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As it is written by hoosierbitch
The first time the teachers send a note home with Clint, about his problems, about how he’s dumber than the other kids, his dad’s not angry. He just laughs, which, Clint realizes, isn’t actually better.

“You sure are your mother’s son,” his dad says, ruffling his hair. “Dumb as a doorknob.”
Rating:PG-13  fandom:Avengers  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  Gen  author:HoosierBitch  illness:Disability  ChildhoodFic  Mood:Angst  Pre-Romance 
july 2012 by sevter
leaving our war behind - haipollai
Phil had been sent to the orphanage when he was 11. He was quiet and awkward and at first the other boys teased him because he was new and preferred reading Captain America comics over playing football.
fandom:Avengers  Pre-Canon  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  Gen  ChildhoodFic  author:Haipollai  Rating:R  Dubious-Con  wc:001001-005000 
july 2012 by sevter
there’s a small town in my mind - pigeonstatueconundrum
Phillip Coulson is a man of few words, and one of those is not sentiment. There are three lies in that sentence, can you spot them?
author:pigeonstatueconundrum  fandom:Avengers  fandom:DoctorWho  Crossovers  OriginalCharacters  PhilCoulson  Clint/Coulson  Rating:PG  AdoptionFic  wc:010001-015000  WIP  Pre-Canon  CharacterStudy  ChildhoodFic 
july 2012 by sevter
Beginnings by Rayneken
Naruto was six years old when he met the man who changed his life. ...Now he's kind of just hoping he survives it.
fandom:Naruto  UzumakiNaruto  UchihaSasuke  HarunoSakura  TimeTravel  Gen  Rating:PG-13  WIP:Abandoned?  wc:060001-100000  ChildhoodFic  AdoptionFic  mood:Humour 
july 2012 by sevter
Wake Me Up Inside by RayneXHatake
If you had the chance to change the future, would you take it? Even if that meant making a new life for yourself and keeping everything a secret? "Sensei?" "I promise Naru, this time it will be different." eventual Kakashi/femNaruto, Time-travel
author:RaynexHatake  TimeTravel  fandom:Naruto  WIP  HatakeKakashi  UzumakiNaruto  Naruto/Kakashi  NamikazeMinato  HatakeSakumo  WarFic  Tortured  ChildhoodFic  wc:100001+  Mood:Angst  Mood:Dark  OriginalCharacters  AU:Gender  mood:Humour 
may 2012 by sevter
The Anatomist by Rosa Acicularis
James Joseph Moriarty was born in Galway, in 1976. His birth certificate no longer exists.

If it did, it would list his father’s name (Dr. Joseph Arthur), his mother’s (Mrs. Elizabeth Anne), and his birth weight (2.7kg). It would not tell you that his eyes were blue, or that he entered this world as he will leave it – howling.

It would not tell you that five minutes later his mother (Mrs. Elizabeth Anne) gave birth to a daughter, his sister. His twin. The records of her birth burned with his, but if they hadn’t, you would know her name.

Mary Elizabeth Moriarty was born in Galway, in 1976.

They will call her Molly.

|| And she'll as much of a sociopath as he is. Epic.
Mood:Creepy  via:Carnadosa  fandom:SherlockHolmes  Gen  CharacterStudy  ChildhoodFic  SherlockHolmes  JohnWatson  Holmes/Watson  DeathFic  JamesMoriarty  Incest  OriginalCharacters  ChildAbuse  MollyHooper  author:RosaAcicularis  wc:? 
march 2012 by sevter
Imaginary by PoorMedea (PG-13)
Erik is five when he first sees Charles.

It’s days later when he realizes he’s the only one who can see Charles.

The kids at school tease him for being a baby, and his foster parents think he’s crazy. But Erik doesn’t care if Charles is imaginary—he’s his only friend.

