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Danny Glover Met Boots Riley's Father in 1968 Organizing SF State Student Strike
PUNK NEWS -- Danny Glover is actually a family friend — he and my father met each other in 1968 as they were organizing the San Francisco State student strike — the one that created the first ethnic study school in America. Danny has been involved in progressive and radical things since then. He really was just a joy to work with.
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Behind the Lens: Student Photographer Turns Passion Into Profession
SAN FRANCISCO STATE ATHLETICS -- Suzanna Mitchell has worked in the Giants’ creative services department since 2008. Currently the team’s photography manager, Mitchell is a San Francisco State alumna herself, having graduated with a major in photojournalism in 2005. She hired Urakami for the 2017 season, and it turns out that the Gator pipeline has led to another find, with photojournalism major Joey Vangsness earning the role for the 2018 season.

“It’s been really fun to witness Mike’s progress. He came in as our intern and had the same joyful energy that he has now, so it’s great that he still has that even with the demands,” says Mitchell. “He maintains that energy which is one of his best qualities and just seeing his photography develop over the past few years has been really exciting.”
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A Beginner's Guide to the Music of Former Student Boots Riley
SLATE -- Riley, an avowed communist and the son of organizers who met during the San Francisco State University strike of 1968, founded the Oakland-based rap group The Coup in 1991, with local rapper E-Roc and DJ Pam the Funkstress (who died in December), adding several more members after E-Roc’s departure in 1996.

Although the group’s output has been infrequent since its 1993 debut, “Kill My Landlord” — with Riley often taking time off to work various jobs, get involved with protest movements or participate in other musical collaborations — its six albums make a bumping soundtrack for protest, with righteous screeds bellowed over soul and funk samples, often with the DJ scratching in rhymes from forerunners like the Last Poets, Ice Cube and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
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Alum Mario Alberto Silva Rides Wave of Success into Film, Awards and More
MISSION LOCAL -- Silva’s journey as a musician began with the piano. In the ‘90s he and his family moved out of the besieged Mission for a bigger place in Pleasant Hill, and he made friends with other school musicians and learned to play the instrument. When he attended College Park High School he decided to switch from the clarinet and saxophone to the trumpet after hearing a bandmate play it. He felt drawn to it. Good call: Six months later he became the school band’s lead trumpet player.

Although he transferred to Chico State after a brief stint at Diablo Valley College, San Francisco and the Mission kept calling him back. Living with his grandmother, Silva played weekend gigs and attended classes at San Francisco State where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and jazz performance. He toured worldwide, as a side man for solo performers and with bands like San Francisco-based Rupa and the April Fishes.
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Alum Laura Mason Named Executive Director of EngAGE Northern California
DIGITAL JOURNAL -- “I have worked with Laura for years and feel so fortunate that she will join the EngAGE family,” Tim Carpenter, CEO/founder of EngAGE, says. “She is a seasoned expert in aging, arts and lifelong learning, and we all look forward to working with her to build our organization for the future.”

Mason has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from San Francisco State University and a master’s degree in nonprofit administration from University of San Francisco.
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Alumna Susanne Brunner Named Co-Anchor of NBC Affiliate in Little Rock
KARK-CHANNEL 5 (LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS) -- “Susanne will be a fantastic fit with KARK’s morning team," said KARK News Director Austin Kellerman. “She's about as positive a person as you’ll come across. You won’t find anyone more passionate about informing the public and making Central Arkansas a better place to live.”

Brunner joined KARK and Fox16 in 2013 as a weekend anchor and reporter. Prior to coming to Little Rock, Brunner anchored for stations in California and Washington. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University.
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Anti-Semitic Holocaust Denier on Ballot for East Bay House Seat Attended SF State
J. (SAN FRANCISCO) -- A small business owner from Concord who attended San Francisco State University, Fitzgerald received 24 percent of the vote in the primary.
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Alum Rachel Boyoung Kim's Documentary Screens at SF Jewish Film Festival
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Two graffiti artists, a man and a woman, ply their craft in one of the world’s oldest holy cities, their 21st century messages fusing to ancient walls in Rachel Boyoung Kim’s short documentary “Jerusalem If I Forget You,” part of the July 19 – August 5 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

South Korea native Kim, 30, a graduate of San Francisco State University’s Cinema program and a resident of the city’s Sunset District, made the documentary in conjunction with the Jerusalem Film Workshop summer program.

The hands-on filmmaking program also introduced Kim to the artistic life of Jerusalem through fields trips to galleries, art centers and the like. It was one such excursion, to look at graffiti art, that inspired Kim.

“Jerusalem graffiti art is very different than graffiti in other cities,” she says. “In San Francisco and New York, it’s more based on pop culture or punk style. In Jerusalem, there is a very strong political and social message.”
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Student-Founded Rock Band Pllush Gets Rid of the Fake News
SF WEEKLY -- Pllush formed in 2014, after Helm met drummer Dylan Lockey through mutual friends at SF State. Lowell had already been working with Treadway and bassist Sinclair Riley — both current members of The She’s — on a new musical project, and when Helm mentioned casually that she really wanted to start a band, the other three members jumped at the opportunity.
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Alum Garrett Bergthold Joins Big Bear Grizzly City Reporter
BIG BEAR GRIZZLY -- I was born and raised in San Jose, but most recently I resided in San Francisco where I attended San Francisco State University. So, yes, I’m a Giants fan, a 49ers fan, a Warriors fan and a Sharks fan. And so far it’s been fun watching Giants games over at Oakside only to be mocked by Dodgers fans, albeit passively and semi-jokingly. I foresee that changing once hockey season starts, because I have absolutely no love for the Kings or the Ducks. But I’m excited to watch sports with my new community in Big Bear. It’s all in good fun.
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Former Student Boots Riley's Film Tells Freakish Story of Labor, Inequality
FADER -- Nearly three decades ago, some miles west of Alena, Boots attended film school at San Francisco State University, the same school where his father, Walter Riley, studied and helped organize the 1968 strike that created the first ethnic studies program in the nation.

