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Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened? | Hacker News
It’s just like why all voice interfaces are shitty: no one has any idea what the thing can or cannot do. They have a hidden user experience but the interface makes it feel like you’re talking to a human, but it’s so far from being a human.
These interfaces are almost like a dark pattern because of how bad they are.
june 2018 by sh
Say hi to Product Hunt 2.0: "Built in public"
It’s easy to convince yourself your design is on point — it’s hard to see the flaws and missed opportunities when you’re so close to the product. So, we shared an early mockup with the community and asked for feedback. Shortly afterward, we hosted a live video chat to discuss the changes.
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november 2015 by sh
The Hamburger Menu Doesn't Work - Deep Design
Causes usage drop-off, because users don't actively see teasers/nudges of what they can do next, to keep them engaged.

Most people navigation based on what’s called “information scent.” When faced with a set of options, they’ll choose the option that gives the strongest indication that it’ll bring them closer to what they want, like an animal sniffing around for food.
august 2015 by sh

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