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The Mind is a Delicate Thing by Gallyrat
None of the Konoha rookies are psychopaths. Or at least, that's what everyone hopes. The Hokage's just worried about the new generation. He doesn't mean to change everything. Second in the Delicate Things Series.
fandom:Naruto  CastEnsemble  OriginalCharacters  DeathFic  Gen  author:Gallyrat  Rating:R  wc:100001+  AU  UzumakiNaruto  HyuugaHinata  HyuugaHiashi  HarunoSakura  UchihaSasuke 
august 2012 by sevter
The Stars and Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop - LuciaZephyr
In which Harry is the best baker in Chicago, but still ends up starting a few fires along the way. (revised final version)
fandom:TDF  HarryDresden  JohnnyMarcone  Dresden/Marcone  AU!AU  focus:Food  Rating:PG-13  Mood:WAFF  wc:030001-060000  DevelopingFeelings  CastEnsemble 
july 2012 by sevter
Supernanny - ashinan
The one thing Coulson has never quite understood is where he gained the title of Supernanny.
fandom:Avengers  author:Ashinan  PhilCoulson  TonyStark  illness  Gen  wc:005001-010000  CastEnsemble 
july 2012 by sevter
The Time to Find a Place to Land - BlackEyedGirl
By Phil’s count, this is his third attempt at bringing the Avengers together, although he will admit his participation in the second attempt was more symbolic than anything else. He hadn’t expected Stark to be the easiest sell, or Barton to be the most problematic, but things have changed since he’s been away. [Movie spoilers.]
fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  Rating:R  wc:015001-030000  author:BlackEyedGirl  CastEnsemble  illness:PTSD  Mood:Angst  HurtComfort  DarcyLewis 
july 2012 by sevter
Five Things that Happened after the Movie Ended by Teand
Steve riding off without a helmet, cyborg pigeons, Darcy, confrontation with Fury and a Clint/Coulson scene.
author:Teand  fandom:Avengers  Clint/Coulson  CastEnsemble  Rating:PG-13  FiveThingsFic  SteveRogers  Gen  DarcyLewis  NickFury  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton 
july 2012 by sevter
An Acceptable Loss - RandomSlasher (Trilliah)
Coulson is "misplaced" in a hospital after the events of the movie and wakes up thinking no one cares he lived, goes back to work, and is proven very wrong!
fandom:Avengers  PhilCoulson  CastEnsemble  Gen  Rating:PG  Mood:WAFF  HurtComfort  author:RandomSlasher 
july 2012 by sevter
To The Victor by The RCK
Across the Second Dimension characters. Candace never thought about what came after Doofenshmirtz. There's still a lot to do, but now she can see the future coming.
author:TheRCK  fandom:Phineas&Ferb  CandaceFlynn  Gen  Rating:G  CastEnsemble 
july 2012 by sevter
Lost Memories by EsaMarie
Another HnG AU story. What if Sai was not just a ghost? But a part of Hikaru Shindo’s memories of his previous life? Will he still walk into the life of a go player?
author:EsaMarie  fandom:HnG  ShindouHikaru  ReincarnationFic  Rating:PG-13  AU  Gen  WIP:Abandoned?  TouyaAkira  CastEnsemble 
july 2012 by sevter
Eat it Twilight by Liliaeth
The BAU has to deal with a serial killer who believes he's hunting vampires. The unsub's name, Dean Winchester.
author:Liliaeth  fandom:CriminalMinds  fandom:SPN  DeanWinchester  SamWinchester  DerekMorgan  CastEnsemble  OriginalCharacters  CaseFiles  wc:030001-060000  Rating:R 
july 2012 by sevter
Stray Leaves by The Scarlet Pencil
When Kakashi becomes Team Seven's jounin-sensei, he expects a lot of things. However, this Team Seven seems determined to prove him wrong on every single assumption. AU
fandom:Naruto  HatakeKakashi  Gen  TimeTravel  author:TheScarletPencil  Rating:PG  WIP:Abandoned?  wc:005001-010000  CastEnsemble 
june 2012 by sevter
The Molestation of a Man by Shidoari
MOLEST: 1. to disturb or annoy by malevolent interference.2. to accost or attack with the intention of assaulting sexually...or 3. to suffer all of the above by a young ANBU called Naruto Uzumaki
fandom:Naruto  UzumakiNaruto  HatakeKakashi  Naruto/Kakashi  Underaged!Minor  Rating:NC-17  author:Shidoari  wc:100001+  WIP  Mood:WAFF  CastEnsemble 
may 2012 by sevter
Across Dimensions: Parting Reality's Veil by Taliath