In 1991, while still a student, Boots formed hip-hop band The Coup with Eric “E Roc” Davis, later incorporating turntable queen Pam The Funkstress who passed away late last year. Boots dropped out of school when the group landed a record deal soon after forming. The Coup went on to release six albums, two EPs and tour the world with signature lyrics that relate life’s daily ups-and-downs to the systemic forces at work. All the while, Boots lived the manifestos from his songs, actively organizing and advocating for working class issues like wealth distribution and stronger unions in his Oakland homebase and beyond.
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Fifty Years Ago: Student Tom King Unearths Miwok Cemeteries in Madera County
MADERA TRIBUNE -- Tom King, archeologist from San Francisco State College and his crew, have unearthed two separate Miwok Indian cemeteries near the Buchanan Dam site. King said the discoveries have been especially helpful in revealing aspects of the Miwok culture.

“We can now tell their blood type and some of the diseases they died from,” said King. In the first three weeks of excavation, 16 bodies have been discovered. The expedition has also uncovered two dance houses. The project is to tie the Miwoks of the area with the Gold Rush and Spanish-American periods.
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'Sorry to Bother You': Former Student Boots Riley's Richly Nutty Vision
THE GLOBE AND MAIL (TORONTO) -- But Riley didn’t always dream of a life of touring and recording. Before The Coup was signed to a recording deal, he studied filmmaking.

“Back then, at San Francisco State, we were not near Hollywood, so what happened to a lot of folks who studied there is they went to work for ILM [visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic], which was the industry in town, and where you’re not making your own movie,” Riley explains. “Then we got offered a record deal, where we’d be getting paid to make our art, and I felt that’s what would give me more control.”
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Richmond Museum of History Grows to New Heights Under Alum Melinda McCrary
EAST BAY EXPRESS -- In May of this year, McCrary received a historic preservation award from the city of Richmond for her role in preserving the Victor Arnautoff mural “Richmond Industrial City,” which had been unknowingly stored in the basement of the Richmond Post Office since 1976. She also received a $17,000 grant from California Humanities to fund the Speak Ohlone Exhibit Interactive Project, a permanent exhibit that highlights the Chochenyo Ohlone dialect and the history of the Ohlone people, the first community to inhabit the East Bay.

For McCrary, these two accolades are an exciting opportunity to increase the profile of the museum. But more importantly, they show that McCrary has big plans for the museum. McCrary has been working there since 2012 when she started as an intern while getting her master’s degree in Museum Studies at San Francisco State University. About a year later, she was named executive director. Since then, McCrary has been working to revive the museum and uncover the hidden histories of the city.
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Alum Jake Sloan's Book 'Standing Tall' Recounts his Activism at Mare Island Naval Shipyard
OAKLAND POST --“Standing Tall: Willie Long and The Mare Island Original 21ers,” a new book by Jake Sloan, is an inspiring, sometimes firsthand account of historic events in the Civil Rights Movement that took place at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1960s.

In this educational book, Sloan recounts his role as one of the Mare Island Original 21ers, an activist group of 25 African American men working at the huge shipyard at the time, eight of whom, including Sloan, lived in Richmond.

Sloan is the founder and president of Davillier-Sloan Inc., one of the leading labor management consulting firms in California, and he has been dedicated to protecting the rights of workers in the construction industry for more than 50 years. He holds a master’s degree in History from San Francisco State University. Sloan was recently honored with a special speaking engagement at the 2018 Global Hero Round Table, often called the “TED Talks of Heroism,” at the Marines Memorial in San Francisco.
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Former Student Boots Riley Discusses Social Movements, Power Structures with Marc Maron
WTF POD -- Filmmaker and hip hop artist Boots Riley wants his audiences to be radically engaged. He grew up with parents who were organizers and he believes political radicalism prompts cultural change. Boots and Marc talk about social movements, power structures, and how he wanted to take on all of it with his years-in-the-making movie, “Sorry To Bother You.”

Riley’s father, a longtime civil-rights activist, attended San Francisco State.

“He was part of the San Francisco State strike in 1968 that created ethnic studies, and that’s where he met Danny Glover,” Riley says.

Boots Riley studied Cinema at San Francisco State in the early 1990s.
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Alum-Founded Word For Word Celebrates 25th Anniversary
BROADWAY WORLD (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Susan Harloe is the co-founder and artistic director of Word for Word. She has originated roles in many of the company’s productions, and is also the creator and manager of Word for Word’s France tour. She has a Master of Fine Arts from University of California, Davis; a Master of Library Science from University of Pittsburgh; and a Bachelor of Arts from San Francisco State University.
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Former Student Boots Riley's Career of Confronting Capitalism Finally Hits Big Screen
WASHINGTON POST -- Riley, who was born in Chicago, lived in Detroit as a child but has spent most of his life in Oakland, previously worked in telemarketing while enrolled at San Francisco State University. During the early 1990s, he co-founded the Oakland-based hip-hop group the Coup, and they signed with the independent label Wild Pitch Records. The group’s second album, 1994’s “Genocide and Juice,” spawned the minor hit, “Fat Cats, Bigga Fish.” But when major label EMI bought out Wild Pitch, Riley says the label stopped pushing the song. The resulting disenchantment with the entertainment industry triggered Riley’s quarter-life crisis.
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Former Student Boots Riley on 'Regular' Revolutionary Messages of His Radical Debut Film
CHICAGO READER -- Boots Riley had been waiting nearly three decades to make a movie. The Chicago-native turned Bay Area resident studied film as an undergrad at San Francisco State but didn’t immediately become the next Spike Lee. He earned a record deal in the early ’90s and focused instead on spreading his leftist messages through the medium of hip-hop. Riley released half a dozen raucous party rap/funk-rock albums with the group the Coup starting with 1993’s “Kill My Landlord” while managing to balance his art with political activism and community organizing — most famously as the public face of the Occupy movement in Oakland. But that doesn’t mean Riley ever gave up on his dream of becoming a filmmaker.
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Career Coup: Former Student Boots Riley Subverts Cinema
EAST BAY EXPRESS -- “Sorry to Bother You” explores the central tension of Riley’s career, his perennial concern about artists’ role in racial justice and building working-class power.

“You have to have something that you’re more passionate about than your art,” he told San Francisco State University students at a May screening. “There's no reason to do art for art’s sake.”

Riley did study film at San Francisco State University, but he dropped out in favor of throwing parties in Oakland. “Me and this other dude were making like $1,200 a week — in 1989,” he said. Once the cops caught on, he started working at UPS, where he conscripted coworker Eric Davis (E-Roc) to start The Coup. Pizo the Beat Fixer, Too Short’s DJ, helped place the first Coup song on a compilation after hearing Riley rap at a rally.
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Alum Mai Masri's '3000 Nights' Released on DVD
ALBAWABA (JORDAN) -- After the huge success of the feature film “3000 Nights” by director Mai Masri — reaping 24 awards from different film festivals around the world — the film’s production and distribution companies release the film on DVD on Wednesday, July 4, at 7:30 pm at Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture in Lebanon.

