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We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us, by MarianneGreenleaf
Het. "It isn’t the oddness of the Addams family that frightens Margaret Alford.

Or, how a woman transforms from an uptight WASP to an enthusiastic member of the Addams clan."
The.Addams.Family  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Margaret.Alford-Addams  Cousin.Itt  Tully.Alford  Morticia.Addams  Gomez.Addams  Wednesday.Addams  Fester.Addams  Cousin.Itt/Margaret.Alford-Addams  1000-1999.words 
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Smoke, fire, it's all going up, by cheshire_carroll
Het. "When the Sorting Hat tells her she is brave, Lily thinks of trying to get between her drunk, spiteful mother and crying sister. When the Hat labels her daring, she thinks of standing up to Severus's daddy when he broke his son's nose right in front of her. When the Hat calls her chivalrous, she thinks of punching one of Tuney's pig classmates in the nose for calling her sister sexist names. When the Hat suggests that she'll fit in well in Gryffindor, Lily almost laughs.

"Put me in Slytherin," she tells it, "or I'll set you on fire.""
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Lily.Evans.Potter  Severus.Snape  Bellatrix.Black.Lestrange  Voldemort  Lily.Evans.Potter/Severus.Snape  4000-4999.words 
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The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight, by Omi_Ohmy
Het and slash. "When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Slash  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Harry.Potter  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Hermione.Granger  Ron.Weasley  George.Weasley  Luna.Lovegood  Gregory.Goyle  Kingsley.Shacklebolt  Draco.Malfoy  Seamus.Finnigan  Percy.Weasley  Arthur.Weasley  Ginny.Weasley  Draco.Malfoy/Harry.Potter  Gregory.Goyle/Luna.Lovegood  Hermione.Granger/Ron.Weasley  35000-39999.words 
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A Game of Chess, by Kirinin
Gen, with background het. "The war is all but over, and the wrong side won. Worse, the Wizarding World's hero and Ron Weasley's best friend died in the fight. When Draco Malfoy offers Ron a way to go back and fix things, he jumps at the chance. But can he anticipate how his changed moves will affect the board?"
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Ron.Weasley  Draco.Malfoy  Hermione.Granger  Severus.Snape  Neville.Longbottom  Harry.Potter  Ginny.Weasley  Dobby  Albus.Dumbledore  Minerva.McGonagall  Pomona.Sprout  Dean.Thomas  Seamus.Finnigan  Filius.Flitwick  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Cedric.Diggory  Fleur.Delacour  Viktor.Krum  Barty.Crouch.Jr  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Pansy.Parkinson  Voldemort  Poppy.Pomfrey  Hermione.Granger/Ron.Weasley  Hermione.Granger/Severus.Snape  100000-149999.words 
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Like a Gentle Refrain, by Bookwormgal
Gen, with background het. "It means that you should prepare yourself for what might happen," said Dr. García gently. "Señora, this man is barely remembered. Whoever still holds memories of him and stopped the Final Death… it may not be enough. Perhaps he will eventually recover his strength and wake up. That would be the ideal outcome. But his condition is not promising, Señora."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Imelda.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera  Julio.Rivera  Victoria.Rivera  Rosita.Rivera  Óscar.Rivera  Felipe.Rivera  Miguel.Rivera  Coco.Rivera  Elena.Rivera  Enrique.Rivera  Luisa.Rivera  Rosa.Rivera  Abel.Rivera  Berto.Rivera  Gloria.Rivera  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Héctor.Rivera/Imelda.Rivera  Victoria.Rivera/OMC  100000-149999.words 
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Sweet Little Lies, by Vorcha_Girl
Het. "Reyes Vidal and Sirius Ryder are drawn to each other from the moment they meet; all it takes is a single flirty date for their defenses to come crumbling down and for them wind up in bed. It feels right. But Reyes is keeping secrets, dangerous secrets, and some secrets have a way of hurting the people we love in the ways we least expect."
Mass.Effect  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Female.Ryder  Reyes.Vidal  SAM  Liam.Kosta  Vetra.Nyx  Keema.Dohrgun  Harry.Carlyle  Female.Ryder/Reyes.Vidal  85000-89999.words 
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There But for the Grace of God, by Shepherd23
Het. "Neal didn't return to the Enchanted Forest when Regina destroyed the Dark Curse. Instead, he crossed the town line with Emma and Henry. Eighteen months later, a familiar face shows up in NYC to bring them back to Storybrooke. When they return, things are not as they left them: new faces are showing up all over town, David and Belle are missing and no-one has any idea how they ended up back in the Land Without Magic. Alternate Season 3b"
Once.Upon.a.Time  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Baelfire|Neal.Cassidy  Emma.Swan  Evil.Queen|Regina.Mills  Robin.Hood.(OUaT)  Rumpelstiltskin|Mr.Gold  Belle.(OUaT)  Henry.Mills  Killian.Jones  Red.Riding.Hood|Ruby  Dorothy.Gale.(OUaT)  Zelena  Baelfire|Neal.Cassidy/Emma.Swan  Evil.Queen|Regina.Mills/Robin.Hood  Belle/Rumpelstiltskin|Mr.Gold  150000-199999.words 
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The Dead Season, by galadrieljones
Het, with background femslash and slash. "What if Solas had changed his heart? What if he never left?

Sene and Solas begin their love in the heart of the Inquisition era. It is a season of innocence, full of friends and secrecy in the wild and a sexual awakening for them both. But as reality sets in, and their relationship deepens, Sene and Solas have to face some hard truths. Solas's past is full of sharp angles that start to stick him good, and of course Sene gets caught in the crossfire. No matter how warm the summer days, fall beckons always, and winter is never far behind. To make it through spring, and to achieve the elusive happiness that he has yet to earn, Solas must be a man, and he must come to terms with a violent, tragic past that's haunted him for thousands of years. And in the meantime, there's Sene, who has her own insecurities and her own family dramas to contend with, and there's the Inquisition—a heroic cavalry of friends and a beacon of hope to many, perhaps those highest in its ranks most of all."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Femslash  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Female.Rogue.Lavellan  Solas  Cole  Sera  Dorian.Pavus  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Cullen.Rutherford  Iron.Bull  Morrigan  Blackwall  Varric.Tethras  Josephine.Montilyet  Leliana  Abelas  Flemeth  Kieran  Mythal  Deshanna.Istimaethoriel.Lavellan  Fenris  Male.Hawke  Dagna  Vivienne  Viddasala  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Female.Rogue.Lavellan/Solas  Dagna/Sera  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  Fenris/Male.Hawke  350000-399999.words 
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El Camino a Casa, by Bookwormgal
Het. "What if Héctor made it on that train? What if he didn't collapse in the street on the way home? He reached the station, climbed on board, and began the trip back to see his family after so long apart.

...But not because Ernesto didn't share a final toast with him. Not because his best friend had a change of heart at the last moment about poisoning him. Héctor reached the train because Ernesto didn't use enough to kill him immediately."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Héctor.Rivera  Imelda.Rivera  Coco.Rivera  Óscar.Rivera  Felipe.Rivera  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Héctor.Rivera/Imelda.Rivera  50000-54999.words 
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Elegy, by Dog_Bearing_Gifts
Het. "Imelda never expected to see her former husband's songbook among Ernesto de la Cruz's personal effects. She never expected it to fall into her hands.

And she never expected to see Héctor on the other side of the veil."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Imelda.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera  Coco.Rivera  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Héctor.Rivera/Imelda.Rivera  50000-54999.words 
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she doesn't allow anyone to comfort her (someone already came and left), by aletterinthenameofsanity
Het. "She tears his face off of their few photos, refuses to speak his name in her house. She takes what strengths she has and convinces the old widower at the edge of town to teach her his trade. She tosses her wedding ring in the river and swears to never even think her tramposo of a husband’s name.

(If that pendejo ever returns to her house, she will cast him out. She will toss him out like yesterday’s trash, let him feel what she did when the letter arrived.)

Imelda Rivera is strong. She builds a business with her own two hands, finding ways to keep her hija fed and herself from becoming the town puta. She has always been strong, but now her spine becomes steel. Her mind becomes an iron trap, her hands callous from shoemaking and her tongue becomes a whip.

Imelda never gets to be a widow. She gets to be the jilted wife, the scorned bride, but never the widow. She never even gets to know if her husband is dead or not. His foto certainly never makes its way onto her ofrenda, where she’d have to stare at the face of everything she lost.

And after a couple of decades of hurt and resentment, she finds she doesn't much care."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Imelda.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera  Miguel.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera/Imelda.Rivera  2000-2999.words 
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ever if I'm far away (I hold you in my heart), by aletterinthenameofsanity
Het. "For years, he tries and fails to reach the Land of the Living, growing weaker the entire time. His bones grow more and more fragile, leaving him with aches that don’t go away with time. It takes him longer to make it places, to move from Shantytown to the Marketplace. He can only dance with effort, and the only times when he isn’t in pain is when adrenaline- or the remains of it, at least- carries him through an activity.

Everyone save Coco is dead now, and his daughter’s memories are the only thing keeping him from the Final Death.

He worries that they may not be enough."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Héctor.Rivera  Imelda.Rivera  Miguel.Rivera  Victoria.Rivera  Óscar.Rivera  Felipe.Rivera  Ceci  4000-4999.words 
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a rhythm that rattled us down to the bone, by aletterinthenameofsanity
Het. "Hector died at 21, a little over a year into his ‘tour’ with Ernesto. Imelda died in her 70s, after five decades of hating her husband, thinking him a deadbeat, a cheat, and a sellout. He had given the songs he wrote personally for her, for Coco, for just their family, to Ernesto to play for the world. She’d gotten a letter from Ernesto labelling Hector a cheat, that her husband had run off with some floozy.

Imelda's first year in the Land of the Dead, Hector had shown up at her doorstep. She’d turned him away before he could get past “Por favor, Imelda-”, thrown a boot at his head and spat threats at him if he ever dared show his face at the Riveras’ doorstep again. He’d turned and ran.

(She’d never realized how young he was, how there wasn't a single gray hair on his head. She’d never noticed the way that even then, his bones were turning yellowed and brittle as more and more of his family died and forgot him.)"
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Imelda.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera/Imelda.Rivera  1000-1999.words 
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Last Resort, by Sarah1281
Het. "Ernesto realizes that there may be some middle ground between Hector choosing to stay and outright murder. Surely he's willing to be reasonable, right? And if not, it's not like that tequila is going anywhere."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Héctor.Rivera  Imelda.Rivera  Coco.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera/Imelda.Rivera  3000-3999.words 
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Coming Home, by Jubalii
Het. "The Land of the Living has changed a lot since Héctor last saw it.

