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Honeydew, by lunchbucket
Slash. "Healer Sirius Black feels like his life is going through the motions. He is still recovering from the tragic death of his best friends four years prior while doing his best to parent their five-year-old son. However, when a new patient's encounter with a mysterious creature leads him to contact a person from his past, his life gets shaken up into one giant beautiful mess that he isn't sure he knows how to handle.


That magic feeling when you find someone who can see you when you can't even see yourself."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Sirius.Black  Remus.Lupin  Harry.Potter  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Ron.Weasley  Emmeline.Vance  Albus.Dumbledore  Minerva.McGonagall  Original.Male.Character(s)  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  45000-49999.words 
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the deft, sweet gesture of your hand, by deadgreeks
Slash. "Crowley arrives injured at Aziraphale's door. He takes care of him, reads him an awful lot of Mary Oliver, and knits elaborate metaphors for his insecurities (literally)."
Good.Omens  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Aziraphale  Crowley  Hastur  Aziraphale/Crowley  10000-14999.words 
august 2019 by settiai
An Invitation You Can't Decline, by thehoyden
Slash. “I have standards,” Aziraphale huffed.

“Don’t I know it,” Crowley sighed. And then, like he’d done it a hundred times before, he covered Aziraphale’s hand with his.
Good.Omens  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Aziraphale  Crowley  Aziraphale/Crowley  1000-1999.words 
june 2019 by settiai
Confidence, by flowerdeluce
Slash. "Milton chuckled. “When have you ever been one to take the easy way out?”

He’d known Brackish a long time; when it came to his work, he’d always been a risk taker. You don’t get into Area 51 if you aren’t prepared to think so far outside the box you need a telescope to see it. But personal lives and work lives were separate. Brackish drew a hard line in the sand a long time ago in that regard."
Independence.Day  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Brackish.Okun  Milton.Isaacs  Brackish.Okun/Milton.Isaacs  10000-14999.words 
may 2019 by settiai
Put to Flight, by bigblackdog
Slash. "It’s December 8th and Remus has five days until he gives his students exams, seven days until he meets with his advisor, one hour to finish this reading, 27 minutes until the laundry needs to be moved to the dryer, two hours until Harry’s bedtime, and two hours and the time it takes to brush his teeth before he can crawl into bed.

In the back of his frazzled and overworked mind, he’s also aware that he has 16 days to try to make this Christmas less of an unmitigated disaster than the last."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Remus.Lupin  Sirius.Black  Harry.Potter  Hope.Lupin  Andromeda.Black.Tonks  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  10000-14999.words 
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my only sunshine, by Meridas
Slash. "Within twenty-four hours, Caleb’s soulmate has entered his life, brought him to a circus to fight undead creatures, and been arrested.

This was not the plan."
Critical.Role  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Caleb.Widogast  Mollymauk.Tealeaf  Yasha  Nott.the.Brave  Jester.Lavorre  Fjord  Beauregard  Caduceus.Clay  Caleb.Widogast/Mollymauk.Tealeaf  25000-29999.words 
january 2019 by settiai
Sweet Little Lies, by Vorcha_Girl
Het. "Reyes Vidal and Sirius Ryder are drawn to each other from the moment they meet; all it takes is a single flirty date for their defenses to come crumbling down and for them wind up in bed. It feels right. But Reyes is keeping secrets, dangerous secrets, and some secrets have a way of hurting the people we love in the ways we least expect."
Mass.Effect  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Female.Ryder  Reyes.Vidal  SAM  Liam.Kosta  Vetra.Nyx  Keema.Dohrgun  Harry.Carlyle  Female.Ryder/Reyes.Vidal  85000-89999.words 
december 2018 by settiai
Away, Away, by Aelys_Althea
Slash. "Abandonment didn't sit well with Harry. Not at all. After the calamity that was the end of the Triwizard Tournament and the dismissal of his friends over the summer, he decides: enough is enough. He's done. Done with it all. He just wanted to get away.

But the Wizarding world, as it happens, isn't quite finished with him. No matter how far he runs, it always catches back up to him. Years after turning from those who left him, Harry is dragged back to that world once more. Many find him far changed from the boy who'd once known. Some - some very few - even like that change.

Draco Malfoy just happens to be one of those chosen few."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Harry.Potter  Draco.Malfoy  Pansy.Parkinson  Blaise.Zabini  Albus.Dumbledore  Minerva.McGonagall  Hermione.Granger  Ron.Weasley  Severus.Snape  Remus.Lupin  Sirius.Black  Filius.Flitwick  Horace.Slughorn  Draco.Malfoy/Harry.Potter  100000-149999.words 
september 2018 by settiai
The Dead Season, by galadrieljones
Het, with background femslash and slash. "What if Solas had changed his heart? What if he never left?

Sene and Solas begin their love in the heart of the Inquisition era. It is a season of innocence, full of friends and secrecy in the wild and a sexual awakening for them both. But as reality sets in, and their relationship deepens, Sene and Solas have to face some hard truths. Solas's past is full of sharp angles that start to stick him good, and of course Sene gets caught in the crossfire. No matter how warm the summer days, fall beckons always, and winter is never far behind. To make it through spring, and to achieve the elusive happiness that he has yet to earn, Solas must be a man, and he must come to terms with a violent, tragic past that's haunted him for thousands of years. And in the meantime, there's Sene, who has her own insecurities and her own family dramas to contend with, and there's the Inquisition—a heroic cavalry of friends and a beacon of hope to many, perhaps those highest in its ranks most of all."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Femslash  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Female.Rogue.Lavellan  Solas  Cole  Sera  Dorian.Pavus  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Cullen.Rutherford  Iron.Bull  Morrigan  Blackwall  Varric.Tethras  Josephine.Montilyet  Leliana  Abelas  Flemeth  Kieran  Mythal  Deshanna.Istimaethoriel.Lavellan  Fenris  Male.Hawke  Dagna  Vivienne  Viddasala  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Female.Rogue.Lavellan/Solas  Dagna/Sera  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  Fenris/Male.Hawke  350000-399999.words 
september 2018 by settiai
A Bar of Soap and a Belt Sander, by lamardeuse
Slash. "Since Dan had quit being such a – well, such an unremitting bastard – every waking minute of the day, it'd been getting harder for Harry to keep himself from wondering what it might be like to do more than look."
Night.Court  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Dan.Fielding  Harry.Stone  Dan.Fielding/Harry.Stone  2000-2999.words 
august 2018 by settiai
Unresolved, by phoenike
Slash. "He’d won. Sloane Kelly’s life was in his hands. All that remained was the killing shot. But at the brink of victory, he stood filled with cold dread. For instead of the thugs he’d expected, Sloane had walked into his trap with Scott Ryder at her heels."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Reyes.Vidal  Male.Ryder  Keema.Dohrgun  SAM  Jarun.Tann  Liam.Kosta  Vetra.Nyx  Nakmor.Drack  Arenna.Farenth  Crux  Lexi.T'Perro  Nakmor.Kesh  Female.Ryder  Male.Ryder/Reyes.Vidal  45000-49999.words 
july 2018 by settiai
Leo Inter Serpentes: Sixth Year, by Aeternum
Femslash, het, and slash. "Now that he knows the full contents of the prophecy, Harry begins training in earnest to kill Voldemort, with the help of his dad and two best friends. Dumbledore has voluntarily offered to divulge extra information to Harry, and the Ministry has finally realised what's been staring them in the face for a year - but that doesn't mean that things will start to go smoothly for Harry. He and his loved ones will be tested in ways they haven't seen coming, and some relationships will buckle under the strain."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Slash  Genre.Het  Genre.Femslash  Rated.NC-17  Harry.Potter  Severus.Snape  Sirius.Black  Nymphadora.Tonks  Draco.Malfoy  Hermione.Granger  Bill.Weasley  Garrick.Ollivander  Theodore.Nott  Minerva.McGonagall  Albus.Dumbledore  Rufus.Scrimgeour  Dobby  Kreacher  Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Pansy.Parkinson  Remus.Lupin  Kingsley.Shacklebolt  Horace.Slughorn  Winky  Gemma.Farley  Rubeus.Hagrid  Daphne.Greengrass  Tracey.Davis  Millicent.Bulstrode  Blaise.Zabini  Ginny.Weasley  Neville.Longbottom  Cormac.McLaggen  Marcus.Belby  Luna.Lovegood  Argus.Filch  Gregory.Goyle  Vincent.Crabbe  Astoria.Greengrass  Ernie.Macmillan  Marvolo.Gaunt  Morfin.Gaunt  Merope.Gaunt  Tom.Riddle.Sr  Zacharias.Smith  Ethan.Bexley  Pomona.Sprout  Fenris.Greyback  Fleur.Delacour  Bellatrix.Black.Lestrange  Peter.Pettigrew  Voldemort  Scarlett.Lympsham  Draco.Malfoy/Harry.Potter  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  Kingsley.Shacklebolt/Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  200000-249999.words 
may 2018 by settiai
Anthology, by irisbleufic
Het and slash. "The first thing [Newton] does when he gets to his office, smarting from the needle and high on endorphins, is email the eccentric mathematician in Cambridge, the other Cambridge a non-creature-infested ocean away, with whom he’d been corresponding for a while and whom his colleagues have begun to call Newt’s Internet Boyfriend.

