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to days of inspiration (making something out of nothing), by aletterinthenameofsanity
Gen. "As Héctor outlines his plan to Frida about how he plans to get the foto from Ernesto de la Cruz- deftly dodging Ceci’s pointed questions about how the celebrity got ahold of Héctor’s foto- Ceci bustles about, acquiring outfits for each of Héctor’s familia. She recognizes none of them save, maybe, the tall one- Victoria, she thinks the name was- and wonders where they have been for the past century. She’s known Héctor for thirty years and has never seen a single one of them.

Anger fills her. Where were they while Héctor was being Forgotten? Where were they when this wonderful man grieved, cried, wrote such haunting music for Frida but never penned a note for himself? Where were this so-called familia? How could they abandon this man who, though flawed, is still one of the best people Ceci has ever met?

(And then-

Oh Dios, then she finds out at the Sunset Spectacular why they never checked up on him, and she feels so sick-)"
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Ceci  Héctor.Rivera  Imelda.Rivera  1000-1999.words 
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ever if I'm far away (I hold you in my heart), by aletterinthenameofsanity
Het. "For years, he tries and fails to reach the Land of the Living, growing weaker the entire time. His bones grow more and more fragile, leaving him with aches that don’t go away with time. It takes him longer to make it places, to move from Shantytown to the Marketplace. He can only dance with effort, and the only times when he isn’t in pain is when adrenaline- or the remains of it, at least- carries him through an activity.

Everyone save Coco is dead now, and his daughter’s memories are the only thing keeping him from the Final Death.

He worries that they may not be enough."
Coco.(movie)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Héctor.Rivera  Imelda.Rivera  Miguel.Rivera  Victoria.Rivera  Óscar.Rivera  Felipe.Rivera  Ceci  4000-4999.words 
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