But will that change as they get older? (32,197 words)
[Alt. Link: ]
author:PoorMedea  via:jenna_marianne  Rating:PG-13  Charles/Erik  CharlesXavier  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  ChildhoodFic  AU!AU  FriendshipFic  Mood:Angst  fandom:X-Men  wc:030001-060000 
february 2012 by sevter
Some Sunny Day [Avengers fic by anon, on lj]
In which Iron Man is set thirty years earlier, allowing four-year-old Tony to have met Captain America.
fandom:Avengers  via:sumeria  SteveRogers  TonyStark  Steve/Tony  Pre-Romance  author:Anonymous  AU  Rating:R  mood:Melancholy  ChildhoodFic 
january 2012 by sevter
Three Birthdays by godofpancakes
Avengerskink Prompt: The reason pre-serum Steve is so weak and sickly? He's Thor and Loki's kid. Sometimes Jotun-Aesir hybrids hit the genetic jackpot (see: Odin), and sometimes they don't. It's also the reason he reacted so positively to the super serum; he had all the potential, he just needed a way to unlock it.
via:Severusslave  author:godofpancakes  fandom:Avengers  ThorOdinson  LokiOdinson  Thor/Loki  Steve/Tony  Pre-Romance  EstablishedRelationships  KidFic  DomesticFic  ChildhoodFic  AU 
november 2011 by sevter
Raising Loki by SkiesOverGideon
The baby will not stop crying, and Frigga is at her wit’s end.

It has been three days since Odin returned from Jotunheim, having successfully pushed the frost giants back and destroyed their resolve to attack Midgard. It has been three days since he gave her their second child.

And it has been three days since she has slept through the night.
author:SkiesOVerGideon  fandom:Thor  LokiOdinson  ChildhoodFic  Frigga  Gen  Rating:PG  Mood:WAFF 
october 2011 by sevter
Variable skill sets by Gyzym
Steve is really really bad with kids. Who knew? Tony, on the other hand, is great.
fandom:Marvel  author:Gyzym  Steve/Tony  SteveRogers  TonyStark  ChildhoodFic  Rating:PG-13  mood:Humour 
october 2011 by sevter
Old tales I remember of men long ago - imperfectcircle
"If you practised your magic as Thor practises his fighting," Heimdall says once, "in the open where all could see, then the warriors who so admire your brother would know that you, too, work hard to protect all that we hold dear."

-- Loki's life as seen by Heimdall.
fandom:Thor  Heimdall  LokiOdinson  CharacterStudy  ChildhoodFic  Gen  author:ImperfectCircle  Rating:PG-13 
october 2011 by sevter
Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc" by Etothepii
"Until they are too old to fit comfortably, his mother puts he and Harry in the washing machine for their baths -- not all the time, but sometimes, when there are also clothes to be washed. When she takes them out after the spin cycle, they giggle with delight and blow bubbles in the air.

"She puts them in the dryer once too, but only once because afterwards Harry had had a rash from the fabric softener and John's hair had stuck out uncontrollably."
author:Etothepil  fandom:AddamsFamily  JohnWatson  Crossovers:Fusion  Gen  HarryWatson  ChildhoodFic  Rating:PG-13  fandom:SherlockHolmes 
october 2011 by sevter
Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals - Chase820
Everyone knows the story of how James T. Kirk beat the Kobayashi Maru. But only Kirk, Spock, and McCoy know the real story. Set before and after the events of the film, this fic offers a slashtastic twist on events. Kirk/Spock, Kirk/McCoy friendship.
fandom:StarTrekXI  WinonaKirk  JamesTKirk  OriginalCharacters  author:Chase820  LeonardMcCoy  WIP  Spock  Kirk/Spock  ChildhoodFic  ChildAbuse  Mood:Angst  wc:100001+  work:Hooker!/Pornstar  from delicious
july 2011 by sevter
Seems So Easy for Everybody Else by etothepii
He signs his correspondences to the police as Sherlock H, as he always has, and he signs his letters to his parents as SH -- they can take what they will from the S. He signs his school assignments S. Holmes, and manages to get away with it because he is the only Holmes in his classes. FtM!Sherlock.
CharacterStudy  Gen  SherlockHolmes  Pre-Canon  MycroftHolmes  ChildhoodFic  Transformation:Gender  author:Etothepil  fandom:SherlockHolmes  AU:Gender  from delicious
july 2011 by sevter
Four Times Sherlock Ignored Homophobia and the One Time He Didn't
The first time he had heard the word, Sherlock had been neither surprised nor very insulted. Of course the children in school knew that he was different. Instead of grasping that it was his incredible mind that separated them, however, they prefered to assume that something had to be wrong with him; he had to be different, but not in a good way. He had to be perverted.
MycroftHolmes  SherlockHolmes  JohnWatson  FiveThingsFic  Holmes/Watson  ChildhoodFic  author:0corona0  Pre-Romance  fandom:SherlockHolmes  from delicious
may 2011 by sevter
Learning to Be by Anna Amuse
Not everything Spock had learned of the Vulcan way had been a lesson from his father. Not everything he had learned of the Vulcan way had been the Vulcan way. A childhood story.
Spock  author:AnnaAmuse  fandom:StarTrek  ChildhoodFic  Gen  CharacterStudy  OriginalCharacters  Sarek  AmandaGrayson  from delicious
march 2011 by sevter
Don't Remember by Anon
We all know how Harry doesn't like to talk about his past right? And that when something terrible happens, he tends to block it from his mind with really terrifying efficency. He did always wondered why he was able kill DuMore when the man was his foster father.

