Great data: It’s all in the delivery - The Asana Blog
the way we build playgrounds instead of SQL queries

Our internal system showing adoptions and upgrades from Twitter ads . This wouldn’t be possible without tying attribution data to our engagement data in a central database.

We’ve discovered a problematic organizational pattern that often happens at this point – data consumers need insights, and they ask for a “dashboard.” We spend tons of time building it, and then we immediately forget it exists – it’s not useful, because we didn’t know what we really wanted.
6 days ago
rfcs/1951-expand-impl-trait.md at master · rust-lang/rfcs
By contrast, a programmer who first learned:

fn take_iter(t: impl Iterator)
and then tried:

fn give_iter() -> impl Iterator
would be successful, without any rigorous understanding that they just transitioned from a universal to an existential.
6 days ago
Best risk-reward is VP or SVP level at Series C or D company which gets you opti... | Hacker News
Best risk-reward is VP or SVP level at Series C or D company which gets you options for 1-2% of the company... switch every 18 months to diversify and build a portfolio but negotiate 10 year exercise window on your options when you leave rather than the standard 90 days.
Thousands of execs doing that around Silicon Valley working through Daversa and other executive recruiters (who themselves get $85K-$100K per executive hire).
13 days ago
stubs/mocks are terrible, alternatives:
* contract testing
* rspec-fire to make sure symbols line up
* static typing (not really the point)
* integration tests (too slow, are "a scam")

use "core & shell":
* core has all the business logic, but very isolated
* shell has no logic, but all the dependencies.
13 days ago
(2) David Goggins on the Moment he Turned his Life Around - YouTube
these people detest mediocrity. went from 300lb cockroach exterminator to a navy seal. created a character, "goggins".
15 days ago
don't seek comfort. seek lessons. seek difficult tasks. when you're not doing anything, you feel like shit. that's part of being a human being.
15 days ago
Duplicate type declarations with npm link · Issue #6496 · Microsoft/TypeScript
With the new behavior we should not include a package if we've already seen another package with the same "version" value in its package.json. If you have multiple installations with different versions, you will get two different copies of the module. That might explain why a version update would break this, if it only affected one of two installations.
17 days ago
(1) Why Air Quality Matters - YouTube
co2 of 1400ppm has 50% lower cognitive function vs baseline of ~400ppm.

ideal is: 72-74F (67-78F at night), humidity of 40-50% RH, CO2 <600ppm, VOC <300ppb, PM2.4 <10ug/m3.

merv of 12 if your system can handle it.
21 days ago
Ultimate Roast Chicken
brine with injector, hang for three days, cook at 164 to 144 internal temp, finish at 550,
24 days ago
Larry Ellison now on Tesla's board of directors | Hacker News
You need to think of Larry Ellison the way you think of a lawnmower. You don't anthropomorphize your lawnmower, the lawnmower just mows the lawn, you stick your hand in there and it'll chop it off, the end. You don't think 'oh, the lawnmower hates me' -- lawnmower doesn't give a shit about you, lawnmower can't hate you. Don't anthropomorphize the lawnmower. Don't fall into that trap about Oracle.
24 days ago
What’s Staying the Same
Don't waste time guessing what will change. Spend time understanding what _won't_ change.
28 days ago
The Friendship That Made Google Huge | The New Yorker
“To solve problems at scale, paradoxically, you have to know the smallest details,” Eustace said. Jeff and Sanjay understood computers at the level of bits.

“I don’t know why more people don’t do it,” Sanjay said, of programming with a partner.

“You need to find someone that you’re gonna pair-program with who’s compatible with your way of thinking, so that the two of you together are a complementary force,” Jeff said.
6 weeks ago
What to look for while reading the annual report? | Seeking Wisdom
Charlie Munger: Yeah. I think the set of numbers — the one set of numbers in America that are the best quick guide to measuring one business against another are the Value Line numbers.

