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Section 6, Paragraph 4, Article J: fraternization - bluehwys
Phil was Maria's handler when she joined SHIELD. They have been in an established relationship since, (that's the reason she knew his Captain America vintage cards were in his locker when he was stabbed by Loki). Of course both of them believe that their job is more important that anything else, so I'd like to see them having sex one night when Fury calls one of them for an emergency and they just stop mid-action without problems because national security is a priority.
fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  MariaHill  Coulson/Hill  Rating:NC-17  NickFury  EstablishedRelationships  author:bluehwys  SliceofLife 
august 2012 by sevter
Countdown by Kaymbee
Organising a World Cup is sometimes more stressful than playing.
author:Kaymbee  fandom:HP  AngelinaJohnson  GinnyWeasley  LavenderBrown  PercyWeasley  Gen  ParvatiPatil  SliceofLife 
april 2009 by sevter
Staff Room Scheming by BekaJWP
It's the week after the Weasley twins left. You don't really think the staff just sat back and let Umbridge have her merry way do you? See what they really got up to...
fandom:HP  XiomaraHooch  Gen  MinervaMcgonagall  SeverusSnape  author:BekaJWP  SliceofLife  mood:Humour 
may 2006 by sevter
A Matter of Perception by Rosie Red
Every witch or wizard knows that the reason they have managed to keep their existence a secret for so long is that Muggles just don't look. But what would happen if one day, someone did? This is the story of an ordinary man who happened upon an extraordin
fandom:HP  author:RosieRed  OriginalCharacters  Gen  FicHallofFame  SliceofLife  hp:Muggleworld 
may 2006 by sevter

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