It's more than a little overwhelming, but this time he's not alone as he crosses the barrier between worlds."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Héctor.Rivera  Imelda.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera/Imelda.Rivera  2000-2999.words 
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Un mundo raro, by StarberryCupcake
Het. "Héctor was saved, he was remembered, but he is made of more than just bones and joints, mending himself will take more than just memories. The path towards finding a place in his family, by Imelda's side, will reveal more of himself than he thought. But now, after winning a race he thought doomed from the start, he finally has time on his side, and he is not willing to waste it."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Héctor.Rivera  Imelda.Rivera  Victoria.Rivera  Felipe.Rivera  Óscar.Rivera  Julio.Rivera  Rosita.Rivera  Miguel.Rivera  Héctor.Rivera/Imelda.Rivera  35000-39999.words 
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Come Once Again and Love Me, by laventadorn
Het. "Severus wakes up in the afterlife expecting something rather different than being almost-seventeen again. But wait - Lily's come back, too - from 1981? Perhaps it's a second chance... but for what?"
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Severus.Snape  Lily.Evans.Potter  Eileen.Prince.Snape  Sirius.Black  James.Potter  Remus.Lupin  Peter.Pettigrew  Albus.Dumbledore  Minerva.McGonagall  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Lucius.Malfoy  Lily.Evans.Potter/Severus.Snape  150000-199999.words 
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The Accidental Animagus, by White_Squirrel
Gen. "Harry escapes the Dursleys with a unique bout of accidental magic and eventually winds up at the Grangers' house. Now, he has what he always wanted: a loving family—and he'll need their help to take on the magical world and vanquish the dark lord who has pursued him from birth. Years 1-4."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Harry.Potter  Vernon.Dursley  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Dudley.Dursley  Albus.Dumbledore  Minerva.McGonagall  Hermione.Granger  Mr.Granger  Mrs.Granger  Marjorie.Dursley  Justin.Finch-Fletchley  Terry.Boot  Garrick.Ollivander  Ginny.Weasley  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Rita.Skeeter  Andromeda.Black.Tonks  Nymphadora.Tonks  Ron.Weasley  Draco.Malfoy  Gregory.Goyle  Vincent.Crabbe  Neville.Longbottom  Rubeus.Hagrid  Seamus.Finnigan  Percy.Weasley  Zacharias.Smith  Quirinus.Quirrell  Hannah.Abbott  Susan.Bones  Pansy.Parkinson  Theodore.Nott  Daphne.Greengrass  Dean.Thomas  Severus.Snape  Mandy.Brocklehurst  Tracey.Davis  Oliver.Wood  Lee.Jordan  Peter.Pettigrew  Sirius.Black  Kingsley.Shacklebolt  Ted.Tonks  Arthur.Weasley  Remus.Lupin  Amelia.Bones  Alastor.Moody  Cornelius.Fudge  Kreacher  Xenophilius.Lovegood  Luna.Lovegood  Voldemort  Astoria.Greengrass  Amycus.Carrow  Alecto.Carrow  Hermione.Granger/Neville.Longbottom  Harry.Potter/Luna.Lovegood  650000-699999.words 
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In the language of flowers, by dwellingondreams
Het. "Petunia Evans has always lived in her vivacious older sister's shadow. Plain, fretful, and unremarkable, she resigns herself to a bitter existence as Lily's resentful follower. In spite of this, it is Petunia, not Lily, who is the witch. All she can do now is attempt to make some sense of the sudden absurdity of her previously well-ordered world. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Marauders, and a war on the horizon all conspire to make this rather difficult. (A witch!Petunia and muggle!Lily AU, covering the Marauders' years at Hogwarts and the First Wizarding War)."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Lily.Evans.Potter  Severus.Snape  Mr.Evans  Mrs.Evans  James.Potter  Sirius.Black  Remus.Lupin  Peter.Pettigrew  Marlene.McKinnon  Dorcas.Meadowes  Mary.Macdonald  Petunia.Evans.Dursley/Sirius.Black  James.Potter/Lily.Evans.Potter  75000-79999.words 
june 2018 by settiai
All My Life, by DeMarcos
Het. "DG returns to the Other Side to gather up her belongings, before starting her new life in the O.Z. The trip stirs up long-forgotten memories for her and Glitch. With a bit of magic, they begin a journey of rediscovering their past friendship, a journey that lays the foundation for their new relationship."
Tin.Man  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  DG  Ambrose.(aka.Glitch)  Wyatt.Cain  Raw  Azkadellia  Lavender.Eyes  Ahamo  Tutor  Airofday  DG/Glitch  15000-19999.words 
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The Serpent's Gaze, Book Four: Betting On Blood, by DictionaryWrites
Het and slash. "By the time Harry arrives for the term of his fourth year at Hogwarts, he's battled doxies, puffskeins, and even the dangerous teenage moodswing. Unfortunately, that's not all the world has in store: his name is dropped into the Goblet of Fire, and Harry's life descends into its usual state of chaos.

At the very least, he gets to see a few more pretty girls than usual."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Harry.Potter  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Vernon.Dursley  Dudley.Dursley  Arabella.Figg  Lucius.Malfoy  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Fred.Weasley  Ginny.Weasley  Draco.Malfoy  George.Weasley  Hermione.Granger  Ron.Weasley  Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Kreacher  Bill.Weasley  Nymphadora.Tonks  Kingsley.Shacklebolt  Alastor.Moody  Remus.Lupin  Severus.Snape  Dedalus.Diggle  Percy.Weasley  Mundungus.Fletcher  Hestia.Jones  Sturgis.Podmore  Emmeline.Vance  Albus.Dumbledore  Arthur.Weasley  Andromeda.Black.Tonks  Ted.Tonks  Minerva.McGonagall  Parvati.Patil  Colin.Creevey  Dennis.Creevey  Blaise.Zabini  Ludo.Bagman  Amelia.Bones  Voldemort  Cho.Chang  Olympe.Maxime  Fleur.Delacour  Gilderoy.Lockhart  Theodore.Nott  Pansy.Parkinson  Viktor.Krum  Igor.Karkaroff  Pomona.Sprout  Rita.Skeeter  Garrick.Ollivander  Aurora.Sinistra  Filius.Flitwick  Bellatrix.Black.Lestrange  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Blaise.Zabini/Harry.Potter  Harry.Potter/Luna.Lovegood  Hermione.Granger/Viktor.Krum  100000-149999.words 
may 2018 by settiai
Leo Inter Serpentes: Sixth Year, by Aeternum
Femslash, het, and slash. "Now that he knows the full contents of the prophecy, Harry begins training in earnest to kill Voldemort, with the help of his dad and two best friends. Dumbledore has voluntarily offered to divulge extra information to Harry, and the Ministry has finally realised what's been staring them in the face for a year - but that doesn't mean that things will start to go smoothly for Harry. He and his loved ones will be tested in ways they haven't seen coming, and some relationships will buckle under the strain."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Slash  Genre.Het  Genre.Femslash  Rated.NC-17  Harry.Potter  Severus.Snape  Sirius.Black  Nymphadora.Tonks  Draco.Malfoy  Hermione.Granger  Bill.Weasley  Garrick.Ollivander  Theodore.Nott  Minerva.McGonagall  Albus.Dumbledore  Rufus.Scrimgeour  Dobby  Kreacher  Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Pansy.Parkinson  Remus.Lupin  Kingsley.Shacklebolt  Horace.Slughorn  Winky  Gemma.Farley  Rubeus.Hagrid  Daphne.Greengrass  Tracey.Davis  Millicent.Bulstrode  Blaise.Zabini  Ginny.Weasley  Neville.Longbottom  Cormac.McLaggen  Marcus.Belby  Luna.Lovegood  Argus.Filch  Gregory.Goyle  Vincent.Crabbe  Astoria.Greengrass  Ernie.Macmillan  Marvolo.Gaunt  Morfin.Gaunt  Merope.Gaunt  Tom.Riddle.Sr  Zacharias.Smith  Ethan.Bexley  Pomona.Sprout  Fenris.Greyback  Fleur.Delacour  Bellatrix.Black.Lestrange  Peter.Pettigrew  Voldemort  Scarlett.Lympsham  Draco.Malfoy/Harry.Potter  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  Kingsley.Shacklebolt/Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  200000-249999.words 
may 2018 by settiai
Leo Inter Serpentes: Fifth Year, by Aeternum
Femslash, het, and slash. "Getting adopted by Severus means that Harry can finally escape the Dursleys for good, but it's not all sunshine and roses. Voldemort is back and, to make matters worse, the Ministry is denying it, despite all available evidence. As if all of that wasn't bad enough, the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher has it in for Harry, and is far more interested in taking him down than in teaching anything remotely useful. What's a Slytherin to do? Why, begin plotting, of course!"
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Femslash  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Harry.Potter  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Vernon.Dursley  Dudley.Dursley  Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Minerva.McGonagall  Gemma.Farley  Hermione.Granger  Theodore.Nott  Kingsley.Shacklebolt  Sirius.Black  Remus.Lupin  Ginny.Weasley  Ron.Weasley  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Arthur.Weasley  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Nymphadora.Tonks  Dobby  Tracey.Davis  Blaise.Zabini  Pansy.Parkinson  Gregory.Goyle  Vincent.Crabbe  Pomona.Sprout  Filius.Flitwick  Dolores.Umbridge  Neville.Longbottom  Ernie.Macmillan  Ted.Tonks  Argus.Filch  Aurora.Sinistra  Peeves  Bloody.Baron  Amelia.Bones  Lucius.Malfoy  Bellatrix.Black.Lestrange  Scarlett.Lympsham  Draco.Malfoy/Harry.Potter  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  Hermione.Granger/Viktor.Krum  Kingsley.Shacklebolt/Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  200000-249999.words  Andromeda.Black.Tonks  Millicent.Bulstrode 
april 2018 by settiai
Leo Inter Serpentes: Fourth Year, by Aeternum
Femslash, het, and slash. "Things start out well for Harry this year: he only has to put up with the Dursleys for a week before he's whisked off to Malfoy Manor, where Hermione soon arrives. After spending a happy summer with his two best friends, Harry's cheerfully prepared for his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Or so he thinks. Evil is gathering strength, and the signs are there - but will anyone read them in time?"
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Slash  Genre.Het  Genre.Femslash  Rated.R  Harry.Potter  Vernon.Dursley  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Dudley.Dursley  Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Draco.Malfoy  Dobby  Kingsley.Shacklebolt  Sirius.Black  Hermione.Granger  Cornelius.Fudge  Ginny.Weasley  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Ludo.Bagman  Arthur.Weasley  Ron.Weasley  Charlie.Weasley  Bill.Weasley  Percy.Weasley  Bartemius.Crouch  Amos.Diggory  Winky  Andromeda.Black.Tonks  Nymphadora.Tonks  Pansy.Parkinson  Tracey.Davis  Millicent.Bulstrode  Daphne.Greengrass  Seamus.Finnigan  Dean.Thomas  Peeves  Minerva.McGonagall  Severus.Snape  Alastor.Moody  Rubeus.Hagrid  Gregory.Goyle  Vincent.Crabbe  Blaise.Zabini  Theodore.Nott  Neville.Longbottom  Olympe.Maxime  Igor.Karkaroff  Viktor.Krum  Luna.Lovegood  Fleur.Delacour  Cedric.Diggory  Colin.Creevey  Rita.Skeeter  Garrick.Ollivander  Remus.Lupin  Voldemort  Peter.Pettigrew  Poppy.Pomfrey  Scarlett.Lympsham  Draco.Malfoy/Harry.Potter  Hermione.Granger/Viktor.Krum  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  Kingsley.Shacklebolt/Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  100000-149999.words 
april 2018 by settiai
Anthology, by irisbleufic
Het and slash. "The first thing [Newton] does when he gets to his office, smarting from the needle and high on endorphins, is email the eccentric mathematician in Cambridge, the other Cambridge a non-creature-infested ocean away, with whom he’d been corresponding for a while and whom his colleagues have begun to call Newt’s Internet Boyfriend.

