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Lord of the Uruloki Series
In which Bilbo Baggins does not just find the Ring of Power, he learns to use it. Dark Lord Bilbo AU, featuring badass hobbits, disturbed wizards and irritated Nazgul. And a curious dragon.
Sequel to Corruption of the Ring. Bilbo Baggins has mastered the One Ring and rules in Erebor. He has brokered a peace with Smaug, sung the souls of reborn dragons into Arda, and won a great battle against Elves and Men and Orcs. But this is merely the beginning of what he has planned for Middle-Earth. He will have an utter and lasting peace, whatever the means he needs to get it. With dragons and Nazgul he must forge his empire, before the White Council gathers the strength to bring him down and dash his hopes for good.
lotr  hobbit  au  dark  bamf  bilbo/thorin  thisisdifferent  world!building  war  revolution  complete  long  on!ao3   
october 2017 by Severusslave
The Rise of a Dark Lord
Dumbledore was sure he had made the right choice. Ten years later Harry shows him just how wrong he was. With little regard for most, Harry makes a name for himself at Hogwarts, and shows everyone that he is far more than just the BWL. In doing that he attracts the attention of the Dark Lord, making Voldemort believe that the Boy-Who-Lived could be far more than an enemy.
harrypotter  au  harry/voldemort  dark  dark!harry  wip  long  on!ao3 
october 2017 by Severusslave
After his Master's death Obi-Wan Falls. Anakin picks up the pieces.
starwars  gen  au  dark  h/c  angst  friendship!fic  medium  complete  on!ao3 
october 2017 by Severusslave
Hell To Raise
All Harry knew that day was that his Aunt Petunia had begun to scream. When he came from his cupboard to see what was wrong, he found her sitting pale and distraught on the spotless kitchen tiles. She was gibbering as that evening’s three-kilogram chicken dinner did a rather acrobatic tap-dancing lap of the room, squawked loudly, and then fled through the window and out into the back yard.


In which Harry Potter animates the dead. Dumbledore disapproves. Other forces... not so much.
harrypotter  gen  dark  funny  medium  wip  on!ao3 
october 2017 by Severusslave
Hadrian Lecter: Becoming
Dr. Hannibal Lecter isn't what he seems. He's a monster wearing a well-tailored person suit. And when he gets his hands on young Harry Potter the wizarding world will never be the same.
hannibal  harrypotter  crossover  gen  adoption  medium  wip  dark  on!ao3 
october 2017 by Severusslave
Corruption of the Ring - Lord of the Uruloki Series
In which Bilbo Baggins does not just find the Ring of Power, he learns to use it. Dark Lord Bilbo AU, featuring badass hobbits, disturbed wizards and irritated Nazgul.

And a curious dragon.
lotr  hobbit  au  world!building  dark  bamf  long  complete  on!ao3 
october 2017 by Severusslave
Corruption of the Ring
In which Bilbo Baggins does not just find the Ring of Power, he learns to use it. Dark Lord Bilbo AU, featuring badass hobbits, disturbed wizards and irritated Nazgul. And a curious dragon.

(Now THIS is completely different! And awesome!)
lotr  hobbit  au  dark  bamf  bilbo/thorin  thisisdifferent  kickass  action  long  wip  on!ao3 
may 2013 by Severusslave
In an alternate reality, Erebor was never taken by Smaug, and the War of Dwarves and Orcs never happened. The Orcs invaded the Shire, slaughtering hundreds and taking countless more as slaves. Bilbo is slave to Azog, the Dwarf King's mortal enemy... until the Dwarf King rescues him.
lotr  hobbit  au  angst  slavery  bilbo/azog  rape  ptsd  dark  h/c  bilbo/thorin  romance  wip  long  on!ao3 
may 2013 by Severusslave
Stewed, Roasted, Baked, or Boiled
“Treacherous, deceivin’ Men,” Dwalin spat. “They would kill anything if it brought ‘em a bit o’ profit.”
