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The Gift of Idunn - shell
"This is a great boon," Thor said reverently as he picked up the sphere, which remained a dull silver color. "It is for the restoration of what is lost, for the righting of wrongs. It was a gift from the goddess Idunn."
author:Shell  fandom:Avengers  Tortured  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  Clint/Coulson  Pining!Fic  SkippingUniverses  DeathFic  EstablishedRelationships  Rating:NC-17  wc:010001-015000 
august 2012 by sevter
Indulgence by Esama
Falling in love with a ghost was the stupidest thing he could do, so of course it was exactly what he had did. AU with somewhat OOC characters, slashy slash and mentions of gay erotica.
author:Esama  fandom:HnG  ShindouHikaru  FujiwaraSai  Rating:R  AU  wc:015001-030000  WIP:Abandoned?  mood:Fun  Pining!Fic 
june 2012 by sevter
Bicycle made for two by Sirona
Pretending to be Phil Coulson's husband, when all you want in the world is not to have to pretend, is the single worst experience of Clint's life.
author:sirona  via:luthien82  fandom:Avengers  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  PhilCoulson  Pining!Fic  Rating:PG-13  mood:Fun  wc:005001-010000  Forced/FakeMarriage 
june 2012 by sevter
But I Will Hold On Hope (And I Won't Let You Choke) by Perpetual Motion
In which Clint is not the emotionally stunted one, plays pretty well with others, and Sitwell is a foul-mouthed matchmaker against his will.
author:PerpetualMotion  via:luthien82  DevelopingFeelings  fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  Pining!Fic  Clint/Coulson  JasperSitwell  Rating:R  wc:010001-015000 
june 2012 by sevter
If at first you don't succeed (it could be a conspiracy) by Noelia G
"Coulson gets released from medical on Monday, and on Wednesday Clint is ready to fucking murder his new teammates."
In which Clint wants a quiet moment to confess his feelings and Avengers are fucking cockblockers.
via:luthien82  author:NoeliaG  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  PhilCoulson  Rating:PG-13  fandom:Avengers  Pining!Fic  wc:005001-010000  mood:Humour 
june 2012 by sevter
A Matter of Proportions - sirona
Clint somehow finds himself fascinated by Phil Coulson's sartorial choices. He refuses to admit that he's kind of maybe been thinking about it a little too much.
fandom:Avengers  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  PhilCoulson  Pining!Fic  Oblivious  author:Sirona  Mood:WAFF  Rating:NC-17  FirstTimes  wc:005001-010000  focus:Clothes 
march 2012 by sevter
We'll Burn Like Falling Stars Tonight - challengeaccepted - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Does it bother you to work with alphas? ...I mean because you're an omega."

"Does it bother you to work with men?" Jim asks guilelessly. He widens his eyes innocently. He's dropped his usual accent in favor of Sebastian's, making everything he says sound uncomfortably over-familiar. "I mean, because you're a homosexual."
author:ChallengeAccepted  SebastianMoran  Moriarty/Moran  Rating:NC-17  Pining!Fic  fandom:SherlockHolmes  verse:Omega  JamesMoriarty  wc:010001-015000 
march 2012 by sevter
Space Jam - Pangea - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Prince Charles Xavier is Deputy Commander of the TEF Heartsteel and the newest mission they've been assigned starts out less than desirable and quickly goes downhill from there. It's alright, though, he'll cope.

It doesn't help, though, that he's in unrequited love with his best friend and Commander of the Heartsteel, War-Prince Erik Lehnsherr.
fandom:X-Men  CharlesXavier  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  Charles/Erik  Pining!Fic  WIP  wc:030001-060000  AU!AU  Logan(Wolverine)  ScottSummers  Logan/Scott  Rating:PG-13 
march 2012 by sevter
Take Care, I’m Easily Broken [Avengers fic by blue-jack, on AO3]
In which Tony made a pass, Steve shot him down, Tony drank a lot, Steve reconsidered, and there was much second-guessing and hesitation.
fandom:Avengers  via:sumeria  SteveRogers  TonyStark  Pining!Fic  Steve/Tony  author:BlueJack  FirstTimes  wc:005001-010000 
march 2012 by sevter
Disclosures | gqgqqt
Phil Coulson is miserable, distrusted by most of SHIELD, and still doesn't remember why.

