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Our Macabre Love Song by Mia6363
Sebastian sometimes wondered if Jim had organized Sebastian’s flat to be burned down just to get him to move in.
author:Mia6363  fandom:SherlockHolmes  SebastianMoran  JamesMoriarty  Moriarty/Moran  Rating:PG-13  wc:?  Mood:Dark 
march 2012 by sevter
Our Gory Love Story
A bullet was placed cleanly in the man’s head, right between the eyes, at an angle that Jim knew belonged to none of his people.
fandom:SherlockHolmes  SebastianMoran  JamesMoriarty  DevelopingFeelings  FirstTimes  SecretIdentities  Moriarty/Moran  Rating:R  Mood:WAFF  author:Anonymous  wc:?  via:KIRCEE 
march 2012 by sevter
And No More Shall We Part - prodigy - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Dynamics of an Asteroid" sits unread in JSTOR and Sebastian Moran waits for the third act of Jim's magic trick. There's always been one before.
fandom:SherlockHolmes  SebastianMoran  JamesMoriarty  MycroftHolmes  Mood:Angst  author:Prodigy  Rating:R  Moriarty/Moran  DeathFic  wc:005001-010000 
march 2012 by sevter
Acclimating to the Devil - xphineasx - Sherlock (TV)
Jim Moriarty changed his life, but that's to be expected when you fall in love with a man like him.
DeathFic  fandom:SherlockHolmes  SebastianMoran  Holmes/Watson  Moriarty/Moran  JamesMoriarty  Rating:R  author:XPhineasx  wc:010001-015000 
march 2012 by sevter
Many Roads to Hell - boxoftheskyking - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Months after Sherlock's death, John meets a man who claims the great detective is alive. Together, they begin to search for Sherlock, with entirely different intentions. Truths are told, though lies are easier, something impossible starts, and what's done can never really be undone.
fandom:SherlockHolmes  author:BoxoftheSkyKing  SebastianMoran  JohnWatson  Moriarty/Moran  Gen  Mood:Dark  WIP  OriginalCharacters  DeathFic  Holmes/Watson  Pre-Romance  wc:015001-030000 
march 2012 by sevter
A String of Empty Houses - manic_intent
Sebastian is busy getting his lip split open when he first meets Jim Moriarty.

The underground circuit's moved under an abandoned old cinema in Islington, all dust and fading posters and rot, layered over by the baying hunger of the crowd, the acrid reek of sweat, piss, and copper-bright blood. He's more of an out-fighter than a brawler, relying on the reach of his long arms and his reflexes rather than power, not because he's slightly built, by any means, but because the violence is better this way, longer this way. When he's fighting, be it with a gun cradled in his arms or with his fists, at least then the hunter's awake, not prowling restless and unsettled under his skin.
author:ManicIntent  FirstTimes  SebastianMoran  JamesMoriarty  Moriarty/Moran  Rating:NC-17  Mood:Dark  kink:BDSM  fandom:SherlockHolmes  wc:010001-015000 
march 2012 by sevter
We'll Burn Like Falling Stars Tonight - challengeaccepted - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Does it bother you to work with alphas? ...I mean because you're an omega."

"Does it bother you to work with men?" Jim asks guilelessly. He widens his eyes innocently. He's dropped his usual accent in favor of Sebastian's, making everything he says sound uncomfortably over-familiar. "I mean, because you're a homosexual."
author:ChallengeAccepted  SebastianMoran  Moriarty/Moran  Rating:NC-17  Pining!Fic  fandom:SherlockHolmes  verse:Omega  JamesMoriarty  wc:010001-015000 
march 2012 by sevter
Connect. - GameandWolf - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Jim Moriarty didn't think he'd ever find his soul mate until he meet a nice normal fellow named Sebastian Moran. Jim wants to give Sebastian the world. He's not sure how he's going to do this without admitting that he's a consulting criminal, but he's going to find a way.
author:GameandWolf  JamesMoriarty  SebastianMoran  Moriarty/Moran  Mood:Dark  Rating:R  fandom:SherlockHolmes  EstablishedRelationships  wc:015001-030000 
march 2012 by sevter

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