Hermann, Newton types, tell me you’ve crawled out from under your rock for long enough to realize your disdain for monster movies is now scientifically invalid.

Please don’t call me that, Gottlieb writes back. I’m already working on it."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb  Tendo.Choi  Mako.Mori  Raleigh.Becket  Hercules.Hansen  Hannibal.Chau  Aleksis.Kaidanovsky  Sasha.Kaidanovsky  Alison.Choi  Stacker.Pentecost  Lars.Gottlieb  Karla.Gottlieb  Bastien.Gottlieb  Dietrich.Gottlieb  Monica.Schwartz  Jacob.Geiszler  Illia.Geiszler  Original.Female.Character(s)  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  Mako.Mori/Raleigh.Becket  Aleksis.Kaidanovsky/Sasha.Kaidanovsky  Alison.Choi/Tendo.Choi  Hannibal.Chau/OFC  150000-199999.words 
april 2018 by settiai
followed your ashes into outer space, by parpar
Slash. "The numbers of the War Clock ticked down to zero, and the resulting euphoria was thick as smoke in the air. The assortment of PPDC members and civilian contractors were in an uproar, and Hermann and Newton made their way down the LOCCENT steps to stand in the midst of it.

When Tendo had finally managed to get Mako and Raleigh to stop hugging and cooperate with the rescue team, Newton had leaned his forehead into the curve of Hermann’s shoulder.

“We actually pulled it off,” he had whispered. “We did it, holy shit, it’s over.” Hermann had gracefully ignored the tears soaking into his collar and patted his colleague on the back while he pulled himself together."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Hermann.Gottlieb  Newton.Geiszler  Tendo.Choi  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  8000-8999.words 
april 2018 by settiai
Will Wonders Never Cease, by AnnetheCatDetective
Slash. "Newt and Hermann take every opportunity to snap at each other while sharing lab after lab and dealing with the Shatterdome's slashed K-sci budget, and Hermann is the last person Newt can imagine getting along with in a personal sense.

Newt spends the little snatches of free time that he has online, where he can talk to strangers who get him, in ways he's sure Hermann totally never could."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb  Tendo.Choi  Hercules.Hansen  Stacker.Pentecost  Lars.Gottlieb  Original.Male.Character(s)  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  40000-44999.words 
april 2018 by settiai
Bump in the Night, by unicornsandbutane
Slash. "Newt’s made a mistake, and it’s really a subjective matter whether it was a poor decision altogether or just a mere miscalculation. Regardless, he is forced to phone Hermann in the middle of the night, to deal with the consequences."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Hermann.Gottlieb  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  8000-8999.words 
april 2018 by settiai
Into a White and Soundless Place, by callmejude
Slash. "written for the kink meme prompt: In most of the fics I've read for this pairing, Newt is the one kind of driving the relationship. I'd like to see the opposite. Something where Hermann is the one who courts Newt/flaunts their relationship/asks Newt to stay with him. It also probably isn't going to make any sense unless you read "Bear Your Neighbor's Burden Within Reason""
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Hermann.Gottlieb  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  5000-5999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
Become What We've Always Been, by irisbleufic
Slash. "Hermann doesn't have enough time to experience a crisis over Newton's response to his unvoiced request; he's drifting into that self-same lethargy, eyelids heavy, his arm across the cane gone slack."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Hermann.Gottlieb  Newton.Geiszler  Tendo.Choi  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  3000-3999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
In the Hour After Zero, by Amuly
Slash. "In the case of Drs Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottleib, "bickering like an old married couple" was actually a fairly literal description of them. After all, they had started dating one year after Newt came aboard the PPDC, then married two years after that. So maybe the "old" part of "old married couple" wasn't perfectly accurate, but it was really just technicalities at that point."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb  Tendo.Choi  Raleigh.Becket  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  15000-19999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
Seeing in Color, by what_alchemy
Slash. "The Dr. Geiszler Hermann had found in the publications — printed pages worn with constant handling and tucked into his briefcase for easy access — was an eloquent scientist whose work functioned at a level far above almost anyone else Hermann had ever encountered in the field, and yet he neither patronized his readers nor expressed himself in the inexplicable jargon which so infected much academic work. He was singular in his intelligence. Hermann thought this was a man he could understand — and who could understand him in turn.

More fool he."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb  Stacker.Pentecost  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  7000-7999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
Infinite Regress, Under Duress, by jamnesias
Slash. "They don't meet, they nearly meet, they do meet, 10 years is not long enough to describe all the ways in which this is a disaster (but they definitely give it a go), and the world nearly ends before they overcome the general idiocy: a tale of optical feedback, tattoos, and spats."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb  Tendo.Choi  Stacker.Pentecost  Sasha.Kaidanovsky  Aleksis.Kaidanovsky  Mako.Mori  Jin.Wei  Hu.Wei  Cheung.Wei  Hercules.Hansen  Chuck.Hansen  Hannibal.Chau  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  150000-199999.words  Bastien.Gottlieb  Karla.Gottlieb  Vanessa.Gottlieb  Dietrich.Gottlieb 
march 2018 by settiai
Darkvision, by Calminaiel
Slash. "While the rest of the group slumbers upstairs, Caleb and Molly are alone in the darkened tavern."
Critical.Role  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Caleb.Widogast  Mollymauk.Tealeaf  Nott.the.Brave  Caleb.Widogast/Mollymauk.Tealeaf  4000-4999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
After Scanlan Left, by inadistantworld
Slash. "Scanlan didn't really create any new problems when he left, he just made everything else escalate. Now that Grog didn't have his gnomes, Vax took it upon himself to be a close friend and feelings that had been budding for a while became much much more.