Masri is a Palestinian filmmaker. She studied film at University of California, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her rich and extensive filmography includes many documentaries focusing on the humanity and resilience of ordinary people characterized with humanistic elements, through which she won more than 60 awards at international film festivals.
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Summer's Wildest Movie Is Here: Former Student Boots Riley's 'Sorry to Bother You'
NEWSWEEK -- And his activism continued at San Francisco State, where he studied film while also making music and attending anti-racist protests. (During one, at a white supremacist rally, he tossed soda cans at the heads of police officers — a detail that makes it into “Sorry to Bother You.”) In 2011, he was a spokesperson for the Occupy Oakland movement, protesting local foreclosures and police brutality.
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Radical as Ever, Former Student Boots Riley Takes on the Tech Boom
WIRED -- His house was always political — his parents met during the San Francisco State student strike in 1968 and his father Walter’s activism infected his son. Boots participated in his first strike, at a cannery in Watsonville, when he was 14. He joined the Progressive Labor Party the next year.

Meanwhile, Riley still needed to prepare to shoot his first feature. He had studied film two and a half decades before at San Francisco State, but knew he had to relearn everything. He says he “just went out and snatched mentors” wherever he could find them.
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Former Student Boots Riley Mines His Experiences as Telemarketer in 'Sorry To Bother You'
NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, FRESH AIR -- I was at film school in San Francisco State, and at that time, the school was more — I found it to be more focused on experimental film and documentary. You know, I was interested in narrative and things that could reach many people. And going to school in San Francisco, you’re not going to meet as many people that are making films as you would if you went to film school in New York or LA.

So we got a record deal where they were actually offering me money to do music, to do my art. So I quit school really quickly and did that instead. We just happened to be at the right time and the right place because the Bay Area, specifically Oakland, was a place that every record label decided they needed a group from. So we rode that wave that was started by people like Digital Underground, Too Short and MC Hammer.
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Gift from Neda Nobari Foundation Established SF State's Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies
INSIDE PHILANTHROPY -- Then there’s the Neda Nobari Foundation. Its namesake immigrated to the U.S. from Iran in 1978 when she was 15. She graduated from San Francisco State in 1984 and went on to work at Bebe Stores, where she served as vice chair. She has since turned to philanthropy, with a focus on promoting social and environmental justice through arts and education. Her $5 million gift to San Francisco State University in 2016 established the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies, the first academic center of its kind in the U.S.
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Former Student Boots Riley Explains How He Made 'Sorry To Bother You'
GIZMODO AUSTRALIA -- “I started out in film school at San Francisco State and quit film school when we got a record deal.

“That film school at the time was very focused on documentary and experimental film, so it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I think they may have changed their focus, because after that Coppola’s brother took over the department for a little while. ...

“Also, that was the time when Spike Lee came out and there was all this energy around new young filmmakers. Being at San Francisco State where the focus was experimental and documentary film at the time, I was like, ‘Who’s going to watch a documentary?’ This was before Michael Moore’s hit films so, the answer then was very few people. And experimental film was going to be seen in museums.”
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Artist's Life: Alum Emily Fromm, Painter of Urban Landscapes
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Five years out of San Francisco State, Fromm has succeeded as an artist living in the city, as measured by the fact that she is still an artist living in the city. She has a solo exhibition scheduled and a new commission for a long-term art installation at San Francisco International Airport.

Fromm works in acrylic, a synthetic paint, because it is cheaper than oil, dries faster and is less toxic, an important consideration in the kitchen.

When Fromm started, she had a full-time day job as an office manager, 40 hours a week or more. As she started to sell her paintings, she was gradually able to cut back to three days.

“Painting is just not enough to survive on,” she says. “I still need something to supplement it.”
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Boots Riley Received His First Record Deal While Attending SF State
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- It’s Boots Riley and “Sorry to Bother You” Day on The Big Event! Riley and Lakeith Stanfield drop by the San Francisco Chronicle to talk about the movie, Riley’s early decision to pursue music instead of filmmaking and pay tribute to Pam the Funkstress.

“I went to San Francisco State for film. And I was also doing music, and we got a record deal at the time,” Riley says. “And I quit doing film. ... Most of the people [at San Francisco State] at the time were doing more experimental or documentary. Most of them, not everybody. And the people that you knew that graduated and did something big was like, they were working for [Industrial Light and Magic], which is not making your own film. So getting a record deal, that was closer to making my own art and being able to the thing I wanted to say.”
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Alum LaRon Mitchell: Heavyweight Boxer and Elementary-School Teacher
EASTSIDE BOXING -- Mitchell, in addition to maintaining a full-time career in boxing, works professionally as a physical education teacher at an elementary school in Oakland. The southpaw and graduate of San Francisco State credits his educator role for his success in the ring.

“The discipline that I need for a career in boxing comes from my teaching experience,” Mitchell said. “Every hour of every day is planned out. I can’t miss a day in training and make it up later in the week like most guys because there are no extra days for me.”
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Best-selling Author Anne Rice Earned Master's Degree from San Francisco State
CHRONICLES -- Anne Rice is a manufacturer of best-sellers. Born in New Orleans in 1941, she was called Howard Allen (her father’s name) O’Brien; her mother found that “interesting.” The child adopted the name Anne. Her mother died of alcoholism in 1955. Anne attended Catholic schools in New Orleans until the family moved to Richardson, Texas.

Her husband of four decades, the late Stan Rice, a visual artist and poet, was a high-school classmate there. They went to California; Anne ultimately got a master’s degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State, where Stan taught that subject. In 1989, they left California for New Orleans.

Her first novel, “Interview With a Vampire,” appeared in 1973. Subsequent titles, including such words as vampire, witches, devil, damned and mummy, suggest exploitation of public credulity and ghoulishness. Her books have sold more than 100 million copies. Three films were drawn from her work, and a 2001 miniseries was based on “The Feast of All Saints.” She herself wrote the text of a vampire musical, starring Elton John. In 1998 she returned to her childhood Catholicism.
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Former Student Boots Riley's Parents Met During SF State Strike in 1960s
ROLLING STONE -- He was born in Chicago, but his parents, who met during a student-led strike at San Francisco State University, returned to the Bay Area when he was 6.

