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YouTube - Doug McGuff MD T21C 2010 [Full]
skip the first hour--last 20 minutes is sugar metabolism.
exercise  video 
march 2011 by sh
YouTube - Paris Je T'aime - Bastille (English Subs)
by acting like a man in love, he became a man in love
may 2010 by sh
YouTube - Sugar: The Bitter Truth
good calories, bad calories in lecture format. fructose is alcohol without the buzz. enters a carb but metabolizes as fat. a low-fat/high-sugar diet is really a high-fat diet.
video  health 
december 2009 by sh
YouTube - The Downfall of Agile Hitler
I even brought you guys bagels, donuts, and whatever you wanted for lunch.
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may 2009 by sh
10,000th shoplifter
may 2006 by sh

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