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A Story Just Begun by Bergann
"Man, have you read about what's happening in San Francisco?" Nikki asks as Colby and David return with lunch, laughing at something behind her computer with Don.

"Should we have?" David asks, but doesn't wait for a response as he follows Colby into the break room to put down the food.

"Apparently there's a bunch of people calling in to the newspapers and police claiming they saw a floating city in the bay," Nikki says when they come back out, "The count is something like 150 over the past month. There's at least three calls a day and someone even claims to have snapped a picture, look."
author:Bergann  fandom:Numb3rs  fandom:SGA  ColbyGranger  EvanLorne  EarthSide  EstablishedRelationships  Rating:PG-13  wc:001001-005000  Crossovers 
april 2012 by sevter
Identity Crisis by ALEO
He frowned and thought that over. “I know a David. But that's not my name.” He said slowly. “I think it’s something like Dan?”
author:ALEO  fandom:Numb3rs  CharlieEppes  DonEppes  Gen  Rating:PG  illness:Amnesia 
october 2011 by sevter
Take a Long Line by Derry
Winchester isn't stupid. Dangerous, unpredictable and often reckless. But definitely not stupid. So there has to be a good reason that, knowing full well that he's on the FBI's radar, Dean Winchester brazenly walked into a Federal Building.
author:Derry  fandom:SPN  WinchesterBrothers  fandom:Numb3rs  Crossovers  CaseFiles  Gen  Rating:PG-13  DonEppes  CharlieEppes 
october 2011 by sevter
Belief by AudraRose
“Forget it, Charlie,” Don said, laying his hand on Charlie’s shoulder. “You’re right; it doesn’t matter. It’s just – the world I grew up in had a lot more magic in it. I wish you could have believed it for awhile.”
author:AudraRose  Gen  fandom:Numb3rs  CharlieEppes  DonEppes  ChildhoodFic 
july 2009 by sevter
The ZPM Equation by Cairis Rin
Stargate Numb3rs cross. Faced with some near impossible math, McKay thinks of an old childhood friend for help.
fandom:SGA  fandom:Numb3rs  Crossovers  DonEppes  CharlieEppes  RodneyMckay  CameronMitchell  Gen  author:CairisRin 
november 2008 by sevter
Where Parallel Lines Intersect by Flyingtapes
The thing about being in the military, especially being in the Air Forces, was that the people who always signed on for more knew more or less that they were lifers, that this was a career choice.
author:FlyingTapes  fandom:Numb3rs  Crossovers  AU  fandom:SGA  DavidParrish  EvanLorne  DonEppes  Lorne/Parrish 
november 2008 by sevter
Colby/Lorne Fics by bergann
The first one arrives twelve weeks after Evan’s left. Colby isn’t sure where to send a reply, and so he doesn’t think to write one. It turns out it doesn’t matter, they keep coming every twelve weeks anyway.
author:Bergann  fandom:Numb3rs  ColbyGranger  EvanLorne  fandom:SGA  Crossovers 
november 2008 by sevter
On Diving by Miriam Heddy
Charlie heard the slam of the front door, waiting a moment for Larry to announce himself before knowing, somehow, that it was Larry leaving, though he'd never heard him arrive.
Charlie/Larry  fandom:Numb3rs  CharlieEppes  LarryFleinhardt  author:MiriamHeddy 
october 2007 by sevter
Five Very Good Reasons Why Amita Just Does Not Like Larry Fleinhardt, PhD. by Amazonqueenkate
Amita has five very good reasons not to like Larry, and they're considered in length. Notes: The author doesn't like Amita and it shows.
author:AmazonQueenKate  Charlie/Larry  fandom:Numb3rs  LarryFleinhardt  CharlieEppes  AmitaRamanujan 
october 2007 by sevter
The Bachelor by Miriam Heddy
Larry and Charlie meets online. Then there's the auction.
fandom:Numb3rs  Charlie/Larry  CharlieEppes  LarryFleinhardt  AU 
october 2007 by sevter
"Law of Conservation" by Lucia Tanaka
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another. Notes: Not quite a deathfic, but not a ghostfic either.
fandom:Numb3rs  CharlieEppes  LarryFleinhardt  Gen  author:LuciaTanaka  Mood:Angst 
october 2007 by sevter
Sooner or Later (Numb3rs, C/L) by Audra Rose
Larry contemplates Charlie's new job with Don. Sort of a character study. With kissing.
author:AudraRose  CharlieEppes  fandom:Numb3rs  LarryFleinhardt  Charlie/Larry 
october 2007 by sevter
men(both little and small) by Miriam Heddy
Alan was out getting things for dinner, and due back shortly, and Don was apparently taking a shower before dinner, and so he decided to at least open the conversation. After all, his own car would be in the driveway, facilitating a quick exit should thin
fandom:Numb3rs  author:MiriamHeddy  Charlie/Larry  CharlieEppes  LarryFleinhardt 
october 2007 by sevter
Talking Out of School by Miriam Heddy
Protect the student. If there was a Hippocratic Oath for teachers, surely that was it. Protect them from others who would keep them from learning. Protect them from themselves and their immaturity, so that they can grow and learn. Protect them from your o
author:MiriamHeddy  Charlie/Larry  fandom:Numb3rs  CharlieEppes  LarryFleinhardt 
october 2007 by sevter
Impending Armageddon by Miriam Heddy
"Charles, perhaps it would be best to inform your father about the impending Armageddon." —Larry Fleinhardt to Charlie Eppes, "Dirty Bomb." "Well, listen, Dad, whenever I have a girlfriend, I will let you know by putting a note on the refrigerator." –
author:MiriamHeddy  fandom:Numb3rs  CharlieEppes  LarryFleinhardt  Charlie/Larry  mood:Humour 
october 2007 by sevter
Lost Boys by Knotted Rose
Don's successful in his chosen field. His superiors have shown their appreciation for him by promoting him, giving him his own team. His father is proud of him.