“Aye. Hobbit is rare enough that if offered the chance to buy it, you’d jump at the chance. No one asks too many questions, and the traders don’t give many answers.” Thorin heaved a long sigh. Even the vegetables on his plate looked to have once been living. “Now we know why.”
“How could we...” Fili trailed off. He shook his head hard. “I cannot believe it. I won’t believe it!”
“You’d best believe it,” Thorin said. “Did you see the look in Bilbo’s eyes? There was no deception there. He is a Hobbit. And every dwarf among us has eaten Hobbit meat.”
lotr  hobbit  gen  wip  angst  au  friendship!fic  dark  ptsd  on!livejournal  thisisdifferent 
april 2013 by Severusslave
He’s seven years old when he kills his first victim.
teenwolf  au  dark  dark!stiles  sociopath  murder  gen  short  complete  on!ao3 
october 2012 by Severusslave
adore to see your eyes fly
stiles is a pyromaniac loner, derek is a obssessive sociopath. a match made in some kind of co-dependent heaven.
teenwolf  au  dark  dark!stiles  death  murder  slash  stiles/derek  medium  sociopath  complete  on!ao3 
october 2012 by Severusslave
A Real Boy
It’s getting easier, being Stiles. I think, I hope, that one day I’ll be able to do it full time. But for now, it leaves the darkness all bottled up inside with nowhere to go.
teenwolf  gen  sociopath  dark  murder  comingout  death  dark!stiles  friendship!fic  dexter  complete  on!ao3 
october 2012 by Severusslave
Narada's Child
Spock will arrive at any moment and Nero will use the child Kirk to cause him pain. Dark!AU Kirk's childhood on the Narada.
startrek  stxi  angst  dark  pov  au  ptsd  forced!pregnancy  mpreg  murder  distopia  torture  short  gen  complete  on!ao3 
september 2012 by Severusslave
My Words Whisper To You
Something happens that makes Bruce angry. So angry that he doesn't hulk out, but stays calm and proceeds to do something incredibly intelligent, precise, and shit-your-pants-scary.

See, the real person to be afraid of isn't the rampaging Hulk but the super-genius who knows how to control gamma radiation and has learned exactly where the most vulnerable parts in the body are and how long someone can stay alive under intense pain. He knows how to break a person mentally, how to prey upon people's fears and out-psyche them. He also knows that there is no stopping himself once someone close to him has been hurt.
avengers  dark  slash  tony/bruce  sociopath  post!series/movie/book  pov  torture  thisisdifferent  on!ao3 
june 2012 by Severusslave
Again and Again
The Do-Over Fic - a chance to do things again, but this time-To Get it Right. But is it really such a blessing as it appears? A jaded, darker, bitter, and tired wizard who just wants to die; but can't. A chance to learn how to live, from the most unexpected source.

(Bis Kapitel 13 gelesen)
harrypotter  wip  dark  dark!harry  harry/voldemort  action  revolution  powerful!harry  reincarnation  timetravel  timeloop  slash  gen  friendship!fic  au  fixit  immortal!character  independent!harry  jaded!character  suicidaltheme  thisisdifferent  world!building  on!ffnet  slyandcunning  slytherin!harry   
june 2012 by Severusslave
The One True King
Harry is James' younger brother, a jealous Slytherin who wants the Potter birthright for himself. He joins the one man who can make it happen, and willingly betrays his own blood in the process.
harrypotter  harry/voldemort  romance  new!relationship  au  childabuse  medium  slash  angst  rape  murder  death  dark  complete  on!ao3 
march 2012 by Severusslave
Five Times Jim Moriarty Kissed John Watson (And One Time John Kissed Back)
Five times Jim Moriarty kissed John Watson, from their first meeting through to the events of Scandal in Belgravia, and the one time John decided to kiss back.
