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Muffins and Cookies and Bagels, Oh My by Anon
Either Phil or Clint stress bakes. The baked goods that just appear in the SHIELD break-room are always the best but no one knows who made them. Cue investigation.
author:Anonymous  Clint/Coulson  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  mood:Humour  Mood:WAFF  Rating:PG  TonyStark  fandom:Avengers  EstablishedRelationships  focus:Food  source:ClintCoulsonMeme 
november 2012 by sevter
let's save our lives from the coming tide - haipollai
The first time Phil meets Clint Barton, he’s in handcuffs. He looks exhausted, there are bags under his eyes and he slumps in the hard metal chair. “The FBI wants you hung out to dry.” Phil drops the file on the table in between them. Clint looks at the file and then slowly tilts his head up to look at him.

“You look like FBI.”

Phil smiles dryly. “My organization prefers to hide in plain sight. Looking like the FBI serves that purpose.” Barton snorts, it might even be a laugh.

“And what organization is that?”
author:Haipollai  fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  NatashaRomanov  Clint/Phil/Natasha  Rating:R  Mood:WAFF  EstablishedRelationships  Pre-Canon  Clint/Natasha  mood:Hopeful  kink:Threesome+ 
july 2012 by sevter
Hold, Release - Morgane (smilla840)
During a mission, Phil decides he needs to learn how to use a bow. Once they get home Clint obliges.
fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  Rating:NC-17  author:Morgane  wc:001001-005000  Mood:WAFF  EstablishedRelationships 
july 2012 by sevter
Series | No Straight Lines - gqgqqt
Clint grabs an empty mail envelope and a pen off the counter, then writes down four words and folds the envelope over once, looking uneasily down at it. "I'm just saying it's a thing I think about. But if it's over the line, tell me it's over the line and I won't bring it up again, okay?"
fandom:Avengers  Rating:NC-17  author:gqgqqt  kink:BDSM  Non-Con  Dubious-Con  kink:RolePlay  kink:ConsentPlay  EstablishedRelationships  Mood:WAFF  Clint/Coulson  HurtComfort  OutsiderPOV  wc:015001-030000  illness:PTSD 
march 2012 by sevter
and i can only hope you've got it aimed at me by Lanyon
"Their secret is no longer a secret between two people. This is a remarkable group of people, with a weird definition of loyalty, and they can appreciate anything that keeps Coulson from melting down and Barton from becoming bored enough to fuck with them all. That’s not to say that, sometimes, Coulson doesn’t shout at them because the rec room is not an appropriate venue for arm-wrestling between Thor and the Hulk or that Barton doesn’t piss himself laughing because he got the drop on Rogers but no family is perfect."
via:luthien82  author:Lanyon  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  CastEnsemble  Mood:WAFF  Rating:PG-13  wc:001001-005000  EstablishedRelationships  fandom:Avengers 
march 2012 by sevter
Now We've Learned To Kiss The Sky - torakowalski - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m going to ask you something,” Phil says and then pauses and doesn’t ask Clint anything at all.

“Yeah?” Clint asks, leaning forward and resting his elbows on the table. “Is it kinky?” It isn’t, obviously; Phil never has a problem suggesting anything when it comes to sex.

Phil shakes his head. He looks up, catching and holding Clint’s eyes. Clint doesn’t make any more smartass comments. “Marry me?” Phil asks.
author:Torakowalski  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  EstablishedRelationships  Mood:WAFF  fandom:Avengers  Rating:NC-17  wc:010001-015000  Clint/Coulson 
march 2012 by sevter
Only his ring finger knows - sirona
In which the Avengers take advantage of some unexpected downtime around Tony's pool and several of Clint's tattoos are discussed. Including the one just over his heart...
author:Sirona  fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  EstablishedRelationships  SecretRelationships  Rating:PG  Clint/Coulson  mood:WAFF  wc:001001-005000 
february 2012 by sevter
The O(l)dd Couple
Marriage seemed to be a surprise to Xavier and Lenscherr, especially at their age. Both have said in numerous interviews that they formalized their relationship because their loved ones wanted a wedding; when I interviewed them last year, Xavier did all the talking while Lenscherr sat, inscrutable and frightening. It was difficult to match them to their public personas — either man has the rhetorical genius to set the world on fire, but when talking about their personal lives, Lenscherr is positively prickly, Xavier charming and evasive.

But, differences and personalities aside, if the beginning of modern Genosha was one of last century’s most recognizable images, photographs of Xavier and Lenscherr’s wedding are certainly in the running for the title this century
via:Carnadosa  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  CharlesXavier  Charles/Erik  AU  EstablishedRelationships  OutsiderPOV  DomesticFic  Mood:WAFF  author:Anonymous  Rating:PG-13  wc:? 
february 2012 by sevter
Nearly Home by toomuchplor
BB FIC. Backstory for the movie where Arthur and Eames are sekritly married and waiting for their adopted child to be born -- and then Cobb calls and asks Arthur on one last job, the Cobol job. Who needs plot when there are bbs???
via:eleveninches  fandom:Inception  Arthur/Eames  Eames  Inc_Arthur  author:TooMuchPlor  KidFic  Mood:WAFF  DomesticFic  EstablishedRelationships  SecretRelationships  Rating:NC-17  wc:030001-060000 
february 2012 by sevter
At Least There's The Football - sheffiesharpe
Mycroft is intrigues by Lestrade. Their relationship develops from there.

|| He plucks at the burgundy and gold shield across the front of the jumper, asks if Lestrade is a fan of “the football.”

