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Father Charles - Yahtzee
"It's still the early 1960s. Charles grew up devoutly religious, went to seminary and took orders.

And for the few years he's been a priest, he's been a good one. He coordinates volunteering and assistance for several charities in New York City, where his parish is, and doesn't mind the life of poverty he leads (though his sister Raven sometimes comes in from upstate to ask him if he doesn't miss champagne at all.)

Then he comes up with the idea of partnering with a Jewish organization that helps the poor, which meets with some resistance from the Catholic brass -- but Charles is firm that all children are God's children and they should do what's right.

Then he meets Erik Lehnsherr, the devout Jew and Holocaust survivor who runs that other charity, who is so fiercely protective of his charges that it moves Charles' heart -- and the first time their eyes meet, Charles has to confront the greatest temptation he'll ever know, and the church's teachings about what love is."
author:Yahtzee63  fandom:X-Men  ErikLehnsherr(Magneto)  CharlesXavier  Charles/Erik  AU  focus:Religion  work:Religious  AU:Historical  WarFic  DevelopingFeelings  FirstTimes  EstablishedRelationships  KidFic  RavenDarkholme(Mystique)  wc:030001-060000  work:Soldier  focus:Homophobia 
april 2012 by sevter
Look here, look back, look ahead - marinarusalka
September, 1941: Returning from a mission as Iron Man, Tony Stark crash-lands in the Carpathian Mountains and is rescued by Captain America. The two heroes team up to investigate Nazi activity at a mysterious castle. But Captain America is keeping secrets that could destroy their new partnership before it has a chance to begin.
author:MarinaRusalka  fandom:Avengers  TonyStark  SteveRogers  AU  Steve/Tony  Rating:NC-17  DevelopingFeelings  AU:Historical 
november 2011 by sevter
A Fool From Any Direction by syllic
The one where Arthur had bigger dreams than ending up as a stable boy and Eames works on his wooing.
author:Syllic  AU!AU  Eames  fandom:Inception  Inc_Arthur  Arthur/Eames  AU:Historical  mood:Humour 
september 2010 by sevter
After You've Gone (SGA WWII AU) by Moodymuse19
He wasn’t the best shot or the biggest gun lover, but his trainer – big, wild man by the name of Ronon – spent every waking moment of his task of training Rodney talking about the Germans, about POW camps and how a gun could one day be his only safety left.
author:MoodyMuse19  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  AU!AU  WarFic  JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  Mood:Angst  AU:Historical 
april 2009 by sevter
The Pirate's Prisoner by Eildon Rhymer
Rodney McKay hadn't realised he was being abducted by pirates at first. (If he had, he would, of course, have resisted with proud defiance, willing to die rather than submit.) Now he finds himself on the ship of the second most notorious pirate in the Caribbees, immured in a dank prison (well, a fairly spacious cabin, but that's not the point), forced to prostitute his intellect in the service of evil. And there's a savage on board, and a woman – an actual woman, in man's clothes, would you believe? Will Rodney ever escape and make it back to London to receive the Royal Society Fellowship that is surely awaiting him?
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  RononDex  TeylaEmmagen  Gen  AU!AU  Pirate!Fic  author:Rhymer23  AU:Historical 
april 2009 by sevter
Returning Hero by Rasah
WWII Pilot John Sheppard returns home from war, and tries to rekindle his relationship with injured lover Rodney.
JohnSheppard  RodneyMckay  fandom:SGA  Mckay/Sheppard  AU  author:Rasah  AU:Historical 
july 2007 by sevter
Morituri te Salutant by Ras Elased
John is a gladiator in Ancient Rome, and Rodney is a Roman Senator who falls in love with him after he sees him fight in the Colosseum.
author:RasElased  fandom:SGA  AU!AU  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  AU:Historical 
march 2007 by sevter
Of Cold Making Warmth by Siriaeve
John went to war, and left someone behind him. AU, fusion with Century Hotel
fandom:SGA  RodneyMckay  AU  JohnSheppard  Mckay/Sheppard  author:Siriaeve  Mood:Angst  AU:Historical 
february 2007 by sevter
Missed the Saturday Dance by Zoe Trope
Media story. John and Rodney meet during WWII as a test pilot and an engineer, respectively.
fandom:SGA  AU!AU  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  FicHallofFame  author:ZoeTrope  Mckay/Sheppard  Mood:WAFF  AU:Historical 
october 2006 by sevter
Sky Full Of by rageprufrock
Historical AU based on the movie "The Mummy." Gorgeous, lyrical language and evocative descriptions of Egypt.
author:RagePrufrock  fandom:SGA  AU!AU  RodneyMckay  JohnSheppard  JeannieMckay  AU:Historical 
september 2006 by sevter
The Annals: Part Two of An Irregular Series by nightdog_writes
Just how long have House and Wilson known each other? Historical WiP AU set in ancient Rome. In this part, House is a Roman military physician and Wilson is an enslaved healer.
fandom:HouseMD  House/Wilson  GregoryHouse  JamesWilson  AU!AU  author:NightDogWrites  AU:Historical 
september 2006 by sevter

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