Or the story where Grog and Vax make out in an alley and are too afraid to talk about it right away."
Critical.Role  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Grog.Strongjaw  Vax'ildan  Vex'ahlia  Pike.Trickfoot  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Keyleth  Grog.Strongjaw/Vax'ildan  5000-5999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
The Riven Crown, by The_Kingmaker
Slash. "We may have won the battle, but I fear the war with winter is just beginning."

The aftermath of war is no laughing matter. Those who died must be honoured, those who are wounded must be healed, and those who remain need food and clothing, peace and sanctuary. With Thorin's life hanging in the balance, it is up to Bilbo and the rest of the Company to rule the rag-tag remnants of Erebor in his place.

Then there is the matter of the gold...

Can Bilbo save both king and kingdom, or is Erebor destined to fall deeper into ruin?
The.Hobbit  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Bilbo.Baggins  Thorin.Oakenshield  Fíli  Kíli  Balin  Dwalin  Óin  Glóin  Dori  Nori  Ori  Bifur  Bofur  Bombur  Gandalf  Tauriel  Bard  Thranduil  Legolas  Dáin.Ironfoot  Dís  Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield  250000-299999.words 
december 2017 by settiai
Hope Prevails, by eyeus
Slash. "You are a warrior," says Aragorn. "Of Gondor." His hand closes tight over Boromir's shoulder, as if lending Boromir his strength, tethering him to life. "Is there one for whom you fight? A lady-love?"

In his agony from the Uruk's wounds, Boromir's answer is entirely too honest. "A brother," he gasps. "I have a brother." In arms, in blood, and in bond.

"Then think of him, and live," Aragorn commands. "He will look for your coming from the White Tower, and you will return home to him."
Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Boromir  Aragorn  Legolas  Gimli  Faramir  Samwise.Gamgee  Frodo.Baggins  Gollum  Denethor  Gandalf  Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Éomer  Meriadoc.'Merry'.Brandybuck  Éowyn  Boromir/Faramir  75000-79999.words 
october 2017 by settiai
those dawning eyes brought forth my own sunrise, by Marsali
Het and slash. "In which Sara fights an Archon, has new sleep problems, experiences all the nice things in the world, and finally finds her happy ending.

Home is in the people you love, after all."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Female.Ryder  Jaal.Ama.Darav  Male.Ryder  Gil.Brodie  Vetra.Nyx  Peebee  Nakmor.Drack  Liam.Kosta  Lexi.T'Perro  Cora.Harper  Suvi.Anwar  Kallo.Jath  Jarun.Tann  Nakmor.Kesh  Sahuna.Ama.Darav  Gil.Brodie/Male.Ryder  Female.Ryder/Jaal.Ama.Darav  20000-24999.words 
october 2017 by settiai
Fire, Walk with Me, by Khirsah
Het and slash. "All mages are born with a soulmate--a voice they hear in the darkness of the Fade all their lives. The lucky ones find their soulmates and forge a bond strong enough to threaten the very foundations of the Chantry.

Hawke is one of the lucky ones."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Male.Mage.Hawke  Fenris  Malcolm.Hawke  Leandra.Amell  Bethany.Hawke  Carver.Hawke  Alistair  Anders  Female.Amell  Aveline.Vallen  Varric.Tethras  Merrill  Isabela  Feynriel  Wesley.Vallen  Bartrand.Tethras  Donnic.Hendyr  Cullen.Rutherford  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Iron.Bull  Male.Warrior.Trevelyan  Sebastian.Vael  Meredith.Stannard  Arishok  Fenris/Male.Mage.Hawke  Leandra.Amell/Malcolm.Hawke  Anders/Bethany.Hawke  Anders/Carver.Hawke  200000-249999.words 
september 2017 by settiai
Polaris, by Caryl (Starshone)
Femslash, het, and threesome. "Ashley, Shepard, and Kaidan seem like a trinary star system, until Shepard dies and new orders take Ashley and Kaidan out of each other's orbit. And then a Cerberus recruiter contacts Ashley."
Mass.Effect  Genre.Femslash  Genre.Het  Genre.Threesome  Rated.NC-17  Ashley.Williams  Female.Shepard  Kaidan.Alenko  Ashley.Williams/Female.Shepard  Ashley.Williams/Kaidan.Alenko  Ashley.Williams/Female.Shepard/Kaidan.Alenko  20000-24999.words 
august 2017 by settiai
Connections, by greygerbil
Slash. "Though Jaal has always had a bit of a crush on Evfra, their affair starts out as little more than a pleasurable distraction for both of them. It was never supposed to be more than that, but feelings are not, in the end, so easily controlled."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Jaal.Ama.Darav  Moshae.Sjefa  Paaran.Shie  Teviint.Ama.Darav  Baranjj.Ama.Darav  Lathoul.Ama.Darav  Male.Ryder  Vetra.Nyx  Liam.Kosta  30000-34999.words  Lexi.T'Perro 
august 2017 by settiai
A Higher Perspective, by Wolfling & omphalos
Slash. "Anders watched as Hawke took up the truly ridiculously large sword Leliana offered, and he listened as Hawke said a few words about standing with them as a mage, not over them, and showing them a new way. Then Cullen incited the crowd below into loud cheering as Hawke raised the sword heroically over his head.

And there, with every eye upon him, that was when Hawke's gaze sought for and found Anders, grinning at him like a child who had just done something terribly clever that would probably get them both into awful trouble.

And Anders couldn’t help but grin right back."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Male.Mage.Hawke  Anders  Fenris  Varric.Tethras  Dorian.Pavus  Solas  Cole  Roderick.Asignon  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Cullen.Rutherford  Josephine.Montilyet  Leliana  Iron.Bull  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Blackwall  Felix.Alexius  Carver.Hawke  Connor.Guerrin  Gereon.Alexius  Alistair  Eamon.Guerrin  Justice  Fiona  Livius.Erimond  Anders/Male.Mage.Hawke  Dorian.Pavus/Fenris  150000-199999.words 
march 2017 by settiai
What You Have Tamed, by pibroch (littleblackdog)
Slash. "Pre-game, alternate universe, in which a young, wayward Sebastian avoids taking Chantry vows. Instead, his father hires a strict bodyguard to keep the youngest Vael from further tarnishing the family name."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Sebastian.Vael  Fenris  Jethann  Lusine  Fenris/Sebastian.Vael  25000-29999.words 
february 2017 by settiai
Fighting the Tide, by yarnandtea
Het. "What do you do when you start to realize you have feelings for someone utterly inappropriate? If you're Merrill or Sebastian, you bury those feelings deep and try to forget they're even there.

Of course, that can only work for so long--especially once Isabela decides to get involved."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Isabela  Sebastian.Vael  Merrill  Varric.Tethras  Fenris  Anders  Aveline.Vallen  Female.Hawke  Fenris/Isabela  Merrill/Sebastian.Vael  35000-39999.words 
february 2017 by settiai
The Most Unlikely of Companions, by yarnandtea
Het. "The last person Sebastian would have ever expected to go traveling with after the destruction of the Chantry was Merrill. Yet somehow the pair find themselves embarking on a journey together, both looking for the next direction their lives must take. It comes as rather a surprise to both of them when they find their new paths run together."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Sebastian.Vael  Merrill  Isabela  Merrill/Sebastian.Vael  60000-64999.words 
february 2017 by settiai
Let's Give Ourselves Promises of Our Unending, by aimmyarrowshigh & nichestars
Het, slash, and threesome. "Will you do something for me?" Jyn asks, muffled. "While I'm gone?"