Then Charlie comes into the picture.
fandom:Numb3rs  Don/Charlie  DonEppes  CharlieEppes  author:KnottedRose  Mood:Angst 
october 2007 by sevter
In His Head by Layton Colt
Don can't see in numbers, and Charlie can't see anything else.
author:LaytonColt  fandom:Numb3rs  CharlieEppes  DonEppes  Mood:Angst 
september 2007 by sevter
Changing the Rules by Jennamajig
Don's sick and Charlie steps in, but Don doesn't do well with the role reversal.
author:Jennamajig  fandom:Numb3rs  DonEppes  CharlieEppes  Gen 
september 2007 by sevter
What Happens in Vegas by Dira Sudis
If there were a twelve-step program for fucking your brother, he should at least want to lock himself in the bathroom and call it right about now.
Don/Charlie  fandom:Numb3rs  author:DiraSudis  DonEppes  CharlieEppes 
september 2007 by sevter
The Arms of the Galaxy by Audra Rose
At first Don’s parents thought Charlie might be autistic. Don doesn’t think about this very often because by the time Charlie turned three no one could shut him up, but there had been a time before that when the word came up a lot.
CharlieEppes  DonEppes  fandom:Numb3rs  author:AudraRose  Gen  FavouriteFics 
september 2007 by sevter
Go-Cart Charlie by Red Soprano
A frightening dream and an early morning visitor prompt a fateful meeting between Allison Dubois and the Eppes family.
author:RedSoprano  fandom:Numb3rs  CharlieEppes  DonEppes  AlanEppes  fandom:Medium  Crossovers  Gen 
september 2007 by sevter
Classified by Dira Sudis
Charlie Eppes just needed a break. All the way to Pegasus galaxy.
fandom:SGA  fandom:Numb3rs  Crossovers  CharlieEppes  DonEppes  author:DiraSudis  Gen 
august 2007 by sevter

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