Hermann, Newton types, tell me you’ve crawled out from under your rock for long enough to realize your disdain for monster movies is now scientifically invalid.

Please don’t call me that, Gottlieb writes back. I’m already working on it."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb  Tendo.Choi  Mako.Mori  Raleigh.Becket  Hercules.Hansen  Hannibal.Chau  Aleksis.Kaidanovsky  Sasha.Kaidanovsky  Alison.Choi  Stacker.Pentecost  Lars.Gottlieb  Karla.Gottlieb  Bastien.Gottlieb  Dietrich.Gottlieb  Monica.Schwartz  Jacob.Geiszler  Illia.Geiszler  Original.Female.Character(s)  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  Mako.Mori/Raleigh.Becket  Aleksis.Kaidanovsky/Sasha.Kaidanovsky  Alison.Choi/Tendo.Choi  Hannibal.Chau/OFC  150000-199999.words 
april 2018 by settiai
Breathe Between Heartbeats, by SkysongMA
Het, slash, and threesome. "After meeting Newton Geiszler, Hermann realized he knew three things.

First, Newton Geiszler was a complete and unmitigated ass.

Second, he was also a genius, though he was terrible at expressing it in a way that made sense to anyone else.

Third, Hermann wanted to lick the tattoo that snaked along the side of his neck. Possibly bite it.

After meeting Vanessa Barsetti, Hermann realized he knew nothing at all."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.R  Hermann.Gottlieb  Newton.Geiszler  Vanessa.Gottlieb  Mako.Mori  Lars.Gottlieb  Sasha.Kaidanovsky  Aleksis.Kaidanovsky  Tendo.Choi  Hercules.Hansen  Hannibal.Chau  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb/Vanessa.Gottlieb  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler/Vanessa.Gottlieb  55000-59999.words 
april 2018 by settiai
ich hasse dich, by que_sera
Slash, with background het. "Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Hong Kong research division knows to clear out when Newt and Hermann start screaming at each other in German. Raleigh has not spent any time in the research division. He's also beginning to question his knowledge of German. For instance, did Newt really just tell Hermann he had a perfect face?"
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Raleigh.Becket  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb  Stacker.Pentecost  Mako.Mori  Hercules.Hansen  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  Mako.Mori/Raleigh.Becket  3000-3999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
Of Starlight and Stardust, by batyalewbel
Het and slash. "It began long ago, on Lah’mu, then Jedha, then Eadu and Scarif. Now they have all come with the Rebellion to this frigid wasteland they call Hoth where the next chapter begins.

This is when the Empire strikes back."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Jyn.Erso  Cassian.Andor  Bodhi.Rook  Chirrut.Îmwe  Baze.Malbus  Han.Solo  Leia.Organa  Luke.Skywalker  Chewbacca  R2-D2  C-3PO  K-2SO  Carlist.Rieekan  Shara.Bey  Davits.Draven  Lando.Calrissian  Kes.Dameron  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Cassian.Andor/Jyn.Erso  Baze.Malbus/Chirrut.Îmwe  Bodhi.Rook/Luke.Skywalker  100000-149999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
Of Stormy Seas and Galaxies, by batyalewbel
Het and slash. "The first time he went out into the field with her she was an annoyance. A liability that could be dispatched if needed. The first time she stepped onto his ship, she clutched her blaster close and told herself it would all be fine. The first time Galen Erso asked him "Do you like the Empire?" he could hardly answer past the lump in his throat.

A story of one mission that almost failed and what follows after that."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Cassian.Andor  Jyn.Erso  Chirrut.Îmwe  Baze.Malbus  Bodhi.Rook  K-2SO  Han.Solo  Luke.Skywalker  Chewbacca  C-3PO  R2-D2  Obi-Wan.Kenobi  Leia.Organa  Anakin.Skywalker  Shara.Bey  Kes.Dameron  Mon.Mothma  Davits.Draven  Biggs.Darklighter  Wedge.Antilles  Original.Female.Character(s)  Cassian.Andor/Jyn.Erso  Baze.Malbus/Chirrut.Îmwe  Bodhi.Rook/Luke.Skywalker  150000-199999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
Whatever I Do (I Do It To Protect You), by Callioope
Het. "When Orson Krennic landed on Lah’mu, Lyra Erso made a choice. She chose her daughter.

Now they move from planet to planet, identity to identity, rebel cell to rebel cell, until they wind up at the center of the rebellion."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Lyra.Erso  Galen.Erso  Jyn.Erso  Cassian.Andor  Kes.Dameron  Shara.Bey  K-2SO  Davits.Draven  Mon.Mothma  Bodhi.Rook  Chirrut.Îmwe  Baze.Malbus  Leia.Organa  Jan.Dodonna  Luke.Skywalker  Obi-Wan.Kenobi  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Cassian.Andor/Jyn.Erso  80000-84999.words 
march 2018 by settiai
Hourglass, by Caseyrochelle
Het. "During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, a poorly aimed spell hits Hermione, sending her hurtling into the cabinet of time-turners, and thereby launching her through time. Now she has to find a way to make it back to her own time without causing irreparable damage to the past- and future."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Hermione.Granger  Albus.Dumbledore  Harold.Minchum  Fleamont.Potter  Euphemia.Potter  Sirius.Black  James.Potter  Remus.Lupin  Peter.Pettigrew  Severus.Snape  Lily.Evans.Potter  Gideon.Prewett  Emmeline.Vance  Mary.Macdonald  Greta.Catchlove  Regulus.Black  Fabian.Prewett  Frank.Longbottom  Alice.Longbottom  Lucius.Malfoy  Alastor.Moody  Walburga.Black  James.Potter/Lily.Evans.Potter  Hermione.Granger/Sirius.Black  100000-149999.words 
february 2018 by settiai
Isharay, by Aviena
Het. "It's been six months since the events of The Fisher's Lure. Sara and Reyes have finally found a comfortable middle ground - but when Sara is accused of a crime she didn't commit, the consequences turn the whole cluster upside down."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Female.Ryder  Reyes.Vidal  SAM  Kallo.Jath  Suvi.Anwar  Cora.Harper  Liam.Kosta  Vetra.Nyx  Nakmor.Drack  Gil.Brodie  Jaal.Ama.Darav  Male.Ryder  Jarun.Tann  Keema.Dohrgun  Nakmor.Kesh  Foster.Addison  Tiran.Kandros  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Female.Ryder/Reyes.Vidal  100000-149999.words 
february 2018 by settiai
Where Wilder Hearts Roam, by eveninglottie
Het. "Of all the names Bella Baggins ever held over the course of her long life, of those given to her by the various noble peoples of Middle-earth, or the ones she herself took up for one reason or another, most being altogether too bold for any self-respecting hobbit to claim, her first and favorite was Bright Eyes."
The.Hobbit  Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Rule.63  Bilbo.Baggins  Gandalf  Belladonna.Took.Baggins  Bungo.Baggins  Thorin.Oakenshield  Dwalin  Balin  Fíli  Kíli  Dori  Nori  Ori  Glóin  Óin  Bifur  Bofur  Bombur  Elrond  Arwen.Undómiel  Galadriel  Gollum  Beorn  Gwaihir  Legolas  Tauriel  Thranduil  Bard  Sigrid  Bain  Tilda  Smaug  Sauron  Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield  200000-249999.words 
february 2018 by settiai
They Shook Hands - Year 5, by Dethryl
Gen, with background het. "The war has begun. The evil forces of Lord Voldemort have overrun Azkaban prison, and the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix struggle to prevent the wizarding world from collapsing. Harry spends the summer cooped up in Grimmauld Place, but he really just wants to do something. Fortunately, the new Defence teacher helps the students prepare to fight the darkness. Professor Umbridge shakes things up at Hogwarts, but is she maybe going too far? Strange new les...
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Harry.Potter  Sirius.Black  Remus.Lupin  Kreacher  Lucius.Malfoy  Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Draco.Malfoy  Severus.Snape  Albus.Dumbledore  Theodore.Nott  Padma.Patil  Parvati.Patil  Pansy.Parkinson  Daphne.Greengrass  Millicent.Bulstrode  Vincent.Crabbe  Gregory.Goyle  Ginny.Weasley  Tracey.Davis  Nymphadora.Tonks  Kingsley.Shacklebolt  Mundungus.Fletcher  Dedalus.Diggle  Alastor.Moody  Blaise.Zabini  Dolores.Umbridge  Minerva.McGonagall  Pomona.Sprout  Septima.Vector  Filius.Flitwick  Horace.Slughorn  Cedric.Diggory  Neville.Longbottom  Ron.Weasley  Dean.Thomas  Andromeda.Black.Tonks  Ted.Tonks  Rita.Skeeter  Dobby  Percy.Weasley  Terry.Boot  Argus.Flich  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Arthur.Weasley  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Lucius.Malfoy/Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Andromeda.Black.Tonks/Ted.Tonks  Nymphadora.Tonks/Remus.Lupin  Draco.Malfoy/Ginny.Weasley  Harry.Potter/OFC  200000-249999.words  Molly.Prewett.Weasley 
january 2018 by settiai
They Shook Hands - Year 4, by Dethryl
Gen, with background het. "Harry Potter's new life with his godfather, Sirius Black, is the stuff his best dreams were made of. As they turn 12 Grimmauld Place into a real home, Harry finally gets to hear all about his father and mother. At the Quidditch World Cup, Harry learns of the upcoming Triwizard Tournament from Mr. Lucius Malfoy. Back at Hogwarts, there's treachery afoot, as Harry is named as a fourth Champion. Can his reputation recover from what the other Houses are saying? Who will st...
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Harry.Potter  Sirius.Black  Remus.Lupin  Draco.Malfoy  Dobby  Pansy.Parkinson  Tracey.Davis  Vincent.Crabbe  Gregory.Goyle  Millicent.Bulstrode  Daphne.Greengrass  Theodore.Nott  Kreacher  Lucius.Malfoy  Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Percy.Weasley  Ginny.Weasley  Bill.Weasley  Charlie.Weasley  Selwyn  Cornelius.Fudge  Susan.Bones  Hannah.Abbott  Ludo.Bagman  Ron.Weasley  Minerva.McGonagall  Alastor.Moody  Severus.Snape  Seamus.Finnigan  Dean.Thomas  Viktor.Krum  Albus.Dumbledore  Igor.Karkaroff  Olympe.Maxime  Rubeus.Hagrid  Bartemius.Crouch  Fleur.Delacour  Rita.Skeeter  Garrick.Ollivander  Septima.Vector  Padma.Patil  Parvati.Patil  Ted.Tonks  Andromeda.Black.Tonks  Nymphadora.Tonks  Voldemort  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Harry.Potter/Padma.Patil  150000-199999.words 
january 2018 by settiai
They Shook Hands - Year 3, by Dethryl
Gen, with background het. "Harry Potter's summer holiday has been anything but fun. He's been treated like a common criminal by the Muggles. His circumstances don't begin to improve when he finally breaks out, for one of Voldemort's strongest supporters has likewise escaped, from Azkaban, the most secure place in England. The mad Sirius Black killed thirteen people with a single curse and now is believed to be after Harry. The Ministry of Magic takes drastic security measures, but what can stop the first man to elud...
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Harry.Potter  Vernon.Dursley  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Dudley.Dursley  Marjorie.Dursley  Sirius.Black  Stan.Shunpike  Arthur.Weasley  Lucius.Malfoy  Draco.Malfoy  Pansy.Parkinson  Daphne.Greengrass  Theodore.Nott  Gregory.Goyle  Vincent.Crabbe  Tracey.Davis  Narcissa.Black.Malfoy  Percy.Weasley  Terry.Boot  Ron.Weasley  Neville.Longbottom  Dean.Thomas  Remus.Lupin  Rubeus.Hagrid  Minerva.McGonagall  Poppy.Pomfrey  Severus.Snape  Septima.Vector  Albus.Dumbledore  Peter.Pettigrew  Amelia.Bones  Susan.Bones  Harry.Potter/Tracey.Davis  100000-149999.words  Millicent.Bulstrode  Draco.Malfoy/Pansy.Parkinson  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Padma.Patil  Parvati.Patil  Genre.Het 
january 2018 by settiai
Fundamental Forces, by nayanroo
Het. "In an attempt to rein in the son that remains to her after Thor's banishment, Frigga arranges a marriage between two old friends in the hopes that they can work together to heal an eroded realm. On Earth, a prince searches for identity after his world is turned upside-down. And in the darkness, something stirs."
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Loki  Sif  Frigga  Odin  Thor  Jane.Foster  Darcy.Lewis  Erik.Selvig  Laufey  Phil.Coulson  Nick.Fury  Hogun  Fandral  Volstagg  Maria.Hill  Clint.Barton  Tony.Stark  Pepper.Potts  Natasha.Romanova  Bruce.Banner  Steve.Rogers  Surtur  Loki/Sif  150000-199999.words 
december 2017 by settiai
Red Sorrow, by lupinlaughed
Gen, with background het and slash. "AU. Harry Potter was not the only one marked that fateful Halloween, and Severus Snape is given redemption in a form he least expected. A Sibling!Addition story beginning pre Philosopher's Stone through Prisoner of Azkaban. Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix will continue in a separate installment."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Harry.Potter  Severus.Snape  Remus.Lupin  Sirius.Black  Draco.Malfoy  Ron.Weasley  Hermione.Granger  Albus.Dumbledore  Lily.Evans.Potter  James.Potter  Voldemort  Bellatrix.Black.Lestrange  Lucius.Malfoy  Minerva.McGonagall  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Rubeus.Hagrid  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  James.Potter/Lily.Evans.Potter  Lily.Evans.Potter/Severus.Snape  500000-549999.words 
october 2017 by settiai
The Naberries, by madame_alexandra
Het. "In the fledgling New Republic, Princess Leia continues to explore the complexities of where she comes from, and who she is. She tries to make sense of the past; she endeavors to decide what's in her future, and she spends time immersed in the perspectives of a dead woman's family. An installment in the Identity universe. H/L; AU."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Leia.Organa  Luke.Skywalker  Han.Solo  Bail.Organa  Jobal.Naberrie  Sola.Naberrie  Ruwee.Naberrie  Pooja.Naberrie  Ryoo.Naberrie  Darred.Janren.Naberrie  Anakin.Skywalker  Padmé.Amidala  Han.Solo/Leia.Organa  Anakin.Skywalker/Padmé.Amidala  Jobal.Naberrie/Ruwee.Naberrie  Darred.Janren.Naberrie/Sola.Naberrie  100000-149999.words 
october 2017 by settiai
those dawning eyes brought forth my own sunrise, by Marsali
Het and slash. "In which Sara fights an Archon, has new sleep problems, experiences all the nice things in the world, and finally finds her happy ending.

