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Iceman - Kalimyre
Mycroft at a conference with Lestrade, and Greg feeling him up under the table, and this causes Mycroft to blush bright scarlet. Swiftly followed by frantic semi-public sex in which they keep shushing each other and Greg puts his hand over Mycroft's mouth right at the end because he knows Mycroft is loud when he comes.
fandom:SherlockHolmes  MycroftHolmes  Mycroft/Lestrade  GregLestrade  SMUT  kink:PublicSex  kink:DelayedOrgasm  EstablishedRelationships  Rating:NC-17  wc:001001-005000  author:Kalimyre 
june 2012 by sevter
At Least There's The Football - sheffiesharpe
Mycroft is intrigues by Lestrade. Their relationship develops from there.

|| He plucks at the burgundy and gold shield across the front of the jumper, asks if Lestrade is a fan of “the football.”

“Not that rubbish.” He gestures at the West Ham logo. Further admission that it’s not his. “I favor the Gunners.”

Mycroft arches an eyebrow. “Arsenal. Hm.” There’s more derision in that little polite sound than in fifty other insults. Lestrade is chuffed down to his bones.
MycroftHolmes  Lestrade  AU  Mycroft/Lestrade  author:SheffieSharpe  Rating:NC-17  DevelopingFeelings  EstablishedRelationships  Mood:WAFF  DomesticFic  HurtComfort  Anthea  OriginalCharacters  MeetTheParents  fandom:SherlockHolmes  wc:100001+ 
february 2012 by sevter

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