sherlockbbc  slash  short  john/moriarty  angst  bamf  fivethings  dark  murder  death  complete  on!ao3 
february 2012 by Severusslave
In for Repairs
Young Jim Kirk is unstable and self-destructive, Leonard McCoy is withdrawn and wary, and the obstacles to surviving their first term at Starfleet Academy are not easy to overcome. A dark and brutal tale of the tangled borders between healing and hurting, where hard choices between emotions and ethics have far-reaching consequences; dealing with abuse and alcoholism, affection and neglect, piercings and bar fights, hot and cold sex, complicated questions of consent, and loyalty and love between people who aren't comfortable with either. A whole new spin on "I want my pain, I need my pain."
startrek  stxi  dark  h/c  kirk/mccoy  bdsm  new!relationship  childabuse  pov  selfharm  long  sad  slash  smut  rape  ptsd  complete  on!ao3 
december 2011 by Severusslave
No Man's Land
A mission gone wrong puts Jim at the wrong end of alien observation, helpless and defenseless. After his rescue, he slowly starts to recover, until one unrealized part of the Antosians' handiwork turns his life upside down and threatens to destroy him.
startrek  stxi  kirk/mccoy  slash  angst  h/c  mpreg  dark  death  sad  icried  rape  ptsd  medium  complete  on!ffnet 
november 2011 by Severusslave
“And just what is the plan, Sherlock?” John shouted. “Go to prison? You assaulted a police officer – no court won’t convict you.” He ran a hand over his face. “What could possibly be worth risking your freedom?”
sherlockbbc  sherlock/john  slash  medium  dark  h/c  thisisdifferent  relationship!trouble  new!relationship  kickass  bamf  action  complete  on!livejournal 
november 2011 by Severusslave
Stand By Your Man
Actions always have consequences. Commander Spock learns this the hard way.
startrek  stxi  kirk/mccoy  bamf  short  slash  h/c  kickass  dark  complete  on!livejournal 
november 2011 by Severusslave
Frozen to the Bones
In the end Lord Potter tells Albus how and why he took over his world.
harrypotter  dark  gen  au  dimensiontravel  dark!harry  apocalypse  thisisdifferent  short  complete  on!ffnet 
october 2011 by Severusslave
Harry has always been an artist and when he moves to Miami he gets to practice his art. He meets a hunter who can understand.
harrypotter  dexter  crossover  slash  murder  death  dark  sociopath  short  new!relationship  post!series/movie/book  au  complete  on!ffnet 
october 2011 by Severusslave
What Doesn't Kill Me by Sileya
As he followed, Vaako looked at his Lord with new eyes - Riddick had planned this all along. There was no other explanation. He had seen the strength the conversion would bring him and how it would make him the undisputable leader of the largest power in the universe. He had recognized the violence that called to him and filled his soul. He had found a way to resolve the pain of his lost Furyan past and the draw of a future where he alone would decide who would live and die. He was the embodiment of their race, and Vaako could express nothing less than awe.
riddick  riddick/vaako  slash  dark  post!series/movie/book  creepy  action  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
All That I'm Living (Dying) For
After defeating the yellow-eyed demon, Sam and Dean get caught by the FBI again.
spn  sam/dean  short  dark  murder  thisstoryscaresme  creepy  death  incest  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Something is Cracking
Absolutely necessary Sequel to Water through a Rusted Pipe. ...Deb catches Dexter in the act. (And man, then it gets awesome!)
dexter  gen  murder  family!fic  sequel  creepy  dark  sociopath  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Water Through a Rusted Pipe
Awesome follow-up to S2, and an thrilling answer to the quation of what if Deb found out? ...Deb sees a side of her brother that she's never seen before, and asks some awkward questions. Dexter, in answering them, decides to experiment with truth.
dexter  gen  murder  family!fic  short  creepy  dark  sociopath  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Sequel to Abandon. In love with the man he’s expected to kill and member of the esteemed Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter must fight in a war in which he is divided. Can he lead his world to peace?
slash  het  harry/voldemort  harrypotter  long  dark!harry  murder  dark  slyandcunning  powerful!harry  sequel  revolution  intrigue  complete  on!hpfandom 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Abandoned on the streets of London, 16 year old Harry Potter must find a way to survive.