"Anything," Cassian promises, feeling her breath against his skin. They're alive. He can do anything.

"Try to be happy," Jyn says, peering up at him. "I don't think the people here know that you can smile."
Or, Captain Cassian Andor tries to define what it means to live after he should have died. His second life is a softer one.

AKA: The working title of this fic was "Three Rebels and a Baby."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.NC-17  Cassian.Andor  Kes.Dameron  Shara.Bey  Jyn.Erso  Leia.Organa  Han.Solo  Luke.Skywalker  Mon.Mothma  Poe.Dameron  Kes.Dameron/Shara.Bey  Cassian.Andor/Kes.Dameron  Cassian.Andor/Shara.Bey  Cassian.Andor/Kes.Dameron/Shara.Bey  100000-149999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
Like stone we are, we stand together, by Anonymous
Het. "So you want me to go to this party as … your date?"

Vax squirms behind her. "As my wife."
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Genre.Incest  Rated.NC-17  Vax'ildan  Vex'ahlia  Vax'ildan/Vex'ahlia  10000-14999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
Watch Over Him, by anemptymargin
Slash. "Jarett promised to watch over him, but didn’t expect to watch quite so closely."
Critical.Role  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Jarett.Howarth  Shaun.Gilmore  Zahra.Hydris  Jarett.Howarth/Shaun.Gilmore  6000-6999.words 
november 2016 by settiai
For the Love of (Touch), by SoManyJacks
Slash. "Bull takes Dorian back to his room for a few drinks, but the night gets away from him. Turns out he'll have to play by Dorian's rules if he wants to get anywhere."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Dorian.Pavus  Iron.Bull  Cullen.Rutherford  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  5000-5999.words 
september 2016 by settiai
as you wish, by Sparxflame
Slash. “Head down, de Rolo,” he mutters, winding his fingers into Percy’s overlong, pale hair and shoving. The heel of his palm finds the base of Percy’s skull, meets resistance when first Percy’s nose and then his face hit the mattress and refuse to go any further. “I don’t want to see your damn face right now.”

(In which both Percy and Vax are fucked up and broken and wrong, and they know it, and deal with it in entirely the wrong ways.)
Critical.Role  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Vax'ildan  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Vax'ildan  900-999.words 
august 2016 by settiai
whatever you do (do it for me, baby), by mischief7manager
Het. "Vex opens her eyes and looks over at Percy, who has frozen, kneeling next to her pack, something from within it held in his two hands. 'What is it, darling?' she asks, sitting up.

Percy turns to her, eyebrows raised, and holds up a smooth, slender piece of glass. It was wrapped in several pieces of cloth, but they’ve fallen away, and it shines faintly in the light from the fireplace. It’s seven or eight inches long, slightly curved, and flared at one end, then tapering until it flares again into a head at the tip.

'Ah,' Vex says.

'Quite,' Percy says."

Percy finds something that belongs to Vex. After testing, he takes it upon himself to make some improvements.
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Vex'ahlia  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Vex'ahlia  7000-7999.words 
august 2016 by settiai
The Feathers in Her Hair, by pagerunner
Het. "When Vex starts making changes to the distinctive feathers she wears, Percy begins to suspect she's sending him a sign. Perc'ahlia fic, set later in the series but without specific spoilers."
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Vex'ahlia  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Vex'ahlia  3000-3999.words 
august 2016 by settiai
under your moonlit gaze, by seimaisin
Het. "It takes Vex a moment to unravel that statement. “Are you saying you were looking at my ass?”

There is a long pause. “.... maybe.”

“Do you like my ass?”

He looks back down, but pointedly not at Vex. “I’m certainly fond enough of it, and the rest of you, to want to keep it safe while you’re in the air.”

“That’s a cop-out,” she says in a sing-song voice. The grin that spreads feels rather like it might split her face in two. “You like my ass.”

Vex, Percy, the hot springs, and sex. With a brief interruption from Scanlan.

Look elsewhere for plot, y'all. None exists here."
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Vex'ahlia  Scanlan.Shorthalt  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Vex'ahlia  6000-6999.words 
august 2016 by settiai
His Demon Isn't Skin Deep, by Amrynth
Het. "Percy has finally noticed that Vex'ahlia treats him differently than she does other members of Vox Machina. When she lets him know that he is her property he's not sure he can give in to her (yet)."
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Vex'ahlia  Kima  Vax'ildan  Grog.Strongjaw  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Vex'ahlia  6000-6999.words 
july 2016 by settiai
Secrets to a Good Life, by rachel4revenge
Slash, with background femslash and het. "Carver is already in a foul mood when he walks into Blackwall and Stroud Artisan Woodworkers, Inc., and the sight that awaits him does little to appease it: the shop is fucking swamped.

A modern AU in which Carver is a gay carpenter with too many things on his plate, including: a matchmaking mother, a twin sister battling leukemia, a job at an aristan carpentry studio, meddling best friends, and fencing classes on the weekends. There's no way he has time for a boyfriend in the middle of all that, even one as cute as Felix Alexius."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Genre.Femslash  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Carver.Hawke  Felix.Alexius  Jean-Marc.Stroud  Blackwall  Merrill  Fenris  Bethany.Hawke  Leandra.Amell  Cullen.Rutherford  Dorian.Pavus  Cole  Gereon.Alexius  Bodahn.Feddic  Sandal  Solas  Sera  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Male.Trevelyan  Alistair  Delrin.Barris  Female.Amell  Anders  Maevaris.Tilani  Female.Adaar  Josephine.Montilyet  Female.Hawke  Isabela  Aveline.Vallen  Donnic.Hendyr  Iron.Bull  Fiona  Danarius  Raleigh.Samson  Zevran.Arainai  Maurevar.Carver  Varric.Tethras  Orana  Female.Hawke/Isabela  Bethany.Hawke/Merrill  Anders/Fenris  Cullen.Rutherford/Dorian.Pavus  Alistair/Female.Amell  Fiona/Gereon.Alexius  Carver.Hawke/Felix.Alexius  200000-249999.words 
july 2016 by settiai
the way i feel will remain the same, by nighimpossible
Het and slash. "This, this is torture. This is Vax cracking him open and Shaun letting him. And it’s sick, truly, because Shaun would rather have Vax here, in his bedroom, unattainable and heart wrenching, than anywhere else in the world. At least here, Vax is safe. At least here, the only person getting hurt is Shaun.

They’ll have to see how long he can survive like this."
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Shaun.Gilmore  Vax'ildan  Keyleth  Vex'ahlia  Grog.Strongjaw  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Shaun.Gilmore/Vax'ildan  Keyleth/Vax'ildan  3000-3999.words 
july 2016 by settiai
Dangerous Thing, by Cyberfairie
Slash. "The man known as Dorian Pavus never made it south. In fact, he never even made it out of Tevinter before being taken by Qunari raiders.