AU/AD. Namikaze Naruto has led a charmed life under the protection of the Fourth Hokage. But now, after sacrificing himself for his home, he finds himself waking up in an entirely new world, surrounded by a village that despises him.
author:Taliath  fandom:Naruto  UzumakiNaruto  Gen  SkippingUniverses  WIP:Abandoned?  wc:060001-100000  Rating:R  CastEnsemble  Jiraiya 
may 2012 by sevter
Hurricane Suite by ThePro
A different sealing. A different beginning. Uzumaki Naruto grew up with lofty goals, guts, and determination. The instinct of a born fighter made him grow; the knowledge of what he had to do drove him. For in the Shinobi world, it's duty above all. AU.
No one had called him a genius, and he had never considered himself to be one. His skills had taken everyone, including the Academy instructors, by surprise. He didn't take to jutsu any faster than anyone else, thrown weapons were no easier for him to handle than for any other person in his class, and he didn't absorb knowledge like a sponge. He merely had a goal to achieve and the work ethic and motivation to back it up.
fandom:Naruto  UzumakiNaruto  AU  naruto:DifferentTeams  naruto:DifferentSensei  Rating:R  Gen  WIP  CastEnsemble  author:ThePro  OriginalCharacters  Mood:Angst  wc:060001-100000 
may 2012 by sevter
Shinkirou by Chibi Heishi
When the Sandaime fell, a nightmare descended upon Konoha. But on the day the nightmare began, no one noticed that one teacher's aid and a few young children disappeared. That simple fact may be the only hope Konoha has left.
author:ChibiHeishi  fandom:Naruto  AU  HatakeKakashi  CastEnsemble  UminoIruka  Gen  HarunoSakura  NaraShikamaru  UzumakiNaruto  HyuugaHinata  YamanakaIno  Tenten  wc:060001-100000 
may 2012 by sevter
Nom de Guerre by Fiachra Ochiern
Akatsuki has been banished, and Konoha finally has peace. But it comes at a terrible price. When an old enemy rises again, Konoha turns to a strange ally for help, one who brings back memories that might be best left buried. // Some definite holes in the logic, but it's surprisingly good.
via:killaria  UzumakiNaruto  author:FiachraOchiern  fandom:Naruto  Gen  OriginalCharacters  CastEnsemble  NaraShikamaru  UchihaSasuke  HarunoSakura  naruto:MissingNin  wc:100001+ 
may 2012 by sevter
The Nine Broken Mirrors by Ayien
When Suna attacks, Naruto and Gaara must abandon Konoha, find the other jinchuuriki, and unlock the secrets of the Village of Shadows, or all is lost. But it is only six years later, when Konoha comes demanding help, that the last Great War begins.
author:Ayien  fandom:Naruto  UzumakiNaruto  OriginalCharacters  Gaara  Mood:Angst  AU  Rating:R  wc:100001+  ChildAbuse  DeathFic  CastEnsemble  WarFic  WIP:Abandoned? 
may 2012 by sevter
The Lives Worth Saving by cywsaphyre
Naruto, at 26, has lived through 10 years of war. At the end, with nothing left to call home, he sends himself back to the beginning, to the day of his younger self's graduation, in an attempt to change it all. Time travel AU.
author:cywsaphyre  fandom:Naruto  UzumakiNaruto  HatakeKakashi  UchihaSasuke  HarunoSakura  Gen  TimeTravel  WIP  wc:100001+  Rating:R  Kyuubi  CastEnsemble 
may 2012 by sevter
Team 8 by S'Tarkan
What if Naruto had been selected for a different team? What if he'd had a different mentor? Who would guess the consequences would be so large?
author:S'Tarkan  fandom:Naruto  AU  HyuugaHinata  UzumakiNaruto  YuuhiKurenai  AburameShino  TeamFic  wc:100001+  Naruto/Hinata  CastEnsemble  WIP  naruto:DifferentTeams  naruto:DifferentSensei 
may 2012 by sevter
In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury) [Avengers fic by scifigrl47, on AO3]
Clint had his chin balanced on his folded arms, leaning over the counter, eye to shiny metal surface of the new addition to the Stark Family of Dysfunctional Kitchen Appliances. “Listen, buddy, I get it, I do, you don't want the sesame seed bagel, and I don't blame you. Sesame seeds, they get in everything, gotta get your crumb tray cleaned like, every day, with sesame seeds. I hate it when they get stuck in my teeth, myself, so I'm with you. But they're the only ones we've got left, and I want toast.”