Home is in the people you love, after all."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Female.Ryder  Jaal.Ama.Darav  Male.Ryder  Gil.Brodie  Vetra.Nyx  Peebee  Nakmor.Drack  Liam.Kosta  Lexi.T'Perro  Cora.Harper  Suvi.Anwar  Kallo.Jath  Jarun.Tann  Nakmor.Kesh  Sahuna.Ama.Darav  Gil.Brodie/Male.Ryder  Female.Ryder/Jaal.Ama.Darav  20000-24999.words 
october 2017 by settiai
Children of the Force, by HLine
Gen, with background het and slash. "Anakin didn't fall, but Order 66 still happened. Now there are only remnants of the Jedi Order remain, seemingly paralyzed by grief and fear - leaving many vulnerable to the Dark Side and the Sith.

Kanan Jarrus very carefully doesn't pay any attention to this; he has his team, and that's all he needs. He left the Jedi behind a long time ago. But the Force won't let its children go so easily, especially not so many still need his help."
Star.Wars  Star.Wars.Rebels  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Kanan.Jarrus  Ezra.Bridger  Hera.Syndulla  Garazeb.'Zeb'.Orrelios  Sabine.Wren  Janus.Kasmir  CC-10/994|Grey  Luminara.Unduli  Mace.Windu  Rig.Nema  Jun.Sato  Kleeve  Ahsoka.Tano  The.Grand.Inquisitor  Maketh.Tua  Alexsandr.Kallus  Seventh.Sister  Fifth.Brother  Padmé.Amidala  Anakin.Skywalker  Chopper  Obi-Wan.Kenobi  Breha.Organa  Quinlan.Vos  Hera.Syndulla/Kanan.Jarrus  CC-10/994|Grey/Janus.Kasmir  250000-299999.words 
september 2017 by settiai
Fire, Walk with Me, by Khirsah
Het and slash. "All mages are born with a soulmate--a voice they hear in the darkness of the Fade all their lives. The lucky ones find their soulmates and forge a bond strong enough to threaten the very foundations of the Chantry.

Hawke is one of the lucky ones."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Male.Mage.Hawke  Fenris  Malcolm.Hawke  Leandra.Amell  Bethany.Hawke  Carver.Hawke  Alistair  Anders  Female.Amell  Aveline.Vallen  Varric.Tethras  Merrill  Isabela  Feynriel  Wesley.Vallen  Bartrand.Tethras  Donnic.Hendyr  Cullen.Rutherford  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Iron.Bull  Male.Warrior.Trevelyan  Sebastian.Vael  Meredith.Stannard  Arishok  Fenris/Male.Mage.Hawke  Leandra.Amell/Malcolm.Hawke  Anders/Bethany.Hawke  Anders/Carver.Hawke  200000-249999.words 
september 2017 by settiai
Polaris, by Caryl (Starshone)
Femslash, het, and threesome. "Ashley, Shepard, and Kaidan seem like a trinary star system, until Shepard dies and new orders take Ashley and Kaidan out of each other's orbit. And then a Cerberus recruiter contacts Ashley."
Mass.Effect  Genre.Femslash  Genre.Het  Genre.Threesome  Rated.NC-17  Ashley.Williams  Female.Shepard  Kaidan.Alenko  Ashley.Williams/Female.Shepard  Ashley.Williams/Kaidan.Alenko  Ashley.Williams/Female.Shepard/Kaidan.Alenko  20000-24999.words 
august 2017 by settiai
the moon’s never seen me before, but I’m reflecting light, by Marsali
Het and slash. "After waking up from her coma (that had felt more like being buried alive than gentle slumber) Sara is up and angry. With Scott not having visited, she has to grapple with a feeling of constant betrayal. With her body so weak, the feeling of uselessness prevails. But with all darkness there comes light and Sara can’t help but react with wide-eyed fascination that has her on her figurative knees when it comes to the simple goodness that is Jaal."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Female.Ryder  Male.Ryder  Harry.Carlyle  Jaal.Ama.Darav  SAM  Gil.Brodie  Nakmor.Kesh  Nakmor.Drack  Peebee  Vetra.Nyx  Liam.Kosta  Cora.Harper  Lexi.T'Perro  Suvi.Anwar  Kallo.Jath  Sahuna.Ama.Darav  Vorn  Female.Ryder/Jaal.Ama.Darav  Gil.Brodie/Male.Ryder  Nakmor.Kesh/Vorn  45000-49999.words 
july 2017 by settiai
the stars, the moon, they have all been blown out, by Marsali
Het and slash. "They think she is asleep.

They are wrong.

And while Scott is hiding from her, busily pretending that it is the galaxy that keeps him from visiting her, Sara finds a blessed reprieve from the suffocating darkness around her in the form of a stranger with a deep, rumbling voice."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Female.Ryder  Male.Ryder  Harry.Carlyle  Jaal.Ama.Darav  Peebee  Female.Ryder/Jaal.Ama.Darav  Gil.Brodie/Male.Ryder  9000-9999.words 
july 2017 by settiai
The Fisher's Lure, by Aviena
Het. "Things didn't end well between Sara and Reyes following the events of High Noon. Reconciliation has to be kicked into overdrive when Kaetus tries to use the Pathfinder to avenge Sloane Kelly, but no plans are ever perfect - and Sara and Reyes soon find that nothing’s ever easy, either."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Female.Ryder  Reyes.Vidal  SAM  Cora.Harper  Vetra.Nyx  Kaetus  Liam.Kosta  Keema.Dohrgun  Male.Ryder  Lexi.T'Perro  Peebee  Nakmor.Drack  Female.Ryder/Reyes.Vidal  55000-59999.words 
july 2017 by settiai
Free As I'll Ever Be, by cinderfell
Het. "Percy is rather awful at taking caring of himself even without the looming threat of dragons, Pike finds."
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Pike.Trickfoot  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Pike.Trickfoot  1000-1999.words 
march 2017 by settiai
Hope and Change, by aimmyarrowshigh
Het. "Since Breha took the throne at fourteen, on a day when the Republic flag flew at half-mast in the thick of the Clone Wars but the Alderaanian colors flew high and proud, she has spoken first in every room she has entered. (Part of that is tradition, that one must not speak to the Queen until they are spoken to, but the rest is just Breha’s brashness leading her to barrel forwards with whatever it is that she has to say before anyone else can get a word in edge-wise. Maybe it’s not Senate etiquette, but she isn’t a Senator, thank the goddesses.)