slash  harry/voldemort  long  harrypotter  au  dark!harry  murder  dark  funny  hiddenidentity  slyandcunning  revolution    complete  on!hpfandom 
september 2011 by Severusslave
What Is Lost
During “Future’s End,” Tom Paris sees two men holding hands in 20th century L.A. But Human males don’t do that anymore... Maybe the geneticists should have tried to figure out what gene caused homophobia and wiped *it* out of the population.
startrek  voy  slash  gen  timetravel  dark  thisstoryscaresme  thisisdifferent  creepy  hypocricy  homophobia  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Choosing Loyalties
Ten minutes before Hagrid arrives to tell Harry of his wizarding parentage and destiny, Harry is kidnapped by a Voldemort controlled Quirrell while Peter Pettigrew casts a doppelganger spell and takes Harry’s place. Nobody could suspect that the Harry Potter at Hogwarts is an impostor, and that the real Harry Potter is locked away in Riddle Mansion.
harrypotter  harry/severus  harry/voldemort  severus/voldemort  slash  medium  futurefic  au  dark!harry  hiddenidentity  dark  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Curse of Fate
Thousands of years into the future, vampire Harry only wants to join his loved ones in death. However, his curse of immortality is absolute. Therefore he sends himself back into the body of his infant self, vowing to this time refuse eternity. When do things ever go according to plan? Unexpected changes to the timeline, people who aren't as they once were and more send his life spiraling out of his control.
harrypotter  slash  long  timetravel  vampire!fic  au  hiddenidentity  dark  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Crumbling Pedestal
Harry's date with Voldemort at the conclusion of the Triwizard tournament didn't go quite as planned. Fate steps in with a 'unique' opportunity, offering Harry the chance to live and mature in the past. For a while, anyway.
harrypotter  harry/severus  timetravel  kidfic  long  slash  au  dark  hiddenidentity  dark!harry  family!fic  action  genetic!transformation  slyandcunning  revolution    independent!harry  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Black Heir
Harry escapes from the Dursleys when he's ten years ld and is found by the escaped Sirius Black. His whole life changes as he slowly discovers his destiny. Durmstrang, DarkArts, powers, heritages, horcruxes, hallows, Tom, Grindelwald. Dark!Harry
harrypotter  harry/voldemort  slash  au  wip  epic  dark!harry  hiddenidentity  dark  murder  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Until The Twelfth of Never
Clark goes far, far into the future. What he finds there is the price of immortality. Wow.
smallville  clark/lex  slash  short  futurefic  timetravel  thisisdifferent  dark  h/c  thisstoryscaresme  fixit  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Memoirs Of An Alien Who Fell To Earth
Those hours spent with Lionel changed my opinion of him forever. Sure, he's a ruthless bastard, capable of shocking cruelty and pathetic spitefulness. But he loves Lex. Badly, mind you, and a bit obsessively, but, yeah, it's love. Most people want a son in their own image, but don't forcibly manhandle nature and circumstance to achieve their desire. Most are like my dad, slyly brainwashing their children from birth. But of course Lionel had to be different. Luthors always were.
smallville  clark/lex  short  slash  au  futurefic  dark  murder  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Shade More Than Man
Set six years after the Goblet of Fire, and almost a year after Voldemort has been defeated. How has the wizarding society changed as the aftermath of the war? How are people coping with the world around them, and with the past? Why are Sirius Black and Severus Snape sleeping in one, four poster bed?
harrypotter  slash  long  futurefic  post!series/movie/book  h/c  disabilities  severus/sirius  dark  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Semblance of Peace
Voldemort is finally dead, or so the wizarding world believes. Unfortunately, Harry knows better. He hears him talking in his head.