Three years later however, a Bas Saarebas bearing a remarkable resemblance to Dorian is rescued by the Inquisitor and taken to Skyhold, where the man insists that dying is his only option. Unwilling to accept that, the Inquisitor enlists Bull's help to find out if this dangerous thing can be saved."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Dorian.Pavus  Iron.Bull  Female.Trevelyan  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Varric.Tethras  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Stitches  Dalish  Skinner  Sera  Vivienne  Cullen.Rutherford  Grim  Rocky  Gatt  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  50000-54999.words 
june 2016 by settiai
Questions Answered, by delazeur
Het, slash, and threesome. "Caralyn Hawke was willing to take a chance on the last person anybody thought would be good for her. When they were right she tries to get over Fenris by hooking up with that blond-haired stranger Isabela swears she's seen somewhere before."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.NC-17  Female.Mage.Hawke  Alistair  Anders  Fenris  Varric.Tethras  Isabela  Merrill  Meeran  Gamlen.Amell  Leandra.Amell  Bodahn.Feddic  Sandal  Teagan.Guerrin  Bran.Cavin  Nathaniel.Howe  Female.Cousland  Aveline.Vallen  Carver.Hawke  Meredith.Stannard  Cullen.Rutherford  Female.Mage.Hawke/Fenris  Alistair/Female.Mage.Hawke  Anders/Female.Mage.Hawke  Alistair/Anders  Alistair/Anders/Female.Mage.Hawke  150000-199999.words 
june 2016 by settiai
Stuck on the Puzzle, by thespectaclesofthor
Slash. "Once, back in Kirkwall, Cullen had an arrangement with a member of the city guard that satisfied his needs. But time changed all things, and he despaired of ever finding a similar arrangement again - that was, until he met The Iron Bull. Problem being that Bull seemed to care far more about sorting out the nitty-gritty of such an arrangement than Cullen ever has."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Cullen.Rutherford  Iron.Bull  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Josephine.Montilyet  Cole  Vivienne  Raleigh.Samson  Cullen.Rutherford/Iron.Bull  200000-249999.words 
may 2016 by settiai
Reform, by WrenAndPoppy
Slash. "When Dorian finds Fenris for sale at a slave auction, he can’t just sit back and watch him be sold. But intervening will mean purchasing him, and if Dorian lets Fenris go, or fails to treat him how a Magister ought to treat a slave… all of the political progress that he has worked so hard to achieve will be at risk.

At least he took his antidotes, because the wine at this party is definitely poisoned."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Dorian.Pavus  Fenris  Female.Lavellan  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Iron.Bull  Dorian.Pavus/Fenris  55000-59999.words 
may 2016 by settiai
Say It/Don't Say It, by lekosis
Slash. "Fire in his belly, and the look of focus on the Qunari's face, suddenly fixed and purposeful despite the liquor. Bull's hand on his arm, guiding him through the dwindling tavern crowds to his rooms at the back of the building. His own strangled silence, unable to say it, unable to resist or walk away. Bull's arms, wrapped around him, the man's lips rough on his throat, urgent, joyous.

Bull's weight pinning him to the narrow tavern bed, holding him down, his hands sliding into his trousers. Katoh on his lips, but he couldn't let it stop. The sweat between them, the Qunari's panting, his own quiet cries, the blurring of the world and the whirling of gravity..."

Leo Trevelyan, the mage who never asked to become Inquisitor, trying desperately to come to terms with his feelings for a man he thinks can't return them.
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Male.Mage.Trevelyan  Iron.Bull  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Josephine.Montilyet  Leliana  Cole  Blackwall  Cullen.Rutherford  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Morrigan  Iron.Bull/Male.Mage.Trevelyan  30000-34999.words 
may 2016 by settiai
Epilogue, by Josselin
Slash. "A Kings Rising epilogue. Spoilers for Book 3, read that first!"
Captive.Prince  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Damen  Laurent  Paschal  Nikandros  Damen/Laurent  2000-2999.words 
april 2016 by settiai
A Better Side of You to Admire, by yekoc
Slash. "Damen remembered slender fingers in dark curls, the press of lips to boot leather."
Captive.Prince  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Damen  Nikandros  Isander  Laurent  Makedon  Damen/Laurent  3000-3999.words 
april 2016 by settiai
Decisive Victory, by shoulderpadutopia
Slash. "For a slave, a first night means everything."

Also, Damen gets a massage.
Captive.Prince  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Damen  Laurent  Nikandros  Pallas  Jord  Lazar  Damen/Laurent  3000-3999.words 
april 2016 by settiai
After the Bells, by hazmesentir
Slash. "Post-Kings Rising fic.

Damen and Laurent talk, and do a little more than talking, and finally, a score is settled."
Captive.Prince  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Damen  Laurent  Nikandros  Jord  Damen/Laurent  6000-6999.words 
april 2016 by settiai
A Compromising Position, by Seabirdsong
Slash. "Sera has drugged Alistair and Cullen with a potent aphrodisiac, thinking that not only does the uptight Commander desperately need to get laid, but that she's also doing a favor to the prudish duo's many hopeful, lovesick admirers.

Cullen's not the kind of man to take advantage of a lady, but when self-exiled to a tower with Alistair in order to ride out a spell of desperate sexual needs... well, some other concessions might be made."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Alistair  Cullen.Rutherford  Alistair/Cullen.Rutherford  20000-24999.words 
april 2016 by settiai
Suspicious Minds, by astolat
Slash, with background het. “Hm,” Bull said, thoughtfully. “Something I’ve been curious about. Solas.”

“You want to talk about another man now?” Dorian said.
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Dorian.Pavus  Iron.Bull  Solas  Female.Mage.Lavellan  Female.Mage.Lavellan/Solas  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  4000-4999.words 
march 2016 by settiai
those long freedom years, by augustbird
Slash. "This is the truth: Hawke has too much power over him and he's scared of running from one master to the next.

And this is the sad, pathetic truth: Fenris is too broken to know how to be what Hawke deserves."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Fenris  Male.Rogue.Hawke  Varric.Tethras  Isabela  Danarius  Anders  Aveline.Vallen  Merrill  Bethany.Hawke  Fenris/Male.Rogue.Hawke  10000-14999.words 
march 2016 by settiai
Undone, by codenamecynic
Het. "When Hawke lets her hair down unexpectedly, Fenris begins to think they may be more than friends. A story about friendship, family, romance, and honesty."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Female.Warrior.Hawke  Fenris  Merrill  Isabela  Bethany.Hawke  Leandra.Amell  Gamlen.Amell  Aveline.Vallen  Varric.Tethras  Anders  Jethann  Bodahn.Feddic  Donnic.Hendyr  Brennan.Evighan  Sandal  Cullen.Rutherford  Bran.Cavin  Thrask  Sebastian.Vael  Female.Warrior.Hawke/Fenris  100000-149999.words 
march 2016 by settiai
We're not quite transient, by maliwanhellfire
Slash. "When Felix joined the Wardens, he thought he'd never see Dorian again. He dealt with it the way most healthy adults do; by getting an enormous chest tattoo.

Years later, after the Clusterfuck that is Adamant, Felix meets the Bull on the road to Skyhold."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Felix.Alexius  Iron.Bull  Dorian.Pavus  Cullen.Rutherford  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Dorian.Pavus/Felix.Alexius  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  Felix.Alexius/Iron.Bull  4000-4999.words 
february 2016 by settiai
Abyss, by benedictcumberlongpond
Het. "He almost saw her die. A little alcohol and a lot of bottled-up sexual tension don’t go well with anger and grief."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Varric.Tethras  Female.Hawke  Jean-Marc.Stroud  Female.Adaar  Female.Hawke/Varric.Tethras  6000-6999.words 
february 2016 by settiai
The Captain, by Kauri
Het. "I've spent my entire life since I was fifteen training, or in Circle. Didn't leave much time for...whatever this is." He raises his head. "What is this, by the way?"