Or: Her Majesty Queen Breha Organa of House Organa, by the Will of the Force, of the Planet of Alderaan in the Alderaan System of the Core Worlds, and of Her people faithful and beloved Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Force. And her duties as such."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Breha.Organa  Bail.Organa  Wilhuff.Tarkin  Leia.Organa  Kaeden.Larten  Bail.Organa/Breha.Organa  6000-6999.words 
february 2017 by settiai
A Comforting Deception, by yarnandtea
Het, slash, and threesome. "While Sebastian and Fenris are away from Kirkwall, Anders is befriended by two cats who are anything but ordinary. It takes him a bit longer than it should to realize that these two events are not unrelated. But he gets there eventually, and some rocky relationships are soothed over in the process."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.R  Anders  Fenris  Sebastian.Vael  Isabela  Merrill  Varric.Tethras  Female.Hawke  Aveline.Vallen  Fenris/Isabela  Fenris/Sebastian.Vael  Anders/Fenris/Sebastian.Vael  20000-24999.words 
february 2017 by settiai
Fighting the Tide, by yarnandtea
Het. "What do you do when you start to realize you have feelings for someone utterly inappropriate? If you're Merrill or Sebastian, you bury those feelings deep and try to forget they're even there.

Of course, that can only work for so long--especially once Isabela decides to get involved."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Isabela  Sebastian.Vael  Merrill  Varric.Tethras  Fenris  Anders  Aveline.Vallen  Female.Hawke  Fenris/Isabela  Merrill/Sebastian.Vael  35000-39999.words 
february 2017 by settiai
The Most Unlikely of Companions, by yarnandtea
Het. "The last person Sebastian would have ever expected to go traveling with after the destruction of the Chantry was Merrill. Yet somehow the pair find themselves embarking on a journey together, both looking for the next direction their lives must take. It comes as rather a surprise to both of them when they find their new paths run together."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Sebastian.Vael  Merrill  Isabela  Merrill/Sebastian.Vael  60000-64999.words 
february 2017 by settiai
Let's Give Ourselves Promises of Our Unending, by aimmyarrowshigh & nichestars
Het, slash, and threesome. "Will you do something for me?" Jyn asks, muffled. "While I'm gone?"

"Anything," Cassian promises, feeling her breath against his skin. They're alive. He can do anything.

"Try to be happy," Jyn says, peering up at him. "I don't think the people here know that you can smile."
Or, Captain Cassian Andor tries to define what it means to live after he should have died. His second life is a softer one.

AKA: The working title of this fic was "Three Rebels and a Baby."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.NC-17  Cassian.Andor  Kes.Dameron  Shara.Bey  Jyn.Erso  Leia.Organa  Han.Solo  Luke.Skywalker  Mon.Mothma  Poe.Dameron  Kes.Dameron/Shara.Bey  Cassian.Andor/Kes.Dameron  Cassian.Andor/Shara.Bey  Cassian.Andor/Kes.Dameron/Shara.Bey  100000-149999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
Identity, by madame_alexandra
Het. "A distress signal reaches Coruscant after the Empire's demise, claiming to be the beacon of Bail Organa. what would the reappearance of Leia's adoptive father mean for her life in a post ROTJ context. What would he think of Han Solo, and what could he tell her about the dark shadow of her heritage? H/L; significantly AU, I suppose."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Leia.Organa  Han.Solo  Carlist.Rieekan  Threkin.Horm  Kell.Tainer  Tyr.Taskeen  Dansra.Beezer  Mon.Mothma  Jan.Dodonna  Luke.Skywalker  Chewbacca  Wedge.Antilles  Gavin.Darklighter  Winter.Celchu  Rouge.Organa  Bail.Organa  Lando.Calrissian  Tendra.Risant  Mallatobuck  Lumpawaroo  Tycho.Celchu  Han.Solo/Leia.Organa  350000-399999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
Like stone we are, we stand together, by Anonymous
Het. "So you want me to go to this party as … your date?"