The toaster made a rattling noise not unlike a little kid blowing a raspberry.

“Fine, I got it, yeah, but throw me a bone here. What's your stance on Eggos?”

“Are you trying to negotiate with the toaster?” Steve asked, and Clint straightened up with a heavy sigh.

“Negotiating and failing, which is even more embarrassing.” He poked the thing with a butter knife, but it was a gentle poke.

“New appliance, let me explain how things work around here,” Tony said, heading for the fridge. “If you do not cultivate a lovable personality, I will gift you to SHIELD and you will be stuck in the break room designated for the most junior of the agents, the dumb ones that still think Coulson is an android of some sort.” Tony leaned down so he was face to box with the toaster. “The sort of traumatized and stupid children who will try to stuff an entire blueberry muffin into your slots.”
fandom:Avengers  via:sumeria  author:SciFiGrl47  SteveRogers  Steve/Tony  Sentient!Robots  Jarvis  CastEnsemble  TonyStark  Rating:PG-13  Pre-Romance  mood:Fun  TeamFic  FiveThingsFic  wc:060001-100000  DomesticFic  Clint/Coulson  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  mood:Humour 
april 2012 by sevter
Sidekick - Closer - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Pepper got a text in the middle of lunch with investors.

Non-MIT college dropout drug dealer Tony Stark's new assistant = how scandalous?

She sighed and texted back. I thought I said no hiring based on measurements.

His IQ = at min 175. Good enough measurement for you?

We'll discuss this later.

2 late. Hired him. Run bg check "Michael Ethan Ross" DOB 2.15.85, please ensure not a supervillain.

Sometimes Pepper thought she wasn't paid enough for this. (Then she remembered she was CEO, and could give herself a raise.)
fandom:Avengers  fandom:Suits  MikeRoss  TonyStark  SteveRogers  HarveySpencer  PeterParker  ClintBarton  PhilCoulson  Clint/Coulson  Donna  PepperPotts  wc:030001-060000  Rating:PG-13  CastEnsemble  DevelopingFeelings  author:Closer  Crossovers  mood:Humour 
march 2012 by sevter
and i can only hope you've got it aimed at me by Lanyon
"Their secret is no longer a secret between two people. This is a remarkable group of people, with a weird definition of loyalty, and they can appreciate anything that keeps Coulson from melting down and Barton from becoming bored enough to fuck with them all. That’s not to say that, sometimes, Coulson doesn’t shout at them because the rec room is not an appropriate venue for arm-wrestling between Thor and the Hulk or that Barton doesn’t piss himself laughing because he got the drop on Rogers but no family is perfect."
via:luthien82  author:Lanyon  PhilCoulson  ClintBarton  Clint/Coulson  CastEnsemble  Mood:WAFF  Rating:PG-13  wc:001001-005000  EstablishedRelationships  fandom:Avengers 
march 2012 by sevter
Haven in a Heartless World - plingo_kat
The thing is this: the Avengers Initiative shouldn’t work. Steve is the only remotely stable one and he’s a man seventy years out of his time; Tony is the king of fuck-upped-ness, Bruce is a ticking time bomb of zen hormonal rage, Thor is Thor, and both Clint and Natasha have PTSD stamped all over their (heavily redacted) files.