"Sex, Knight-Captain." She pushes him back on the bed. "Just sex."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Cullen.Rutherford  Isabela  Cullen.Rutherford/Isabela  3000-3999.words 
february 2016 by settiai
Three Beers, by Elysium-fic
Slash. "Alistair realized he had to be at least a little drunk, or he'd never have had the courage. He'd have been mired in doubt and fear until he fled. Three beers. That was what it took to finally give him the guts to claim something for himself."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Alistair  Duncan  Alistair/Duncan  7000-7999.words 
february 2016 by settiai
All's Fair, by mahbecks
Het and slash. "The Inquisitor and Dorian need to get laid. Fast.

But that's easier said than done when you're practically a demigod. Or when you're a mage from Tevinter living in the South. Never one to willingly accept a hardship, Dorian comes up with a plan to get them both satisfied - they'll each make a list of their potential partners, and then go in for the kill with bold flirtation and witty seduction.

Nothing could go wrong... right?

But alas, the course of true love never did run smooth."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Female.Trevelyan  Dorian.Pavus  Cullen.Rutherford  Male.Mage.Hawke  Iron.Bull  Varric.Tethras  Lace.Harding  Leliana  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Josephine.Montilyet  Jean-Marc.Stroud  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Halward.Pavus  Dorian.Pavus/Male.Mage.Hawke  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Trevelyan  80000-84999.words 
february 2016 by settiai
Good Ideas, by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Slash. "Fluffy fluff. Zevran drops hints, and Alistair misses them, but fortunately Leliana is there to catch.