Vax squirms behind her. "As my wife."
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Genre.Incest  Rated.NC-17  Vax'ildan  Vex'ahlia  Vax'ildan/Vex'ahlia  10000-14999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
the wolves are the window, the wolves are at the door, by Anonymous
Het, slash, and threesome. "When Vax takes a job from the Clasp that sends him and his sister to the far northern city of Whitestone, the last thing he expects is for both of them to fall for the Lord of Whitestone's son."
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Genre.Incest  Rated.R  Vax'ildan  Vex'ahlia  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Vax'ildan/Vex'ahlia  10000-14999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
Sometimes as Many as Seven, by Fialleril
Het. "Leia and Han talk about the Force, philosophy, and that bounty hunter they ran into on Ord Mantell."
Star.Wars  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Leia.Organa  Han.Solo  Han.Solo/Leia.Organa  1000-1999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
Unmasked, by Anonymous
Het (ish). "This is how the world actually works: instead of leading soldiers into battle, Shang is given command over a disorganized bunch of conscripted civilians who don't know the business end of a sword. Instead of fighting to defend China, he is stuck training these misfits into something resembling soldiers. And instead of being devoted to a wife or his job as a soldier, he is becoming attracted to one of his men."
Mulan  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Fa.Mulan  Li.Shang  Fa.Mulan/Li.Shang  4000-4999.words 
december 2016 by settiai
Sigh No More, by ameliathermopolis
Het. "A flash of cold brings him back to the workshop, his gasp sounding like a thunderclap in the silence. Iron, cold and solid, presses against his palm, his hand gripping it so tight he can see the white of his knuckles. Such a small thing, but capable of so large an impact. Percy runs a finger over one of the wings and a memory teases at remembrance, a vision of a woman clad in white and blue, a hand reaching out to him across a plane of light. "No. Stay. It is not yet your time." No matter how hard he puts his mind to the task, Percy can’t remember her face, and he wonders if that is why another goddess of his acquaintance wears a mask over her own."
Critical.Role  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Pike.Trickfoot  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo/Pike.Trickfoot  3000-3999.words 
november 2016 by settiai
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'Cujo'.Hendricks  'Cujo'.Hendricks/Sigrun.Gard  (AoS.1x22-Beginning.of.the.End)  (Classic.DW.012-The.Romans)  (Classic.DW.046-The.Invasion)  (Classic.DW.105-City.of.Death)  (Comm.2x24-For.a.Few.Paintballs.More)  (DS9.6x20-His.Way)  (DW.1x02-The.End.of.the.World)  (DW.1x08-Father's.Day)  (DW.3x01-Smith.and.Jones)  (DW.3x07-42)  (DW.3x10-Blink)  (DW.3x12-The.Sound.of.Drums)  (DW.4x10-Midnight)  (DW.5x06-The.Vampires.of.Venice)  (DW.5x08-The.Hungry.Earth)  (DW.5x09-Cold.Blood)  (DW.5x13-The.Big.Bang)  (HMD.3x16-Half-Wit)  (HMD.4x16-Wilson's.Heart)  (HP-Post.DH)  (HP.5-OotP)  (HP.7-DH)  (JL.2x13/14-Eclipsed)  (JL.2x19/20-Hereafter)  (JL.3x05-This.Little.Piggy)  (JL.4x12-Divided.We.Fall)  (JL.5x13-Destroyer)  (  (Men.1x09-Flame.Red)  (Men.1x11-Red.John's.Friends)  (Merlin.1x09-Excalibur)  (Num.3x24-The.Janus.List)  (OUaT.1x18-The.Stable.Boy)  (SG1.8x18-Threads)  (SG1.9x13-Ripple.Effect)  (SG1.10x20-Unending)  (SGA.1x01-Rising.Part.One)  (SGA.2x10-The.Lost.Boys)  (SGA.2x11-The.Hive)  (SGA.3x11-The.Return.Part.Two)  (SGA.3x17-Sunday)  (SGA.4x03-Adrift)  (SGA.4x20-The.Last.Man)  (SGA.5x03-Broken.Ties)  (SGA.5x06-The.Shrine)  (SGA.5x08-The.Queen)  (SPN.5x02-Good.God.Y'all)  (TM.1x01-Into.the.Storm)  (TM.1x02-Search.for.the.Emerald)  (TW.1x04-Cyberwoman)  (TW.1x05-Small.Worlds)  (TW.1x06-Countrycide)  (TW.1x07-Greeks.Bearing.Gifts)  (TW.1x08-They.Keep.Killing.Suzie)  (TW.1x10-Out.of.Time)  (TW.1x12-Captain.Jack.Harkness)  (TW.2x01-Kiss.Kiss.Bang.Bang)  (TW.2x02-Sleeper)  (TW.2x04-Meat)  (  (TW.2x09-Something.Borrowed)  (TW.2x10-From.Out.of.the.Rain)  (TW.2x11-Adrift)  (TW.2x13-Exit.Wounds)  *WIP*  0-99.words  0.words  200-299.words  300-399.words  400-499.words  500-599.words  600-699.words  700-799.words  800-899.words  900-999.words  1000-1999.words  2000-2999.words  3000-3999.words  4000-4999.words  5000-5999.words  6000-6999.words  7000-7999.words  8000-8999.words  9000-9999.words  10000-14999.words  15000-19999.words  20000-24999.words  25000-29999.words  30000-34999.words  35000-39999.words  40000-44999.words  45000-49999.words  50000-54999.words  55000-59999.words  60000-64999.words  65000-69999.words  70000-74999.words  75000-79999.words  80000-84999.words  85000-89999.words  90000-94999.words  95000-99999.words  100000-149999.words  150000-199999.words  200000-249999.words  250000-299999.words  300000-349999.words  350000-399999.words  400000-449999.words  500000-549999.words  550000-599999.words  600000-649999.words  650000-699999.words  700000-749999.words  750000-799999.words  850000-899999.words  Aaron.Hotchner  Aaron.Hotchner/Haley.Hotchner  Aaron.Hotchner/JJ.Jareau  Abbey.Bartlet  Abbey.Bartlet/Jed.Bartlet  Abbey.Bartlet/Jed.Bartlet/Leo.McGarry  Abby.Sciuto  Abby.Sciuto/Leroy.Jethro.Gibbs  Abby.Sciuto/Rodney.McKay  Abby.Sciuto/Timothy.McGee  Abby.Stevenson  Abby.Stevenson/Kristy.Thomas  Abed.Nadir  Abed.Nadir/Annie.Edison  Abed.Nadir/Annie.Edison/Troy.Barnes  Abed.Nadir/Troy.Barnes  Abel.Rivera  Abelas  Aberforth.Dumbledore  Abigail  Abraham  Acastus.Kolya  Ace.McShane  Ace.McShane/Hex.Schofield  Ace.McShane/Jack.Harkness  Ace.McShane/Mickey.Smith  Ace.McShane/Ninth.Doctor  Ace.McShane/Seventh.Doctor  Adam  Adam/Toshiko.Sato  Adan  Adeola.Oshida  Adric  Adriel  Adrien.Victus  Aethyta  Agatha.Harkness  Ahamo  Ahinoam  Ahsoka.Tano  Aidan  Aidan.Lynch  Aiden.Ford  Airofday  Aladdin  Aladdin.(movie)  Aladdin/Jasmine  Alan.Grant  Alan.Grant/Ellie.Sattler  Alan.Grant/Ellie.Sattler/Ian.Malcolm  Alan.Grant/Ian.Malcolm  Alan.Grant/Sarah.Harding  Alan.Jackson  Alan.Jackson/Chrissie.Jackson  Alan.Jackson/Sarah.Jane.Smith  Alastor.Moody  Albus.Dumbledore  Albus.Dumbledore/Anya.Jenkins  Albus.Severus.Potter  Alec.Hardison  Alec.Hardison/Eliot.Spencer/Parker  Alec.Hardison/Parker  Alec.McDowell  Alec.McDowell/Asha.Barlow  Alec.McDowell/Calvin.'Sketchy'.Theodore  Alec.McDowell/Joshua  Alec.McDowell/Logan.Cale  Alec.McDowell/Max.Guevara  Alecto.Carrow  Alejandro.Fernández  Aleksei.Sytsevich  Aleksis.Kaidanovsky  Aleksis.Kaidanovsky/Sasha.Kaidanovsky  Aleron.Fortier  Alex.'Starburns'.Osbourne  Alex.Hunter  Alex.McDowell/Max.Guevara  Alex.Xanatos  Alexander.Dane  Alexander.Dane/Quellek  Alexander.the.Great  Alexander/Hephaistion  Alexsandr.Kallus  Alfred.Bester  Alfrid.Lickspittle  Alfstanna.Eremon  Algie.Longbottom  Algie.Longbottom/Walburga.Black  Alice.(miniseries)  Alice.Carter  Alice.Hamilton  Alice.Hamilton/Hatter  Alice.Liddell  Alice.Liddell/Mad.Hatter  Alice.Longbottom  Alice.Longbottom/Frank.Longbottom  Alicia.Carpenter  Alicia.Masters  Alicia.Masters/Ben.Grimm  Alicia.Masters/Johnny.Storm  Alicia.Spinnet  Alison.Choi  Alison.Choi/Tendo.Choi  Alistair  Alistair/Anders  Alistair/Anders/Female.Mage.Hawke  Alistair/Anora.Mac.Tir  Alistair/Bethany.Hawke  Alistair/Female.Aeducan  Alistair/Female.Amell  Alistair/Female.Brosca  Alistair/Female.Cousland  Alistair/Female.Mage.Hawke  Alistair/Female.Mahariel  Alistair/Female.Tabris  Alistair/Female.Tabris/Zevran.Arainai  Alistair/Male.Aeducan  Alistair/Zevran.Arainai  Allen.Francis.Doyle  Allen.Francis.Doyle/Cordelia.Chase  Allen.Francis.Doyle/Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Allison.Cameron  Allison.Cameron/Gregory.House  Allison.Cameron/Robert.Chase  Allura.Vysoren  Allura.Vysoren/Kima  Alonna.Gunn  Amanda  Amanda.Carpenter  Amanda.Grayson  Amanda.Grayson/Sarek  Amanda.Kenson  Amanda.King  Amanda.King/Lee.Stetson  Amanda.Kirby  Amanda/Duncan.MacLeod  Amber.Volakis  Amber.Volakis/James.Wilson  Amber.von.Tussle  Amber.von.Tussle/Link.Larkin  Ambrose.(aka.Glitch)  Ambrose/Lavender.Eyes  Amelia.Bones  Ames.White  Amethyne  Amina  Amina/Artashir  Amora  Amora/Loki  Amora/Thor  Amos.Diggory  Amy.Gardner  Amy.Madison  Amy.Madison/Percy.Weasley  Amy.Pond  Amy.Pond/Eleventh.Doctor/Rory.Williams  Amy.Pond/Jack.Harkness/Rory.Williams  Amy.Pond/Rory.Williams  Amy.Pond/Vincent.van.Gogh  Amy.Wong  Amy.Wong/Turanga.Leela  Amycus.Carrow  Anakin.Skywalker  Anakin.Skywalker/Padmé.Amidala  Anamaria  Anamaria/James.Norrington  Anastasia  Anastasia.