Obviously, they’re the best fighting force the United States has ever seen.
Gen  fandom:Avengers  ThorOdinson  CastEnsemble  TonyStark  PhilCoulson  DarcyLewis  ClintBarton  BruceBanner  author:PlingoKat  CharacterStudy  SteveRogers  NatashaRomanov  wc:001001-005000  mood:Humour 
march 2012 by sevter
You Bring Me Right Back Down To the Promised Land - juurensha - X-Men: First Class (2011), Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Marvel (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where Death Eater Shaw kills Erik's Muggle parents and takes him for experimentation, Erik manages to escape to the Xavier Mansion. Charles and Erik grow up together at the mansion and at Hogwarts, but Erik is still intent on hunting down his tormentor. HP AU, Erik/Charles.
author:Juurensha  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  Crossovers:Fusion  fandom:X-Men  fandom:HP  CharlesXavier  Charles/Erik  HankMcCoy(Beast)  Hank/Raven  CastEnsemble  DevelopingFeelings  fandom:IronMan  TonyStark  PepperPotts  RavenDarkholme(Mystique)  wc:050001-100000 
march 2012 by sevter
untitled by anonymous (PG-13)
The Inception team has been hired by Moriarty. The target is Sherlock.

Unfortunately for them, Sherlock has his own special form of security. It looks like John Watson.

And it's increasingly more badass John Watsons all the way down.
fandom:Inception  via:jenna_marianne  author:Anonymous  CastEnsemble  SherlockHolmes  fandom:SherlockHolmes  Rating:PG-13  JohnWatson  Crossovers  wc:? 
march 2012 by sevter
What Dreams May Come by MarbleGlove (PG-13)
Methos' mind is not one you'd want to be stuck in, aka the inception team attempts extraction on Adam Pierson. (2,168 words)
“So, what are you doing here? You didn’t come here the usual way.”

“Is there a usual way?”

“Sure, there’s a lightning storm and then the shadows come alive and then we have new comers. The new comers are either taken back to the shadows or allowed to roam around.”

“Does that happen often?”

The projection shrugged.
fandom:Inception  fandom:Highlander  via:jenna_marianne  Methos(AdamPierson)  CastEnsemble  Rating:PG-13  Gen  Inception:Dreamscape  Crossovers  wc:001001-005000 
february 2012 by sevter
Simple, Not Easy by LJC
Darcy should have seen it coming. She couldn't hang around the spandex crowd forever and not end up with a great big target painted on her back eventually. She was just surprised it took Loki so long.
via:Severusslave  DarcyLewis  ClintBarton  LokiOdinson  Darcy/Clint  Loki/Sif  CastEnsemble  mood:Fun  author:LJC  Rating:R  fandom:Avengers  wc:060001-100000  mood:Humour 
january 2012 by sevter
and now you will not be alone any more by pocky slash
Summary: Erik gives driving, sewing, and cooking lessons, soothes nightmares, bolsters self-esteem, and still can't figure out why Charles keeps smiling at him like that.
via:Carnadosa  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  EstablishedRelationships  CharlesXavier  Charles/Erik  DomesticFic  CastEnsemble  Mood:WAFF  author:PockySlash  Rating:G  fandom:X-Men  wc:005001-010000 
january 2012 by sevter
It's the Thought That Counts by Coneycat
Tony was unconvinced. "Why in hell would Loki want a dog?"

