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No Yesterdays On the Road - pocky_slash
It's been two months since Cuba and things are settling down for Charles, Erik, and the beginnings of their mutant school. Right up until Charles disappears, that is. Faced with the possibility that a bitter Emma Frost has kidnapped Charles, Erik is forced to team up with Moira to hunt down the remainder of the Hellfire Club. From there, they hope to locate Frost and retrieve Charles, without killing each other along the way.

(Or: Erik and Moira Drive Across the Country and Talk About Their Feelings.)
author:PockySlash  fandom:X-Men  MoiraMacTaggert  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  RavenDarkholme(Mystique)  Gen  Charles/Erik  RoadTrip  DomesticFic  Rating:PG-13  wc:030001-060000 
april 2012 by sevter
and now you will not be alone any more by pocky slash
Summary: Erik gives driving, sewing, and cooking lessons, soothes nightmares, bolsters self-esteem, and still can't figure out why Charles keeps smiling at him like that.
via:Carnadosa  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  EstablishedRelationships  CharlesXavier  Charles/Erik  DomesticFic  CastEnsemble  Mood:WAFF  author:PockySlash  Rating:G  fandom:X-Men  wc:005001-010000 
january 2012 by sevter
Diplomatic Negotiations by Pocky Slash
Rodney goes to Washington to beg for more money for the Atlantis expedition. Porn ensues.
SamSeaborn  fandom:TheWestWing  RodneyMckay  fandom:SGA  author:PockySlash  SMUT  Crossovers  Rating:NC-17 
october 2008 by sevter
No Hard Feelings by Pocky Slash
"I just wanted you to know there are no hard feelings. That's what the, you know, fruit basket is for. To welcome you and to tell you there're no hard feelings."
author:PockySlash  fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  SamanthaCarter  mood:Humour 
october 2007 by sevter
The Great Unifier by Pocky Slash
While Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer plays their games, here's their thoughts.
fandom:Dexter  DexterMorgan  RudyCooper  author:PockySlash  source:YuletideFic 
august 2007 by sevter
marginally obtuse by Pocky Slash
John discovers that it's possible to be a bad boyfriend even when you don't know it.
author:PockySlash  fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  Oblivious  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  mood:Humour 
august 2007 by sevter

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