It's only going to get worse before it gets better.
author:gqgqqt  via:luthien82  fandom:Avengers  Clint/Coulson  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  DevelopingFeelings  Tortured  HurtComfort  Rating:R  Mood:Angst  Pining!Fic  NatashaRomanoff  wc:060001-100000  illness:Amnesia 
march 2012 by sevter
Christmas Sweaters [Avengers fic by kahn, on AO3]
"Do we need to take you to a hospital?"

"Pepper fed me eggnog--virgin because she's a horrible person--and Happy and Rhodey ignored me all night. I'm firing everyone."

Steve stared at him like Tony's answer hadn't made even the slightest bit of sense. Tony reviewed it in his head, checking the logic, and was reminded why he'd nearly failed geometry--because he'd always written the prove statement and skipped the proofs. That part was boring. For Steve, he'd try.

"Those are the people who know when I need to go to the hospital no matter what kind of 'stupid lying lies come out of my mouth'." Tony sketched air quotes and did not roll his eyes because he wasn't (always) a five-year-old no matter what Pepper said. "Rhodey's words, by the way."
fandom:Avengers  via:sumeria  author:Kahn  SteveRogers  TonyStark  Steve/Tony  FirstTimes  Pining!Fic  HolidayFic  mood:Fun  wc:010001-015000  mood:Humour 
february 2012 by sevter
A Well Kept Secret - stupidmuse_hatesme
When Lestrade was young, he was married off to a guy named Holmes. But they have never actually met each other in person, but they exchanged rings and all that. The reason they couldn't meet was that Mycroft was a spy, and he had to hide for years, and the Holmes family was afraid that if they told them that his son was actually a spy and now was in constant danger, they would break off the marriage, they just told them he was sick or something. Lestrade kept waiting and waiting. until he decided to move on and become a cop. When Mycroft came back he realizes Lestrade had already moved on with his life. he couldn't dare contact him, but didn't want a divorce either. So instead he started watching him from afar. Then many years later for some coincidence, Sherlock starts working with Lestrade.. One day John finds out Lestrade is married to a guy named "Mycroft Holmes" and seriously how many Mycroft Holmes would be out there? So John instantly realizes the two are married. "Come on, you deserve some beer!" - "No. I can't drink. I have to drive." "Then why don't you call Mycroft. I am sure he can send someone at least. You know he has that car and that PA. Actually he's kidnapped me once." -"What?! You know Mycroft? I've never seen him actually?" So after years of separation, they finally meet each other....... "So.. You.. are.. my husband then?"
author:StupidMuseHatesMe  MycroftHolmes  Mycroft/Lestrade  GregLestrade  FairyTale  Bonding  Mood:Angst  mood:Hopeful  Correspondence  Pining!Fic  fandom:SherlockHolmes  wc:015001-030000 
february 2012 by sevter
Sing Me A Love Song by Queenklu
In which Fraser starts to sing to Ray whenever he feels bad. Naturally, Ray falls arse over tea kettle in love.
via:luthien82  Rating:PG-13  Mood:WAFF  DevelopingFeelings  RayKowalski  BentonFraser  Fraser/RayK  fandom:DueSouth  Pining!Fic  wc:010001-015000 
february 2012 by sevter
Pornography by China Shop
When word gets out that Fraser has a porn collection, Canada is disgraced, Fraser's embarrassed and Ray nearly dies of curiosity.
via:luthien82  author:ChinaShop  BentonFraser  RayKowalski  Fraser/RayK  Rating:NC-17  fandom:DueSouth  Pining!Fic  wc:?  mood:Humour 
january 2012 by sevter
Big Brother is Watching You [Avengers fic by plingo_kat, on lj]
"Perhaps," says Jarvis, a week after the Big Brother conversation, "you should simply inform Mr Stark of your feelings?"

It's the middle of the night and Steve is wide awake, lying flat on his back with the covers shoved down to his waist. He lifts the arm he has draped over his eyes and peers up at the ceiling. "I don't think that's a good idea, Jarvis."

"I would not suggest it without first performing extensive calculations, Captain Rogers. Based on thirty-two simulations run using data extrapolated from Mr Stark's sexual and romantic history from ages fourteen to forty, weighting homosexual interactions over heterosexual at three-to-one, there is an eighty-seven percent probability of success should you initiate sexual relations with Mr Stark within the next seventy-two hours."

Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. "Thank you, Jarvis, that's very helpful."
fandom:Avengers  via:sumeria  DevelopingFeelings  Jarvis  TonyStark  SteveRogers  Steve/Tony  author:Plingo_Kat  Mood:WAFF  Rating:PG-13  Pining!Fic  mood:Humour 
december 2011 by sevter
Three Dog Night Series by Skuzzbopper
Spike catches Xander reading a book on seducing non-mortals, and offers three nights of hands-on "lessons" in the subject-- which is just wonderful, since the non-mortal Xander had been hoping to seduce was Spike.
author:Skuzzbopper  Spike  Spike/Xander  XanderHarris  DevelopingFeelings  FirstTimes  Rating:NC-17  SMUT  Oblivious  fandom:BTVS  Pining!Fic 
december 2011 by sevter
Home is Where the Heart Is by Cimmer
Xander's doing hard time on Planet Earth. Shades of the movie "Prophecy".

|| First in the "Fallen Angel" series and my favorite.
author:Cimmer  fandom:BTVS  Not!Human  Spike  Spike/Xander  XanderHarris  Rating:NC-17  DevelopingFeelings  Pining!Fic 
november 2011 by sevter
Apple Bottom Jeans (And Other Love Songs) - gyzym
“Oh my god,” Steve said, “that’s incredible,” and Tony stared at him like he was crazy for a full minute.

“Seriously?” he demanded eventually. “Seriously, are you serious, you didn’t bat an eyelash at the Quinjet, the armor was just a big metal suit, I can’t get you to understand the cultural significance of Youtube and you still think there’s a guy answering questions on the other end of Google—I know you do, Steve, I know you think that!—but you are impressed, after all that, you know me and you are impressed by a Magic Bullet?”
author:Gyzym  fandom:Marvel  TonyStark  SteveRogers  Steve/Tony  Rating:PG-13  Mood:WAFF  Pining!Fic  mood:Humour 
october 2011 by sevter
Love You Much Better by Andrealyn
The one where Eames is irresistible to everyone but Arthur. | The trouble starts when he opens his mouth. “Thank you much, darling.”

Arthur, who has been trained to notice everything, does not miss the way Yusuf suddenly grows very interested in what Eames has to say. His posture straightens, his eyes skid away from the notes he’s taking and he begins to stare at Eames’ mouth like it’s the second coming – or like he’d like it to be doing a little coming first.
author:Andrealyn  Eames  Inc_Arthur  fandom:Inception  Arthur/Eames  Influence:Drugs  Pining!Fic  mood:Humour 
september 2010 by sevter
Ready, Aim, Misfire by pyrimidine
The one where Eames keeps having mostly accidental fires and Arthur sprays him with an extinguisher.
author:Pyrimidine  AU!AU  Eames  fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  Arthur/Eames  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
this room and this radio play by anowlinsunshine
After the movie, Arthur continues to take jobs on his own. But his subconscious won't leave him alone. | Eames, who is the worst ever at courtship, or maybe the best, because all his stupid gifts are still on Arthur’s table, and Arthur is ignoring his three-million-dollar view of the sort of city he entered this business to learn how to build in favor of staring at them. Eames, who, Arthur is starting to think, might actually have had the right idea this whole time.
author:Anowlinsunshine  Eames  fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  Arthur/Eames  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
Incipit by thehoyden
Eames is an author, writing Inception. Arthur is his editor. Beautiful, funny, hot, and sweet. | Arthur's boss, Dominic Cobb, gives him an astounding amount of leeway. Then again, Dom knows what side his bread is buttered on, and his mantra regarding Eames is, "Keep him happy, keep him writing." Arthur endeavors to do both, and for the most part, he is quite successful. Of course he has other authors he works with, but Eames is always his first priority, and Arthur has no compunctions about electronically bitchslapping lesser writers into doing what he wants. He saves the home visits and face time for Eames, who tends to start having crises about dialect or planning unscheduled getaway trips to Marseilles if Arthur doesn't drop by every three days or so.
author:TheHoyden  fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  Eames  AU!AU  Arthur/Eames  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
Words Are Not Enough by canyousayhot
After the movie, Eames starts sending Arthur annoying texts. Naturally, this turns into dirty pictures and, eventually, phone sex. Cute, hilarious, and hot. | Arthur’s phone saves a copy of all pictures sent to him in his pictures folder and he just hasn’t gotten around to erasing some of them. He had a picture from Yusuf of the Chemist on an ostrich- having a couple pictures of Eames wasn’t any different.
author:CanYouSayHot  fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  Eames  Correspondence  Arthur/Eames  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
j'veux ton amour, et je m'en fous de après by hackthis, Inception, Arthur/Eames, Short (14,700 words), NC-17.
2010-09 | Excerpt: "Arthur," his mother repeated. "I hope you're not Lancelot in this scenario." // "No, definitely not." // "Guinevere?" // Eames licked his lips. "No, definitely not Guinevere either," he said. [Post-film]
Eames  Inc_Arthur  fandom:Inception  OriginalCharacters  MeetTheParents  Arthur/Eames  author:HackThis  Mood:WAFF  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
Breaking Point by Crayon Scrawls
Eames flirts and Arthur ignores, but not because he doesn't feel the same way; he's just afraid. One day, Eames takes his flirtation a little too far. Cue Arthur having a (mini/huge) breakdown, then hot, tender lovin'.
fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  HurtComfort  Arthur/Eames  Eames  author:CrayonScrawls  Pre-Canon  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
You Can't Hide the Sun with Two Fingers by hackthis (PG-13, Arthur/Eames)
Cobb's smile is small, amused. "He tried to pick me up when I was extracting from the British Prime Minister."

