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september 2018
Computer and coding books from Usborne
"Many of today's tech professionals were inspired by the Usborne computing books they read as children. The books included program listings for such iconic computers as the ZX Spectrum, the BBC Micro and the Commodore 64, and are still used in some computer clubs today."
programming  coding  books  retro 
april 2018
Send your 3D design and have it printed
march 2018
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november 2017
Camp Mad Media: Expanding the Digital Literacy Toolkit for Educators | Library as Incubator Project
amp Mad Media is a quick-and-dirty workshop series that introduces educators, including teachers and librarians, to different digital literacy tools and concepts, while also providing hands-on play time ideas that they can easily incorporate into their classrooms during the school year.
ideas  staff  training  digitalliteracy 
august 2017
What every Browser knows about you
demonstration of what browser fingerprinting shows.
security  web  browser 
july 2017
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