By high school, he was helping organize farmworkers in California’s Central Valley. As an undergrad at San Francisco State, he studied film, hoping to be the next Spike Lee; instead, the music he wrote for his Super 8 shorts ended up becoming demos for the Coup. Released as an EP in 1991, these songs caught the attention of the hip-hop label Wild Pitch, and soon Riley’s dreams of filmmaking had been sidetracked by a record deal.
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Alum Howard Wiley Leads Funk, Soul-Infused Band Extra Nappy
BERKELEYSIDE -- He earned a coveted spot in the Berkeley High Jazz Band as a freshman, but ended up dropping out of the ensemble after one semester. Looking for a bigger challenge, Wiley convinced Dee Spencer to let him join the San Francisco State big band. After a few years he ended up leading the combo and competing at a collegiate level.

“At first I got my ass handed to me playing at SF State, just like I did in Faye Carol’s living room with John Turk, but it helped me get better,” Wiley says. “I was always chasing that thing.”
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Is Hollywood Ready for Boots Riley? Former Student's Debut Film Poised to be Big Hit
MOTHER JONES -- Set in Oakland, “Sorry to Bother You” was inspired by Riley’s stints as a telemarketer during film school at San Francisco State University — he dropped out after landing a record deal — and later between Coup albums.

“I always had some sort of sales job from the time I was 11. I was the kid knocking on your door selling subscriptions, saying, ‘I need one more subscription to get to Disneyland,’” he told me. “I became, for the wrong reasons, good at listening to people — to figure out how to sell them stuff.”

Riley came to political activism on his own, but it’s fair to say he was born into it. His father, Oakland attorney Walter Riley, was raised in segregated Durham, North Carolina, where he took part in lunch counter sit-ins and voter registration drives and eventually became a field secretary for the Congress of Racial Equality. During the 1960s, at San Francisco State University, Walter protested the Vietnam War as a member of Students for a Democratic Society, and became a leader in the Progressive Labor Party.
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Remembering the Radical Life of Former Student Vonetta McGee, Blaxploitation's Forgotten Hero
VICE, BROADLY -- McGee was born in 1945, an objectively awful time for African-American actresses. Before the late 60s, roles were rare, and pretty insulting. “There weren’t many multidimensional roles for [Black women] beyond ‘The Mammy’ or ‘The Exotic Other,’” says Yvonne D. Sims, the author of “Women of Blaxploitation: How The Black Heroine Changed American Popular Culture,” pointing to Hattie McDaniel’s loyal “mammy” in “Gone With the Wind” and Dorothy Dandridge’s recurrent exoticized roles in movies like “Sundown” and “Tarzan’s Peril.”

This environment served as the backdrop to McGee’s years at San Francisco State College. She studied pre-law and acted with racially conscious black theatre group Aldridge Players West. Eventually, McGee dropped out of college and jetted abroad to seek acting work. In 1968, she landed major roles in the Italian films “Faustina” and “The Great Silence.” Her risk had paid off—though director Alex Cox, who cast McGee in his 1984 film “Repo Man,” speculates that her international start may have hindered her longevity.
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Former Student Boots Riley Discusses his Film 'Sorry to Bother You'
MILLENNIALS ARE KILLING CAPITALISM -- In this week’s short episode, we sit down with filmmaker and musician Boots Riley to talk about his debut film “Sorry To Bother You,” which hits theatres everywhere July 13. He recently received Sundance Film Festival’s Vanguard Award for the film.

“I actually started out in film school before [our band, The Coup] did our first album,” he says. “I was in film school at SF State when we got our record deal and decided to do music instead.”
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Alum Jose Antonio Vargas Has School Named in His Honor
MOUNTAIN VIEW PATCH -- Vargas was 12 years old when he emigrated with his family from the Philippines to the U.S. After graduating from Mountain View High School in 2000 and San Francisco State University in 2004, his career in journalism included stints at San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, Philadelphia Daily News and Huffington Post.

Now 37 years old, Vargas is the founder and CEO of Define American, described as “the nation’s leading nonprofit media and culture organization that fights injustice and anti-immigrant hate through the power of storytelling.” His forthcoming memoir, “Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen,” will be published by HarperCollins in fall 2018, according to Joseantoniovargas.com.

“I don’t really have words for how meaningful this honor is, I’ve been speechless for a few days,” Vargas told CNN. “I hope that this is a school where students and their families feel welcome in America, no matter where they come from.”
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Alum Nik Oczkus Honored at Cannes Film Festival
MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL -- Nik Oczkus, class of 2013, earned the trip to Cannes with his original film, “To the Writers,” which came in as one of the top four films at the San Francisco State University Campus Movie Festival in 2017.

After graduating from San Francisco State with a degree in film in 2017, Oczkus landed a job back in Novato, working for NCTV, Novato’s local community television station.

Oczkus is staying busy since returning from Cannes.

“I am working with my film school friends (the Crew) on making as many short films as we can,” he said. “Right now we have a comedy, a western and horror film in the works.”
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Fairfield University Art Museum Receives Gift from SF State Alum James M. Reed
FAIRFIELD SUN (CONNECTICUT) -- Assembled over several decades by artist, collector and master printer James Reed, the collection, which will be given in its entirety, consists of more than 1,500 prints spanning the 16th through the early 21st centuries. The great strength of the Reed collection is 19th-century French etching and lithography. Géricault, Delacroix, Daumier, Manet, Redon and Fantin-Latour are among the major artists of the period represented. More than 30 old master prints dating from the 16th-18th centuries are also included.

Reed has taught printmaking as an adjunct professor of fine arts for more than 30 years. He studied at University of Missouri, Kansas City; San Francisco State University; Tamarind Institute; and University of New Mexico, and had a curatorial and conservation internship at the Achenbach Foundation in San Francisco. He was a curatorial assistant for the print collection at San Francisco State University and is manager and curator of the Gabor Peterdi International Print Collection at Silvermine Art Center in New Canaan, Connecticut.
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Former Student Howard Bryant: NFL Fight Is About Police Brutality, Not the Flag
THE GUARDIAN -- Howard Bryant is a columnist for ESPN the Magazine and the author of “The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America and the Politics of Patriotism.” He wrote this opinion piece about the controversy surrounding the national anthem protests in the National Football League.

