinscreed  ;odyssey  au  -alternatetimeline  pairing:alexios/brasidas  [5-10k 
8 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Polemos - manic_intent - Assassin's Creed - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Brasidas found the boy dangling on a ledge against a sheer cliff, head cushioned on his hands. “Look at that,” Deimos said, pointing.

Above, an eagle was feeding its mate. They had built a nest further up on a cliff, an unlovely construction of dried sticks. Offering deposited, the eagle launched itself back into space. “I see them,” Brasidas said, swallowing his temper.

“They fall off mountains and into the sky,” Deimos said. He reached toward the ascending eagle, hand outstretched. “If the Gods love us, why did they make us in their image? They should have given us wings.”

Part 1 of the Polemos series
fic  assassinscreed  ;odyssey  au  -alternatetimeline  pairing:alexios/brasidas  [5-10k 
8 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Junk - ellerkay - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
After Cisco sees H. Lothario Wells full frontal at the Council of Wells, he can't stop thinking about Harry's junk.

Spoilers for The Flash through S4E6, "When Harry Met Harry." Cisco's POV (third person).
fic  flash  dc  pairing:cisco/harrison  [5-10k 
9 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Dream a Little Dream - track_04 - Killing Eve (TV 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
“She?” Elena gave her a curious look. “You think it was a woman?”

“Yes. The witness said that the voice they heard speaking with Bauer out on the balcony sounded female, and we already know there are a decent number of female assassins operating—”

“Maybe it’s your dream woman,” Elena said, giving her a cheeky grin.

“No, she’s—” Eve started, then stopped when she noticed Elena’s smile widening. She took a deep breath and rolled her eyes. “Of course it’s not. That would be crazy.”
fic  killingeve  au  -historicalworld  pairing:eve/villanelle  [5-10k 
9 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Five Firsts for Jenny and Vastra - gnimmish - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
'It’s not proper, Jenny knows – not at all – what they do on the floor of the library by the light of the Christmas tree. Not lady-like, and certainly not something they should be indulging in before they are married. But it’s lovely, all the same.'

First meeting, first blood, first arguement, first kiss, first time. Loosely tied to my previous fic, Hairy Apes and Stubborn Lizards, but smuttier
fic  doctorwho  pairing:vastra/jenny  [5-10k 
9 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Spine and Leaves - willowbilly - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh,” is what Miranda says when the crackling brown paper finally falls away, her exclamation quiet and stunned though she surely must have guessed what it was by shape and feel before then. Her bared hands shake with astonishment as she caresses the revealed book, reverently tracing its plain cover and cracked spine and its frayed-edged, well-thumbed pages. She laughs at the title proclaiming itself Paradise Lost in worn lettering, the impressions still stamped deeply enough to be read clearly despite being rubbed dull, the gold leaf long since gone. “Really, James?” she asks, assuming irony he did not intend, but thankfully she remains no more than mirthfully enraptured.
fic  blacksails  pairing:flint/miranda  [5-10k 
10 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
So Heal Me - Cunninglinguist - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco Malfoy, Head Healer of the St. Mungo's Potions Department and resident expert in all things werewolf, is surprised to learn that his next patient is none other than Harry Potter, who was bitten by a wolf during an Auror mission. Between Potter's ability to heal quickly and Draco's extensive experience, it looks like Potter will be out of St. Mungo's in no time, but when certain aspects of werewolf biology surface, feelings that were supposed to stay hidden are revealed, and plans (and professionalism) are thrown to the wind.
fic  harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  -werewolves  -omegaverse  [5-10k 
10 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
and primeval love - postcardmystery - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Five conversations Will Graham has in the house of Mason Verger. (& fifteen he has after.)

Or: (sometimes internalised) homophobia, Will Graham, and true love.
fic  hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  pairing:alana/margot  [5-10k 
10 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
S’Mitten - khalulu - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry and Draco aren’t enemies any more, but it seems their history will always stand between them – so let’s try some other histories on for size! The fickle finger of fate is muffled in one of Mrs Weasley’s mittens. Did I mention kisses?
fic  harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  [5-10k 
10 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Does She Know That We Bleed The Same? - th_esaurus - Edge of Tomorrow (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
The official statement is still that nobody knows what happened in Paris. Nobody knows how the mimics destroyed themselves. Cage is quite happy to toe that line.
fic  edgeoftomorrow  pairing:gen  [5-10k 
10 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
A Family Man - Anonymous - Society of Gentlemen - K. J. Charles [Archive of Our Own]
Julius wasn't generally one for the bar on a Tuesday evening, but the office gossip that day had made clear to him that if he wanted to show up his competition and secure his promotion once and for all, he'd better bring a plus one to the company holiday party on Friday.
fic  societyofgentlemen  ;kjcharles  pairing:julius/harry  au  -modernday  -fakerelationship  [5-10k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Like They Do in Babylon - damnslippyplanet - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This always happened even before they were caught, that single glorious year on the run. Their effect on each other, with all the lies and roles and masks finally gone, had been nothing short of devastating. Consuming. It was a miracle they hadn’t been caught sooner. Alternatively, it was a miracle they’d gotten out of bed long enough to get caught at all

In which the Murder Husbands have been caught, in which Will is a clever boy and trades his continued profiling assistance for time with Hannibal, and in which the boys make shameless use of the mind palace to make up for the separation.
fic  hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  [5-10k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
every road leads to you - Anonymous - American Gods (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
SUMMARY: After Laura tells you where the Jinn is headed, you speed away in the cab. You are driving so fast the landscape is only a blur past the mirrors and the cab’s locks rattle in their metal rings. It takes you a while to realize that you don’t know where you’re going.