"That's not funny."

Cobb's smile broadens. "That's what I said."
author:HackThis  fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  Eames  Arthur/Eames  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
the man of my dreams by Andrealyn
Eames meets a projection of Arthur inside Cobb's head before he meets him for real, and is instantly besotted. Obviously that means he acts like a six year old when they meet in person.
author:Andrealyn  fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  Eames  Arthur/Eames  Inception:Projections  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
Towards Zero by Mirabella
Arthur meets two projections of Eames before he actually meets the man for real and becomes obsessed. Once they meet in real life he has trouble telling dream from reality and has to work hard not to confuse dream Eames that he has a relationship with and real world Eames who flirts shamelessly but never actually makes a move.
author:Mirabella  fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  Eames  Inception:Projections  Arthur/Eames  OriginalCharacters  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
Life In Virtual Reality by cobweb_diamond
After the events of the movie, Eames goes solo for a while. But then Arthur's projections start popping up in his dreams, and then the real Arthur shows up asking for Eames to work a job with him, and well, Eames is screwed. Cute and funny. | On a scale of one to ten, one being “no psychological problems at all” and ten being “Dom Cobb”, Eames would probably slot himself in at around a three. He might not be the most moral of people, but until now his subconscious has never attempted to rebel and fuck around with his dreams while he was at work.
fandom:Inception  Arthur/Eames  Inc_Arthur  Eames  author:CobwebDiamonds  Inception:Projections  Pining!Fic 
september 2010 by sevter
No-Win Scenario by Singingintime
From the Princess Bride, 'Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.' I want this to be that kiss. Desperate and beautiful, we might never get the chance again kissing."
author:SinginginTime  Spock  Kirk/Spock  fandom:StarTrekXI  st_xi_kink  Mood:Angst  Pining!Fic 
july 2009 by sevter
Miscommunication by Sal R
Their relationship didn't start off as smooth as you think it would. There was misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and culture clash.
Spock  Spock/Uhura  NyotaUhura  fandom:StarTrekXI  author:SalR  StarFleetAcademy  Pining!Fic  CultureStudy 
july 2009 by sevter
Spock's Kitten by Ionaonie
Like a Japanese schoolgirl, Spock has a weakness for cute things. Kirk provides him with a cute thing (for the lulz, Kirk style), like a cat, or a spayed tribble or a hamster or something, idgaf.

