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Series | No Straight Lines - gqgqqt
Clint grabs an empty mail envelope and a pen off the counter, then writes down four words and folds the envelope over once, looking uneasily down at it. "I'm just saying it's a thing I think about. But if it's over the line, tell me it's over the line and I won't bring it up again, okay?"
fandom:Avengers  Rating:NC-17  author:gqgqqt  kink:BDSM  Non-Con  Dubious-Con  kink:RolePlay  kink:ConsentPlay  EstablishedRelationships  Mood:WAFF  Clint/Coulson  HurtComfort  OutsiderPOV  wc:015001-030000  illness:PTSD 
march 2012 by sevter
Tough Guys in Tough Places - Sock_Marionette
This is an unauthorized sequel to "Give, Take" by Helens78. Fraser and Kowalski are in a kinky relationship, but they always negotiate. In that story, they extensively, hotly negogiate a rape fantasy scene, which then ends up happening and working out quite well.

In this story, they negotiate to play another scene using the characters they role-played before, but things do not go as well. In theme, it takes rather abrupt turn away from the source material.
author:SockMarionette  fandom:DueSouth  BentonFraser  RayKowalski  Fraser/RayK  Rating:NC-17  EstablishedRelationships  kink:BDSM  kink:Roleplay  wc:005001-010000 
january 2012 by sevter
Give, Take - helens78
Fraser and Ray have been talking about a particular kind of fantasy roleplay scene for a long time; it's just a matter of working out the details so they both feel safe about doing it.

|| Rape fantasy negotiation
Rating:NC-17  SMUT  author:Helens78  fandom:DueSouth  RayKowalski  BentonFraser  Fraser/RayK  kink:Roleplay 
november 2011 by sevter

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