And, if you sort of have in your head how all of that looks in different industries and different businesses, then you’ve got a backdrop against which to measure. I mean, if you’d never watched a baseball game and never seen a statistic on it, you wouldn’t know whether a .300 hitter was a good hitter or not.

Yeah. I would say that, on average, in a business, we’re really interested in, even though we know what to skip, to some extent, and what to read, I mean, it’s going to be 45 minutes or an hour on a report.

And if there are six or eight companies in the industry, that’s going to be six or eight hours, perhaps, and then their quarterlies and a lot of other — I mean, it — the way you learn about businesses is by absorbing information about them, thinking, deciding what counts and what doesn’t count, relating one thing to another. And, you know, that’s the job.
8 weeks ago
PNTV: Relentless by Tim Grover - YouTube
move past "meh, i'm good enough". be unstoppable, always at your best.

move towards pressure. "the upside of stress", you grow if you see stress as a challenge response instead of threat response. it changes your biological response.

growth mindset, dweck, but add to it grit, talent is only tiny part of it.
8 weeks ago
Hornady® 300 PRC In-depth Overview - YouTube
a 300 win mag version of the 6.5 creedemore, can get longer aerodynamic bullets in it. cartridge case can be full of powder, no air gaps.
8 weeks ago
Why the 6.5 PRC is the bomb for long range hunting. - YouTube
6.5 creedmoore can't do elk past 500 yards; 6.5 PRC will to 800 yards, 300 win mag to 900 yards
8 weeks ago
RETRAIN YOUR MIND - New Motivational Video (JOE ROGAN) - YouTube
joe rogan: live your life like a movie, and you're in the beginning where your life is shitty, but you've got a crew following you around following the plot while you transform it

success stories are great. but comeback stories are even better. and the way you fix it is to write shit down. plan your plot.
8 weeks ago
PNTV: The Science of Being Great by Wallace D. Wattles - YouTube
the world needs more demonstration and less instruction

the time to be great is now. how would the most amazing version of myself act? how would they eat? organize their day? why not do that now?
8 weeks ago
The Second Half of Watergate Was Bigger, Worse, and Forgotten By the Public
“Why do you even pay commissions or kickbacks or bribes when you don’t even have a competitor for this plane?” he asked. Cowden replied, “Because we are frequently competing not necessarily with another airplane just like ours but we are competing for the sales dollars that would be spent on something else” — effectively acknowledging that the company had bribed foreign officials to buy military equipment that Indonesia might not even need and could have spent on something else, like schools.

The law effectively sought to punish an extraterritorial crime, committed by both American and foreign companies, whose ultimate victims were the citizens of a foreign nation. “Congress enacted a statute in which U.S. taxpayers would pay to protect non-taxpayers from the harms of bribery,” Spalding wrote.
8 weeks ago
Microtask and Macrotask: A Hands-on Approach – Bits and Pieces
Note, macrotasks are enqueued by setTimeout, setInterval, setImmediate, etc. microtasks by process.nextTick, Promises, MutationObserver, etc.
9 weeks ago
Git : ignore package-lock.json or yarn.lock in diff
git diff -- ':!package-lock.json' ':!yarn.lock'
9 weeks ago
Intel Optane SSD Microbenchmark
When using LMDB, the LMDB engine will never be the bottleneck in your workloads. When you move onto faster storage technologies, LMDB will let you utilize the full potential of that hardware. Inferior technologies like LSM designs won't.
10 weeks ago
Audio/Alsamixer - Ubuntu Wiki
fixed mic hum by nudging levels down
linux  ubuntu 
11 weeks ago
Cross-site request forgery - Wikipedia
token is in domain-only cookie, then: a) double-submit in request body (proves JS/client was able to read domain-only cookie and put it in request body) or b) cookie-to-header (proves JS/client was able to read domain-only cookie and put it in out-of-band header.
12 weeks ago
How to exclude getter only properties from type in typescript - Stack Overflow
// https://github.com/Microsoft/TypeScript/issues/27024#issuecomment-421529650
type IfEquals<X, Y, A, B> =
(<T>() => T extends X ? 1 : 2) extends
(<T>() => T extends Y ? 1 : 2) ? A : B;