For the first time, Amanda Stanfield looked a little unsure of herself. Looking around at the group, she said uncertainly,

"He told me... that he worked at a group home for adults with mental disabilities." Someone let out a hoot of startled laughter. Tony realized it was himself. "He thought a dog would be good for... them. He said there was a Miss Potts on staff who was very trustworthy, and that several of the residents were also quite responsible."
fandom:Avengers  LokiOdinson  Gen  CastEnsemble  TonyStark  Rating:G  author:ConeyCat  PetFic  Mood:WAFF 
december 2011 by sevter
For I Mean to Conquer Troy by Twelve Pastels

Set one year post movie, Charles overloads himself in Cerebro, and his mind goes walkabout; wherever he is (and he’s around), it’s not in his body. Erik temporarily takes over the school in his absence, and finds that there’s little time for resentment or hatred when he’s busy organizing assigned reading for English lit, keeping the youngest children out of trouble, and trying to talk Raven into wearing clothing for the boys’ sake. Somewhere in between taking responsibility for the students and dreaming Charles’ dreams every night, he manages to remember that he’s something rather more than a weapon. In other words: A Love Story between two Gentlemen, told in Prose, Epistles, and Nonsense Rhymes.

|| “Shaw was scum, we both know that. The only reason why any of us stuck by him was once we realized what he was, it was too late to run. You were heading well in that direction, and wearing a dead man’s armor wasn’t doing you any favors. Look at you, you’re already doing better!”

Erik folded his arms. “Am I then?”

“Yes, quite. Not only did you not threaten to harm me if I left, you didn’t even begin to think of forbidding me. I’d call that a win.” Erik frowned. The idea hadn’t crossed his mind at all, although something told him that it should have.

|| That one where Erik takes over the school and grows as a person. Also, I love the tags. *amused*

|| Warning: discussion of child abuse.
via:Carnadosa  author:TwelvePastels  CharlesXavier  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  Charles/Erik  Mood:WAFF  UST  Rating:NC-17  CastEnsemble  Azazel  AlexSummers  RavenDarkholme(Mystique)  fandom:X-Men  wc:030001-060000 
december 2011 by sevter
Lord Sea Mer'deth series by Lavvyan, taste_is_sweet & seikaitsukimizu
Among the Goa'uld, Mer'deth was something of an oddity.

Not only did he think that setting himself up to be worshipped was a colossal waste of his time. He also was far more interested in science than achieving galactic domination. Unlike the experiments run by Ba'al or Nirrti, his were focussed on astrophysics and engineering, and hardly ever killed anyone in spectacularly bloody ways. His Jaffa were chosen for smarts rather than brute strength. And not once had he tried to subjugate a technologically advanced people, because, as he said, no one in the Milky Way was more advanced than him.
author:Seikaitsukimizu  author:Lavvyan  author:TasteIsSweet  fandom:SGA  fandom:SG-1  AU  DevelopingFeelings  JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  Mckay/Sheppard  EvanLorne  RadekZelenka  CastEnsemble 
december 2011 by sevter
Once Upon Atlantis by Celli Lane (Fairy Tale Challenge) by Celli Lane
Prince Rodney entered, and the crowd let out a collective gasp. He was rumpled from head to foot--in fact, Sir Lorne wasn't sure he was even wearing both shoes. He was rubbing at the side of his head, and he looked thunderously angry.

"What happened to a luxurious, special environment?" he demanded, stomping his way up on the dais. "Do you people stuff your mattresses with your leftover jousting equipment? I have never, not once in my entire life, spent such an uncomfortable night. Hi, John," he added as an afterthought.