harrypotter  slash  au  futurefic  medium  harry/voldemort  harry/severus  threesome  dark  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Before The World Was Made
Sirius, in the summer of his sixth year at Hogwarts, learns of the identity and the location of teh Dark Lord. Sirius comes up with a plan to get redemption for a horrible mistake he's made, Snape and the Shrieking Shack, and he hopes to save the wizarding world in the process. Well, things turn out differently.
harrypotter  short  slash  au  hiddenidentity  butterflyeffect  animagus  thisisdifferent  dark  romance  sirius/voldemort  bestiality  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Sleeping Dogs Lie
Grissom/Sanders/Brass. They all skipped over Greg. He wasn't as big a name, Greg was 'just' a CSI, not the supervisor, not the guy with the reputation and hey, Jim thought Gil was great too, but he also thought they were going to be lucky to get even one of them back.
csi  slash  threesome  long  h/c  torture  new!relationship  rape  relationship!trouble  teambeingawesome!fic  ptsd  dark  gil/greg  gil/greg/jim  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Xander picks a costume that is completely different than he originally thought it was. It’s changed him and he will have to live with the changes. Hopefully his friends don’t find out.
dexter  dark  btvs  gen  wip  short  murder  jaded!character  sociopath  on!tth 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Dexter Finds a Playground
(scroll down) A college-aged Dexter has just discovered that relationships are dangerous for him, so he goes looking for a different kind of relationship and a different kind of danger. He finds an entire world in the shadows where he fits in better than anyone might expect. This is hard-core BDSM. With PLOT! YES!
dexter  medium  slash  gen  au  d/s  bdsm  dark  murder  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The common fate of all
Dean Winchester works in insurance: brought up in foster care, he’s never hunted, never fired a gun, and never owned a car. Then, one day, he meets a guy called Sam.
spn  sam/dean  slash  au  incest  dark  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Sleeping Dragon Wakes
A very well written Powerful!Harry, Manipulative!Dumbledore, Dark!Harry GEN fic. Gen. Wow. Lily and James went to greater lengths to protect their son than even Dumbledore knew and, as Harry grows into his inheritance, the Wizarding world will find out just how deep one old man's betrayal can run.
harrypotter  gen  slash  dark!harry  dark  long  wip  powerful!harry  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Other One
After the encounter with the Mirror universe, both men have some problems they have to deal with. ... Sequel:
startrek  spock/mccoy  medium  slash  au  torture  disabilities  tos  mirror!universe  dark  h/c  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Darkness Falls
Qui-Gon Jinn and his new apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, are separated on a mission and Qui-Gon is forced to confront the darkness in himself. ...Brilliant.
starwars  long  slash  au  wip  h/c  dark  qui/obi/dooku  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Promise
Kidnapped and imprisoned, Sam and Dean only have each other and their inner resources to get them through. ...Freed from their prison, the boys are reunited with their father, but the experience has changed them and their relationship profoundly. ... A time of healing and coming to terms with the changes in their lives. John must accept that his sons will never be the same again. Where do they go from there?
spn  sam/dean  slash  au  incest  h/c  dark  pre!series/movie/book  long  icried  ptsd  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Ritual Habitual
SPN vid, AU. ...After servings ten years' jail time for the murder of Jessica Moore, Sam Winchester is released back into society... but will his sick habits prove to be unbreakable?
spn  short  vid  gen  het  dark  torture  murder  au  thisstoryscaresme   
september 2011 by Severusslave
Boulevard of Broken Songs
*scroll down* Multi-fandom vid. JackO'Neill/DeanWinchester/JohnCrichton/MalReynolds man-angst. Main character drama. Kick-ass vid to a kick-ass mashup of Greenday and Oasis!
vid  spn  sg1  sga  firefly  short  action  dark  gen  scifi  kickass  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Trailer for "Last, Best Hope"
Smallville, Clex. Trailer for a BigBang story. The music is Juno Reactor's Mona Lisa Overdrive, which I love, and it is so ...immense. This vid tells a story. And what a story.
smallville  short  vid  slash  au  futurefic  action  h/c  dark  kickass  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Change (in the house of flies)
Smallville vid. Clex. Dark. The journey from SV S1 to comic-canon Superman/Luthor hate. ...The editing!! Wow!