“I was 23 years old in April 1992, when a Simi Valley jury infamously acquitted the four officers charged with the vicious, unknowingly videotaped beating of Rodney King. I was a nobody, just an editorial assistant at the Oakland Tribune attending San Francisco State University, but I had thoughts.

“I believed that despite the national outrage — which was followed by the worst rioting in the history of the nation — an acquittal was the only possible outcome for an America that, in the famous phrase of Martin Luther King Jr, consistently chose order over justice. To acknowledge the guilt of the officers in a court of law, I remember writing, would have required the white mainstream to acknowledge the historical black grievance of police brutality, which it has never done. Secondarily, it would also have to acknowledge that police were not only capable of acting abhorrently but actually did so routinely. White society, I wrote, was not ready to acknowledge either. I concluded the leap was too great.

“Mary Ellen Butler, the Tribune op-ed editor, did not seem to appreciate what she considered a radical opinion, especially coming from a college student whose job it was to open mail and retrieve the afternoon papers. She stripped the story of its life, then published it not as a bold thought piece by a young reporter with thoughts — but as a letter to the editor, just some random dude at a typewriter. It was an insult, a pat on the head to go back to the kids’ table.”
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Alum Matt Woebcke is a San Francisco Realtor
SONOMA INDEX-TRIBUNE -- “I’ve always enjoyed helping people so I thought between helping people find and sell their house and then working with beautiful homes, it was kind of the perfect match for me,” said Woebcke.

Despite this realization and the determination that followed, Woebcke was discouraged by a high school teacher. He was told he was too young to pursue real estate right after high school, so when he graduated in 1998, he headed to San Francisco State University to pursue a degree in speech communications, and became the first person in his family to graduate from college. He then used his degree to go into banking and finance. While this wasn’t exactly what he wanted to do, looking back, he sees how his experiences post-college contributed to his current career and his drive to pursue his real estate goals.
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Brother of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Attended SF State
HEAVY -- Fletcher, who like his sister went to Berkeley Prep in Tampa, graduated from Wake Forest University in 1997 with a degree in psychology and a minor in religion. Fletcher Nielsen, 42, also studied jazz performance, focusing on piano, at San Francisco State University.
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Alum Charles Hall Invented the Waterbed as His Grad Design Project in Human Comfort
NAPLES DAILY NEWS (FLORIDA) -- It’s been nearly 50 years since Charles Hall first unveiled the waterbed in San Francisco.

Hall, then a graduate student in product design at San Francisco State University, said he designed the waterbed as his graduate design project in human comfort. The design started as a chair, which Hall described as “very comfortable, but not very practical” because it weighed nearly 300 pounds and its gelatinous material swallowed those who dared to sit in it. He decided beds were a better fit, and a staple of the 1970s and '80s was born.

“It was the right atmosphere, right time, right place for waterbeds because that was a very creative era in San Francisco — Summer of Love and Jefferson Airplane and all that stuff,” Hall said.
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Alum Rachel Aston Wins Regional Emmy for Second Straight Year
LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL -- Aston, nominated three times in two categories, won Emmys for her videos “The Moulin Rouge: A Fight For The West Side” in the News Historical/Cultural category and “Vegas Stripped: Raw Power” in the News Arts/Entertainment category.

The awards mark the fifth and sixth Emmy wins in her career.

“It’s always great to be recognized for your work when that’s what you’re passionate about,” Aston said Saturday night.

This fall will mark Aston’s third year at the Review-Journal. She is a May 2015 graduate of San Francisco State University.
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Alum Kevin Anderson Named Finalist for Fresno State Athletics Director
FRESNO BEE -- Anderson, 62, resigned as athletics director at Maryland on April 13 toward the end of a six-month sabbatical.

He is a California native and graduate of San Francisco State and led the Terps’ athletics department for eight years, which included a move to the Big Ten from the Atlantic Coast Conference and the development of a $196 million plan to renovate and expand Cole Field House. An indoor football practice facility, the first phase of that project, was opened in August 2017.
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Alum Annette Bening Discusses Chekhov's 'The Seagull'
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- As it happened, Bening had a longstanding interest in Chekhov, dating back to her days as a Bay Area stage actor in the early 1980s.

“I had worked on Chekhov in school at San Francisco State and ACT (American Conservatory Theater),” Bening says. In fact, she had played Irina before as an M.F.A. student at American Conservatory Theater.
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Alum Steve 'The Schmoozer' Somers Among 'Heavy 100 of Sports Talk'
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Steve Somers is ranked No. 67. Somers attended San Francisco State and UC Berkeley, then did talk shows on KABL and KNEW and anchored sportscasts on KPIX. He has been on WFAN in New York since 1987. Known as “The Schmoozer,” he did the all-night show for years and now appears in various evening hours, depending on the station’s coverage of local games.
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Alum Craig Baldwin Screens His 1991 Alien-Conspiracy Classic, 'Tribulation 99'
CHICAGO READER -- Born in 1952, Baldwin has a long history of subverting the mainstream narrative: his early short “Stolen Movie” (1976) was composed of Super-8 footage he shot off the screens of commercial movie houses, and “Wild Gunman” (1978), which screens with “Tribulation 99,” explodes the western-hero stereotypes that gave birth to the Marlboro Man.

At San Francisco State University in the early 1980s, Baldwin studied under experimental filmmaker Bruce Conner and learned how to create mental associations between radically different images. As a boy, Baldwin had been interested in filmmaking and liked to splice together footage from the Super-8 films, condensed from Hollywood releases, that you could buy at camera stores before the age of video. During the ’80s and ’90s he amassed an archive of some 2,500 celluloid films, most of them procured from schools, libraries and other institutions that were dumping their 16-millimeter collections in favor of VHS. These have become the raw materials for a series of screen provocations, including the vast SF conspiracy of “Tribulation 99.”
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Alum Cathy Sandeen Named Chancellor of University of Alaska, Anchorage
KTVA-CHANNEL 11 (ANCHORAGE, ALASKA) -- “In joining our leadership team, Cathy will bring a great perspective on engaging our faculty and staff on strategies to increase enrollment and student success,” University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen said. “My discussions with Cathy convinced me that she understands the range of issues facing UAA, and she is committed to supporting our faculty and engaging our alumni. I’m confident that she will quickly become part of the Anchorage community. UAA is a great university poised for growth in support of the higher education needs of our students, our region and our state.”