type WritableKeysOf<T> = {
[P in keyof T]: IfEquals<{ [Q in P]: T[P] }, { -readonly [Q in P]: T[P] }, P, never>
}[keyof T];
type WritablePart<T> = Pick<T, WritableKeysOf<T>>;
october 2018
Overloading Global Secondary Indexes - Amazon DynamoDB
modeling entities as "entity id is hash key", "column name is sort key", so you can hack around GSI limitations and have 1 index on the "attribute 1" column.
october 2018
TypeScript: Create a condition-based subset types – DailyJS – Medium
explanation of SubType as a general "extract keys based on a condition"
october 2018
Javascript Classes v. Closures (2/3) – Engineering@Livestream – Medium
I will admit I do not fully grok Egorov’s very technical response, but the understanding that I do get is, basically, v8 rocks at doing classes.
october 2018
Protobuffers Are Wrong :: Reasonably Polymorphic
tldr: the type system is driven from impl concerns, so doesn't compose/generify like type systems should
october 2018
The Go Playground
example of returning nil, but its wrapped in an interface, so doesn't look nil
october 2018
John Urschel Goes Pro – Hmm Daily
There’s no such thing as impostor syndrome in football, he tells me. “Everyone in college football thinks they’re NFL-bound,” he tells me. “If you have that personality of ‘what am I doing here?’, you’ve gotten weeded out a while ago.”
september 2018
keyof to produce a runtime array · Issue #13267 · Microsoft/TypeScript
can't make a runtime value based on compile-time types, although there is a plugin to do it
september 2018
Functional Core, Imperative Shell
functional/immutable data structures on the inside that are organized by the imperative shell.

imperative shell is actually untested because it has basically no conditionals.
september 2018
Error Handling | Joyent
People use the term "errors" to talk about both operational and programmer errors, but they're really quite different. Operational errors are error conditions that all correct programs must deal with, and as long as they're dealt with, they don't necessarily indicate a bug or even a serious problem. "File not found" is an operational error, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything's wrong. It might just mean the program has to create the file it's looking for first.

By contrast, programmer errors are bugs. They're cases where you made a mistake, maybe by forgetting to validate user input, mistyping a variable name, or something like that.
september 2018
Good Spirits: Syncing Data Statelessly — Archagon Was Here
mobile app that stores property value/lamport timestamp for syncing. gpl.
september 2018
Naval on Twitter: "How to Get Rich (without getting lucky):"
You will get rich by giving society what it wants but does not yet know how to get. At scale.
august 2018
Dad’s company made burgers. Mine just eats them | Aeon Essays
We call ourselves web developers, software engineers, builders, entrepreneurs, innovators. We’re celebrated, we capture a lot of wealth and attention and talent. We’ve become a vortex on a par with Wall Street for precocious college grads. But we’re not making the self-driving car. We’re not making a smarter pill bottle. Most of what we’re doing, in fact, is putting boxes on a page. Users put words and pictures into one box; we store that stuff in a database; and then out it comes into another box.
august 2018
Opinion | The Bitter Regrets of a Useless Chinese Daughter - The New York Times
Before my mother’s illness, I spurned what I saw as an excess of pragmatism among Chinese people, who want to ensure that all of their efforts go toward something useful. College degrees, jobs, friendships, marriages — all these should be chosen practically. “Be wise, pick an able man. Love doesn’t feed you,” my people like to say. Looking back on my high school years, all my relatives tried to talk me, a top-ranking student, into majoring in science or finance in college. But I was stubborn enough to stay with my favorite subject, literature. Now I understand them.
august 2018
Hey Reddit, I just broke the overall piston-driven land speed record! 448.757MPH : pics
I use 1.5 feet per second is roughly equal to 1 mile an hour. It’s actually 1.46666666666666666 feet per second is equal to one mile an hour.