(movie)  Anastasia.Luccio  Anastasia.Luccio/Karrin.Murphy  Anastasia/Dmitri  Ancelyn  Ancient.Mai  Anders  Anders/Bethany.Hawke  Anders/Carver.Hawke  Anders/Female.Hawke  Anders/Female.Mage.Hawke  Anders/Female.Rogue.Hawke  Anders/Female.Warrior.Hawke  Anders/Fenris  Anders/Fenris/Isabela  Anders/Fenris/Sebastian.Vael  Anders/Isabela  Anders/Male.Hawke  Anders/Male.Mage.Hawke  Anders/Male.Rogue.Hawke  Anders/Nathaniel.Howe  Anders/Otto.Alrick  Andi  AndrAIa  AndrAIa/Enzo.Matrix  Andrea.Yates  Andrea.Yates/Fourth.Doctor  Andrea.Yates/Harry.Sullivan  Andrea.Yates/Sarah.Jane.Smith  Andred  Andred/Leela  Andrew.Ffoulkes  Andrew.Wells  Andrew.Wells/Warren.Mears  Andromeda.Black.Tonks  Andromeda.Black.Tonks/Ted.Tonks  Andy.Davis  Andy.Davis/Bonnie.Anderson  Andy.Gallagher  Angel  Angel/Buffy.Summers  Angel/Cordelia.Chase  Angela  Angelica.Jones  Angelina.Johnson  Animorphs  Anji.Kapoor  Anji.Kapoor/Eighth.Doctor  Anji.Kapoor/Fitz.Kreiner  Anna  Anna.Ripley  Anna.Ripley/Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Anna/Hans  Anna/Kristoff  Anne.of.Green.Gables  Anne.Shirley  Anne.Shirley/Gilbert.Blythe  Anne.Steele  Annie.Cresta  Annie.Cresta/Finnick.Odair  Annie.Edison  Annie.Edison/Troy.Barnes  Anora.Mac.Tir  Anthea  Anthony.Forthill  Anthony.Goldstein  Anthony.Hope  Anthony.Hope/Johanna.Barker  Anthropomorfic  Antonin.Dolohov  Antonio.Lopez  Anya.Jenkins  Anya.Jenkins/Rupert.Giles  Anya.Jenkins/Xander.Harris  Anyanka  AO3  AO3/Meta/Porn  Arabella.Figg  Aragorn  Aragorn/Arwen.Undómiel  Architect  Arcturus.Black  Aresh.Aghdashloo  Argus.Filch  Argus.Flich  Aria.T'Loak  Aria.T'Loak/Female.Shepard  Aria.T'Loak/Nyreen.Kandros  Arianni  Ariel  Ariel/Prince.Eric  Arishok  Arl.Eamon.Guerrin  Armando-Owen.Bailey  Arnim.Zola  Artashir  Arthur.Langtry  Arthur.Pendragon  Arthur.Weasley  Arthur.Weasley/Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Arthur/Gwen  Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana  Arthur/Merlin  Arthur/Merlin/Morgana  Arthur/Morgana  Arwen.Undómiel  Asetnefer  Asetnefer/Ptolemy.Auletes  Ash  Asha.Barlow  Ashley.Williams  Ashley.Williams/Female.Shepard  Ashley.Williams/Female.Shepard/Kaidan.Alenko  Ashley.Williams/James.Vega  Ashley.Williams/Kaidan.Alenko  Ashley.Williams/Male.Shepard  Ashley.Williams/Thane.Krios  Aslan  Aso.Kira  Aso.Kira/Kashino.Rei  Astoria.Greengrass  Athenril  Athras  Aud  Aud/Olaf  Audrey.Weasley  Audrey.Weasley/Percy.Weasley  Augusta.Longbottom  Aulë  Aurora  Aurora.(SB)  Aurora.Sinistra  Aurora/Phillip  Autolycus  Aveline.Vallen  Aveline.Vallen/Donnic.Hendyr  Avery  Azazel.(SPN)  Azkadellia  Azkadellia/Jeb.Cain  Azog  Babette  Babette/Beast  Babette/Lumiere  Baby.Tooth  Babylon.5  Babylon.5/Firefly  Babysitters.Club  Bacon  Baelfire|Neal.Cassidy  Baelfire|Neal.Cassidy/Emma.Swan  Bail.Organa  Bail.Organa/Breha.Organa  Bain  Balin  Bandom  Barbara.Gordon  Barbara.Gordon/Ted.Kord  Barbara.Wright  Barbara.Wright/Ian.Chesterton  Barbara.Wright/Susan.Foreman  Barbara.Wright/Tenth.Doctor  Barbie  Barbie.(dolls)  Barbie/Ken  Bard  Bard.II  Barnabas.Cuffe  Barnaby.Brooks.Jr.  Barnaby.Brooks.Jr./Kotetsu.T.Kaburagi  Barney.Barton  Barry.Allen  Bart.Simpson  Bartemius.Crouch  Bartrand  Bartrand.Tethras  Barty.Crouch.Jr  Basher.Tarr  Bastien.Gottlieb  Bates  Bathilda.Bagshot  Battlestar.Galactica  Baze.Malbus  Baze.Malbus/Chirrut.Îmwe  BB-8  Beast  Beast/Belle  Beatriz.da.Costa  Beatriz.da.Costa/Gavril.Ivanovich  Beatriz.da.Costa/Guy.Gardner/Tora.Olafsdotter  Beatriz.da.Costa/Tora.Olafsdotter  Beauty.and.the.Beast  Becky.Conner  Becky.Conner/Mark.Healy  Beetee  Bella  Belladonna.Took.Baggins  Belladonna.Took.Baggins/Bungo.Baggins  Bellatrix.Black.Lestrange  Belle.(BatB)  Belle.(OUaT)  Belle/Gaston  Belle/Rumpelstiltskin|Mr.Gold  Ben  Ben.Chang  Ben.Grimm  Ben.Grimm/Johnny.Storm  Ben.Jackson  Ben.Jackson/Polly.Wright  Ben.Urich  Bender  Bender/Philip.J.Fry  Bender/Philip.J.Fry/Turanga.Leela  Bender/Turanga.Leela  Benezia  Benjamin.Clawhauser  Benjamin.Sisko  Benjamin.Sisko/Kasidy.Yates  Benton.Fraser  Benton.Fraser/Ray.Kowalski  Beorn  Beraht  Bergil  Bernice.Summerfield  Bernice.Summerfield/Eighth.Doctor  Bernice.Summerfield/Fitz.Kreiner  Bernice.Summerfield/Jack.Harkness  Bert  Bert/Mary.Poppins  Berto.Rivera  Beru.Whitesun  Berwick  Bess.Marvin  Bester  Beth  Beth/Steve.Rogers  Bethany.Hawke  Bethany.Hawke/Fenris  Bethany.Hawke/Jean-Marc.Stroud  Bethany.Hawke/Merrill  Bethany.Hawke/Nathaniel.Howe  Bethany.Westmoreland  Betty.Ross  Betty.Ross/Bruce.Banner  Beverly.Crusher  Bhelen.Aeducan  Bianca.Davri  Bianca.St.Clair  Bible  Bifur  Bifur/Ori  Biggs.Darklighter  Bilbo.Baggins  Bilbo.Baggins/Ori  Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield  Bill.Adama  Bill.Adama/Laura.Roslin  Bill.Lee  Bill.Weasley  Bill.Weasley/Fleur.Delacour  Bill.Weasley/Narcissa.Malfoy  Billy.Brennan  Billy.Kaplan  Billy.Keikeya  Billy.Melrose  Blackwall  Blackwall/Female.Cadash  Blackwall/Female.Mage.Trevelyan  Blackwall/Female.Rogue.Cadash  Blackwall/Female.Trevelyan  Blaine  Blaine/Ken  Blaise.Zabini  Blaise.Zabini/Harry.Potter  Blight  Bloody.Baron  Blue.Fairy|Mother.Superior  Bob.Parr  Bob.Parr/Helen.Parr  Bob.Reynolds  Bob.the.Skull  Boba.Fett  Bobbi.Morse  Bobby.Drake  Bobby.Manning  Bobby.Singer  Bodahn.Feddic  Bodhi.Rook  Bodhi.Rook/Luke.Skywalker  Bofur  Bofur/OFC  Boggs  Bombur  Bonnie.Anderson  Book.Related  Boromir  Brad.Majors  Brad.Majors/Janet.Weiss  Brad.Scott  Bran.Cavin  Bran.Cavin/Female.Hawke  Brand  Branka  Braxiatel/Romana.I  Breha.Organa  Brenda  Brenda/Corny.Collins  Brendan.Gall  Brennan.Evighan  Briala  Brian.Williams  Bridget.Spears  Brigadier.Lethbridge-Stewart  Brigadier.Lethbridge-Stewart/Jack.Harkness/Jo.Grant/John.Benton/Mike.Yates  Brigadier.Lethbridge-Stewart/John.Benton  Brigadier.Lethbridge-Stewart/Liz.Shaw  Britta.Perry  Broadway  Brooklyn  Bruce.Banner  Bruce.Banner/Darcy.Lewis  Bruce.Banner/Natasha.Romanova  Bruce.Banner/Tony.Stark  Bruce.Wayne  Bruce.Wayne/Diana.Prince  Brutus  Bryce.Cousland  Brynn.Cole  Bucky.Barnes  Bucky.Barnes/Darcy.Lewis  Bucky.Barnes/Gail.Richards  Bucky.Barnes/James.Rhodey  Bucky.Barnes/Natasha.Romanova  Bucky.Barnes/Sharon.Carter  Bucky.Barnes/Steve.Rogers  Buffy.Summers  Buffy.Summers/Charles.Gunn  Buffy.Summers/Faith.Lehane  Buffy.Summers/Harry.Dresden  Buffy.Summers/Iolaus  Buffy.Summers/Severus.Snape  Buffybot  Buffybot/Warren.Mears  Bungo.Baggins  Buttercup  Buttercup/Westley  C'rizz  C'rizz/Charley.Pollard  C'rizz/Eighth.Doctor  C-3PO  Cabot  Caesar.Flickerman  Cailan.Theirin  Caitlin.Todd  Caladrius  Caleb  Calvin  Calvin.&.Hobbes  Calvin.'Sketchy'.Theodore  Calvin/Susie.Derkins  Calypso  Calypso/Jack.Sparrow  Cameca  Cameca/First.Doctor  Cameron.Mitchell  Cameron.Mitchell/Daniel.Jackson/Vala.Mal.Doran  Cameron.Mitchell/Elizabeth.Weir  Cameron.Mitchell/John.Sheppard  Cameron.Mitchell/Samantha.Carter  Cameron.Mitchell/Teal'c  Canton.Everett.Delaware.III  Caprica.Six  Captain.Teague  Caridin  Carlist.Rieekan  Carlos.Ramirez  Carlos.Ramirez/Molly.Carpenter  Carlton.Lassiter  Carlton.Lassiter/Juliet.O'Hara  Carol.Danvers  Carol.Danvers/Jessica.Drew  Carol.Danvers/Jessica.Drew/Simon.Williams  Carol.Danvers/Stephen.Strange  Carol.Danvers/Wanda.Maximoff  Carol.Fitzpatrick  Carroll  Carson.Beckett  Carver.Hawke  Carver.Hawke/Felix.Alexius  Carver.Hawke/Female.Mage.Hawke  Carver.Hawke/Female.Mage.Hawke/Nathaniel.Howe  Carver.Hawke/Merrill  Carver.Hawke/Nathaniel.Howe  Cashmere  Casino.Royale  Caspian  Caspian/Lucy.Pevensie  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Cassandra.Pentaghast/Male.Lavellan  Cassandra.Pentaghast/Male.Mage.Trevelyan  Cassandra.Pentaghast/Male.Rogue.Cadash  Cassandra.Pentaghast/Varric.Tethras  Cassian.Andor  Cassian.Andor/Jyn.Erso  Cassian.Andor/Kes.Dameron  Cassian.Andor/Kes.Dameron/Shara.Bey  Cassian.Andor/Shara.Bey  Cassie  Cassie/Jake.Berenson  Castiel  Castiel/Dean.Winchester  Catalyst  Cato  Cato/Clove  Cauthrien  CC-10/994|Grey  CC-10/994|Grey/Janus.Kasmir  Cecelia  Ceci  Cedric.Diggory  Cedric.Diggory/Cho.Chang  Cedric.Diggory/Hermione.Granger  Celeborn  Celene.Valmont.I  Chaff  Chantho  Chantho/Professor.Yana  Charin  Charity.Burbage  Charity.Burbage/Eileen.Prince  Charity.Carpenter  Charity.Carpenter/Michael.Carpenter  Charles.Gunn  Charles.Gunn/Gwen.Raiden  Charles.Pressly  Charles.Xavier  Charley.Pollard  Charley.Pollard/Eighth.Doctor  Charlie.the.White.Knight  Charlie.Thomas  Charlie.Thomas/Janine.Kishi  Charlie.Thomas/Mary.Anne.Spier  Charlie.Weasley  Charlie.Weasley/Nymphadora.Tonks  Charlotte.La.Bouff  Charlus.Potter  Chellick  Chester.Phillips  Cheung.Wei  Chewbacca  Chi-Fu  Chief.Bogo  Chip.Potts  Chirrut.Îmwe  Chirrut.Îmwe/Baze.Malbus  Chloe.Michel  Cho.Chang  Cho.Chang/Harry.Potter  Chopper  Chrissie.Jackson  Chrissie.Jackson/Jackie.Tyler  Christine.Chapel  Christine.Chapel/Leonard.'Bones'.McCoy  Christine.Everhart  Christopher.Pike  Christopher.Pike/Gaila  Chuck.Charles  Chuck.Charles/Ned  Chuck.Hansen  Chuck.Hansen/Raleigh.Becket  Chuck.Shurley  Cinderella  Cinderella.(movie)  Cinna  Cinna/Finnick.Odair  Cinna/Katniss.Everdeen  Citadel.Guard  Citadel.Guard/Refugee.Teen  CJ.Cregg  CJ.Cregg/Danny.Concannon  Claire.Bennet  Claire.Bennet/Peter.Petrelli  Claire.Dearing  Claire.Dearing/Owen.Grady  Clark.Kent  Clark.Kent/Lois.Lane  Claude  Claude.Raines  Claude.Raines/Rose.Tyler  Claudia.Kishi  Claudia.Kishi/Stacey.McGill  Claudius.Templesmith  Clint.Barton  Clint.Barton/Bobbi.Morse  Clint.Barton/Darcy.Lewis  Clint.Barton/Loki  Clint.Barton/Natasha.Romanova  Clint.Barton/Natasha.Romanova/Phil.Coulson  Clint.Barton/Phil.Coulson  Clinton.Jones  Clive.Jones  Clove  Clyde.Langer  Clyde.Langer/Luke.Smith  Clyde.Langer/Maria.Jackson  Cobra.Bubbles  Cobra.Bubbles/Nani.Pelekai  Coco.(movie)  Coco.Rivera  Cogsworth  Cole  Colin.Creevey  Community  Compassion  Compassion/Eighth.Doctor  Connor  Connor.Guerrin  Connor.Hawke  Constance.Spano  Constance.Spano/David.Levinson  Copperhead  Cora  Cora.Harper  Cora/Henry.Sr  Cora/Rumpelstiltskin|Mr.Gold  Cordelia.Chase  Cordelia.Chase/Dennis.Pearson  Cordelia.Chase/Xander.Harris  Corff  Corinthus  Coriolanus.Snow  Cormac.McLaggen  Cornelius.Fudge  Corny.Collins  Corny.Collins/Motormouth.Maybelle.Stubbs  Corypheus  Cousin.Itt  Cousin.Itt/Margaret.Alford-Addams  Cowen  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Criminal.Minds  Critical.Role  Crossover  Cruella.De.Vil.