Kirk is surprised and immensely amused at his first officer's reaction. It's like watching an iceberg melt.
author:Ionaonie  Spock  fandom:StarTrekXI  JamesTKirk  PetFic  st_xi_kink  Kirk/Spock  Pre-Romance  Mood:WAFF  Pining!Fic 
july 2009 by sevter
Cannot Touch by TGuess
Events at the end of the first five year mission that drive Spock to Gol
fandom:StarTrek  JamesTKirk  author:TGuess  Spock  Mood:Angst  Pining!Fic  st:PonFarr 
july 2009 by sevter
This Cunning Plan by Noxie
Kirk has a simple but clever plan to seduce Spock. It works - sort of.
SMUT  fandom:StarTrekXI  Spock  Kirk/Spock  JamesTKirk  author:Noxie  Rating:NC-17  Pining!Fic  mood:Humour 
july 2009 by sevter
Improbability by Jaylee G
This was supposed to be his soulmate? His one true love? His tra-la-la, or whatever that word was that the other Spock and the other him had called each other in the various images and feelings he had glimpsed in the other Spock’s mind? It was incomprehensible.
author:JayleeG  Kirk/Spock  fandom:StarTrekXI  JamesTKirk  Pining!Fic 
july 2009 by sevter
it comes and goes [like the fits and dizzyspells] by Tabled
What if the romance wasn't between Spock/Uhura but Spock/Kirk. The story where it was practically love at first sight.
AU  Spock  Kirk/Spock  fandom:StarTrekXI  JamesTKirk  author:Tabled  Mood:WAFF  Pining!Fic  mood:Humour 
june 2009 by sevter
Edit by crimsonclad
Sequel to "cut and fucking paste" "I haven't said a single solitary thing about the incredibly touching scene up on the transporter pad. I haven't said even one word about the conference-- first puzzling, and later hilarious-- that I had to have with Spock. I haven't even begun to describe my fascination in discovering that you, of all people, are somehow the repository for lifelong knowledge of true love--"
author:CrimsonClad  Spock  fandom:StarTrekXI  Spock/Uhura  Kirk/Spock  Pre-Romance  Pining!Fic  mood:Humour 
june 2009 by sevter
Cut and fucking paste by Crimson Clad
So he wakes up in a super mood every morning, then realizes he's still living his own life, and not the one his cave friend had shown to him. He's not eating his heart out, exactly-- it isn't like he has to hide in the turbolift for a daily crying jag or anything. He just kind of misses something he's never actually had, and makes jokes that Spock never gets.
author:CrimsonClad  Kirk/Spock  fandom:StarTrekXI  Spock  Spock/Uhura  Pre-Romance  Pining!Fic  st:VulcanMindMeld  mood:Humour 
june 2009 by sevter
Little Grey Men and Dangerous Grey Areas by Gaia [NC17]
Hermiod gets a new body, Rodney and John test the line between physical and emotional attraction. It’s Frankenstein meets the body snatchers meets Romeo and Juliet, only with sex.
fandom:SGA  Mckay/Other  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  author:GaiaAnarchy  Mood:Angst  Pining!Fic 
april 2009 by sevter
Finally Found Out by Velocitygrass
Through the years, Rodney keeps losing things, some of which are found, some of which can be replaced, some of which don't matter and some of which do.
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  Oblivious  author:VelocityGrass  Mcshep_Match  ChildhoodFic  Mood:WAFF  Pining!Fic 
april 2009 by sevter
Solve for x by lamardeuse
The one where Rodney and Keller broke up and Rodney thinks that it would be easier if he was gay. John disagrees.
fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  Oblivious  RodneyMckay  Mckay/Keller  author:Lamardeuse  Pining!Fic 
march 2009 by sevter
Force of Nature by MrsHamill
Where Jeannie gained a family when Team Sheppard went back for a three week holiday on earth.
fandom:SGA  TeamFic  author:MrsHamill  Mckay/Sheppard  JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  JeannieMckay  MinorCharacters  TeylaEmmagen  EarthSide  Pining!Fic 
january 2009 by sevter
Make a wish by Bluespirit Star
When John and Rodney find an Ancient device, John makes a discovery that will change his life forever.
author:BlueSpiritStar  fandom:SGA  JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  Mckay/Sheppard  Pining!Fic  sga:AncientDevice 
january 2009 by sevter
What You Trust by Tex
He’s never been good at asking for what he wants. Well, not politely. And especially not when it’s something personal. “Come on, let’s snuggle,” or “I need a hug” are words that have never passed his lips. And he’s been fine with that because there’ve been things to do, people to see. But now, tonight, all those excuses and denials seem piled up at his door and he can’t make a move without tripping on them.
author:Tex  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  Oblivious  Pining!Fic 
november 2008 by sevter
Mile marker thirty-six by BlueSpiritStar
When John receives an unexpected legacy he heads back to Earth, taking Rodney with him. While there he must deal with some old ghosts, Rodney’s love of brownies and a life-changing discovery. There may also be a moose and an alligator but they’re completely incidental.
author:BlueSpiritStar  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  EarthSide  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  ChildhoodFic  Pining!Fic 
november 2008 by sevter
When First We Practice to Deceive by Solvent90
John's the best liar Rodney's ever met. It takes him a long time to realise this, years. For years, John's just his friend, the best friend he's got in Atlantis, this distractingly hot lean guy in sunglasses and uniform, efficient military commander of Atlantis with an absurdly under-utilised mathematical brain, the man Rodney trusts with his life, and the guy who always gets the good DVDs first.
author:Solvent90  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  Pining!Fic 
november 2008 by sevter

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