[Really, who else would you test with a pea under twenty mattresses but Rodney? I ask you.]
Rating:PG-13  author:Celli  FairyTale  Mckay/Sheppard  JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  AU!AU  CastEnsemble  fandom:SGA  mood:Humour 
november 2011 by sevter
Captain Doctor by kmspider
AU—instead of losing the Battle of Serenity, the Independents won, extending the course of the war. Takes place around the same time as the series, six years after the First Battle of Serenity on Hera.
author:kmspider  fandom:Firefly  CastEnsemble  SimonTam  Gen  AU  Rating:PG-13  WIP:Abandoned? 
october 2011 by sevter
Brightly Burning by Aishuu
In a different world, Hikaru never steps into Touya Kouyo's salon. When he is fifteen, the Go world starts to take notice of a terrifying new insei with amazing strength...
fandom:HnG  Gen  Rating:PG-13  AU  WayaYoshitaka  CastEnsemble  WIP:Abandoned?  ShindouHikaru 
october 2011 by sevter
Tomorrow Belongs To Me by valtyr
Steve wakes up in the 21st Century. He doesn't think much of it, and it's dubious about him. He meets a Norse God, joins a superhero team, and feels terribly awkward about the whole momument at Arlington he's rendered obsolete by not being dead. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to make his mark on history by being the man who finally drove Nick Fury over the edge.
fandom:Marvel  ThorOdinson  SteveRogers  TonyStark  Steve/Tony  LokiOdinson  author:Valtyr  CastEnsemble  Thor/Jane  wc:060001-100000 
october 2011 by sevter
Spoctoria by screamlet, waldorph
Spock is heir to the Federation throne, Jim is Prince of America because his fucking brother abdicated, and the Klingons are on the verge of blowing shit up--a love story.
fandom:StarTrekXI  Spock  JamesTKirk  Kirk/Spock  Harlequin  AU!AU  OriginalCharacters  CastEnsemble  author:Waldorph  author:Screamlet  wc:060001-100000  Mood:WAFF  Rating:NC-17  RoyaltyFic  mood:Humour  from delicious
july 2011 by sevter
Good, In The Latin by Merrily
Zoe waits a full month before going to see Simon. By this time she's sure herself, but there are still factors to rule out: grief, diet, the shocking difference of living without a constant adrenaline high.
fandom:Firefly  author:Merrily  ZoeWashburne  CastEnsemble  Gen  from delicious
june 2011 by sevter
TtH • Story • From Here to Serenity by Bastard Snow
Buffy’s fall through Glory’s portal took her somewhere nobody had ever imagined. Now, it’s up to Willow and Xander to get her back.
author:BastardSnow  fandom:BTVS  fandom:Firefly  Crossovers  BuffySummers  XanderHarris  WillowRosenberg  CastEnsemble  from delicious
april 2011 by sevter
TtH • Series • A Changed World Series by justaguy
BtVS/LO:SVU - A serial Killer attracts the attention of both the SVU and the Council. The Summers sisters learn that not all monsters are demons