Sandeen earned a master’s degree in broadcast communication from San Francisco State University and a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology from Humboldt State University.
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Alum Kara Herold Makes Movie about Boys and Babies
CINESOURCE -- Herold's last film, “Bachelorette 34” (2007), essentially a documentary on the same subject, featured her mother spouting such retro lines as: “Put on makeup. Be more perky. Go out on a mission and look for Mr. Right.”

Nevertheless, layered with drawings, found footage and Herold's introspective humor, it was accepted by and premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. That was when Herold realized her style was viable and her mother was very funny — so why not whip out a quick companion piece.

Alas, “39 and a Half” blew up into a feature film with a full crew and SAG actors, including Beth Lisick, the excellent Bay Area thespian, known from “Pushing Dead” (2016) and “Everything Strange and New” (2009), as well as tons of Herold's patented animation.

As it happens, although Herold teaches film in Syracuse, New York, she returns to the Bay every summer because she attended San Francisco State, has lots of friends here and loves the scene.
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Alum Teddy Hulsker Forges Agency with New Play 'Barn Owl'
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Johnson and Hulsker met while collaborating on “Pansy” at New Conservatory Theatre Center in 2013, shortly after Hulsker, a 28-year-old Mill Valley native, graduated from San Francisco State University’s theater program. There, Hulsker focused on sound design, not because that was his single burning passion but because that “was a way that I could do a ton of work, because there weren’t a ton of sound designers,” he says. “I think I’ve always thought of myself as more of a theater artist. I just want to do everything.”
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Journalist Emil Guillermo Remembers His Cousin, Alum Stephen Guillermo
DIVERSE ISSUES IN HIGHER EDUCATION -- When I think of graduation time, I don’t think about my own crossing the stage in cap and gown drag. Nor do I think of my kids.

I think about my cousin Stephen, who I saw as the second coming of my father. Stephen came to the U.S. an immigrant when he was 8 years old from the Philippines. He practically traced my father’s footsteps and then exceeded them. He received his Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from San Francisco State University in 2014.

But there is a digression. The degree came a few weeks after his violent gun death.

It was a posthumous degree, but it didn’t have to be.
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Stuck in Legal Limbo, Alum Denia Perez Leads Fight for Dreamers to Practice Law
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR/ASSOCIATED PRESS -- Perez, who grew up in Northern California and has a degree from San Francisco State University in Women and Gender Studies, also plans to apply to the bar in New York. She is beginning a two-year fellowship with an organization called Make The Road New York, working with people facing deportation.

She said she feels it's her responsibility to expand on the work other DACA students have done securing privileges in Connecticut, such as in-state tuition. This year, they successfully lobbied lawmakers for access to public financial aid.
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SF State Celebrates Class of 2018 at 117th Commencement
SF STATE NEWS -- Speakers at San Francisco State University’s 117th Commencement urged the class of 2018 to put their passion into action and tackle the big issues facing the world today.

“I call on each of you to actively care about a cause, commit to a cure, devote your time, your talent and your treasure in good conscience and with courage,” the evening’s featured speaker, humanitarian, physician and alumna Ramona Tascoe, M.D., told a crowd of approximately 33,000 graduates and guests at AT&T Park. “Because our nation cannot survive on passive citizenship.”

San Francisco State conferred more than 8,400 undergraduate and graduate degrees to its latest graduating class, and around 4,700 new graduates were in attendance at the Commencement ceremony.

In addition to the undergraduate and graduate degrees conferred during the ceremony, honorary degrees were presented to two other SF State alumni: Grammy-winning conductor and music director Kent Nagano (M.A., ’76), who’s worked with orchestras around the world, and Randy Hayes (M.A., ’83), the Rainforest Action Network founder who’s been called “an environmental pit bull” by The Wall Street Journal.
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Alum Don Gibson Named Dean at Manhattan College
RIVERDALE PRESS -- Gibson joins the school after 16 years at Connecticut’s Fairfield University. He earned his bachelor’s at the University of California in 1981 before earning a master’s in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University a few years later.

That took him on a path quite different from other business school deans — he had a career behind-the-scenes of television shows in the late 1980s, like “Falcon Crest.”

“It was an exciting place to be, and there were strict deadlines,” Gibson said. “It was fun working with creative people, but your life is devoted to a TV show, and I wanted to grow beyond that.”
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Taking on the System, 'Dreamer,' Alum Denia Perez Gets Law Degree
THE INDIANA LAWYER -- Perez, who grew up in Northern California and has a degree from San Francisco State University in Women and gender studies, also plans to apply to the bar in New York. She is beginning a two-year fellowship with an organization called Make The Road New York, working with people facing deportation.

She said she feels it’s her responsibility to expand on the work other DACA students have done securing privileges in Connecticut, such as in-state tuition. This year, they successfully lobbied lawmakers for access to public financial aid.
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Ukiah High School Honors Alumna Timothy Near
UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL -- Timothy (Timi) Near graduated from Ukiah High in 1962. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of arts in theatre at San Francisco State College, attended Advanced Acting School New York City and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Timi performed with the Holly Near Tour from 1975 to 1985. She has appeared in television and stage performances all over the USA.
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How Former Student Boots Riley Infiltrated Hollywood
THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE -- One of Riley’s influences in revolutionary thinking was his father. As a San Francisco State student in the 1960s, Walter Riley was an anti-Vietnam War activist; in 1968 he drove a Muni bus around the city and helped establish a rank-and-file caucus of fellow drivers. He later volunteered as a housing-and-welfare-rights advocate in Chicago, where Boots was born, then as an auto-industry organizer in Detroit. By the time Boots was 13, they were back in Oakland, where Walter, deciding that he could do good as a civil rights and criminal-defense lawyer, went to law school and started a practice.

In 1989 Boots enrolled at San Francisco State himself, studying film. “I did shorts, but they were style exercises, very abstract, figuring it out,” he recalled.
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Greg Dunham in the Scene Shop: Once a Gator, Always a Gator
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- SF State alumni Greg Dunham has worked as the scene shop director at State for the past 19 years, encouraging students to pursue a career in theater.

“I love this job I can’t imagine doing anything else, it’s a perfect fit for me,” Dunham said with warmth.

Jack Weinstock, a Cinema major and scene shop assistant, had very positive accolades to give about his work with Dunham.