No redeeming nutritional value whatsoever. Takes place three or four weeks before "Shadows.""
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Alistair  Zevran.Arainai  Female.Mahariel  Leliana  Morrigan  Alistair/Zevran.Arainai  3000-3999.words 
january 2016 by settiai
The Whip or the Hand That Wields It, by codenamecynic
Het and slash. "Sebastian yearns to be made to suffer, but sometimes a whip is more than a whip, and friends can become more than friends."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Isabela  Male.Hawke  Sebastian.Vael  Isabela/Sebastian.Vael  Male.Hawke/Sebastian.Vael  5000-5999.words 
january 2016 by settiai
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John.Frobisher  John.Hart  John.Marcone  John.Mitchell  John.Mitchell/William.Herrick  John.Sheppard  John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  John.Sheppard/Teyla.Emmagan  John.Sheppard/Vala.Mal.Doran  John.Stewart  John.Stewart/Wally.West  John.Watson  John.Watson/Sherlock.Holmes  John.Winchester  Johnny.Storm  Johnny.Storm/Norrin.Radd  Johnny.Storm/Peter.Parker  Johnny.Storm/Reed.Richards  Johnny.Storm/Victor.von.Doom  Jon.Stewart  Jondum.Bau  Jord  Jory  Joseph.Listens-to-Wind  Josephine.Montilyet  Joshua  Jossverse  Jossverse/Supernatural  Jowan  Judge.Turpin  Julian.Bashir  Julian.Lynes  Julian.Lynes/Ned.Mathey  Juliet.O'Hara  Julio.Esteban.Richter  Julio.Esteban.Richter/Shatterstar  Justice  Justin.Finch-Fletchley  Justin.Hammer  Justine  Jyn.Erso  Kai.Leng  Kaidan's.Father  Kaidan's.Mother  Kaidan.Alenko  Kaidan.Alenko/Male.Shepard  Kaidan.Alenko/Steve.Cortez  Kal'Reegar  Kal'Reegar/Tali'Zorah.vas.Normandy  Kallo.Jath  Kamekona  Kanan.Jarrus  Kanen  Karen.Brewer  Karen.Brewer/Pamela.Harding  Karen.Page  Karen.Vick  Karin.Chakwas  Karin.Chakwas/Steven.Hackett  Karl.Thekla  Karla.Gottlieb  Karrin.Murphy  Kasumi.Goto  Kate.Heightmeyer  Kathryn.Janeway  Kathryn.Janeway/Q  Katie.Bell  Katie.Brown  Katniss.Everdeen  Kaylee.Frye  Kaylee.Frye/River.Tam/Zoe.Washburne  Keema.Dohrgun  Keen.Eddie  Keiji.Okuda  Keith.Olbermann  Kelly.Chambers  Kennedy  Kennedy/Willow.Rosenberg  Kenneth.Donnelly  Kes.Dameron  Kes.Dameron/Shara.Bey  Kevin.Lynch  Keyleth  Keyleth/Vax'ildan  Kieran  Kilgharrah  Kim.Delaney  Kima  Kimball.Cho  Kimball.Cho/Patrick.Jane  Kingsley.Shacklebolt  Kingsley.Shacklebolt/Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Kolyat.Krios  Kono.Kalakaua  Kotetsu.T.Kaburagi  Kraglin.Obfonteri  Kraglin.Obfonteri/Yondu.Udonta  Kreacher  Kronar's.Daughter  Kyle.Rayner  Kíli  Kíli/Tauriel  L-Ron  Lace.Harding  Lancelot  Lantar.Sidonis  Larimer.Finch  Lars.Gottlieb  Lathoul.Ama.Darav  Laura.Cadman  Lauren.Cruz  Laurent  Lavender.Brown  Lazar  Leanansidhe  Leandra.Amell  Leandra.Amell/Malcolm.Hawke  Lee.Jordan  Legally.Blonde  Legion  Legolas  Leia.Organa  Leliana  Lennier  Lenore  Leon  Leonard.'Bones'.McCoy  Leonard.'Bones'.McCoy/Pavel.Chekov  Lesbian.Mercenary  Lesbian.Mercenary/Seductive.Thief  Lesbian.Mercenary/Snow.Queen  Leske  Leverage  Levi.Dryden  Lex.Luthor  Lexi.T'Perro  Li.Shang  Liam.Kosta  Liara.T'Soni  Life.on.Mars  Lil.Deville  Lila.Archer  Lila.Archer/Spencer.Reid  Lily.Evans.Potter  Lily.Luna.Potter  Linda.Carter  Lindir  Lion-O  Lion-O/WilyKit  Lirene  Lisa.Braeden  Lisa.Cuddy  Little.Mermaid  LiveJournal  Livius.Erimond  Livius.Erimund  Lloyd.Slate  Lobelia.Bracegirdle.Sackville-Baggins  Logan  Logan.Cale  Logan/Rogue  Loghain.Mac.Tir  Lois.Habiba  Lois.Lane  Loki  Loki/Sif  Lord.of.the.Rings  Lorne  Louis.Tulley  Lucifer  Lucius.Fox  Lucius.Malfoy  Lucius.Malfoy/Percy.Weasley  Lucy.Pevensie  Lucy.Pevensie/Mr.Tumnus  Lucy.Saxon  Luke.Cage  Luke.Skywalker  Luke.Smith  Luna.Lovegood  Lusine  Lynes.and.Mathey.(series)  Mab  Mac.McAnally  Macbeth  Mad.Hatter|Jefferson  Maddox  Madeline.Raith  Madison  Madison/Sam.Winchester  Maelon.Heplorn  Maevaris.Tilani  Maeve  Magnificent.Seven  Mahlon.Dickerson  Mahlon.Dickerson/Meriwether.Lewis  Major.Coates  Major.Kyle  Makedon  Mako.Mori  Mako.Mori/Raleigh.Becket  Malcolm.Hawke  Malcolm.Reynolds  Malcolm.Reynolds/Simon.Tam  Male.Aeducan  Male.Amell  Male.Amell/Morrigan  Male.Cousland  Male.Cousland/Zevran.Arainai  Male.Hawke  Male.Hawke/Sebastian.Vael  Male.Inquisitor.(unspecified)  Male.Lavellan  Male.Lavellan/OMC  Male.Mage.Adaar  Male.Mage.Hawke  Male.Mage.Trevelyan  Male.Rogue.Hawke  Male.Rogue.Hawke/Orsino  Male.Ryder  Male.Ryder/Reyes.Vidal  Male.Shepard  Male.Shepard/Steve.Cortez  Male.Trevelyan  Male.Warrior.Hawke  Male.Warrior.Trevelyan  Malia.Weston  Malkon  Man.from.UNCLE  Mantis  Marcus.Belby  Margaret.Thatcher  Maria.Callasantos  Maria.Hill  Maric.Theirin  Marion.Ravenwood  Marlene.McKinnon  Martha.Jones  Martha.Jones/Tenth.Doctor  Martha.Liberty  Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Marvel.Adventures  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Marvel.Comics-Ultimates  Marvolo.Gaunt  Mary  Mary.Jane.Watson  Mary.Macdonald  Mary.Marvel  Mary.McGarrett  Mary.Russell  Mary.Russell/Sherlock.Holmes  Mary.Winchester  Mary/Toshiko.Sato  Mass.Effect  Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Master.Ignacio  Master.of.Lake-town  Matt.Murdock  Matt.Parkman  Matt.Parkman/Mohinder.Suresh  Matthew.Williams  Maurevar.Carver  Mavra  Max.Guevara  Maxima  Maxwell.Lord  May.Parker  Maya.Brooks  Meeran  Meg.Masters  Meka.Hanamoa  Melinda.May  Meredith.Stannard  Meriadoc.'Merry'.Brandybuck  Meriadoc.'Merry'.Brandybuck/Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Meriwether.Lewis  Meriwether.Lewis/William.Clark  Merlin  Merlin.(series)  Merope.Gaunt  Merrill  Merrill/Sebastian.Vael  Meta  Methos  Michael  Michael.Carpenter  Michael.Carter  Michael.Carter/Ted.Kord  Michael.Kenmore  Michael.Kenmore/Teyla.Emmagan  Michael.Tritter  Mickey.Smith  Micky.Malone  Miguel  Mike.Stamford  Millicent.Bulstrode  Milton.Isaacs  Minerva.McGonagall  Miranda.Lawson  Misha.Collins  Missouri.Moseley  Mistress  Moaning.Myrtle  Mohinder.Suresh  Moira.MacTaggert  Molly.Carpenter  Molly.Davis  Molly.Hooper  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Mollymauk.Tealeaf  Mon.Mothma  Monica.Schwartz  Montgomery.Scott  Montgomery.Scott/Pavel.Chekov  Monty.Pippin  Mordin.Solus  Morfin.Gaunt  Morgana  Morinth  Morrigan  Mortimer.Lindquist  Moshae.Sjefa  Mother.Giselle  Mozzie  Mr.Granger  Mr.Tumnus  Mrs.Granger  Mrs.Hudson  Ms.Davis  Mulan  Mulciber  Mundungus.Fletcher  Mycroft.Holmes  Mythal  Nakmor.Drack  Nakmor.Kesh  Namor  Namorita.Prentiss  Napoleon.Solo  Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Narnia  Natasha.Romanova  Natasha.Romanova/Pepper.Potts  Natasha.Romanova/Phil.Coulson  Natasha.Romanova/Steve.Rogers  Nathan.Ford  Nathan.Ford/Sophie.Devereaux  Nathan.Richards  Nathan.Summers  Nathan.Summers/Wade.Wilson  Nathaniel.Adam  Nathaniel.Howe  Neal.Caffrey  Neal.Caffrey/Peter.Burke  Nebula  Ned.Mathey  Nellie.Lovett  Nelson.Gardner  Neville.Longbottom  Newton.Geiszler  Nicholas.St.North  Nick.Fury  Nienna  Night.Court  Nikandros  Nimueh  Ninth.Doctor  Ninth.Doctor/Rose.Tyler  Nite.Owl.II/Rorschach  Nori  Norrin.Radd  Nott.the.Brave  Nymphadora.Tonks  Nymphadora.Tonks/Remus.Lupin  Nymphadora.Tonks/Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  Nyota.Uhura  Nyota.Uhura/Pavel.Chekov/Spock  Nyota.Uhura/Spock  Nyreen.Kandros  Nyssa  Nyxeris  Oghren  Oglaf  Oglaf/Old.Spice.Guy.