A Choose your own adventure
fic  americangods  pairing:salim/ifrit  [5-10k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
It's Our Party and We'll Fuck if We Want To - firethesound - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
It's like if a tree falls in the forest, Harry thinks. Sneaking away to blow his boyfriend in a coat closet at their own housewarming is only a bad idea if they get caught, right?
fic  harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  [5-10k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
gambling away all your tomorrows - Godoflaundrybaskets (digiella) - Star Wars: Rebels [Archive of Our Own]
The galaxy is a tough place when you don't have a daemon by your side. But after Grey and Styles killed Master Bilipida, Caleb Dune wasn't going to just let himself be caught. One way or another, he was getting off Kaller.

Part 1 of the running around the galaxy with half a soul series
fic  starwars  au  -daemons  pairing:gen  [5-10k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
kissing the lipless - Anonymous - Mission: Impossible (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Both of Walker's wrists are shiny with burns and the moment he wakes up, whether he means to or not, he's going to tear his wrists to shreds trying to escape the handcuffs. There's stacks of fresh gauze lying about, the ones covering his face look clean and regularly changed, so Ethan thinks nothing of it when he layers some more under the band of the cuffs and tapes them securely in place.
fic  missionimpossible  pairing:ethan/august  [5-10k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
only the critic - Anonymous - Black Mirror [Archive of Our Own]
DCI Karin Parke, Met Police, gets a shadow, a PR shitstorm, and an inconvenient crush all in one month.
fic  blackmirror  ;hatedinthenation  pairing:blue/karin  [5-10k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Life in Open Air - Anonymous - Black Mirror [Archive of Our Own]
“All right,” Nanette said. “We pass for your garden variety players right now—just weirdo ones who get their kicks from a serious level of realism. So that means… we need to rack up some XP. Like, now. We need experience and in-game rewards stat.”

“So that means… what, exactly?” Valdack said.

Shania drank the magenta booze directly from the bottle and then wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. “It means we’ve got to go on another fucking adventure.”
fic  blackmirror  pairing:gen  [5-10k  ;usscallister 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
everything's made to be broken (i just want you to know who i am) - Anonymous - Star Trek: Discovery [Archive of Our Own]
“You’ll never guess what Spock’s done.”

Few good things had ever come from someone telling Sarek “You’ll never guess what Spock’s done.” In fact, he was certain that there was a 99.8532% chance that this sentence could only cause him great personal distress.

Or: Spock is getting married. Tonight. And Sarek is going to be there whether he likes it or not.
fic  stargate  ;discovery  ;tos  pairing:gen  pairing:kirk/spock  [5-10k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Be Brave, be true, save the Empire. - Anonymous - Mulan (1998) [Archive of Our Own]
Mulan never thought she would fit in.

Shang never thought he would marry.

As it turns out, they were both wrong.
fic  mulan  disney  pairing:mulan/shang  [5-10k 
11 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
As a Shrike to Your Thorn - Anonymous - Ocean's 8 (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
“One month from now Lord Claud of Clan Báicéir, Prince Under the Hill, King of Air and Darkness, will be holding a ball to celebrate Midwinter. And we are going to rob it.”
fic  ;oceans8  pairing:debbie/lou  au  -faerie  [5-10k 
12 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
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pairing:tom/dickie  pairing:tom/peter  pairing:tony/bruce  pairing:tony/bucky  pairing:tony/clint  pairing:tony/everybody  pairing:tony/natasha  pairing:tony/pepper  pairing:tony/pepper/loki  pairing:tony/pepper/natasha  pairing:tony/pepper/rhodey  pairing:tony/rhodey  pairing:tony/stephen  pairing:tony/strange  pairing:tony/t'challa  pairing:tony/thor  pairing:travis/wes  pairing:trillian/zaphod  pairing:tristan/galahad  pairing:troy/abed  pairing:twelve/river  pairing:uther/igraine  pairing:vanessa/oc  pairing:vastra/jenny  pairing:vastra/oc  pairing:wade/nathan  pairing:wade/peter  pairing:wade/vanessa  pairing:wade/vanessa/nathan  pairing:waverly/nicole  pairing:will/alana  pairing:will/matthew  pairing:will/molly  pairing:will/oc  pairing:wolfgang/kala  pairing:wolfgang/kala/rajan  pairing:wynonna/xavier/doc  pairing:xena/gabrielle  pairing:yoonsung/nana  pairing:youngju/sehee  pairing:yuuri/takeshi/yuuko  pairing:yuuri/victor  pairing:yuuri/yuri  partsunknown  penelope  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