smallville  clark/lex  slash  vid  short  dark  futurefic  au  h/c  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Climbing up the Walls
Supernatural/Firefly/Heroes vid. Sibling. Incest. Joy. Pain. Longing. Fulfillment. Agony. Drama. Pain. Pain. Pain.
vid  slash  het  incest  spn  firefly  heroes  dark  sad  h/c    on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Day in the Life
Dead Zone vid. A day in the life of Johnny Smith. ...This is THE VID that one's got to play for newcomers so that they'll be convinced of fanvid's brilliance. This one. No other. *!*
deadzone  vid  short  funny  sad  dark  futurefic  creepy  kickass  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
A serious alternate universe tale where Sidious is the one who confronts the Jedi on Naboo and dies, leaving a badly mentally disturbed Maul with only one option. ...The black-cloaked creature glided to a stop just out of range of Obi-Wan's lightsaber and dropped to one knee. "I swear allegiance to you," it purred. Obi-Wan blinked. This wasn't quite what he was expecting. "You what?" "You killed my master. You are my master now."
starwars  long  au  slash  h/c  dark  obi/maul  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Vader's Child
Need and power draw Luke and Vader together, then, as Luke becomes Sith the story plunges into darkness. Wonderfully done!
starwars  long  vader/luke  slash  au  incest  dark  d/s  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Special Gifts
Ten years after a devastating accident costs Harry Potter the love of his life and leaves him with life altering injuries, he is asked to return to Hogwarts to help the child of an old friend, with the help of an old adversary.
long  harrypotter  harry/draco  harry/ron  slash  futurefic  new!relationship  h/c  action  dark  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Learning to Swim
They couldn’t stop Harry Potter from going through the veil after Sirius, but fifteen years later, Harry’s still needed. Severus Snape brings Harry back, and recovers more than he ever imagined.
harrypotter  harry/severus  threesome  slash  au  short  futurefic  dark  severus/sirius  harry/sirius  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
In Truth
DARK. It takes Kirk some time to notice that Bones is a little too good to be true. ...(Wow. This story will blow you away just like it did me. Especially recced if you love distopia novels such as Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, or 1984. I could name another but that would spoil things in a major way.)
startrek  slash  au  kirk/mccoy  spock/uhura  short  dark  distopia  stxi  thisstoryscaresme  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Getting or the Having & Dust
In the Mirror-Universe Kirk finds out that his counterpart has a sexual relationship with McCoy. This makes him thinking things over. (One of the best MU stories I've ever read)
startrek  tos  long  kirk/mccoy  slash  au  action  dimensiontravel  dark  distopia  mirror!universe  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Exile was certainly dark, but in Julian Bashir's case, it was warm and humid instead of numbingly cold. Exiled from Starfleet for his enhancements, Bashir lives on Terok Nor.
startrek  ds9  slash  garak/bashir  au  medium  romance  dark  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Time Keeps On Slipping... 1/3
What appears to be a light romantic 10 years after take on G/B soon reveals itself to be one of the surprisingly dark overwhelming stories in DS9 fandom. Remember Section 31? Yeah.
startrek  slash  medium  garak/bashir  futurefic  post!series/movie/book  dark  action  ds9  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Mirror Shards
A new costume has lingering effects - good thing too. (Xander and Dawn go as Cheshire Cat and Alice from American McGee's Alice)
btvs  csi  crossover  dark  long  gen  action  thisisdifferent  creepy  fusion  complete  on!tth 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Good Boy
Sequel to STYLE. ...Tony needs Gibbs. Gibbs has his uses for Tony, too. This is dark and pretty gristly. (Gibbs is to Tony as Dexter's Dad was to him)
crossover  gen  dark  murder  dexter  ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  sociopath  complete  on!dreamwidth 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Dexter/NCIS Dexter makes a friend. DiNozzo as a serial killer is fun.