(commercials)  Old.Spice.Guy  Old.Spice.Guy.(commercials)  Once.Upon.a.Time  Orana  Ori  Oriana  Oriana.Lawson  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Fiction  Original.Male.Character(s)  Original.Time.Lady/Lord  Ororo.Munroe  Orsino  Otho.Sackville-Baggins  Owen.Harper  Owen.Harper/Toshiko.Sato  Paaran.Shie  Pacific.Rim  Padma.Patil  Pallas  Pallin  Pamela.Barnes  Pamela.Barnes/Sam.Winchester  Pamela.Harding  Pandora.Lovegood  Pansy.Parkinson  Parker  Parvati.Patil  Paschal  Patrick.Jane  Patrick.Jane/Teresa.Lisbon  Pavel.Chekov  PC.Andy.Davidson  Peacemakers  Peebee  Peggy.Carter  Penelope.Garcia  Pepper.Potts  Pepper.Potts/Steve.Rogers/Tony.Stark  Pepper.Potts/Tony.Stark  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Taryon.Darrington/Vex'ahlia  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Vax'ildan  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Vex'ahlia  Percy.Weasley  Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Pete.Tyler  Peter.Burke  Peter.Kavanagh  Peter.Parker  Peter.Pettigrew  Peter.Quill  Peter.Venkman  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Phil.Coulson  Phil.Coulson/Tony.Stark  Phil.Deville  Phil.Deville/Tommy.Pickles  Phil.the.Yeti  Pietro.Maximoff  Pike.Trickfoot  Pirates.of.the.Caribbean  Pitch.Black  Poe.Dameron  Poe.Dameron/OFC  Poe.Dameron/OMC  Pomona.Sprout  Ponchard  Poppy.Pomfrey  Porn  Primula.Brandybuck.Baggins  Prince.Eric  Psych  Q  Quark  Rachel.Williams.Edwards  Rachni.Queen  Radek.Zelenka  Radek.Zelenka/Rodney.McKay  Raleigh.Becket  Raleigh.Samson  Ralph.Dibny  Ralph.Dibny/Sue.Dibny  Rani.Chandra  Rashid.the.Gatekeeper  Rated.NC-17  Raven.Darkholme  Ray.Kowalski  Ray.Kowalski/Ray.Vecchio  Ray.Stantz  Ray.Vecchio  Ray.Vecchio/Stella.Kowalski  Red.Skull  Reed.Richards  Reed.Richards/Sue.Storm  Reese.Hughes  Regulus.Black  Remus.Lupin  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  Remy.Hadley  Remy.LeBeau  Rendon.Howe  Renfield.Turnbull  Reyes.Vidal  Rhiannon.Davies  Rhomann.Dey  Rhys  Rhys.Williams  Richie.Ryan  Rila  Riordan  Rise.of.the.Guardians  Rita.Skeeter  River.Tam  Robert.Chase  Robert.Fraser  Roberto.da.Costa  Rocket.Raccoon  Rocky  Roderick.Asignon  Rodney.McKay  Rogue  Rolf.Müller  Romana.II  Romana.III  Ron.Carmichael  Ron.Weasley  Ronald.Reuel  Ronon.Dex  Ronon.Dex/Teyla.Emmagan  Rorimac.Brandybuck  Rorschach  Rory.Williams  Rose.Tyler  Rose.Tyler/Tenth.Doctor  Rose.Weasley  Rose.Weasley/Scorpius.Malfoy  Rosie.Cotton  Rosmerta  RPF:Historical  RPF:Supernatural  Rubeus.Hagrid  Ruby  Ruby/Sam.Winchester  Rudolph  Rufus.Scrimgeour  Rufus.Turner  Rugrats  Rule.63  Rumpelstiltskin|Mr.Gold  Rupert.Gardner  Rupert.Giles  Rupesh.Patanjali  Sabine.Wren  Sacagawea  Sahuna.Ama.Darav  Sally.Donovan  SAM  Sam.Guthrie  Sam.Kirk  Sam.Tyler  Sam.Wilson  Sam.Wilson/Steve.Rogers  Sam.Winchester  Samantha.Carter  Samantha.Traynor  Samara  Samwise.Gamgee  Sandal  Sanderson.Mansnoozie  Sandoval.the.Xoan.Ambassador  Sanya  Sarah.Blake  Sarah.Jane.Adventures  Sarah.Jane.Adventures/Torchwood  Sarah.Jane.Smith  Saren.Arterius  Sasha.Kaidanovsky  Scanlan.Shorthalt  Scarlett.Lympsham  Scorpius.Malfoy  Scott.Free  Scott.Summers  Seamus.Finnigan  Sean.Cassidy  Sebastian.Shaw  Sebastian.Vael  Sebastian.Vael/OFC  Second.Doctor  Seductive.Thief  Septimus.Oraka  Sera  Seventh.Doctor  Severus.Snape  Shala'Raan.vas.Tonbay  Shale  Shara.Bey  Sharon.Carter  Shatterstar  Shaun.Gilmore  Shaun.Gilmore/Vax'ildan  Shawn.Spencer  Shepherd.Book  Sherlock  Sherlock.Holmes  Sherlock.Holmes.(series)  Shiala  Shiro.Yoshimo  Sid.Phillips  Sif  Sigrun  Sigrun.Gard  Sigrun/Varric.Tethras  Simm!Master  Simm!Master/Lucy.Saxon  Simm!Master/Tenth.Doctor  Simon.Banks  Simon.Petrovich  Simon.Tam  Simon.Williams  Sirius.Black  Skinner  Slimer  Smallville  Smaug  Snow.Queen  Solana.Vakarian  Solas  Sophie.Devereaux  Sora  Sparatus  Spencer.Reid  Spike  Spock  ST:AOS  ST:DS9  ST:TNG  ST:TNG/Stargate.Atlantis  ST:VOY  Stacker.Pentecost  Stacy.Warner  Stan.Edwards  Stan.Shunpike  Star.Wars  Star.Wars.Rebels  Stargate.Atlantis  Stargate.Atlantis/Stargate.SG-1  Stargate.Atlantis/Supernatural  Stargate.Atlantis/Torchwood  Stargate.SG-1  Stella.Kowalski  Sten  Stephen.Colbert  Stephen.Strange  Steve.Cortez  Steve.Cortez/OMC  Steve.McGarrett  Steve.Rogers  Steve.Rogers/Tony.Stark  Steven.Caldwell  Steven.Hackett  Stitches  Sturgis.Podmore  Sue.Dibny  Sue.Storm  Supernatural  Susan.Bones  Susan.Ivanova  Susan.Rodriguez  Suvi.Anwar  Sweeney.Todd  Sweeney.Todd.(musical)  Sybok  Tabitha.Smith  Tali'Zorah.vas.Normandy  Taliesen  Taliesin  Tamara  Tara.Maclay  Tara.Maclay/Willow.Rosenberg  Taryon.Darrington  Tauriel  Teagan.Guerrin  Teal'c  Ted.Kord  Ted.Tonks  Teddy.Altman  Teddy.Lupin  Tegan.Jovanka  Tegan.Jovanka/Vislor.Turlough  Temmin.'Snap'.Wexley  Templeton.'Face'.Peck  Tendo.Choi  Tenth.Doctor  Tenth.Doctor/  Tenth.Doctor/Vislor.Turlough  Tera.West  Teresa.Lisbon  Tessa  Teviint.Ama.Darav  Tevos  Teyla.Emmagan  Teyla.Emmagan/Todd  Thane.Krios  The.A-Team  The.Hobbit  The.Joker  The.Mentalist  The.Real.Ghostbusters  The.Sentinel  Theodore.Nott  Theresa.Rourke.Cassidy  Thomas.Raith  Thomas.Whitmore  Thor  Thorin.Oakenshield  Thorin.Oakenshield/Thranduil  Thranduil  Thrask  ThunderCats  Tiger.&.Bunny  Tin.Man  Titania.(DF)  Todd  Tom  Tom.Riddle.Sr  Tommy.Pickles  Tony.Stark  Toot-Toot  Toothiana  Tora.Olafsdotter  Torchwood  Toshiko.Sato  Toy.Story  Tracey.Davis  Trix.MacMillan  Tulio  Urdnot.Bakara  Urdnot.Grunt  Urdnot.Wrex  Uriel  Uther.Pendragon  Uther/Morgana  Vala.Mal.Doran  Valern  Vanessa.Gottlieb  Varania  Varric.Tethras  Vax'ildan  Vax'ildan/Vex'ahlia  Velanna  Vernon.Dursley  Veruca  Vetra.Nyx  Vex'ahlia  Victor.von.Doom  Victoria.Metcalf  Victoria.Waterfield  Viddasala  Vido.Santiago  Viktor.Krum  Vin.Tanner  Vincent.Crabbe  Vislor.Turlough  Vivian.Kensington  Vivienne  Voldemort  Volstagg  Wade.Wilson  Walburga.Black  Waldo.Butters  Wally.West  Wanda.Maximoff  Warehouse.13  Watchmen  Wesley.Vallen  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  White.Collar  Will.Borden  Will.Everett.III  Will.Turner  William.Clark  William.Herrick  William.T.Riker  Willow.Rosenberg  WilyKit  Winky  Winona.Kirk  Winston.Zeddemore  Wo.Fat  Wong  Worf  Wyatt.Cain  Wynne  Xander.Harris  Xenophilius.Lovegood  Yasha  Yavanna  Yondu.Udonta  Zaal'Koris.vas.Qwib-Qwib  Zachariah  Zacharias.Smith  Zaeed.Massani  Zahra.Hydris  Zevran.Arainai  Zoe.Washburne  Éomer  Éowyn  Óin 

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