“He is an extraordinarily cheerful and positive person,” Weinstock said. “I’d rather be here honestly than anywhere else.”
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Five Fun Facts You Didn't Know about Alum Kari Byron
TV OVERMIND -- Kari Byron is an American television host and artist and has a rather interesting background and life when you really get into her bio. There are some things about her that might seem common and quite plain but then there are others that might make a person go “huh?”

5. She graduated magna cum laude from San Francisco State University.
4. She was a cast member on “Mythbusters.”
3. She’s a confirmed atheist.
2. She’s a germaphobe.
1. She’s a pescatarian.
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Commemorating a 'Champion of Justice'
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Gabriela Sanchez was a SF State student expected to graduate this spring with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts.

On July 18, 2017, Sanchez died early in the morning when a semi-truck collided with her car while she was driving to her 4am shift at Starbucks in Los Banos, California. She was 23 years old.

She is remembered by family and friends as a passionate young woman who cared deeply for her family and fellow undocumented students.

Many of Sanchez’s friends called her a “Champion of Justice” who fought for the disenfranchised and was passionate about becoming a role model for her fellow undocumented students.

“She was a light in this world and my best friend,” said Ola Lulu Elatta, a friend of Sanchez. “She was there for me through so much and I knew she was going to do amazing things.”
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Alum Pam Dorr's Plan to Solve Bay Area Housing Problem: 10,000 Tiny, Backyard Homes
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- What do these two places have in common: Hale County, Alabama, one of the nation’s poorest communities, and Silicon Valley, one of the nation’s richest?

People can’t afford homes in either place, says Pam Dorr, director of affordable housing at Menlo Park-based nonprofit Soup.

That’s why after spending 15 years helping to produce affordable homes in Hale County, Dorr is bringing the lessons she learned in rural Alabama to the Bay Area, eager to try her hand at solving the region’s housing woes. Her goal is to build 10,000 homes in 10 years, by erecting prefabricated granny flats in backyards or on other unused parcels.

“If we think of each of us as being a partial solution to homelessness, it’s one way we can help,” she says.

Dorr received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University.
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Seagull' Movie Another Prime Chekhov Role for Alum Annette Bening
SF EXAMINER -- That her experience was almost Chekhovian in its mix of tragedy and comedy is not lost on Bening, whose role in the third film by stage director Michael Mayer (a Tony winner for “Spring Awakening”) isn’t surprising. She has a long history with the 19th-century Russian dramatist’s plays.

As a student, she starred in “Three Sisters” at San Francisco State University. She played her current movie role, Irina Arkadina, in “The Seagull” at American Conservatory Theater while studying for her master’s degree; and appeared in “The Cherry Orchard” with the Denver Center Theatre Company in 1986 (as well as in Los Angeles in 2006).
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SF State to Honor three Alumni, 8,500 Grads at 117th Commencement
SF STATE NEWS -- Physician and humanitarian Ramona Tascoe (B.A., ’70), environmental activist Randall Hayes (M.A., ’83) and Grammy award-winning musician and conductor Kent Nagano (M.A., ’76) will be honored at San Francisco State University’s 117th Commencement ceremony on May 24 at AT&T Park.

Tascoe is the featured Commencement speaker, while Hayes and Nagano will receive honorary doctorates.

Ramona Tascoe earned a special triple major in political science, sociology and psychology. As a result of her fearless commitment to her ideals, she became an essential part of the University’s enduring legacy. In 1967, Tascoe took part in campus protests that grew into the historic student strike of 1968, which led to the creation of the College of Ethnic Studies.

After studying sociology and music at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Kent George Nagano came to SF State and earned a master’s degree in Music. After graduating, he landed his first conducting job as an assistant conductor with the Opera Company of Boston. He eventually returned to Berkeley to become the music director of the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra — a position he would hold for the next 30 years.
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Alum Denia Perez Urges Revising Law to Allow Dreamers to Practice Law
JD JOURNAL -- Perez said, “My whole life has been uncertain. Getting into college was uncertain and getting through it and paying for it was uncertain. But being a lawyer has always been a dream of mine.” She earned her undergraduate from San Francisco State University in 2012 in Women and Gender Studies.
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Alumnae Erin and Jamie Schonauer Win Award for Nonfiction Book 'Early Burbank'
SANTA CLARITA VALLEY NEWS -- The twins are freelance writers for children’s magazines and members of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Children’s Writing Guild. Their media work with Radio Disney earned the Schonauer twins a Star Award from the Bay Area Society for Television, Advertising and Radio. Both sisters earned a master’s degree in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University. Their work has appeared in award-winning publications.
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Alum Heather Nichols Wins Service Award from UC San Francisco
UCSF NEWS CENTER -- Project manager Heather Nichols has been with UCSF since 2001, starting when she was a full-time student at San Francisco State University, and has worked in various campus offices before landing in the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging in 2015. Her job description focuses on managing projects for quality, safety and operations activities, but she has taken on a number of supplemental roles.

“Because of her skills and passion, she is frequently called upon by faculty leadership for various projects which often involve activity outside the department. Her motivation and performance is not self-serving, but rather she seeks to improve performance on measures that will enhance patient experience and care,” said Mary Bobel, chief administrative officer of radiology and biomedical imaging, in nominating Nichols. “Heather has an outstanding reputation in the department and serves as a ‘go to’ person because the radiology faculty and staff recognize that she is committed to the values of UCSF and will drive a project to completion.”
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Alum Jessica Christian Discusses Her Photojournalism Origins
STORIED SF -- In part 1, San Francisco Chronicle photographer Jessica Christian shared the stories of two homeless men that had two very different endings.

In this episode, Jessica takes us through the early days of her career as a photojournalist, through protests, riots, and eventually the funeral of Stephon Clark. By her count, since 2013, she has had seven full days when she didn’t have a job or internship.

“When I was a student, I interned at the Chronicle, and that was the best experience for me, learning the field,” she says. “I love SF State. Shout out to the Journalism program. They were amazing getting our feet on the ground early. But I feel like I learned a lot more just being at a paper at a young age,” she says.
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How an Alum Joined the Left's Radical Ranks
ROLLING STONE -- It was only when he left for grad school in 2013, heading off to San Francisco State, that he finally found a language for his politics.
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Alum Danny Glover Leads Rally Supporting Unions, Impoverished Workers
SACRAMENTO BEE -- Glover asked those in attendance to support teachers and other unionized employees, frequently recounting Dr. Martin Luther King’s work alongside impoverished people.