author:JustaGuy  fandom:BTVS  fandom:Law&Order  Crossovers  BuffySummers  DawnSummers  CastEnsemble  Rating:R  from delicious
april 2011 by sevter
Maggie's Guardian by Anon
Maggie has never met her father. She didn't even know she had one. But now Harry Dresden is dead, Maggie is finally safe, and she meets her father's friends. One of them will end up her guardian.<br />
<br />
She learns about how he lived, what he was like as a person, through her new guardian, and through the new people she meets, all of whom knew her father the way she never got to.
fandom:TDF  MargaretDresden  Dresden/Marcone  source:dresdenkinkmeme  CastEnsemble  JohnnyMarcone  HarryDresden  Mood:Angst  from delicious
march 2011 by sevter
CSI: Death by Chocolate by Beth Einspanier
A young man is found in the desert, having been drowned in chocolate. Who would want him dead, and what does he have to do with a reclusive chocolatier from London?
fandom:Charlie&ChocolateFactory  fandom:CSI  Crossovers  DeathFic  WillyWonka  Gen  CastEnsemble  author:BethEinspanier  mood:Humour  from delicious
march 2011 by sevter
Water Hold Me Down by Lizbeth Marcs
Xander, Faith, Anya, ensemble for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, OCs; PG-13; Xander/Anya, Xander/Faith — Who of us is happy until we get what we want? What price are we willing to pay for it? And once the toll is paid and we have what we want, will it really make us happy? Xander is about to find out.
fandom:BTVS  author:LizbethMarcs  XanderHarris  CastEnsemble  FaithLehane  AnyaJenkins(Anyanka)  Xander/Anya  Xander/Faith  WIP  verse:Whisper  from delicious
march 2011 by sevter
Living History by Lizbeth Marcs
Some people have come a place far, far away and a time far, far ahead to ask for help on an urgent matter. The time? February 2008. The place? Moscow. The problem? They're in Cleveland, September 2003. And that's just the beginning of the trouble…<br />
<br />
|| Same universe as "Whispers"
author:LizbethMarcs  fandom:BTVS  XanderHarris  FaithLehane  TimeTravel  Xander/Faith  CastEnsemble  verse:Whisper  from delicious
march 2011 by sevter
TtH • Story • Little Brother by NotJana
After 'Chosen' the Scoobies made a point of contacting their families. Several months later it turns out that one relative ... must have slipped Xander's mind. So his friends give him a gentle push out the door - towards the one person that mattered.
author:NotJana  Gen  fandom:NCIS  fandom:BTVS  XanderHarris  Crossovers  LeroyJethroGibbs  AbbySciuto  CastEnsemble  XanderRealFamily  FindingFamily 
march 2011 by sevter
Volatile Compounds by Gekizetsu
The boys finally flash the wrong counterfeit badges while investigating murders on a Naval base.
fandom:SPN  fandom:NCIS  Gen  WinchesterBrothers  LeroyJethroGibbs  Crossovers  CastEnsemble  author:Gekizetsu 
march 2011 by sevter
TtH • Series • Special Agent Harris by Fojee
Rupert Giles lent money to a young man who needed a little push in the right direction. Xander Harris attended college, finished with a degree in criminology, and after Buffy's death, left Sunnydale in the capable hands of Faith and Angel. Willow Rosenberg and Tara McClay chose to stay in Cleveland, while Giles, Dawn and Spike have settled in England. After a stint at FLETC, a friend named Riley Finn recommended him to NCIS in Washington D.C., where he is now a special agent, working under Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
fandom:BTVS  fandom:NCIS  XanderHarris  FaithLehane  LeroyJethroGibbs  Gen  Crossovers  CastEnsemble  author:Fojee 
march 2011 by sevter
TtH • Series • Wanted: Xander Harris by emw
The rocket launcher was stolen from a Naval Base, which drew Gibbs' attention
fandom:BTVS  fandom:NCIS  Crossovers  XanderHarris  LeroyJethroGibbs  Gen  CastEnsemble 
march 2011 by sevter
The Matter of Chicago - LuciaZephyr
Another way the Baron rose to power. Another way the wizard became a Knight.

This is what happens when you take your lessons in heroism from Machiavelli and Vetinari.
author:LuciaTanaka  fandom:TDF  HarryDresden  Dresden/Marcone  JohnnyMarcone  AU  Dresden/Susan  CastEnsemble 
february 2011 by sevter
TtH • Series • Lost in Serenity by MidKnightJ
Trapped five centuries in the future Xander Harris has spent nearly a year searching desperately for a way back to his own time. After chasing down his latest lead he finds himself bond to a beautiful, yet somewhat unstable, young woman.