(OUaT)  Crusade  CT-7567|Rex  Cubert.Farnsworth  Cubert.Farnsworth/Dwight.Conrad  Cullen.Rutherford  Cullen.Rutherford/Dorian.Pavus  Cullen.Rutherford/Dorian.Pavus/Female.Inquisitor  Cullen.Rutherford/Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Amell  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Hawke  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Inquisitor  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Lavellan  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Mage.Hawke  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Mage.Lavellan  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Mage.Trevelyan  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Rogue.Cadash  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Rogue.Trevelyan  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Trevelyan  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Warrior.Lavellan  Cullen.Rutherford/Isabela  Cullen.Rutherford/OFC  Cupcake  Cutler.Beckett  Cutler.Beckett/Jack.Sparrow  Cynthia.'Original.Cindy'.McEachin  Cyrion.Tabris  D'Hoffryn  Dagna  Dagna/Sera  Dairren  Dairren/Female.Cousland  Daisy.Adair  Daisy.Adair/Mason  Dak.Ralter  Dalish  Dana.Barrett  Danarius  Daniel  Daniel.'Oz'.Osbourne  Daniel.'Oz'.Osbourne/Willow.Rosenberg  Daniel.Abrams  Daniel.Carpenter  Daniel.Jackson  Daniel.Jackson/Sha're  Daniel.Jackson/Teal'c/Vala.Mal.Doran  Daniel.Jackson/Vala.Mal.Doran  Daniel/Evil.Queen|Regina.Mills  Danielle.Cage  Danny.Concannon  Danny.Ocean  Danny.Rand  Danny.Rand/Jessica.Jones/Luke.Cage  Danny.Rand/Luke.Cage  Danny.Rand/Misty.Knight  Danny.Williams  Danny.Williams/Rachel.Williams.Edwards  Dansra.Beezer  Danyla  Daphne.Greengrass  Darcy.Lewis  Darcy.Lewis/Jane.Foster  Darcy.Lewis/Jane.Foster/Thor  Darcy.Lewis/Loki  Darcy.Lewis/Sif  Darcy.Lewis/Steve.Rogers  Darius  Dark.Angel  Darla  Daro'Xen.vas.Moreh  Darred.Janren.Naberrie  Darred.Janren.Naberrie/Sola.Naberrie  Dash.Parr  Data  Daveth  David  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Donna.Noble/Seventh.Doctor  Donna.Noble/Sixth.Doctor  Donna.Noble/Tenth.Doctor  Donna.Noble/Third.Doctor  Donnel.Udina  Donnic.Hendyr  Donovan.Hock  Donovan.Hock/Female.Shepard  Dooku  Dopplegangland!Willow.Rosenberg  Dopplegangland!Willow.Rosenberg/Willow.Rosenberg  Dorcas.Meadowes  Dorea.Black.Potter  Dori  Dorian.Pavus  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  Dorian.Pavus/Male.Mage.Hawke  Dorian.Pavus/OMC  Doris.Lethbridge-Stewart  Dormouse  Dormé  Dorothy.Gale.(OUaT)  Dotty.West  Dougal.Gavorn  Dr.Dranzel  Draco.Malfoy  Draco.Malfoy/Ginny.Weasley  Draco.Malfoy/Harry.Potter  Draco.Malfoy/Hermione.Granger  Draco.Malfoy/Pansy.Parkinson  Draco.Malfoy/Severus.Snape  Dragon.Age  Drake.Mallard  Drake.Mallard/Launchpad.McQuack  Dreamwidth  Dreamwidth/Fandom  Dreamwidth/Fandom/LiveJournal  Dresden.Files  Dresden.Files/Jossverse  Drusilla  Duchess  Duchess/Jack.Heart  DuckTales.(2017)  Ducky.Mallard  Dudley.Dursley  due.South  Duke.Antoine  Dulin.Forender  Dum.Dum.Dugan  Duncan  Duncan.MacLeod  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Evil.Queen|Regina.Mills/Robin.Hood  Ezra.Bridger  Ezri.Dax  Ezri.Dax/Julian.Bashir  Ezri.Dax/Worf  Fa.Mulan  Fa.Mulan/Li.Shang  Fa.Ping  Fa.Ping/Li.Shang  Fabian.Prewett  Fairy.Tales  Faith.Lehane  Faith.Lehane/Neal.Caffrey  Faith.Lehane/Sirius.Black  Faith.Lehane/Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Falere  Fan.Comic  Fandom  Fandom/LiveJournal  Fandom/Pinboard  Fandral  Faramir  Faramir/Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Fauna  Fauna.(OUaT)  Felicia.Hardy  Felipe.Rivera  Felix.Alexius  Fellhammer  Felsi  Female.Adaar  Female.Aeducan  Female.Aeducan/Gorim.Saelac  Female.Amell  Female.Amell/Isabela/Male.Brosca/Zevran.Arainai  Female.Amell/Male.Brosca/Zevran.Arainai  Female.Brosca  Female.Brosca/Leske  Female.Brosca/Zevran.Arainai  Female.Cadash  Female.Cadash/Iron.Bull  Female.Cadash/Varric.Tethras  Female.Cousland  Female.Cousland/Gilmore  Female.Cousland/Leliana  Female.Cousland/Nathaniel.Howe  Female.Hawke  Female.Hawke/Fenris  Female.Hawke/Isabela  Female.Hawke/Sebastian.Vael  Female.Hawke/Varric.Tethras  Female.Inquisitor.(unspecified)  Female.Lavellan  Female.Lavellan/Solas  Female.Mage.Hawke  Female.Mage.Hawke/Fenris  Female.Mage.Hawke/Nathaniel.Howe  Female.Mage.Hawke/OMC  Female.Mage.Hawke/Varric.Tethras  Female.Mage.Lavellan  Female.Mage.Lavellan/Solas  Female.Mage.Trevelyan  Female.Mage.Trevelyan/Iron.Bull  Female.Mage.Trevelyan/Josephine.Montilyet  Female.Mahariel  Female.Mahariel/Leliana  Female.Mahariel/Nathaniel.Howe  Female.Mahariel/Zevran.Arainai  Female.Rogue.Cadash  Female.Rogue.Hawke  Female.Rogue.Hawke/Fenris  Female.Rogue.Lavellan  Female.Rogue.Lavellan/Solas  Female.Rogue.Trevelyan  Female.Ryder  Female.Ryder/Jaal.Ama.Darav  Female.Ryder/Reyes.Vidal  Female.Shepard  Female.Shepard.Clone  Female.Shepard/Garrus.Vakarian  Female.Shepard/Garrus.Vakarian/Tali'Zorah.vas.Normandy  Female.Shepard/Garrus.Vakarian/Thane.Krios  Female.Shepard/James.Vega  Female.Shepard/Jeff.'Joker'.Moreau  Female.Shepard/Kaidan.Alenko  Female.Shepard/Liara.T'Soni  Female.Shepard/Nihlus.Kryik  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Gabe.Jones/Peggy.Carter  Gabe.Saporta  Gabriel  Gabriella.Daniels  Gabrielle  Gail.Richards  Gail.Richards/Steve.Rogers  Gaila  Gaila/Hikaru.Sulu  Gaila/James.Tiberius.Kirk  Gaila/Montgomery.Scott  Gaila/Spock  Gaius  Gaius.Baltar  Gaius.Baltar/Number.Six  Galadriel  Galaxy.Quest  Gale.Hawthorne  Gale.Hawthorne/Johanna.Mason  Gale.Hawthorne/Katniss.Everdeen  Gale.Hawthorne/Madge.Undersee  Galen.Erso  Gallagher.Wulff  Gallifrey.(audios)  Gamlen.Amell  Gamling  Gandalf  Garazeb.'Zeb'.Orrelios  Garevel  Gargoyles  Garmelie  Garrick.Ollivander  Garrus's.Father  Garrus's.Mother  Garrus.Vakarian  Garrus.Vakarian/Tali'Zorah.vas.Normandy  Gaston  Gaston.(OUaT)  Gavin.Archer  Gavin.Darklighter  Gavril.Ivanovich  Gem  Gemma.Farley  Gender.Dysphoria  Gene.Hunt  General.Williams  Genie  Genre.Femslash  Genre.Foursome  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Genre.Incest  Genre.Mpreg  Genre.Sexswap  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Geoffrey.of.Monmouth  Geordi.La.Forge  George.Fayne  George.Hammond  George.Lass  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Gray.Mitchell  Greagoir  Greasy.Sae  Great.Goblin  Greg.Adams  Greg.Adams/Karin.Chakwas  Greg.Lestrade  Greg.Lestrade/Mycroft.Holmes  Greg.Mendell  Gregory.Dedrick  Gregory.Goyle  Gregory.Goyle/Luna.Lovegood  Gregory.House  Gregory.House/James.Wilson  Gregory.House/Lisa.Cuddy  Greta.Catchlove  Gretel|Ava.Zimmer  Grim  Griphook  Grizz.Frix  Grog.Strongjaw  Groo  Grumpy|Leroy  Gríma.Wormtongue  Guido.Carosella  Guinan  Guy.Fleegman  Guy.Gardner  Guy.Gardner/Tora.Olafsdotter  Gwaihir  Gwen  Gwen.Cooper  Gwen.Cooper/Ianto.Jones  Gwen.Cooper/Ianto.Jones/Owen.Harper/Toshiko.Sato  Gwen.Cooper/Jack.Harkness  Gwen.Cooper/Owen.Harper  Gwen.Cooper/Rhys.Williams  Gwen.Cooper/Toshiko.Sato  Gwen.DeMarco  Gwen.DeMarco/Jason.Nesmith  Gwen.Raiden  Gwen/Lancelot  Gwen/Merlin  Gwen/Morgana  Hades  Hades/Megara  Hairspray  Halbarad  Haldir  Haley.Hotchner  Halfrek  Halling  Halward.Pavus  Han'Gerrel.vas.Neema  Han.Solo  Han.Solo/Leia.Organa  Hand.of.Isis  Hank.Landry  Hank.McCoy  Hank.Pym  Hank.Pym/Janet.van.Dyne  Hannah.Abbott  Hannah.Shepard  Hannah.Shepard/Sparatus  Hannah.Shepard/Steven.Hackett  Hannibal.Chau  Hannibal.Chau/Newton.Geiszler  Hannibal.Chau/OFC  Hans  Hansel|Nicholas.Zimmer  Happy.Hogan  Harbinger  Harding.Welsh  Hardy.Boys  Hardy.Boys/Nancy.Drew  Harkin  Harley.Keener  Harley.MacFinn  Harmony.Kendall  Harold.Minchum  Harold.Oxley  Harriet.Jones  Harriet.Jones/Jo.Grant  Harritt  Harry.Carlyle  Harry.Carpenter  Harry.Doyle  Harry.Dresden  Harry.Dresden/John.Marcone  Harry.Dresden/Susan.Rodriguez  Harry.Osborn  Harry.Osborn/Peter.Parker  Harry.Potter  Harry.Potter.(series)  Harry.Potter/Hermione.Granger  Harry.Potter/Hermione.Granger/Ron.Weasley  Harry.Potter/Jossverse  Harry.Potter/Luna.Lovegood  Harry.Potter/OFC  Harry.Potter/Padma.Patil  Harry.Potter/Pushing.Daisies  Harry.Potter/Ron.Weasley  Harry.Potter/Sirius.Black  Harry.Potter/Tracey.Davis  Harry.Potter/Viktor.Krum  Harry.Potter/Zacharias.Smith  Harry.Sullivan  Harry.Sullivan/Jack.Harkness  Harry.Sullivan/Martha.Jones  Harry.Sullivan/Sarah.Jane.Smith  Harry.Watson  Harth.Fray  Harth.Fray/Melaka.Fray  Hatter  Hawaii.Five-0  Hawaii.Five-0/Ocean's.Trilogy  Hawen  Hawkeye.Pierce  Hawkeye.Pierce/Trapper.John.McIntyre  Haymitch.Abernathy  Haymitch.Abernathy/Katniss.Everdeen  Hazelle.Hawthorne  Hedonismbot  Hela  Helen.Parr  Helen.Santos  Helena.Rozhenko  Henric  Henry.Blake  Henry.Gyrich  Henry.Jareau  Henry.Jekyll  Henry.Jekyll/Mina.Murray.Harker  Henry.Lawson  Henry.Mills  Henry.Sr  Hephaistion  Hera.Syndulla  Hera.Syndulla/Kanan.Jarrus  Hercules  Hercules.(movie)  Hercules.Hansen  Hercules.the.Legendary.Journeys  Hercules.the.Legendary.Journeys/Jossverse  Herman.Munster  Herman.Shultz  Hermann.Gottlieb  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler/Vanessa.Gottlieb  Hermann.Gottlieb/Vanessa.Gottlieb  Hermes.Conrad  Hermione.Granger  Hermione.Granger/George.Weasley  Hermione.Granger/James.Potter  Hermione.Granger/Neville.Longbottom  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