“Not that rubbish.” He gestures at the West Ham logo. Further admission that it’s not his. “I favor the Gunners.”

Mycroft arches an eyebrow. “Arsenal. Hm.” There’s more derision in that little polite sound than in fifty other insults. Lestrade is chuffed down to his bones.
MycroftHolmes  Lestrade  AU  Mycroft/Lestrade  author:SheffieSharpe  Rating:NC-17  DevelopingFeelings  EstablishedRelationships  Mood:WAFF  DomesticFic  HurtComfort  Anthea  OriginalCharacters  MeetTheParents  fandom:SherlockHolmes  wc:100001+ 
february 2012 by sevter
A Summer Day So Late in Coming" by Helens

"'You didn't think I'd missed the headline, did you?'

"'The-- no--' Charles pats his jacket, feels the outline of his passport. 'What kind of game is this?'"
via:delphi  MarriageFic  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  CharlesXavier  Charles/Erik  Rating:PG  Mood:WAFF  author:Helens78  EstablishedRelationships  fandom:X-Men  wc:001001-005000 
january 2012 by sevter
and now you will not be alone any more by pocky slash
Summary: Erik gives driving, sewing, and cooking lessons, soothes nightmares, bolsters self-esteem, and still can't figure out why Charles keeps smiling at him like that.
via:Carnadosa  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  EstablishedRelationships  CharlesXavier  Charles/Erik  DomesticFic  CastEnsemble  Mood:WAFF  author:PockySlash  Rating:G  fandom:X-Men  wc:005001-010000 
january 2012 by sevter
Home by Wolvinheart (R)
Danny's life had been turned upside down ever since Steve ambled into it, carving a place for himself that Danny couldn't ignore- not that he minded. (Alternate Reality if Danny had chanced upon meeting Steve when they were 25.) (50,461 words)
[Alt. Link: ]
author:Wolvinheart  Pre-Canon  wc:030001-060000  EstablishedRelationships  DomesticFic  fandom:H50  SteveMcGarrett  DannyWilliams  Steve/Danny  Mood:WAFF  Rating:R  OriginalCharacters  AU 
november 2011 by sevter
The Good Wife by Girl Wonder
Martha Jones is a patient wife. When Mickey says she should take time off to go see about an alien crash in Mexico, she does not say, "I have work" or "That's UNIT's job" or "I put my life on hold for someone else once, I'm not doing it again."
author:GirlWonder  fandom:DoctorWho  MarthaJones  MickeySmith  Martha/Mickey  EstablishedRelationships  DomesticFic  Rating:PG  Mood:WAFF 
november 2011 by sevter
Counting Down - Valonia
Arthur sighs inwardly as he cracks open a new notebook. 137, he writes neatly on top of the first page. An inauspicious way to start a new book. He can hear the low rumble of Cobb talking on the telephone through the hotel room walls. Arthur liberates some ice from the bucket at his bedside to soothe the phantom pain in his knee. He raises his own phone to his ear and speaks a voice command.
EstablishedRelationships  author:Valonia  fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  Eames  Arthur/Eames  Rating:NC-17  Mood:WAFF 
october 2011 by sevter
We Found Each Other In The Dark by Robotsfighting
When Kurt and Blaine have an argument after prom, Jeff talks Blaine through to a logical conclusion, and Blaine tries to fix what he can.
fandom:Glee  Kurt/Blaine  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  author:RobotsFighting  MissingScenes  EstablishedRelationships  Mood:WAFF  from delicious
may 2011 by sevter
Phoenix by Whichclothes
Sequel to The Wednesday Museumbut can be read on its own. Xander and Spike attempt holiday-season travel.
HolidayFic  fandom:BTVS  Spike  Spike/Xander  XanderHarris  EstablishedRelationships  Mood:WAFF  from delicious
april 2011 by sevter
Holidays on the Hellmouth by Mireille
Sequel to The Full Xander Harris Experience. When your boyfriend goes away to college, the passage of time gets measured in holidays.
author:Mireille  fandom:BTVS  Xander/Larry  HolidayFic  EstablishedRelationships  XanderHarris  LarryBlaisdell  MeetTheParents  Mood:WAFF  from delicious
march 2011 by sevter
Pachelbels Canon by Kyrieane
Roxy had one other unique gift, she could smell a Potential miles away, and gave a much better opening line than ‘Hey, fight any vamps lately?’ So when Xander found a listing for 3 other retired Search and Rescue dogs, he immediately adopted them.
author:Kyrieane  fandom:BTVS  Spike  XanderHarris  Spike/Xander  EstablishedRelationships  Mood:WAFF  from delicious
march 2011 by sevter

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