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Going Steady by Grenegome
Summary: Kincaid sleeps with Dresden on a semi-regular basis. He isn't prepared for his feelings about this.

|| I got stupider. I got to imagining-the-slow-evisceration-of-John-Marcone levels of stupid, and if he didn’t get the fuck out of Dresden’s personal space right that minute, I was going to introduce an additional personal space to his intestines.

Marcone’s bodyguard was eyeing me.

I knew why. I had my weight on the balls of my feet, ready to move, tense in all the places that telegraphed fight.

Down boy, I told myself.
via:Carnadosa  fandom:TDF  JaredKincaid  HarryDresden  Dresden/Kincaid  author:GrenEgome  EstablishedRelationships  Oblivious  Rating:NC-17  wc:005001-010000  mood:Humour 
april 2012 by sevter
Sexytimes by Anon
Harry's magic goes wild whenever he's really enjoying himself during sexytimes. John Marcone discovers this and makes it his business to get Harry there as often as possible. Established relationship hot sexin please!!!!
EstablishedRelationships  SMUT  Dresden/Marcone  fandom:TDF  HarryDresden  JohnnyMarcone  source:dresdenkinkmeme  Rating:NC-17  from delicious
may 2011 by sevter
Hey, Little Liar by Anon
Harry and Marcone in a established relationship with Harry currently carrying a baby. Write about the side effects of pregnancy like mood swings, back aches, and morning sickness.
MPreg  fandom:TDF  HarryDresden  Dresden/Marcone  JohnnyMarcone  source:dresdenkinkmeme  EbenezerMcCoy  EstablishedRelationships  from delicious
may 2011 by sevter
Spill by Miriam Heddy
Bob and Harry take a road trip to help Spike and Xander deal with some very unmixy things on the Cleveland Hellmouth.<br />
<br />
|| Both their relationship is kinda dysfunctional which is more RL than Fanon.
author:MiriamHeddy  fandom:TDF  fandom:BTVS  Spike  Spike/Xander  XanderHarris  HarryDresden  HrothbertBainbridge  Bob/Harry  source:YuletideFic  EstablishedRelationships  mood:Mystery  from delicious
april 2011 by sevter

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