Elain was his backup plan. Justin tries to force Harry to be loyal to his the more old fashioned way.
fandom:TDF  JustinDuMorne  Non-Con  ChildAbuse  ChildhoodFic  HarryDresden  dresdenkinkmeme 
february 2011 by sevter
First Noel - binz, shiplizard
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Chicago... quite a few things were stirring, actually.
Gen  author:BeachKid  author:ShipLizard  fandom:TDF  ChildhoodFic  Pre-Canon  JohnnyMarcone  HrothbertBainbridge  OriginalCharacters  source:YuletideFic 
february 2011 by sevter
A Single Conversation by Pervyficgirl
A single conversation can change your life or remind you of what a good life you have. Or, the one in which wee!Jim meets Sarek and Amanda.
author:Pervyficgirl  Gen  JamesTKirk  Spock  fandom:StarTrekXI  Sarek  AmandaGrayson  ChildhoodFic  Sarek/Amanda 
july 2009 by sevter
Eyes Like An Impossible Storm by Waldorph
She thinks that maybe in another universe, one where ships didn't come out of lightning storms in space, she would have had a brown-eyed, steadier child
author:Waldorph  Gen  JamesTKirk  Kirk/Spock  WinonaKirk  ChildhoodFic  fandom:StarTrekXI  Mood:Angst 
july 2009 by sevter
Belief by AudraRose
“Forget it, Charlie,” Don said, laying his hand on Charlie’s shoulder. “You’re right; it doesn’t matter. It’s just – the world I grew up in had a lot more magic in it. I wish you could have believed it for awhile.”
author:AudraRose  Gen  fandom:Numb3rs  CharlieEppes  DonEppes  ChildhoodFic 
july 2009 by sevter
A Logical Progression by The Girl from Shari-La
A series of snippets from Spock's childhood, from the perspectives of his parents.
author:TheGirlfromShari-La  fandom:StarTrekXI  Spock  Sarek  AmandaGrayson  ChildhoodFic  Gen 
june 2009 by sevter
Five things about Love and Life James Kirk Learns too Soon and One Thing He Learns Just in Time by MockingbirdQ
Some of his earliest memories are of his mother crying for no apparent reason. At age three, Jim doesn’t understand why she is sad or what “chronic depression” means.
author:MockingBirdQ  Kirk/Spock  JamesTKirk  FiveThingsFic  ChildhoodFic  Mood:Angst 
june 2009 by sevter
When They Have to Take You In by Vampychick
Spock and Kirk make friends while bleeding. So exactly what happened, except they're in grade school. AU. Gen. Years later, they meet again...
ChildhoodFic  AU  Spock  fandom:StarTrekXI  JamesTKirk  Gen  author:Vampychick 
june 2009 by sevter
Like a Coin by yesj
There are just some times Rodney should not be considered an active member of the human race...
author:Yesj  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  SGA_Santa  RodneyMckay  CharacterStudy  ChildhoodFic  Mood:Angst 
april 2009 by sevter
Finally Found Out by Velocitygrass
Through the years, Rodney keeps losing things, some of which are found, some of which can be replaced, some of which don't matter and some of which do.
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  Oblivious  author:VelocityGrass  Mcshep_Match  ChildhoodFic  Mood:WAFF  Pining!Fic 
april 2009 by sevter
Birds of a Feather by Julia_Here
Benton was still shorter than his grandmother's shoulder when he realized that he was not, in fact, quite fully human. There were things that everyone around him did, and he did not do them.
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  Gen  BentonFraser  Crossovers  author:Julia_Here  fandom:DueSouth  ChildhoodFic  FavouriteFics 
february 2009 by sevter
Soulgazing by Gehayi
Bob stared at him, shocked and stricken. "A soulgaze? Your uncle induced a soulgaze with a boy of eleven?"
author:Gehayi  HrothbertBainbridge  fandom:TDF  Gen  HarryDresden  ChildhoodFic 
january 2009 by sevter
A Contemporary Re-Examination of Sentinels and Guides Pair Bonding in North America by Creed Cascde
Sentinels and Guides form a juvenile pair bond in childhood in order for Sentinels to survive. Neither John or Rodney formed that bond until they were older, which shocked both their parents, the academic community, and their governments.