So, from the time their front bumper is equal with yours to the time their rear bumper is passing your front is the length of their car divided by 1.5’ per second, gives you how much faster they were moving.

A Honda Accord is about 15’ in length for reference. If they pass you in less than a second, it’s at least 10 mph faster than you.
august 2018
square/javapoet: A Java API for generating .java source files.
nice joist-ish library for codegen, takes are of auto-imports, etc
august 2018
The Tyranny of Stuctureless
there is no such thing as structureless--human nature is such that there is always a hierarchy. thinking you're "structureless" just makes it a hidden and unfair game.

democracy makes it a visible and "fair" game:
- delegation of authority for specific tasks
- executors are still responsible/accountable to the wider group
- distribution of power across many people
- rotation of tasks among individuals
- allocation of tasks along rational criteria
- diffusion of information to everyone, and
- equal access to resources
august 2018
Life Beyond Distributed Transactions: An Apostate's Implementation - Document Coordination
I need to design my interactions so that both the business data and communications transact together.
august 2018
Jarrow Formulas : QH-absorb
QH-absorb® is a proprietary, enhanced-stability formula, clinically shown in humans to increase Co-Q10 levels by 215% at 100 mg per day and by 777% over baseline at 300 mg per day. (Mentioned by Attia)
august 2018
Do calories matter? - Peter Attia
Obesity is a growth disorder just like any other growth disorder.  Specifically, obesity is a disorder of excess fat accumulation.  Fat accumulation is determined not by the balance of calories consumed and expended but by the effect of specific nutrients on the hormonal regulation of fat metabolism.  Obesity is a condition where the body prioritizes the storage of fat rather than the utilization of fat.

thermodynamics viewpoint is correct, but assumes calories consumed and calories stored are independent variables. they are not.
health  keto 
august 2018
Good Sugar vs. Bad Sugar, Know the Differences | Factor75
HFCS = 50% fructose, "free and unbound", immediately available for fat storage
agave nector = 90% fructose, "low GI", but due to fructose being metabolized in liver instead of blood stream
raw honey = GI of 30, ~good; processed honey has GI of 75
maple syrup = low in free fructose, but 66% sucrose, so 33% fructose, choose darker grades, GL 8.
molasses = 50% free fructose, another 25% via sucrose
coconut palm sugar = ~40% fructose

best fruits: blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit
health  keto 
august 2018
Keto Diet Plan: The Best and Worst Low Carb Sweeteners | Ruled Me
stevia == good
allulose == good, 1.5x table sugar
Erythritol == sugar alcohol, good, secreted in urine
Xylitol == sugar alcohol, okay, toxic to dogs, possible GI discomfort
maltitol == sugar alcohol, actually high GI, high GI discomfort
sucralose == good if liquid, splenda bulk form still spikes insulin
aspartame == good according to studies, not good for higher temps
saccharin == no proven side effects, but less popular, avoid
overall: use erythritol, stevia, and liquid sucralose
health  keto 
august 2018
Deep-Frying With Peanut Oil Vs. Other Oils | LIVESTRONG.COM
Peanut oil is a healthy alternative to other types of oils. Peanut oil, like other types of vegetable oils, is low in saturated fat and is free of cholesterol and trans fat. Like olive oil, peanut oil is high in monounsaturated fat, which can reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease when eaten as a replacement for unsaturated fats.
august 2018
Periodic fasting starves cisplatin‐resistant cancers to death | The EMBO Journal
Recent research by Obrist et al (2018) shows that cisplatin‐resistant growth of lung adenocarcinoma is particularly vulnerable to periodic fasting cycles and starvation‐induced cell death, due to its dependency on glutamine, required for nucleoside biosynthesis, suggesting an opportunity for nutritional anti‐cancer interventions.
cancer  health 
august 2018
How we scaled nginx and saved the world 54 years every day
Which means that if an event handler needs to read from disk, it will block the event loop until the entire read is finished, and subsequent event handlers are delayed.
programming  nginx 
august 2018
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