Soon he'll have to make a choice. Find a way home or make a new life with his beautiful new bride and the unlikely crew of the Firefly class ship 'Serenity'.
author:MidKnightJ  fandom:Firefly  fandom:BTVS  Crossovers  RiverTam  XanderHarris  MalcolmReynolds  CastEnsemble  Mood:Angst 
february 2011 by sevter
First Impressions - Spikedluv
Xander continues his road trip after Oxnard and ends up in Pittsburgh.
author:Spikedluv  Crossovers  fandom:BTVS  fandom:QaF  XanderHarris  OxnardFic  Gen  CastEnsemble  DebbieNovotny 
february 2011 by sevter
Keeper of the Book 'verse - nwhepcat
While in Africa, Xander encountered something that made him take a break from reality. It's now Wesley's job to figure out what happened to an apparently mad Xander and to stop another Apocalypse.
author:nwhepcat  fandom:BTVS  MinorCharacters  OriginalCharacters  CastEnsemble  XanderHarris  Spike  WesleyWyndam-Price  wc:100001+  btvs:Africander  illness:Mental 
february 2011 by sevter
Nothing the Same by Orchidluv
Xander doesn't deal well with Jesse's death and everything changes from there.
author:Orchidluv  Spike  XanderHarris  Spike/Xander  AU  CastEnsemble  fandom:BTVS  FavouriteFics 
november 2010 by sevter
√π233/hy7 Series by Waldorph
The one where Jim solves some math problems and was vouched by Spock
fandom:StarTrekXI  AU  Spock  JamesTKirk  CastEnsemble  author:Waldorph  Kirk/Spock  FavouriteFics 
august 2009 by sevter
The Man With No Name by Frostfyre
He hadn't really counted on getting into a pub brawl over the color of his coat on some speck of a planet, or signing up with a crew of petty criminals. Still, the Doctor had always wondered what really happened to those Lost Colonists from Earth.
author:Frostfire  fandom:Firefly  Crossovers  TenthDoctor  CastEnsemble  fandom:DoctorWho  Mood:Angst 
august 2009 by sevter
Cityfoundations [Star Trek XI | PG | 2,147] by atomicskull
Sulu escapes a party, Uhura is an overachiever and Kirk shares a muffin. The 'how they met' story for each of the pairings.
fandom:StarTrekXI  author:AtomicSkull  CastEnsemble  Kirk/McCoy  Spock/Uhura  Chekov/Sulu  AU!AU  verse:City 
july 2009 by sevter
A Game of What If
What if the crew had never joined Starfleet? I'm hoping for little snippets of their lives, whatever they may be doing instead.

Does Chekov stay in Russia? Is he selling flowers on the street for change?

Maybe Sulu gets a Phd in Botany? Or does he spend his days on the beach with his buddies, smoking out?

Maybe Bones stays a country doctor, raising his little girl. And meets Kirk, on the run from the Iowa cops, and he hides out at Bone's farm.

Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Pike, etc! OP doesn't care if you write about one or many!
Gen  fandom:StarTrekXI  AU  CastEnsemble  st_xi_kink 
july 2009 by sevter
The Watch Cycle by Mithrigil
Not your mother’s Amok Time. With Spock gone AWOL and presumed dying, Jim receives some valuable insight at a crucial time—not that he can share where it came from.
author:Mithrigil  fandom:StarTrekXI  JamesTKirk  Kirk/Spock  Spock  Spock/Uhura  CastEnsemble  NyotaUhura  Spock!Prime  LeonardMcCoy  WIP  st:PonFarr 
july 2009 by sevter
Mafia!Enterprise by Nostrum_ago
As far as Jim's concerned, this particular city isn't going to the dogs. It's gone to the dogs, been chewed up, spat out, crapped on and left to rot. It's got everything he could've ever asked for; a disgruntled populace, corrupt cops, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt everyone. And it's his.
author:NostrumAgo  JamesTKirk  CastEnsemble  AU!AU  fandom:StarTrekXI  st_xi_kink  work:Mafia 
july 2009 by sevter
A Formal Dance in the Bowling Alley by Raven
Here are some things that James Tiberius Kirk, Captain, does not understand about the Enterprise and her crew.
fandom:StarTrekXI  JamesTKirk  Gen  author:LoneRaven  FiveThingsFic  CastEnsemble  mood:Humour 
june 2009 by sevter
A Taste of Liberty by lamardeuse
Before the final battle, Harry Potter plays hooky and escapes to America, where he learns about another world.
fandom:HP  AU  Crossovers  Snape/Harry  author:Lamardeuse  SeverusSnape  HarryPotter  fandom:QaF  OriginalCharacters  CastEnsemble 
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