author:Creed  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  EarthSide  fandom:TheSentinel  Crossovers:Fusion  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  ChildhoodFic 
january 2009 by sevter
Mile marker thirty-six by BlueSpiritStar
When John receives an unexpected legacy he heads back to Earth, taking Rodney with him. While there he must deal with some old ghosts, Rodney’s love of brownies and a life-changing discovery. There may also be a moose and an alligator but they’re completely incidental.
author:BlueSpiritStar  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  EarthSide  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  ChildhoodFic  Pining!Fic 
november 2008 by sevter
Black and Blue by TheClexFactor
The friendship before they donned the capes
Notes: An AU of “When Clark met Bruce” by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. This will be a look at a lifelong friendship between Clark and Bruce if they’d grown up knowing each other and how such a relationship would have affected the boys and their later adult personas.
author:TheClexFactor  WIP  fandom:Batman  fandom:Superman  ChildhoodFic  AU  BruceWayne  ClarkKent  AlfredPennyworth  OriginalCharacters  Mood:WAFF 
november 2008 by sevter
Nesting Habits by Pere-Chan
Thad Pennyworth wants to be a lot of things over the course of his life. His life has other ideas.
author:Pere-Chan  fandom:Batman  AlfredPennyworth  Gen  ChildhoodFic 
november 2008 by sevter
Rite of Passage by Joonscribble
Like any teenager, Harry had a difficult period and made bad choices.
fandom:TDF  HarryDresden  HrothbertBainbridge  Gen  author:JoonScribble  ChildhoodFic 
march 2008 by sevter
Prehistory by spuffyduds
John had been having a pretty great year at a new school, for once. Tenth grade, and his classes were easy but none of the teachers had figured out how smart he was and managed to make everybody hate him, for a change--he was getting better at hiding that
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  author:Spuffyduds  ChildhoodFic 
february 2008 by sevter
Five, Four, Three, Two, One (Zero) (SGA, NC17, 9200 words) by Busaikko
Survivalist child!John. Great character study. J.C's been almost everywhere from Japan to Africa to the U.S. again.
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  author:Busaikko  CharacterStudy  ChildhoodFic 
february 2008 by sevter
Math Camp, by Mel, [Harlequin Challenge]
Naturally he wouldn't bring this up when he accidentally, in the middle of butt-fuck Antarctica, ran into the One True Cool Kid at Math Camp. Naturally. Notes: This could be the geekiest version of Rodney that I've ever come across.
fandom:SGA  AU  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  SchoolFic  ChildhoodFic 
june 2007 by sevter
Esthesia by Nilahasi
John is in high school, and his English class starts reading Anna Karenina.
author:Nilahasi  JohnSheppard  ChildhoodFic  Gen  CharacterStudy  fandom:SGA 
may 2007 by sevter
Lies by Teague
All parents make up stories to make their children feel safer; but can Percy deal with the fact that the Ministry of Magic isn't what he thought it was?
PercyWeasley  Percy/Oliver  fandom:HP  ChildhoodFic  author:Teague  Pre-Romance 
may 2007 by sevter
air/force by Ideal Girl
John learned at a very early age that being smart was kind of a pain in the ass.
author:IdealGirl  CharacterStudy  JohnSheppard  fandom:SGA  Gen  ChildhoodFic 
may 2007 by sevter
Parental Instincts (Gen, PG, spn_flashback) by Dodger Winslow
It’s parent-teacher night at Dean’s school and the teacher has some observations to share. Brilliant really.
author:DodgerWinslow  DeanWinchester  JohnWinchester  fandom:SPN  Gen  OriginalCharacters  ChildhoodFic 
april 2007 by sevter
The Eyes to See (Gen, PG) by Dodger Winslow
A teacher of Dean’s suspects that he’s been abused. And there’s hunting in a neat twisty way.
author:DodgerWinslow  fandom:SPN  Gen  OriginalCharacters  DeanWinchester  JohnWinchester  ChildhoodFic 