Glover is known for his roles in movies such as the “Lethal Weapon” franchise, “The Color Purple” and “Predator 2.” A Bay Area native, he joined the Black Student Union while studying at San Francisco State and has publicly supported many left-leaning causes.
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Thanks to Alum Denia Perez, Some Non-U.S. Citizens Can Practice Law in Connecticut
NEW HAVEN REGISTER (CONNECTICUT) -- It has been a long journey for Denia Perez.

Brought here by her parents from Mexico when she was 11 months old, not only has she now graduated from law school, she and her law professor mentor Monday secured a rules change that will make it possible for Perez and certain other non-citizens to practice law in the state.

There were many twists and turns as she pursued courses toward a college education when she had saved enough money to do so in California. She graduated from San Francisco State University in 2012 and had a full scholarship to Quinnipiac.

Her parents now have green cards having been sponsored by their eldest son, while her other two brothers are also citizens, leaving her as the only undocumented member of her family.
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Youth in Prison Camp: Their Time in Lens of Alum Brian L. Frank
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- He earned his bachelor’s degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University in 2007, and 10 years later had an assignment from a big national magazine to shoot inmate firefighters. One of the camps he visited turned out to be Pine Grove, the last remaining camp in California that trains juvenile felons to be firefighters. He finished the inmate firefighter story, then returned on his own to the juvenile camp.

“I was really interested in continuing there because I had a connection with the guys and wanted to continue working with them,” he says.
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Alum Denia Perez Aims to Change Regulations Barring DACA Recipients from Practicing Law
CONNECTICUT LAW TRIBUNE/YAHOO FINANCE -- Perez graduated from San Francisco State University in 2012 with a degree in Women and Gender Studies before attending Quinnipiac. Now a New Haven resident, she told the Connecticut Law Tribune many people are unaware of the obstacles to U.S. citizenship.

“The immigration laws are complicated,” she said. “You can get a green card if you qualify as a refugee or based on humanitarian reasons. Those are often done on a case-by-case basis.”
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Lecturer Ruby Frischer Discusses Facial Feminization Surgery
OAKLAND NORTH -- Frischer worked three jobs to fund her surgery, working at In N Out, at a restaurant as a cook and teaching at San Francisco State University in the English Department. “I saved all my money, literally cleared out my bank account,” Frischer said. She spent a total of $13,000 on her surgery, and was supported by her partner at the time, who was in turn transitioning from female to male. (Frischer’s former partner uses the pronoun “they.”)
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Alum Sarah Braasch Under Fire for Racially Charged Incident
HEAVY.COM -- Sarah Braasch is scheduled to complete her Ph.D. in philosophy in 2020, according to Yale University’s website. The 43-year-old previously graduated from the University of Minnesota with two engineering degrees, aerospace and mechanical, and then graduated from Fordham Law School in 2009. She is a member of the New York State bar, according to Yale. After law school, Braasch worked for a human rights organization in France and also studied Philosophy at San Francisco State.
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Alum Keba Konte's Red Bay Coffee Fuels a Commitment to Diversity
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- I grew up in San Francisco, which is a town that prides itself on being inclusive and open-minded. I was a student at San Francisco State University, which has a rich history of radical thought and political activism.

This environment really shaped my thinking about how to be in the world. So, when I started purchasing for the business, I’ve been keenly aware of the political ramifications of how I spend my money. And we’ve tried to bring more diversity and inclusion into this industry.
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Alum Carrie Dieterich to Retire from Entertainment Merchants Association
MEDIA PLAY NEWS -- Dieterich began her entertainment industry career in television and feature film production, working as a production coordinator on several theatrical and made-for-television movies. She also served as a production executive for the late film director Blake Edwards. Prior to joining the Entertainment Merchants Association, she worked in the theatrical marketing department of Columbia Pictures.

Dieterich earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University.
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Alum Lance Ohnmeiss Is Artistic Director of Northern Appalachian Wind Symphony
WILLIAMSPORT SUN-GAZETTE (PENNSYLVANIA) -- Ohnmeiss has been committed to music and academic study of scores and conducting styles for a very long time. Following his 2010 graduation from San Francisco State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in music education, he conducted ensembles in the San Francisco Bay Area.

During his time at the University, he served as the student conductor of the wind ensemble, was the founder of the SFSU Gator Band, and was a regular guest conductor for the Daly City Community Band.

He went on to earn a master’s degree in conducting from Messiah College, Grantham, and for three years, Ohnmeiss served as the director of the Williamsport Imperial Teteques, the oldest masonic band in the United States, until it disbanded a few years ago.
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Alum Michelle Gordon Runs for School Board in North Merrick, New York
NEWSDAY (LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK) -- Gordon, 48, has lived in the district for eight years. Gordon worked for 25 years as a senior business manager and director of business affairs for advertising agencies in Manhattan. She left the industry last year for personal reasons. Gordon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University.

Gordon is an executive board member of the Loukoumi Foundation, an anti-bullying advocacy group, a PTA member at Old Mill Road School, and serves on the district technology committee. At Old Mill Road School, Gordon introduced the International Day of Happiness, which was observed in March for the third time, and this year included the Grit Initiative, a program that helps students build confidence. Gordon’s two children attend a district public school. This is her first run for the school board.
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Alum Grant Olson Stars in 'Sylvia' in Alaska Theatre
MAT-SU VALLEY FRONTIERMAN (WASILLA, ALASKA) -- Olson admitted that he is in the twilight of his career in theatre. Since 1980, he’s acted and directed in dozens of plays in the valley, Anchorage and beyond after getting his Master of Arts in theatre from the San Francisco State University in his younger and more vulnerable years.

“I’ve slowed down a bit. It’s been a while since I last acted,” Olson said.
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Alum Denia Perez to Focus Law Career on Immigration Issues in New York
RECORD-JOURNAL (MERIDEN, CONNECTICUT) -- Perez graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in women’s and gender studies the year DACA went into effect.

“I was worrying about whether or not I’d be able to get a job and use my degree,” she said, “and it came in a very timely moment.”

At the time, she was interning at Dolores Street Community Services in San Francisco.

“I was able to help other people file their (DACA) applications,” she said. “I filed my own, and when I got my work permit, I was able to get a paid job.”
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