short  au  crossover  gen  dark  dexter  ncis  murder  creepy  sociopath  complete  on!dreamwidth 
september 2011 by Severusslave
My name is John. John Sheppard. I don’t know what made me the way I am, but whatever it was left a hollow place inside. People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all. I fake them very well. That’s my burden I guess. I don’t blame my parents for that, Mary and Nathan Sheppard did a wonderful job raising me. But they’re both dead now. I didn’t kill them. Honest.
au  crossover  dark  murder  sga  john/rodney  dexter  genetic!transformation  creepy  sociopath  fusion  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
A Man of Integrity
Mirrorverse, What if McCoy hadn't made it back to the transporter room in time to return to his own universe?
startrek  slash  slavery  spock/mccoy  rape  dark  dimensiontravel  romance  tos  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Once he has recovered fully from the surgery he has the privacy to look at himself properly in the mirror for the first time. He is covered with an intricate pattern of ridges: primary, secondary, tertiary. Then scales, then simply skin; smooth delicate skin is found only in a few places: the face, the palms of the hands, inner thighs . . .
startrek  ds9  medium  garak/bashir  slash  au  action  dark  jaded!character  xenobiology  rape  genetic!transformation  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Boy In The Box
Imagine if, instead of Simon picking up a cryo box with his sister frozen inside, he himself was captured on Persephone and loaded onto Serenity in the box, bound for parts unknown. This fic, set two years after Simon's attempt to rescue River, finds Mal and crew on Whitefall. Mal and Jayne meet one of Patience's favorite boy whores, who also moonlights (daylights) as the local doctor...
firefly  mal/simon  jayne/simon  prostitution  rape  slavery  au  action  romance  new!relationship  dark  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Moment It Began
If Snape could choose to live his life over, he would choose Lily over the Death Eaters.
harrypotter  long  lily/severus  het  timetravel  romance  action  new!relationship  h/c  dark  family!fic  slyandcunning  omgihatedumbledore  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Marionette
Sequel to Pulling the Strings. What would happen to Sirius Black if he found Harry under the care of Severus Snape? ...Somehow the author managed to get this sequel to be even more twisted. Kudos.
harrypotter  short  harry/severus  harry/sirius  au  slash  smut  dark  threesome  established!relationship  torture  murder  chan  dark!harry  rape  jaded!character  thisstoryscaresme  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Water in one hand
Terraforming is a delicate, precise business. Humans need specific living conditions – gravity more-or-less of Earth-that-was is easy enough to come by, but after that, it's the little things that count. Solar radiation levels need to be acceptable and stable, because no one, ultimately, is willing to have their life expectancy cut drastically, or risk a high rate of genetic mutation. Oxygen, obviously, is key. Tanks and suits and enclosed environments lead to discomfort and crowding. Discomfort and crowding lead to discontent, which, eventually, leads to rebellion. The Parliament has little use for rebellion. Soil must be conducive to bacterial growth and reproduction of the right kind of bacteria to ensure plant life, food crops, greenery. And then there's water.
firefly  mal/simon  short  dark  distopia  scifi  thisstoryscaresme  apocalypse  illness  creepy  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Pulling the Strings
Very twisted. Snape takes extreme measures to ensure he will never have another master.
harrypotter  short  harry/severus  chan  slash  au  smut  torture  virgin!character  dark!harry  dark  rape  jaded!character  extremelyhotsex  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Way Things Turn
When Simon is separated from the rest of the crew during a Reaver attack, the last person he expects to be rescued by is Jayne Cobb. How will the two men survive being abandoned together on a desolate rock?
firefly  jayne/simon  slash  gay  long  dark  apocalypse  futurefic  romance  action  smut  complete  on!ao3 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Snidget
Aaw. After the Dark Lord's victory, Headmaster Snape is living under a sword's edge, when hope flies in past his shields.
harrypotter  long  harry/severus  slash  au  futurefic  new!relationship  aww  action  romance  dark  hiddenidentity  apocalypse  animagus  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
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