april 2007 by sevter
A Complexity of Forms by Alie.
You ran a quick calculation in your head one day and are not surprised to think that over your lifetime, so far, you've folded perhaps 100,000 paper frogs.
Mckay/Sheppard  fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  ChildhoodFic  Gen  Mood:Angst 
march 2007 by sevter
Radio Cures by toolazytowork
"I wanted a turntable," he said. "The old man bought me a short-wave radio. An AM radio. In the 70s. He was always doing shit like that."
Gen  author:TooLazytoWork  fandom:HouseMD  GregoryHouse  ChildhoodFic 
march 2007 by sevter
Meringue by mdime [sickness challenge]
Sharing, Rodney mused as he gasped for air that seemed just out of reach, was vastly overrated.
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  Gen  ChildhoodFic  JeannieMckay  author:Mdime  Mood:Angst 
february 2007 by sevter
Love A Sky So Blue by Sleep to Dream
John Sheppard loves two things: Rodney McKay, and the blue, blue sky. Outtake from very_rotten's "Not So Imaginary" universe
fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  author:SleeptoDream  ChildhoodFic 
january 2007 by sevter
Saddle Up the Wind by Oriolegirl
John was eight the first time someone told him the myth of Pegasus.
author:OrioleGirl  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  ChildhoodFic 
january 2007 by sevter
Granted [by Ladycat777, McKay/Sheppard]
John isn't drunk. He's only had one beer. It's just that his tolerance has vanished, since he's never been fond of vodka and the rotgut on level four was worse, so maybe it's not that he's *drunk*. Just... tipsy. Loose. Relaxed.
author:LadyCat777  Mckay/Sheppard  fandom:SGA  JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  ChildhoodFic 
november 2006 by sevter
Phone Call Home, by kuonji
Young Rodney, sulking, meets a mysterious stranger who asks him for a dubious favor.
fandom:SGA  author:Kuonji  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  ChildhoodFic  Gen 
november 2006 by sevter
Not Your Average Imaginary Friend by very_rotten
As time passed she learned that her son's imaginary friend wasn't like other imaginary friends.
fandom:SGA  AU  Gen  JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  ChildhoodFic  author:VeryRotten  FavouriteFics  Mood:WAFF 
november 2006 by sevter
Like Pavlov's Dogs by lavvyan
John has some very special reactions to Canadians. Or is it just one Canadian in particular?
JohnSheppard  author:Lavvyan  RodneyMckay  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  ChildhoodFic 
november 2006 by sevter
Down to you by Mousewitchy
A post!Seige II au wherein Jeannie McKay goes looking for her brother -- and a lot of other things happen along the line. *Fabulously* written, long and just brilliant.
fandom:SGA  JeannieMckay  Mckay/Sheppard  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  OriginalCharacters  ChildhoodFic  AU  author:Mousewitchy  FavouriteFics 
october 2006 by sevter
Background Noise by Miss Pamela
"But," John continued, "we can't fight unless we're rested." He grinned and whacked Rodney on the shoulder. "All work and no play…"
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  ChildhoodFic  JohnSheppard  author:MissPamela  Mckay/Sheppard 
october 2006 by sevter
Counterpoint by sffan
A brief look at John and Rodney over the span of 40 years.
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  ChildhoodFic  Mckay/Sheppard  author:Sffan 
october 2006 by sevter
Kids by Soraya
Elizabeth was finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that her heads of science and the military had suddenly seemingly regressed into childhood. Yet, looking at the two of them, that did seem to be a plausible explanation.
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  ElizabethWeir  JohnSheppard  ChildhoodFic  Mckay/Sheppard  author:Soraya  Mood:WAFF 
october 2006 by sevter
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